Some Interesting Facts of Present Day Educational System Samlyn Josfyn

“The ultimate purpose of education is to enlighten the human mind with fruitful of knowledge, but the modern education system entirely lacks the capacity to enrich the minds with wisdom. It teaches how one would get richer and richest, but it fails in teaching the basic principles, humanity, analytical thinking, perception etc. The so-called modern educationalists made the education as a business and a teacher as their representative to sell their respective degrees by the mode of colleges and deemed universities.” “What we have from our education system loads and loads of book knowledge but when it comes to wisdom there is nothing. Education is nothing but asking people to compete for marks but as a human being the reason why we have taken birth as a human being is lost. We have the potential to realize who we are by questioning ourselves and realize through enlightenment but we land up from schools to college to office in routine activity. We do not use our intellect at all we live the life of animal nothing more. We have got the faculty of intellect which if used can enlighten us but in the rat race we forget what we are born for.” The ultimate purpose of education is to transfer information to a person so they can make their way through reality more easily, and develop their wisdom from their experience with life. “The purpose of modern educationalists is to sell degrees; these are entry passes for those who obey and are thusly allowed into a very affluent class/religious structure. It's commercial, but those "academicians" involved still wear the frocks of the high priests, who themselves became more interested in their personal wealth and power than with understanding Truth.”

“Today students are studying just to get good marks so that they can shine in their career and lead a prosperous life and not out of any urge to learn. They don't have any passion or interest to enrich their knowledge, they are only concerned about getting good marks in exams, and they are ready to read some suggestive questions if that are enough for exams.” “I have heard many people say that money is the root of all evil, but that is not what the Bible says, it says that the love of money is the root of all evil. The reason that I pointed that out is because it seems that money is all that people are caring about these days. I realize that a lot of people are financially struggling right now, but I feel that the main cause of our financial state is due to attaining more than we can afford. I have never understood why anyone would put themselves out in that way. My point in saying all that is to say this. When a doctor only treats those who can afford his services, and many there are that are that way, what happens to those who don't have the funds to pay the doctor? They go untreated and progressively get worst. What happens when you have teachers and professors that set there teaching standards based on there income. They don't take the time to instill those wonderful

things that you mentioned .It is not just the teachers. The powers that be are in control of those standards and they are corrupted by the love of money as well.” “Education is a tool of the society where the education is offered. Education and the education system perpetuate that which is necessary to the society. A western school prepares the student for western society. The school day reflects the work day. The education offered allows the individual to function in a variety of roles in the society. Eastern and Western cultures share this. No formal education system reflects what you have described as the ultimate purpose for education. The origins of philosophy can be traced back to many who were disenfranchised from religion and theology and began to take an academic (logical/rational approach to concepts raised in religion -- truth, knowledge, morals, ethics, logic, how to live, etc.

The education system produces what we need: It produces the poor to be exploited. It produces entrepreneurs and customers. It produces workers and bosses. It produces classism in the form of professionals and workers. In a capitalist society, it ultimately produces consumers. A student is a consumer of product/service.

“I am the eighteen year commerce student. I have always been in dilemma (confusion) what's the actual goodness of all these sorts of burden of materialistic education. This is the world of own reason, selfishness and politics and also network of conspiracies for increasing the materials more and more and more for the fulfillment of own greediness. The true master lies within and only we can free it to gain the best knowledge. Instead of letting the Jehovah to come into this Earth by building love and closeness with each other, we're just wasting our time in our own politics and selfishness and making the world so hell, so bore. These politics are not for the inner satisfaction.” “Education is more than literacy. There is an inexplicable rush and urgency in the parents to push children into a "get better scores" attitudes. We cannot blame the parents when the stress is on more marks ,good degree and highly-paid-job. Everyone, the teachers, the parents, the educators and the Corporates demand more, more and more from the students. In schools even the moral instruction period is used by the science teacher to 'finish' the portion. So a change, if at all comes, must be from the initial stages of education. There can never be an overnight revolution. A change, as put it, is imperative. A very well planned approach, taking into consideration all aspects of the growth of the individual-the physical, the mental, the moral and the spiritual-should be drawn and strictly followed.

Very difficult but not impossible. As you said, it is a business now. It should be changed to business with moral commitment.” “The enrichment of the few is the survival of the many... Chosen to lead is the main factor of self determination to lead... The teaching is still around but the main and ultimate goal is the solution to make everything workable under peace, justice and order.

The only trouble arises when the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.” “The existing education system, the same as the health system and the political system are representing the state of evolution of humanity and are the realization of the consciousness of the majority of people on this planet and the people who rule the happenings and manipulate the mass. The average consciousness is based on a materialistic world view and is limited through a conceptual thinking, in which every thing and all has a name. This name is stored and is connected with a picture of the thing or is connected with a sensual impression or if it is something that doesn't fit into ones experiences then there is given a belief system as concept. The name doesn't give a real meaning only a very superficial one but this is enough for people, they usually don't seek for a deeper meaning and they have no need to use any analytical thinking. For example the established health system gives names to all symptoms that are showing up and with the name then called 'disease' they pretend and make people believe that they know what it is. But mostly these 'health professionals' don't know the cause and they are treating just the symptoms - and the patients, being in total dependency, trust them without any doubt or question. The same happens with political systems: People might be very engaged as politicians or followers and convinced about their ideas, but being identified with it they never question themselves. They might use analytical thinking at their work, but never on themselves. They are part of the established system and will do nothing that might bring their position out of balance. Anything moves within the frame of their limited state of consciousness and thinking. And then of course also the educational system that teaches people established concepts, mostly part of the materialistic world view that serves mainly to make business, or being a adapted member of this consumer society. The average person is satisfied by knowing the names and a vague concept. All names and concepts together give a picture of the whole and so the person builds ones world view out of it and feels as part of it and so it has its *meaning*. Doubts show only up when happenings and conditions doesn't fit together or when different world views clash against each other. With this it might come to serious conflicts between people, up to the extreme that they kill each other when they defend their specific concept. All wars happened because different belief systems or material interests were clashing against each other. If a person has adapted a belief or a concept, then this is felt as part of ones 'property' and because the person is identified with ones property, this gives *meaning* to the person and their life and the educational system is feeding people's personalities with 'property'. So it is easy to understand that the property must be defended and one will not like that this is touched or changed. Seeking for a deeper meaning only will happen when the established 'fake meaning' has collapsed and the person needs to get out of the void that shows up, then seeking for an alternative meaning, that not necessarily must be deeper, like religious or spiritual concepts that are part of the social system and not coming out of personal life experience. When established concepts fail to give real meaning to a person,

then *real* seeking might happen that can't be satisfied by concepts but need direct experience of levels that go beyond the level of personality and established concepts. Then comes the moment when analytical thinking will be used to look very near at ones established self image. With this a change might start that is a total transformation as it gives new and different meaning to ones life and goes beyond names and knowledge of any kind. Then *meaning* is fulfilled and *life* and *meaning* are falling together into *One*. Unfortunately this doesn't happen within the educational system and probably there can't be done anything that might include the teaching of gaining self knowledge; out of this then there could come wisdom and more...I am convinced that *meditation* if it would be part of daily practice of 'learning people' going through the educational system, would further the critical and analytical thinking capacity and would let grow the consciousness going beyond limiting concepts... BeiYin” I used the example about the health system because I had Fibromyalgia and healed myself after I got to know the rigid ignorance of the system. Also I healed myself from an inguinal hernia even though the system only offers surgery. I went through these healing processes where all levels of me were involved and the most important I got out of it, is that I deeply understand that any healing is also a growing. Humanity needs urgently 'healing' to be able to grow. The dilemma is that all systems, the human one and groups and systems like health, education, administration, etc. are strongly holding on to their established structure, defending themselves and just are looking for confirmation of their existing state, that makes growing extremely difficult as all systems are more or less stuck and the rigid structure first has to break down, but not from force from outside, it must happen from inside... One thought more I want to add, even it is extreme and probably nobody will like it: Being in this system of our society and that includes the system of ones personality, one can talk and discuss all around, but this is like a blind person not being conscious about the fact being blind, is discussing ones picture world and wants to convince others... Isn't this our 'ground reality'?

People are corrupt because the system which educates them is corrupt. Send your children to colleges and universities if you want your children also to be corrupt.

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