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Ms Karin Swann, Ms Lisa Wilkinson, Mr Ian Ellis Board Members Wilkinsons Wilkinson JK House, PO BOX 20, Worksop Nottinghamshire,

S80 3YY

Councillor Mike Cordingley Trafford Town Hall Talbot Road Stretford Manchester M32 0TH 0161 865 9228 Labour Councillor for Gorse Hill Ward in Stretford 24 May 2013

Open Letter to Wilkinsons Board From Councillors in the three Stretford Wards of Gorse Hill, Longford and Stretford, Trafford And the Member of Parliament for Stretford and Urmston, Kate Green MP
Dear Sir and Madams We are writing as elected representatives (and residents) of Stretford. We have read reports that you are considering quitting Stretford Mall due to difficulties with the landlord and their offer of retail accommodation. We appreciate that you will have to make a commercial decision about your store here, but we wanted to offer our help and secondly to tell you about positive changes here in Stretford. And were writing because we want you to stay. Youll be aware that Stretford Mall is a late 1960s development when it first opened it was one of the largest covered centres in Europe. These days the Mall has to compete with the Trafford Centre as well as coping with the more general decline in UK high street shopping. Nevertheless, the Mall continues to have a loyal customer base, its car parks are still busy and its transport connections extensive. Over the last 30 years or so Stretford Town Centre has received relatively and regrettably little attention from the local authority. Perhaps the authority has perceived little scope for influence, given that the Mall throughout that time has been in private ownership. However, there have positive signs of this changing. We have had meetings with the Chief Executive of Trafford Council, Theresa Grant that have indicated that Stretford is very much at the top of her personal agenda. Were also aware that a masterplan for Stretford will be published for consultation imminently. More important is the mood of the community in the areas surrounding the town centre. Were seeing an exciting change in the level and tone of engagement in taking ownership of

issues around the town centre. Social media has been an important factor in this. In particular, the Stretford M32 Facebook group has provided a platform for ideas and influence. Economically, the profile of Stretford is changing and were seeing far more residents involved in creative industry helped by the proximity to BBC Media City (2 miles away). Were being told by all the communities we represent that they love Wilkos, and so do we. Wed really like to talk to you to discuss further the changing dynamics of Stretford and to hear your concerns. If we can address these in any ways open to us, we would be more than happy to discuss. Yours Sincerely

Mike Cordingley

On behalf of: Kate Green MP Houses of Parliament London SW1A 0AA Cllr Tom Ross Stretford Ward * Cllr Anne Duffield Longford Ward * Cllr Mike Cordingley Gorse Hill Ward * *All of Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford M32 0TH

Cc: Stretford M32 Facebook Group And published to ,

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