Is man inherently selfish or does society cause this attribute? Mankind is a very interesting organism.

Unlike animals, or even mammals, human develops the idea of good and evil, holiness and sin, which are the very beginning of moral rules. Human would feel shameful after commit some acts that violate the moral rules, yet on the other hand, human would also do whatever they need to do in order to get what they want or need, in most cases, human will achieve what they want instead their needs. Then, a question is raised, human is inherently selfish, just like the animals, or does society gives the idea of utilitarianism to people and causes this attribute?

Some people believe in evolution, that means human is evolutes from other animals. The animals’ acts, which may be considered as selfishness in moral, are inherent into human’s genes. Therefore, human would also do whatever they need to do in order to survive. As a conclusion, human is inherently selfish. Yet, this point of view is not cogent and persuasive enough, because it is easy to know that, though animals and humans are similar physically and biologically,

humans have great differences in thinking style. As mentioned before, human, have the ability to determine and distinguish between good and evil, which animals couldn’t do so. Moreover, this conclusion cannot satisfy people who don’t believe in evolution. Yet, we cannot despite the fact that humans act like animals sometimes. Therefore, human is inherently selfish is only partially correct.

In modern society, many people complain that the whole world is utilitarian, and at the same time, confess that they are somehow utilitarian. Assume that lots of people believe in utilitarianism, then their education system must teach the students with the utilitarianism belief subconsciously. People tend to deny the fact that they are selfish, or utilitarian, because these terms are infamous. They like to teach their children about moral, honesty, endurance, and modesty, but the adults are following none of those. Mature students who start to think and adults would say the whole system of society is sick. If they don’t follow those distorted rules, they are going to be considered as failures. Then, who cause the problem? Inevitably, every evidences point to society. Yet, society is

made up of people, the question is raised again, who cause this attribute? It seems like the answer is human again. In conclusion, human is partially inherently selfish (but thank God, He gives us the ability to determine good and evil) and society deteriorate the selfishness that ingrain in humans.

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