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May 24, 2013



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On May 16, five members of Council submitted a motion that eliminated layoffs to firefighters in the 2014 Budget and reduced the layoffs of police officers to 25. Today’s motion further adjusts the 2014 Budget by using balances in small business and job retention funds to support the African American Chamber of Commerce, unencumbering some business retention funds to support the Port Authority, and deferring a portion of the TIE District repayment funds to restore reduced Focus 52 Funds. The Focus 52 reduction would have threatened the debt service payments on many transformative neighborhood projects such as the Incline District Theatre project, the East Price Hill Neighborhood Business District Streetscape, the Corryville Parking Garage, Jordan’s Crossing in Bond Hill, the Cintrifuse Project in Over-the-Rhine, Avondale Blight Removal Projects, and Westwood Neighborhood Business District projects. This motion also gives additional support to the Parks and Human Services, restores Westwood Town Hall, and extends the cuts Mayor Mallory made to his budget to the new mayor. Using the Mayor’s changes to the Manager’s recommended budget as the base, plus the May 16

motion which further reduced layoffs, we move that the following changes be made to the FY 2014
budget: Reductions • • Car allowances that are not contractually obligated Use the $5,300 balance of the Business and Job Attraction Account and unencumber the $102,000 in the account previously encumbered for future website development. These unencumbered funds will be replaced by capital funds in future years Unused funds in the OTR Home Improvement Program Account Business Retention/New Growth Opportunities Account Viable Small Business Development Account Fire Wearing Apparel Line Item 7364 Additional 2013 Casino Revenue Carryover A portion of the $2 million TIF District repayment Eliminate the New Mayor’s car allowance (December —June) Cut the New Mayor’s Obligation Budget (December June) Cost Savings Days for the New Mayor



• • • • • • • • •

$107,300 $ 29,227 $ 6,092 $ 61,934 $200,000 $100,000 $1,000,000 $ 3,500 $ 46,660 $ 3,500 $1,588,213



• • • • • • • • • • •

Closing the Health Gap African American Chamber of Commerce Tire collection program Human Services Parks Focus 52 Westwood Town Hall Port Authority Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce State Lobbyist Closed Captioning Total

$100,000 $100,000 $ 30,880 $ 50,000 $200,000 $600,000 $109,865 $200,000 $100,000 $ 56,000 $ 40,000


We further move that the $73,000 in CDBG funds that are saved by combining the Economic Development and Community Development Departments be used for the Health Department’s Lead Program.

r Chris Seelbach Co-sponsor Co-sponsor

Councilmember Wèrdl[Young Co sponsor



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CounIlmember Yvette Simpson Co-sponsor

?v?i. c Councilmemberpamula Thomas Co-sponsor


Councilmember Laure Quinlivan

Councilmember P.G. Sittenfeld

Councilmember Christopher Smitherman

Councilmember Charlie Winburn

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