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Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme Participants

List of SAWS Operators

Concordia Ltd (YSV) - recruits on behalf of farmers throughout the UK

2nd floor, Heversham House,20-22 Boundary Rd, Hove, Sussex, BN3 4ET.
Tel: 01273 422293 Fax:01273 422443
Useful contact addresses
Harvesting Opportunity Permit Scheme (HOPS) - recruits on behalf of farmers
throughout the UK
The Seasonal Agricultural
Work Permits (UK)
YFC Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG
Tel: 02476 857210 Fax: 02476 857205 Home Office Workers Scheme

Email: Moorfoot
Sheffield S1 4PQ
Friday Bridge International Farm Camp - recruits on behalf of farmers in the North Tel: 0114 259 4074
Cambridgeshire area only Website:
March Rd, Friday Bridge, Wisbech, Cambs, PE14 0LR E-Mail:"
Tel: 01945 860255 Fax: 01945 861088
Email: DEFRA
Department for the Environment & Rural Affairs
Sastak Ltd - recruits on behalf of farmers in the Shropshire & Staffordshire areas only Nobel House
1-7 BDC, Long Lane, Craven Arms, Shropshire, SY7 8DU. 17 Smith Square
London SW1P 3JR
Information for the worker
Tel: 01588 673636 Fax: 01588 672205
Email: Tel: 08459 33 55 77
Gs Marketing Ltd - recruits to meet their own demand for seasonal labour
Barway, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5TZ. DTI
Tel: 01353 727314 Fax: 01353 727255 Department of Trade & Industry
Email: Tel: 020 7215 5000
Websites: or Website:
Haygrove Ltd - recruits to meet their own demand for seasonal labour only
Redbank, Ledbury, Hereford, HR8 2JL Agricultural Wages Board Helplines:
Tel: 01531 633659 Fax: 01531 635969
Email: England & Wales 0845 0000134
Website: Scotland 0131 244 6392
Northern Ireland 02890 520813 or 02890 524492
R&J M Place Ltd (International Farm Camp) - recruits to meet their own demand for seasonal
labour only Health & Safety Executive
Church Farm, Tunstead, Norwich, Norfolk, NR12 8RQ. HSE Infoline
Tel: 01692 536337 Fax: 01692 535493 Caerphilly Business Park
Email: Caerphilly
Website: CF83 3GG
Tel: 08701 545500
S&A Produce (UK) Ltd - recruits to meet their own demand for seasonal labour only Minicom: 02920 808537
Brook Farm, Marden, Hereford, HR1 3ET. E-Mail:
Tel: 01432 880235 Fax: 01432 880644 Website:
Website: DWP
Department for Work & Pensions
Wilkin & Sons Ltd (International Farm Camp) - recruits to meet their own demand Tel: 020 7712 2171
or seasonal labour only Website:
Hall Rd,Tiptree,Colchester,Essex,CO5 0RF
Tel: 01621 815496 Fax: 01621 814555 Inland Revenue
Email: Tel: 020 7667 4001
Website: Website:

What is SAWS? What will Operators provide?
Operators will ensure that you are found a suitable placement and that accommodation,
A reasonable charge may be made for the accommodation
and other services provided. This should be made clear to
pay, health and safety and other conditions offered are appropriate and meet legislative all applicants before agreeing to take part on the scheme.
The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS) requirements. Operators will also provide participants with all of the following:
enables students living outside of the European Tax and National Insurance Contributions
Economic Area to undertake temporary seasonal work
in the UK Agricultural and Horticultural Industry. Details of your work placement and how to get there; Currently all students participating in the scheme are exempt from pay-
ment of tax through Pay As You Earn (PAYE) provided their earnings do
SAWS operates all year round and students may work in certain agricultural The date you are expected to start work at your farm placement; not exceed the exempted earnings levels (which for the 2004-2005 finan-
occupations for up to 6 months, as long as the work is seasonal. This includes cial year is £4745). Agricultural and English Language students may also
the planting and picking of fresh produce and working with livestock. Apart Minimum rates of pay you can expect to receive, any deductions that might apply be exempt from payment of National Insurance contributions provided
from earning money there is the opportunity to learn about modern farming whilst on the scheme and tax and national insurance arrangements that might they meet the relevant Inland Revenue exempt criteria(for further infor-
techniques, the culture of the UK and to take part in leisure activities. apply; mation and advice please use the contact details for the Inland Revenue
shown at the end of this leaflet).
What are the benefits? The amount of work you can expect to be available, including overtime, rest
breaks and the requirements of the European Union working time directive; How can I contact Operators?
You will be provided with the opportunity to gain work experience within
UK agriculture. Under SAWS your employer is required to provide you with Details of holiday and sick pay and pay entitlements during bad weather;
accommodation. A list of all current operators for SAWS is shown in this leaflet and is also
on the Work Permits web site. Operators also recruit via universities and
The legal entitlements to written pay details and statement of employment colleges in many different countries.
Under UK legislation your employer is required to treat you equally and
fairly as well as provide you with a safe working environment and to pay
Immigration Status
you in compliance with the Agricultural Wages Order.
Your key responsibilities and rights under UK law relating to health and safety
How you can apply/eligibility criteria and what you can do if you feel you are placed in an unsafe working environment; If you choose to contact an Operator and are successful with your appli-
cation, you will be issued with a work card. You will then need to obtain
To be eligible for the scheme you must be a student currently in higher Minimum standards of accommodation you can expect while working on SAWS; entry clearance from your nearest British Embassy, High Commission or
education residing in a country outside of the European Economic Area
Consulate before you travel and hold a valid international passport.
(EEA). SAWS participation is restricted to a period of up to 6 months Items you should bring with you when joining the scheme (for example, clothing
although participants may apply to take part in the scheme again after a appropriate for bad weather); Complaints
gap of at least 3 months.
Details of how and who to complain to whilst on the scheme. If you wish to make a complaint concerning your pay and/or conditions
Appointed Operators administer the scheme on behalf of Work Permits
(UK), which is part of the Home Office (a department of the UK Government). of work or accommodation then you should, in the first instance, contact
Operators are responsible for recruiting participants onto the scheme and your Operator. For pay issues you can contact the Agricultural Wages Help
finding suitable placements. Operators can either recruit participants to Line(the telephone numbers are shown at the end of this leaflet). You can
work on their own farms or on behalf of other farmers and growers. also contact the SAWS Management Team, PO Box 3468, Sheffield, S3 8WA
or email: