A Supplement of The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet
A Supplement of The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet
A successful marriage requires falling in love
many times, always with the same person.
11935 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet
Chief Party Rental
For That Special Day!
Party/Wedding • Rental Showroom, • Tents,
Tables, • White Chairs, • Linens, Candelabras,
Columns & Other Decor • Chaf ng Dishes
Lighted Champagne Fountains • Mirror Balls,
Dance Floor & So Much More!
Jimmy Deatrick
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Real Estate needs!
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Office: (615) 754-8999Fax: (615) 754-8994
Lifetime Member, Million Dollar Sales Club
Are you one of
the thousands of couples
who got engaged over the
holidays? This is the time
for you and your soon-to-
be to get everything you
ever wanted -- the time
to start from scratch;
to upgrade, expand and
replace. To turn a whole
bunch of mismatched
mine and yours into a
lifetime of ours.
A lot of couples
become overwhelmed,
feeling they have to
get it all done at once.
According to experts, this
is totally normal. When
it comes to registering,
you should relax, take
your time and have
fun. Go back to the
stores of your choice as
many times as needed,
or update your registry
Here are some
additional tips to make
wedding planning a
Plan ahead: Start
a bridal registry as soon
as you say “yes.” This
way you will be prepared
for your engagement
party and bridal
shower, as well as your
P e r i o d i c a l l y
update your registry by
adding more products if
you need to, even after
the wedding. Be kind to
Don’t be shy:
Register for gifts in
a range of prices and
categories. This will give
guests and group givers
lots of options to choose
Register now,
because you won’t buy
it later: You may think
you will... but you
won’t. Now is the time
to let others get you the
stuff you’d never buy
yourself. Your friends
and family might even
get together to purchase
a higher priced “group
Three sheets is a
win: Register for at least
three sets of sheets -- one
for the bed, one for the
linen closet and one for
the hamper. This way
you won’t be forced to do
Getting Engaged Is Just the Beginning ... Now What?
Courtney Brooke Watson of Lebanon and Brian William Estep
of Kingsport, TN, are engaged to be married on April 25 at First
Baptist Church in Lebanon. The bride-elect is the daughter of
Claude and Donna Watson of Lebanon. She is the granddaughter
of Sammie Johnson and the late William “Brownie” Johnson
of Mt. Juliet, and Jo Watson and the late Claude Watson, Sr. of
Springfield, TN. She is a 2003 graduate of Friendship Christian
School, a 2007 graduate of Tennessee Tech in Cookeville with
a BS degree in Accounting, and a 2008 graduate of TTU with a
Masters of Business Administration. She is employed as an Audit
Associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Knoxville, TN. He is
the son of Terri and Homer Marcum of Greeneville, TN, and Bill
Estep of Bristol, TN. He is the grandson of Norman and Joyce
Fugate of Kingsport, TN, and Mable Estep of Bristol, TN. He is a
1996 graduate of Sullivan South High School and a 2002 graduate
of TN Technological University in Cookeville with a BS degree in
Management Information Systems, and also a 2006 graduate of
TTU with a BS degree in Business Management. He is employed
as a Regional Sales Manager with Landair Transportation in
Greeneville, TN.
Watson / Estep
There are a few
things where weddings
are concerned that cannot
be predicted or controlled.
What Mother Nature will
do on the day is one of
them. However, there are
many items that are
well within the control
of the bride and groom;
proper planning can help
ensure the wedding of
their dreams.
One of the best
ways to ease wedding-
day nerves is for the
couple to get organized
and begin planning
their event the moment
the engagement period
begins. The earlier
preparation starts,
the better the chance
vendors will be able to
provide what’s needed,
or changes can be made
when unforeseen events
pop up.
By making a list
of things to do, couples
can allot time in their
schedules for each task --
and they can feel a sense
of accomplishment and
relief each time an item
is ticked off the list.
Decide on the
wedding date -- Couples
should select a date for
their wedding soon after
becoming engaged. After
all, it is the countdown
to this day that will help
organize and determine
planning schedules.
Reserve a
ceremony location --
Traditional weddings
take place in a house
of worship. It’s best
to meet with a pastor,
rabbi or other officiates
to see if the ceremony
site will be available
for the wedding.
Book a reception
site -- After securing
the ceremony location,
couples will have peace
of mind knowing they
can now book the place
where their party will
take place. Sometimes
the ceremony site is also
the reception site, as is
the case in many second
weddings. Catering
directors are typically
on hand to talk about
pricing and options.
Select a photographer
-- Photographers tend
to book very quickly,
particularly if they are
well recommended. It pays
to research and choose one
early in the wedding-
planning process.
Every photographer has
a different style. The
couple should select one
who will accommodate
their wishes, but also
suggest ideas that may
not have been considered
-- such as artistic black
and white prints or photo
journalism-type images.
The photographer’s
personality is very
important. He or she
will be spending the
entire day with the
couple and should be
liked and personable.
Couples should find out
if the photographer they
speak with at the studio
will be the one shooting
the wedding. Some
companies have multiple
staff on hand.
Book a band or
DJ -- Another vendor
that tends to have a
busy schedule will be
the wedding entertainer.
Early booking ensures
your date will be
Choose a florist -
- Flowers add an elegant
touch to the wedding
day. A florist will provide
flowers for the ceremony
and the reception
in many cases.
Select and order
dresses -- Wedding and
bridesmaid gowns can
take several months to
order and be tailored. It
can also take some trial
and error finding a
dress shop that meets the
needs of a bride and her
attendants. So its best if
this fun part of wedding
planning is done early
Lifetime Whitening
Let the Dental Studio maintain your brilliant
smile for life with a onetime membership fee.
Dr. William
Dental Studio
105 Winwood Drive
Lebanon, Tennessee
A smile happens in an instant but its
memory lasts a lifetime.
*certain dental hygiene requirements for membership
Realize the Wedding of Your Dreams with Planning
If you have a
hybrid car parked in
your garage, recycle
rain water to irrigate
backyard plants and have
replaced just about every
bulb in your home with
compact fluorescents,
there’s a good chance that
you’re environmentally
conscious. But what
if you’ve just gotten
engaged and want to
impart some of these
green ways of thinking
to the wedding? What
can you do to be earth-
friendly when tying the
W e d d i n g
industry insiders say
that the trend of going
green with weddings is
growing exponentially.
Experts say that going
green is one of the great
business opportunities
of the 21st century,
and there is much
potential for the wedding
industry. Going green
for your wedding day
doesn’t mean you have
to compromise on the
elements that will make
the day special. It just
means you can take a
look at the details and
the bigger picture and
develop strategies that
will minimize the impact
on the planet.
* Go local: From
food to flowers, choose
vendors that use locally
grown and raised
p r o d u c t s .
This reduces
the amount
of smog
g e n e r a t e d
and fuel
consumed to
bring items
in for your
w e d d i n g .
Many caterers
are now
with local
farms and
other vendors
to offer
o r g a n i c ,
locally grown
menu items.
It pays to
ask about
* Go to your
guests: Figure out where
the greatest number of
your guests reside and
then hold the wedding
nearby. For example, a
couple from the Northeast
who has relocated to the
West coast, but has all of
their family still in the
east, may want to hold
their wedding in the east.
It is less expensive and
more environmentally
friendly for the couple
to simply fly to the
wedding, rather than
having hundreds of
guests drive or fly west.
* Choose
recycled materials for
wedding invitations
and announcements:
There are an increasing
number of suppliers
creating invitations
from recycled materials.
Some will do all the
assembly for you; other
less expensive items
may be more hands-on.
Cut down on further use
of paper by creating a
wedding Web site where
you post directions,
maps, party times,
and other essential
information so you
avoid extra slip-in sheets
with your invitations.
* Create car-pool
options: Bus guests to
your venue to save on
gas. It is also a safer
option for those who will
be indulging in alcoholic
beverages at the party
since they won’t have to
drive on the return trip
Z1 Nctr º Oc-e1 º Sectre º Access lc cºer lJJJ cltls
Free Tanning with Membership
l55 lecer1s Driºe, Stile l
lelarcr, !N J!J&!
What your friends will say.
For the bride to be 3 months
FREE tanning and
ZERO enrollment
Good through 4/30/09
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something ... Green?
(615) 215-8933
This coupon valid at:
Exp. 09/30/09
Oakwood Commons
4636 Lebanon Pike
Hermitage, TN 37076
A Savory Table
Personal Chef Service
Chef Hilda Kirby
Cooking Classes • Dinner Parties
• Romantic Dinners
• International Cooking Classes
• Staycation Meal Services
Carrie and Jordan Litsey, Jr, of Hermitage announce the engagement of their
daughter, Jacqueline Nicole to Daniel Williams, son of Reed and Jennifer
Williams of Mount Juliet. Nicole is a graduate of Jon Nave University and
currently employed as an Aesthetian in Brentwood, TN. Daniel is a graduate
of Strayer University and currently employed as Manager for a logistics
firm in Nashville, TN. They will be married May 9th in a private ceremony
at Butterfly Hollow Farm, in Gordonsville, TN. Brother Chuck Groover
of Victory Baptist Church of Mt. Juliet is officiating.
Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in
love and you fall forever.
My wife and I
had words, but I
never got to use
~ Fibber McGee
Personalize Your Wedding Day
With Vinyl Lettering!!
Add your names to the entrance doors or monograms on the
dance floor. Savor a favorite quote in the Reception Hall,
“Just Married” on the back of your get-a-way car.
Let your imagination make your wedding personal,
unique, elegant, and affordable.
It’s easy to install and remove.
Call Paula at 615-739-3052. •
Looking for a great band to make your reception a
party that no one will forget?
Check out one of the hottest wedding bands in the Southeast.
high energy music from the 50’s to current day hits.
promo videos - testimonial - songlist.
We will customize the evening for your needs to make it an unforgettable
evening for you and your guests.
Contact Ray at: 615-330-6659-or
Each year,
more than 2 million
engaged couples face the
exhilarating, and often
times daunting task of
choosing gifts for their
bridal registry. Over the
past decade, cookware has
topped china as
the No. 1 gift on
bridal registries,
indicating a
major shift in
focus from the
dining room to
the kitchen.
T h a t ’ s
not surprising
given that young
adults today
have come of age
watching the Food
Network where
cooking is center-
stage 24/7, as
well as reality
television series
where professional
and amateur
chefs compete in
the kitchen. A
yearning to learn
how to cook has
sparked the launch
of new food magazines
and cookbooks, as well
as a seemingly endless
supply of Web sites
and Internet chat rooms
devoted to food.
In this milieu of
heightened awareness
of all things culinary,
it makes perfect sense
that cookware reigns
supreme on the minds of
couples contemplating
their bridal registry
list. However, given
the enormous amount
of cookware options
available, many couples
approach registering
with trepidation.
* Do a little soul-
searching to discover
your cooking style:
Everyone has their own
food style, including
preferences for types of
cuisines and cooking
And don’t forget to
register for a few basic
tools and gadgets, such
as a garlic press, box
grater (to grate cheese),
pasta fork, and solid
spoon for stirring the
Prefer simply
grilled burgers, chicken
and fish? Register for a
stovetop grill pan. Most
pans are made for use on
a single burner and come
in round and square
* Remember the holidays:
Getting married often
means starting to host
family gatherings
for the holidays. Give
some thought to what
equipment you will
need to create favorite
family recipes and
traditional dishes.
A generously
sized roasting pan
is essential for
cooking turkey,
ham or a standing
rib roast.
Don’t forget
dessert! The
holidays wouldn’t
be the same without
festive cookies, pies,
cakes and sweet
breads made from
recipes passed down
from generation to
* Who’s doing
the dishes? Most
likely, cleaning up
after dinner is not
high on the list of
things you love to
do. If getting out
of the kitchen as
fast as possible is a
priority, select cookware
that’s completely
dishwasher safe. Quality
cookware leads to years
of culinary bliss: Now is
the perfect time to make
a commitment to each
other that cooking will
play a major role in your
married life. Cooking
offers so many benefits
-- from engaging
all your senses and
teaching you teamwork,
to soothing your spirits
after a stressful day
at work. Cooking
inspires creativity and
physically nurtures you
in a way that’s usually
much more healthy and
budget-friendly than
restaurant meals and
take out. To get the most
out of your cookware,
look for these features,
found on better quality
Registering For a Delicious Future
Love is temporary insanity curable by marriage.
~ Ambrose Bierce.
307 West Main St. • Lebanon, TN 37087
444-8391 •
Spring Bridal Sale
Up to 35% OFF includes Traditional & Modern Sets
(Solitaries not included)
Steak House
Specializing in Wedding Rehearsal Dinners &
Wedding Receptions
2424 Gallatin Rd. N., Madison, TN • 615-859-5070
Indoor & Outdoor Lifestyles
Vera Bradley • Summer Classics • Embroidery
• Archipelago Botanicals & Specialized gifts for brides
2396 N. Mt. Juliet Rd. • Mt. Juliet, TN
Bridal Registry Now Available!
Located in the Heart of Mt. Juliet
Greg and Lisa Howard of Wheatley, Kentucky, are proud to announce the
upcoming marriage of their daughter, Neesa Lauren Howard to Daniel Neal
Richardson, son of Danny and Betty Richardson of Mt. Juliet.
Neesa and Daniel met at Western Kentucky University and graduated in
2007 with degrees in
Elementary Education
and Exercise Science,
respectively. Neesa
teaches third grade at
Natcher Elementary
in Bowling Green. She
will finish her Master’s
degree in Library
Media Education
in May. Daniel is
currently enrolled in
the Exercise Science
Master’s program and
is a graduate assistant
at WKU. He plans
to attend physical
therapy school in the
summer of 2010.
The couple will marry
on June 13, 2009 at the
L & N Depot in Bowling
Green, Kentucky. They
will reside in Bowling
Wheatley / Richardson
I was married by a judge. I should have asked
for a jury.
~ Groucho Marx
One of the most
important aspects of
your wedding day
is the photographer:
the moments of your
wedding day might
fade from memory by
your 50th anniversary
(or even your 25th),
but beautiful and
meaningful photos
will last a lifetime and
remind you years from
now of the crystalline
sweetness of your
wedding day.
“It’s an honor for
me to be asked to take
part in what should be
one of the best days in
a couple’s life. I
want to capture
those moments
that will last a life
time,” said Mt.
Juliet photographer
Dale Dorman. “I
don’t want them
to just look at
these pictures after
they get them, but
I want them to
look at them 10,
15 or 25 years
from now and be
able to relive those
moments and to
remember how
they felt. I want
them to see the
fun, the family
and the friends
who were there to
celebrate their day.
I’ll capture it all.
I’ve had my brides tell
me ‘You were everywhere
taking pictures and you
got everything, but you
were never intrusive.’ I
think that’s important.”
Dorman started
in photography around
15 years ago as an
assistant to another
wedding photographer
who was also a friend.
“She knew I had
always had an interested
in photography and as
a result she had asked
if I could assist her at
a wedding,” Dorman
said. “It was a lot of fun.
She asked if I would be
willing to help her again
and of course I did. Now,
all these years later it’s
still fun for me. That’s
why I do it.”
Dorman said
he’s had the pleasure
of photographing some
of Nashville’s most
favorite and popular
wedding venues,
incorporating the beauty
and history of the area
in his signature style.
He said he likes to use
windows and doorways,
taking advantage of the
interesting and ornate
architecture of the area.
“I’ve photographed
weddings at The
Parthenon, Union
Station, Hermitage
Hotel, Cheekwood,
Scarritt Bennett, The
Nashville Zoo and
Riverwood Mansion.
Each of these locations is
unique in their own way
and really say something
about the personalities of
the couple. I mean how
could you not have fun
at the zoo or be in awe
of the history of Union
Station or the beauty
of Cheekwood or the
serenity and tranquility
of Riverwood Mansion,”
Dorman said. “I love
photographing at old
homes such as the Sam
Davis Home or Andrew
Jackson’s Hermitage.
There is such character
and charm in these
places. But the most
special place for me to
photograph is Riverwood
Mansion because that’s
where I was married.”
Dorman said
that after 15 years in the
business its difficult to
choose a favorite wedding
he’s photographed,
one certainly
stands out in his
“This is really
hard. But I did
photograph a
wedding a few
years ago that
does stand out.
A couple of years
earlier the bride
became critically
ill. She wasn’t
expected to live;
however, she beat
the odds although
they said she
would never walk
again. No one
really knew the
determination she
had to walk down
the aisle. It was
an emotional day
for everyone. The
ceremony began, the
music started, the doors
opened and everyone
stood. They pushed her
wheelchair to the edge
of the aisle and stopped.
Then this beautiful bride
stood and made the walk
of a life time down the
aisle. I don’t believe there
was a dry eye in the
D o r m a n
recommends couples to
begin planning their
wedding early and take
their time.
“I would
encourage any couple
to start planning their
wedding no later than
10 months prior to their
wedding date. Meet with
your vendors. Take the
time to enjoy planning
what should be one of the
most fabulous days of
the beginning of your
lives together.”
For more
information call 754-
Cooking Creations,Inc.
Owner Ingrid Reed (615)453-8334 or
We can customize a menu to suit your wedding or party
dreams and for all of your rental needs…
One stop shopping for all your party, wedding or corporate event
needs, mention this ad and receive 10% discount for both rentals and
“A wedding is the most special time in a persons life!
Don’t allow the entertainment to be any less special!”
(Michael B.)
Mobile DJ/Entertainer
Office: 615.444.6835 Fax: 615.444.3325
Voted #2 DJ in Nashville Tennessean Toast of Town Awards 2008
Capture Your Most Precious Moments with an MJ Professional
Cover and above images by Dale Dorman
Bridal by Leslie V
• Prices starting at $18.00
• 100’s of wedding veil styles
• Custom veil options available
(Design your own veil)
• Clearance items on SALE
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• Wedding accessories & more
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customer service
It has become
commonplace for couples
to practice what will be
expected of them and
the wedding
party during
the wedding
c e r e m o n y .
A church or
s y n a g o g u e
may require an
abbreviated run
through of the
ceremony, and
the officiant
will instruct the
wedding party on
how to enter and
leave the building,
as well as when
to engage in
scripture readings,
etc. This rehearsal
typically takes
place the evening
before the wedding
or a few days prior.
After the
rehearsal, it’s customary
for the immediate
family and wedding
party to go out to dinner
together and get to know
each other before the
wedding. Traditionally,
the groom’s parents host
the dinner, which gives
the mother of the groom
a role in the wedding
festivities. However,
many of today’s
modern couples factor
the rehearsal dinner cost
into their overall wedding
The rehearsal
dinner doesn’t have
to be an extravagant
affair. It can take
place at a restaurant
or even in someone’s
backyard. Some of
the best are informal
and really allow
everyone to mingle.
This occasion is
also the ideal time
to give groomsmen
and bridesmaids
a gift for their
participation in the
wedding, especially
if a bridesmaid
luncheon is not
being held. The
bride and groom
should also thank
everyone for being a part
of their special day and
helped out with all of the
wedding planning.
Perfecting the Rehearsal Dinner
Did You Know?
According to the
Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention
(CDC), more than 2
million couples get
married across the
United States each year.
Counting honeymoon
and other wedding-
related expenses, the
wedding industry
grosses more than $1
billion annually. If 2
million weddings per
year seems like a high
number, consider the
statistics in China, where
a reported more than
9 million weddings in
2006 alone. And though
Americans, particularly
those who have already
walked down the aisle,
are often quick to
bemoan the high cost of
weddings, those costs
are not exclusive to the
Western hemisphere.
To keep your marriage brimming,
With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you’re wrong admit it;
Whenever you’re right shut up.
Clearing Manor Bed and Breakfast
& Event Venue
Clearing Manor hosts weddings, receptions, rehearsal
dinners, bridal showers, teas and pre-wedding
photography. We also accommodate overnight guests for
wedding parties. (Financial plans available.)
1021 Odoms Bend Private Court • Gallatin, TN 37066
Professional video for your special moments:
x Packages for all budgets
x Picture and video slide show (Montage)
x Love story and more
615-225-7665 /
Most brides don’t
want stress while getting
well-tressed for their
wedding day. Besides
hiring a reputable
stylist and ensuring
a practice hairdo run
before the wedding,
here are a few helpful
· Wear a
button-down shirt
when having your
hair and makeup
done on your wedding
day - or for any other
special occasion. This
way you can take
off the shirt without
touching your hair or
· Bring in
your veil or headpiece
in advance so your
stylist can ensure
that the haircombs
attached will be in
the right position for the
style you’ve requested. If
they’re not, you’ll have
ample time to have that
· Don’t apply
conditioner to your
hair on the day of your
wedding. Conditioner
may make your hair too
silky and smooth, which
could be a disadvantage
when you want hair to
stay put and hold combs
or pins in an up-do.
· Opt for a two-
piece veil if you desire a
long cathedral-style veil.
This way you can
keep the long portion
attached for pictures
and the ceremony
and then simply
remove a portion for
the reception and
dancing the night
· If your headpiece
has gemstones
or crystals in the
design, have the
stylist cover the
stones up as much
as possible before
locking in your style
with hairspray. After
the wedding, talk to
a jeweler about the
right way to clean
the stones. Otherwise
the spray can tarnish the
headpiece and potentially
damage the stones.
· Go with a simple
style that matches
your personality.
You don’t want to
look like a completely
different person on your
wedding day - just a
better representation of
Wedding Tresses Made Easy
My wife has been my
closest friend, my
closest advisor. And
... she’s not somebody
who looks to the
limelight, or even is
wild about me being
in politics. And that’s
a good reality check
on me. When I go
home, she wants me
to be a good father
and a good husband.
And everything else
is secondary to that.
~ President Barack
I used to believe that marriage would
diminish me, reduce my options. That
you had to be someone less to live with
someone else when, of course, you have
to be someone more.
~ Candice Bergen (1946 - )
Henderson Flower Shop
204 West Main St. • Lebanon, TN 37087
(615) 444-3084
8-5 Mon.-Fri. • 8-12 Sat.
(Appointments Necessary)
After months of
planning and saving for
a wedding, a honeymoon
offers one-on-one time
for the couple to have
fun, develop a deeper
relationship, and enjoy
some much needed rest
and relaxation.
Among couples
who enjoy a traditional
wedding, statistics say
that 99 percent take
a honeymoon. The
average honeymoon
costs approximately
$5,000. Since a
honeymoon will
account for at
least 14 percent
of the total
we ddi ng
b udge t ,
coupl e s
want to
e ns ur e
t h a t
theirs is
w e l l
spent --
especially in an economy
where every penny
counts. Preparation is
the key to honeymoon
“Working with
travel professionals that
specialize in honeymoon
and destination wedding
planning can help ensure
couples have a memorable
honeymoon,” says Scott
Ellingboe, CEO of The
Honeymoon (www.
thehoneymoon. com),
an online honeymoon
planning resource
with a honeymoon gift
registry service and a
nationwide network of
independent, experienced
travel agents. “Whether
you’re a do-it-yourselfer
or use a travel expert,
you’ll enjoy browsing
the honeymoon package
and resort listings and
reading the entertaining
and informative stories
in our multi-media
digital magazine. You’re
bound to find something
you weren’t looking for
that will help you create
a better honeymoon
Additional tips
provided are:
* Enjoy clear
skies or bottomless blue
water: Timing plays a
large role in honeymoon
travel. It’s important
to research the average
weather conditions for
prospective honeymoon
locales during the month
you’ll be traveling as
well as any events that
may take place at that
time. This way you book
your honeymoon during
an optimal time for the
best conditions, both in
regards to weather and
the local culture.
* Save money:
Putting honeymoon
plans into the hands of
an expert could add up
to considerable savings.
“Travel agents have
relationships with tour
and package providers
that they can leverage
in ways the average
consumer cannot,”
offers Ellingboe. Turn to
a honeymoon expert for
honeymoon planning
needs so your honeymoon
can truly be a trip of a
* Honeymoon
registry: Not just
for budget-conscious
brides- and grooms-to-
be, consider creating
a honeymoon registry
to give your wedding
guests an alternative
to crock pots, toasters
and blenders. Wedding
guests can improve your
honeymoon experience
by gifting
the activities,
e x c u r s i o n s
and dining
experiences that
make the trip
* Pack a
variety of
c l o t hi ng
o p t i o ns :
Bring a few
d i f f e r e nt
outfits of varying levels
of formality so that
you’ll have options on
your trip. Depending
upon the resort or ship,
there may be specific
dress codes at certain
restaurants or meal
times; you don’t want
to be caught off-guard.
Make sure your research
includes destination
clothing requirements
since what is acceptable
culturally varies widely
across the globe.
* Read reviews:
There’s a reason review
sites are so popular -- they
help people make better,
more informed decisions.
Make sure that you read
reviews of the places
you are considering
for your honeymoon so
that you get a variety of
Expert Advice Translates to
Successful Honeymoon Planning
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I’m not ready for an institution yet.
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