RAW MATERIAL Blue Agave Tequilana Weber. PRESENTATIONS Bulk presentations: - Tote of 1,350 k, - Drums of 285k, - Canister of 25 k,

Organic, Low glycemic index

Bottled presentation: - Boxes with 100 sashets of 8 g each, - Boxes with 12 PET bottles of 330 g each - Boxes with 12 PET bottles of 420 g each, - Boxes with 12 POUCH bag of 500 g each, - Boxes with 12 PET bottles of 660 g each, - Boxes with 6 PET bottles of 1.4 k each, - Boxes of 4 gallons of 5.5 kg each. PROPERTIES • Sweetener It can be used as a 100% natural sweetener, excellent for direct human consumption. Agave syrup represents a great opportunity for the food and tequila industry because of its elevated sweetener power which is higher than regular sugar and therefore has a dietetic value. • Flavor booster Improves and intensifies the taste of other aliments such as fruits, nectars, etc. this represents the opportunity to manufacture food products with significant lower portions of sweeteners, acid sauces or other ingredients. • Easy assimilation for the body Because of its high fructose content, agave syrup does not require the presence of insulin for the primal stages of the metabolism process. • Hygroscopicity Produces high hygroscopicity, this property is desirable when moisture retention in food processing needs to be improved. • Osmotic pressure Because of its high content of solids (74-76 °Brix) agave syrup presents a particular high osmotic pressure which is used for inhibiting the microbiologic growth. • High fermentation capability Because of its high content of monosaccharide which is 100% fermentation material by yeasts it can be used in concentrations or fixed dilutions in breading processes without loosing any properties by baking. Other important properties are its high purity, low ashes content, color, natural transparency, stable composition, easy handling and storage, availability and competitive cost. Plus; agave syrup has a delicious taste, low calorie rate and it does not cause dental problems like sugar.


5% MIN 6% MAX MIN 98% MEXICAN STANDARD NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 JARABE DE AGAVE NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 JARABE DE AGAVE NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 JARABE DE AGAVE NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 JARABE DE AGAVE NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 JARABE DE AGAVE NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 JARABE DE AGAVE NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 JARABE DE AGAVE NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 JARABE DE AGAVE NOM 092-SSA1-1994 / NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 NOM-111 SSA1-1994 / NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 NOM-111-SSA1-1994 / NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 NOM 112 SSA1-1994 / NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 NOM-114-SSA1-1994 / NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 NOM-113-SSA1-1994 / NMX-FF-110-SCFI-2008 100 UFC/g MÁX.6. Naturland. 2% MAX.90 3B 91 .5% MAX.110 901 -1600 4B >111 1601-2200 101.45 • Contaminants Free of any heavy metals as required on the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. NOP. • Additive free Does not contain any alimentary additives or any mix of starches. 0. glucoses. dextrose.5% MAX 0.IBD) GI Labs. .5 .5% MAX Not specified 80% MIN 15% MAX. molasses. • Color COLORIMETRY PFUND ICUMSAS CRYSTAL 0-2 0 . 98% MIN STANDARD 74 MIN Not specified 4–6 0. 10 UFC/g MÁX NEGATIVE NEGATIVE IN 25 g NEGATIVE • Odor Particularly owned • Flavor Sweet • Viscosity Lightly viscose • Foreign components Free of excretes of bugs and animals or any other foreign materials. or nationally SENASICA / COFEPRIS / SSA CERTIFICATES Organic EU. JAS KOSHER.900 .60 2A 61 .SYRUP SPECIFICATION ° BRIX MOISTURE Ph ASHES HIDROXIMETIL FURFURAL (HMF) FRUCTOSE DEXTROSE SUCROSE MANNITOL INULIN OTHER CARBOHYDRATES TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES TOTAL BACTERIAL COUNT FUNGUS YEAST COLIFORMS SALMONELLA E. (BCS.76 24 – 26% 4.20 0B 21 . 1C 46 .400 401. fructose or any other sugars except for the ones from the blue agave.100 0 3-9 0A 10 .250 251 .70 2C 71 . Low glycemic index PHYSICOCHEMICAL SPECIFICATIONS NOBEL FOODS 74 . 4% MAX 0.30 1A 31. 0.5% MAX. 40 mg/kg MAX 84% MIN 13% MAX. 10 UFC/g MÁX.0 0.5% 2% MAX.0 .1.COLLI Organic.

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