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of cancer patients seen at DARF from April 2011 to March 2012 were: 1913 Patients seen with the primary cancer were 1057 Patients seen with metastatic cancer were 856 Tridosh and Vatta-Pitta were the commonest Nadi in the metastatic cancer Patients. It was strikingly observed that more than 90% of Squamous cell carcinoma patients had Pitta-Vatta Nadi and adeno carcinoma type of patients had Tridosh and Vatta-Pitta type of Nadi. Of course the alteration of the Nadi was observed right after 4 week. Patients feel better improvement subjectively after 6 to 8 weeks. Complete imbalance of Nadi was observed in most of the metastatic cancer. Contradictory to the conversational belief the tobacco consumption was not elusiable in all of cancer patients. On other end it was also observed that patients suffer from cancer even after 15 yr. of stopping tobacco. Panchakarma Therapy: It is observed that PANCHAKARMA therapy support DARF Anticancer therapy very positively. The response level was observed higher in the patients who received panchakarma therapy with DARFS Anti cancer therapy. Matra-basti and Agnikarma were observed to be very significant tools of panchakarma therapy in immediate reduction of pain and agony of the cancer patients. The pre-operative of Panchakarma call Snehan is shows positive results in cacaxia of cancer. A steroidal pattern (Ayurvedic Drugs) of administrating Snehan provides excellent result of weight gain.

In liver, oesophageal & colorectal cancers Virechan and Basti shows a very good result. Kakaval grah (Ayurvedic medicine) founds also satisfied results in oropharyngeal cancer. DARFs Anti Cancer Therapy: Majority patients responded to DARF therapy in minimum 2 and maximum 4 months duration. Patients with the Sq.cell carcinomas responded DARF therapy quicker than that of Adeno carcinoma, but those Adeno carcinoma patients who responded to DARF therapy were observed higher in level than Squamous cell carcinomas. We observed almost 25% patients living disease free life since more than 4 to 6 yr. with DARF therapy We observed more than 60 % patients were improved and more than 38% patients show markedly improvement in their status. There are very little no.of patients (1% to 3%) uncured. DARFs patients tolerated chemotherapy very well with minimum complications with specially researched anti toxicity Ayurvedic medicine. Our patients say, DARF Anticancer therapy is certainly chipper and totally harmless than any other therapy. There is very little number of patients who are not getting well because of their very advance nature of disease. We are concentrating still further studies efficacy of following drugs in various selective cancers. a). Citcrusmedica(Bijora): Liver cancers. b). Semicarpus anacardium(Arbud-B) : NHL c). Phylenthus nurareri(BHMO): Liver and Gastric cancer. d).Createa nurvela(VR quath): Urogenital malignancies. e).Cassia oxidentalis (Parni Pan): In oropharyngeal and Esophageal Malignancies. f) Withania somniphera (Divtone): Bony metastasis. g) Wheat grass juice (Jawara): Leukemia and all type of Sq.cell Carcinomas.

(h) Enicostema littorale (i) Centella asiatica In kidney diseases, heart diseases and diabetes mallitus DARF treatment found to be very excellent. DARFs Spiritual healing Therapy: Along with DARF therapy all patients were advised to chant selected MANTRAS in highest of their capacity,It has shown an extremely positive response in all type of cancer patients. We personally have a feeling that, MANTRA CHANTING has a synergetic effect to the DARF Anti cancer therapy. We are also working on Charging the room atmosphere with round the clock chanting the Mantra and keeping patients in that rooms at IPD level. The observations are beneficial. Selected patients of cancer were advised specific type of Pranayamas and the results were quite positive. Above all whichever mortality we have observed in our therapy, was highly satisfying as all patients, who died, were extremely peaceful and satiated in their last breath. This fact was unanimously reported. They encourage and satisfy us that we have a humble role to offer a peaceful quality of life to one who put faith on us. Research is an ongoing process. Much has been done and still lot much remain to be explored in coming years, which will through more light on the facts and figure we have conducted. We pray Almighty to bless us be scientific and positive in helping the ailing humanity, through the Sadguru and H.H.P.P. Maa.