May 2005

This document is designed to help incoming students prepare for the score identification part of the Music History placement exam. (To prepare for the first half of the exam, go to the Norton website: Beginning on page 3 below are 39 score excerpts from the Norton Anthology of Western Music – one excerpt per page. Page 2 contains a pair of lists, one of musical genres, the other of composer names. You should print page 2 and keep the lists handy while you practice. Look at each score example and try to hear the music in your mind’s ear. Also look for visible clues, such as number of parts, instrumentation, language of text, etc. Now try to pick the name of a genre and of a composer from the two lists. Also try to guess the date of composition within about 50 years. The answers are printed upside down at the bottom of each page. Rotate the score in Adobe Acrobat to see the answers. If you get an answer wrong and want to refresh your memory about the important features of this score, look at the commentary on the piece in the Norton Anthology. Do not memorize these scores or these answers! This document is only a sample test for study purposes. The scores on the placement exam will be drawn from all the scores in the Norton Anthology, not just the scores below. And on the exam you will not be expected to know all the composers, dates, or even genres – just to have a reasonable grip on most of the scores.

POSSIBLE ANSWERS FOR SCORE IDENTIFICATION Genre terms anthem ballet cantata chanson chorale prelude concerto grosso conductus fantasia florid organum fugue keyboard concerto keyboard sonata Lied lute song madrigal mass motet nocturne opera aria opera duet opera recitative oratorio passacaglia prelude psalmody sequence simple organum string quartet symphony theme and variations troubadour song trouvere song toccata tone poem trio sonata violin concerto Composer names Anonymous Notker Balbulus Bernart de Ventadorn Léonin Philippe de Vitry Guillaume de Machaut Guillaume Du Fay Johannes Ockeghem Josquin Desprez Claudin de Sermisy Adrian Willaert Carlo Gesualdo Thomas Weelkes John Dowland William Byrd Giovanni da Palestrina Claudio Monteverdi Barbara Strozzi J. B. Lully Henry Purcell Giovanni Legrenzi Arcangelo Corelli Alessandro Scarlatti Antonio Vivaldi Dietrich Buxtehude J. S. Bach G. F. Handel Domenico Scarlatti C.W. Gluck Joseph Haydn W.A. Mozart Ludwig van Beethoven Muzio Clementi Franz Schubert Gioachino Rossini John Field Hector Berlioz Frederick Chopin Felix Mendelssohn Robert Schumann Johannes Brahms Giuseppe Verdi Richard Wagner Gabriel Fauré Claude Debussy Maurice Ravel Bela Bartok Igor Stravinsky Charles Ives Arnold Schoenberg Alban Berg Anton Webern Aaron Copland Ruth Crawford Seeger Olivier Messiaen Dmitri Shostakovich Milton Babbitt Elliott Carter

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