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JuLissa's Profile
EaSy TiGaH!! Age: Sex: Location: Country: Height: BodyType: Zodiac: Last Login: 99 years old Female MaNhaTTaN, NYC, New York United States 5' 5" Slim / Slender Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20) May 15, 2008 (337 days back)

19 and below 20 to 29 30 to 39 40 to 49 50 to 59 60 and above
Marital Status:

Swinger In a Relationship Single Divorced Married
Sexual Orientation:

I am Here For Friends and Networking.

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About Me
A TruE BoRN and RaiSeD ManHaTTan HoTTiE FiNaLLy GeTTin a H0Ld oF ThiS W0nDeRFuL ThiNg We caLL LIFE!!!! : ) Your results: You are Supergirl Supergirl 90% Catwoman 90% Wonder Woman 80% Iron Man 75% Hulk 70% The Flash 65% Robin 55% Green Lantern 55% Spider-Man 50% Batman 45% Superman 40% Lean, muscular and feminine. Honest and a defender of the innocent. .. Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

Straight Gay / Lesbian Bisexual

Asian Black / African descent East Indian Latino / Hispanic Middle Eastern Native American Pacific Islander White / Caucasian Other

My Interests
ACTiNG..I live it..I breathe it-it's my Passion!, FasHion ShowS (and shopping after!!),Broadway Shows,CoNcErTs,I LoVe "SeXy TimEz"~ Hanging out and spoiling my GorGe0uS d0g CoCo ChAnEL!! He's the Man of my life!!oh ya!! lol TraveLing and HavIng Fun absolutly any single place I go ALL oveR the WoRLD!!, dancing, TaNNiNg,WoRkIng OuT, LuVV GoiNg 2 the beaCh, "SERENiTY",Loving to PUNK ppl with mY FriEndZ!! LOL!!HangiNg 0uT w/ my LiL SiS MeLissa!! We are sum CrazY LiL things when 2gether!! Heh,heheh!!, People who don't judge and they are there for you WHEN YOUR LIFE GETS WAAAAY OUT OF HAND!! , My Hilarious FrienDZ & FaM who Laugh At all my TacKy and CorNy Jokes!!! ~ KiSSeS~~ I'd like to meet: ANGELiNA J0LiE and BRANDON FLOWERS from The KiLLeRs!!YuMMy!!! Music: "OH DON'T BE SHY, LET'S CAUSE A SCENE...LIKE LOVERS DO ON SILVER SCREEN...LET'S MAKE IT YEAH WE'LL CAUSE A SCENE---IT'S INDIE ROCK AND ROLL FOR ME!!!"--The Killers...(I Luv Them!!),GweN SteFani, Led Zeppelin,MARiAH CAREY,AMY WiNEH0SE,ReD H0T ChiLLi PePPerS,Damien RiCE,EminEm,ThirD EyE BLiNd,JuStin TimberLake,The CURE,anything 80's,Mariah Carey,Frank Sinatra,Shakira,GReeN DaY,James Blunt,PhaReLL,Johnny Cash,Brad Coder,Aaliyah,AeR0SmiTh,BRiTnEy SpEaRs,Blink 182,Alicia Keys,FerGiE, Coldplay,Nelly, Timbaland,The Stones..whoa! too many 2 name on this thing!!~ Movies:


Agnostic Atheist Buddhist Catholic Christian - other Hindu Jewish Mormon Muslim Other Any

Misc: Show only profiles:

c d e f g with photos c d e f g with blogs c d e f g that are bands Search

"JUNO","40 yr Old Virgin"- LOL LOL LOL SOOOO FUNNNYYY!!!! hahahahah!!!,"BoRaT(SeXy TiMe!!hahah!)", "SCARFACE","Kn0CkeD UP","Napoleon Dynamite"!!( GOSHHHH!!!) My friends and I are OBSESSED with the dork!! LoL, "RENT","Pretty Woman","Z00LaNdER", "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes","AlFiE","CLoSer","The NoteBook","BL0W","Dirty Dancing","CrUeL IntenTi0ns","BreakFast at Tiffany's" and waaay more!!! Television: "Sex and the City"!!! (Could never get tired!!It's a NeW Y0Rk ThiNg I gueSS!) ,"the HiLLS","WiLL & GraCe","Da ALi G Show(FuNNy!!!)" ,"IntervenTion" and all those A & E shows..,old school cartoons like Bugs and Tom & Jerry!! : ),"Friends","the BaD GiRLs CLuB"(my Guilty pleasure..heheh), "SeinFeLd","That 70's Show", too many to name!! .. Books: "A Million Little Pieces","Respect for Acting" and "Challenge for the Actor" both by Uta Hagen,"THE GREEN BOOK:The Everyday Guide to Saving The Planet One Simple Step at a Time","Confessions of a Shopaholic" and all the other Sophie Kinsella books, "The Devil Wears Prada", "Bashed","Sex and the City","Acting As A BussiNess" by Brian O"Neill and of course can't live without my mags~"CosMoPoLitaN","FITNESS", SeLF","SHAPE", "VOGUE","W","ELLE" "New York Dog", etc ( ; Heroes: SARAH JESSiCA PARKER & MARILYN MONROE!!!! "I have too many fantasies to be a housewife, I guess I am a fantasy..."-Ms Marilyn Monroe" .... ..I edited my profile at , check out these Myspace Layouts! ..

My Background and Lifestyle
MaritalStatus: SexualOrientation: Hometown: Religion: Smoker: Drinker: Children: Occupation: Single Straight Manhattan, NYC Catholic No No Someday Actor/Sales

My Pictures JuLissa JuLissa JuLissa JuLissa









My Friends
Brad Coder Project, Ry, Ryan, carolina, Dan Fletcher, Roman, Jazmine, Jason, jamey, Arom, ashley jean list in London, NICHOLAS, TwentyOneFifteen Photography, Emily, LIL STAR, :::KiKi:::<<Royal Touch Ent.>>, WHY TRY 2 FIT IN WHEN I WAS BORN 2 STAND OUT !, Melsz;;<~™, H.K Hells Kitchen, kiera, Nevaeh Jewelry Co., La ChikA tUF!.ツ, Ichigo, Milla, Daisylin, Hollywood, PrinceSs oF paRtyiNg ♥, Alize, Brian, Dalton, Matty G //, Nora McDreamy:), !! Perfect Stranger !!, My life is changing......, HARLEY, ***Pocahontas*** JuLissa has 178 friends (36 shown). Click here to add JuLissa as a friend.

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