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Str. Emmanuel de Martonne, nr.


The conference is co-organized by Volos Academy for Theological Studies, Romanian Institute for Inter-Orthodox, Inter-Confessional and Inter-Religious Studies/INTER (Cluj-Napoca), Orthodox Christian Studies Center of Fordham University (New York), Chair of Orthodox Theology at Mnster University, Christian Cultural Center / Institute for the Study of Culture and Christianity (Belgrade), St Andrews Biblical Theological Institute (Moscow), and European Forum of Orthodox Schools of Theology/ EFOST (Bruxelles), in collaboration with the Metropolis of Cluj and the Faculty of Orthodox Theology at Babes-Bolyai-University/UBB (Cluj-Napoca). The conference is supported by State Secretariat for Religious Denominations, Mayor and Council of Cluj-Napoca, County Council of Cluj, Monasteries and Companies.



12.00-12.30 16.30-17.30

Press Conference Registration Aula Jean Monnet, Str. Emmanuel de Martonne, nr. 1, Faculty for European Studies Opening Greetings
Acad. Prof. Ioan-Aurel Pop, Rector of UBB Rev. Prof. Ioan Chirila, Senate President of UBB His Eminence Andrei, Metropolitan of Cluj Public Authorities


Session I
Moderator: Ass. Prof. Radu Preda (Cluj-Napoca) 18.00-18.30 Rev. Dr. Igumen Calinic (Berger), Priest of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of America, Pennsylvania, USA Trinity Dr. Aristotle Papanikolaou, Professor, Co-Founding Director of Orthodox Christian Studies Center, Fordham University, New York, USA, Personhood, Virtue and War Discussion Dinner offered by the Rector of UBB


19.00-19.45 20.00

FRIDAY, May 24th

Session II
Moderator: Prof. Dorin Oancea (Sibiu)
09.00-09.30 Deacon Dr. Paul Gavrilyuk, Associate Professor, St Thomas University, Minnesota, USA, The Epistemological Contours of Florovsky's Neopatristic Theology Rev. Dr. Radu Bordeianu , Associate Professor, Duquesne University, President of the Orthodox Theological Society in America (OTSA), Pennsylvania, The Holy Spirit Makes the Church Contextual: Diversity and Unity, Charisms and Institution, Already Here but Not Yet Dr. Petros Vassiliadis, Professor at the University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Eucharistic Ecclesiology Discussion Coffee-break



10.30-11.30 11.30-12.00

Session III
Moderator: Prof. Assaad Elias Kattan (Mnster)
12.00-12.30 Dr. John Fotopoulos, Associate Professor, St Mary's College, USA, Let Us Exercise in the Field of Scripture: The Correspondence between Jerome and Augustine of Hippo for Issues in Contemporary Orthodox Biblical Scholarship


FRIDAY, May 24th

12.30-13.00 Dr. Spyridoula Athanassopoulou-Kypriou, Lecturer, Hellenic Open University, Athens, Greece, The Eschatological Body: Constructing Christian Orthodox Anthropology Beyond Sexual Ideology Discussion Lunch

13.00-13.45 14.00-15.30

Session IV
Moderator: Dr. Pantelis Kalaitzidis (Volos)
15.30-16.00 Dr. Rasko Jovic, Religious Teacher at the Secondary Education, Belgrade, Serbia, Theology with a Human Face Dr. Michael Hjlm, Dean of Sankt Ignatios Theological Academy, Sdertlje, Sweden, and Theological Secretary, Diocese of Helsinki, Orthodox Church in Finland, The Role of the Church in Financial Crises On the Relation between Moral Prejudices, Commodities and Reification Discussion Coffee-break


16.30-17.15 17.15-17.45

Session V
Moderator: Rev. Grigorios Papathomas (Athens/Paris)
17.45-18.15 Rev. Dr. Zosim-Dorin Oancea, Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Sibiu University, Romania Ecology and Environment

FRIDAY, May 24th

18.15-18.45 Dr. Radu Preda, Director, Romanian Institute for InterOrthodox, Inter-Confessional and Inter-Religious Studies (INTER), Associate Professor of Social Theology, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Babes-Bolyai-University, ClujNapoca, Romania, Human Rights as an Example of Contextual Theology / Droits de l'homme comme un exemple de thologie contextuelle Dr. Assaad Elias Kattan, Professor, Chair of Orthodox Theology, Mnster University, Germany, The Cross as 'Islam' Georges Khodr's Approach to Islam as a Paradigm of Contextual Theology Discussion Dinner offered by the Faculty for Orthodox Theology, UBB


19.15-20.15 20.30

SATURDAY, May 25th

Session VI
Moderator: Dr. Spyridoula Athanassopoulou-Kypriou (Athens)
09.00-09.30 Rev. Hilarion Reznichenko, MA, St Petersburg Orthodox Theological Academy, Russian Federation Science and Religion: Compatibility and Balance Rev. Dr. Grigorios Papathomas, Professor, School of Theology, Athens University, and Institute of St. Sergius, Paris, President of the European Forum of Orthodox Schools of Theology (EFOST), Bruxelles, Canon Law. Today Relevance of the Canons



SATURDAY, May 25th

10.00-10.45 10.45-11.15 Discussion Coffee-break

Session VII
Moderator: Prof. Davor Dzalto (Ni)
11.15-11.45 Dr. Haralambos Ventis, Academic Team of Volos Academy for Theological Studies, Volos, Greece Theology and History Skliris Dionisios, MA in Late Antiquity Studies (King's College, London) and Byzantine Studies (Universit Paris IV, Sorbonne), Athens, Greece, The maximian dialectic between logos (reason), tropos (mode) and telos (goal) in a Post-modern context and its importance for a theological evaluation of race and nationalism Discussion Lunch


12.15-13.00 13.00-15.00

Session VIII
Moderator: Nicolae Turcan, Assoc. Professor (Cluj-Napoca)
15.00-15.30 Dr. Crina Gschwandtner, Associate Professor at Fordham University, New York, USA Philosophy and Theology Dr. Vasilios Makrides, Professor of the Sociology of Orthodox Christianity at Erfurt University, Germany Orthodox Theology and Social Sciences: Outline, Analysis and Evaluation


SATURDAY, May 25th

16.00-16.45 16.45-17.15 Discussion Coffee-break

Session IX
Moderator: Prof. Aristotle Papanikolaou (New York)
17.15-17.45 Dr. Pantelis Kalaitzidis, Lecturer at the Hellenic Open University (Thessaloniki), Visiting Professor at St Sergius Institute (Paris), Visiting Research Fellow at Princeton University (New Jersey, USA), Director of Volos Academy for Theological Studies, Volos, Greece Theology and Literature: The Case of Nicolae Steinhardt Dr. Davor Dzalto, Professor at Niss University, President of the Institute for the Study of Culture and Christianity, Belgrade, Serbia Orthodoxy and Contemporary Art: An (Un)Natural Alliance? Discussion Ecumenical Observers Concluding Remarks Dinner offered by the orthodox Parishes of Cluj


18.15-19.15 19.00-19.30 19.15-20.00 20.30


Sunday, May 26



Holy Liturgy Free time

18.00 20.00

Vespers in the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral of Cluj Dinner with Metropolitan Prof. Dr. Andrei of Cluj

MONDAY, May 27 , 2013 TUESDAY, May 28 , 2013 Trip in Bukovina



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St. Andrews Biblical Theological Institute

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