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PROPHECY- Gods Wrath and Judgment Against The U.S.

Intelligence Agencies
given through Brian Charles

IM gonna destroy it. --the CIA and the NSA too. I know EVERY secret thing that is going on! All the intelligence agencies will be gone by My hand, you can count on it! They have disobeyed Me long enough! All intelligence agencies will be destroyed by My hand. You can count on it! They have disobeyed Me long enough! They have destroyed long enough. They must be punished. Thus says the Lord of hosts. Amen I'll destroy the CIA. ...and the NSA too. I AM going to destroy this country mightily! I AM the limitless God! Laugh at the occultists! I'll destroy your empire. I shall judge for that! --for sinners living their lives like God doesn't exist

So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs. Holy Bible, Matthew 10:26-27 He thwarts the plans of the crafty, so that their hands achieve no success. Job 5:12 For it is written: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate. 1 Corinthians 1:19 Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish. Isaiah 29:14 To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless, to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the devious you show yourself shrewd. You save the humble, but your eyes are on the haughty to bring them low. 2 Samuel 22:26-28

"Seek Me with weeping, fasting and a contrite heart. I will save individuals and you shall shine like the stars forever. Repent, oh nations!"

Word of the Lord through Susan Perkins McNally September 7. 1994

My beloved and peculiar treasure, yea, those whom I have redeemed. Hear the words of My mouth. That which is happening in the United States will astonish the whole world as My full judgment comes upon your land. The erratic weather will be specific judgment on specific areas as to their individual transgressions against Me. The East coast will experience the cold breath of my wind. Just as they are cold and indifferent to My Spirit, so shall they be given to drink at My hand this cup of cold fury. As the inhabitants shake their heads in astonishment, this blast of My wind will bring them to their appointed time of reckoning as I force them to consider their ways as their lives come to a standstill. The West coast which burns in its lust with their insatiable desires and perversions will experience great fires and drought. Their cities will go up in flames and their infrastructures collapse. Yes, the great quakes are coming as the earth shudders at their wickedness. The resultant fear and panic will cause great loss of lives! Those areas that call upon Me in repentance can be spared certain aspects of My judgment, but the whole land will mourn. Yea, it is not just America that will be judged but the whole earth shall know that I the Lord God have done these marvels. All over the earth fighting and wars that were thought to be little skirmishes will turn into bloody battles and explosive wars. The cry of peace, peace will be a hollow echo in the face of great upheavals. Since the world governments and financial systems have worshipped the demon of greed so shall their idols be toppled and their systems be brought down! Entire countries will go bankrupt overnight and default on their loans and obligations. The entire international banking system that has been built on greed, fraud, deceit and murder will crash. The dust of their defeat already hangs suspended in the air like a choking mist. Your political structures in the United States will crumble as I reveal the sins and the nakedness of your elected officials. I will judge your leaders who have shaken their fists at Heaven and profaned My Name and mocked the Son of My Love, Jesus. The White House will become a deserted mausoleum as in an abandoned cemetery, as My judgment comes upon this house of "blood and perversion." For truly I will recall the great evil that has been spoken against Me and My children and all the evil schemes and devices that your leaders have thrust out against My people, the Body of Christ. They will bring a swift rebuke against your leaders and they shall tremble in great fear as My fury passes by them. If their hearts are pure they will not be touched. If their thoughts and deeds are wicked they shall be consumed. Like vomit, the land will heave out this great evil and the floods of my displeasure will wash the filth and defilement out of the way. Be certain that life as you have known it and as it has been in the past when this nation walked in My judgments, putting Me first, cannot be regained until all the evil roots and fruits have been laid waste. Fear not, My Beloved, and be not dismayed; for that which I do always results in redemption. Only the power of My Spirit and My Great Name can deliver you and your nation. Draw close to Me. Intercede for your brethren. Let your eyes be filled with tears and your heart with intercession. Stand in the power of My might, in the Name of Jesus, and don't be intimidated by the threats and schemes of dying men. Yes, the time is short, and you shall truly see the sustaining power of my majesty as you abide in Me. I will not leave you or forsake you. Be bold and of good courage, for it is I the Lord that goes before you!

PROPHECY My Full Judgment

Terrorists Will Nuke New York City! Says The Lord God Almighty Collected Intelligence and Serious Prophetic Warnings

Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry: Woe! Woe to you, great city, you mighty city of Babylon! In one hour your doom has come! Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea, and said: With such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, never to be found again. Holy Bible, Revelation 18:10, 21

Coming Russian Nuclear Sneak Attack on America

Henry Gruver December 14, 1985 I saw a massive military movement coming out of an area up by the Arctic. And I couldn't figure out what this was, what was going on. WHY a military, Navy, and Air Force WHY it would be going out between the United States and Europe up above Finland going out through the Icelandic Gap and heading down between the United States and Europe. And making a curl all the way around the Horn of Africa towards the Persian Gulf. Now that's significant. But all of a sudden I was alarmed because of that, you would have been too. I looked over towards the United States and I saw something I have never seen in my life, I have never even preconceived the thought of it. I had always thought that the United States was WISER and MORE POWERFUL than to allow Russian subs to be parked right almost on our beaches per say. What I mean by that is you could see the submarines down under the water but there were areas that the sand still had drifted on down from the beaches into the depths. And the submarine was sitting there aimed at America. I saw them sprinkled all the way across the East coast. When I saw that, my family at that time lived in Portland, Oregon. I was alarmed of course and I wanted to look over towards Portland to see what was going on. And as I looked across the continent of the United States of this globe I saw the submarines from way up by Washington the top of Washington all the way down around towards San Diego poised in the same way all the way along our coast on the North from the Pacific side. Than something else caught my attention. I began to see Radio Towers going up all across the Nation and these Radio towers as they went up (dut dut-dut dut) the dotted lines begin going out as though they were transmitting and then there an alarm went off in me. They're sounding the alarm. We're going to be under attack. The siege has been waged. When all of a sudden I was watching these Radio Dots going out like the transmitting of a warning and instead of the people being warned they sprinkled to the ground like dust. And an alarm went off in me and I cried out in the Heavens and I said "Oh God THEY WON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT HIT THEM !!!" And at that time all of a sudden I looked down on the eastern seaboard at the submarine was drawn to that one right off from New York City and I saw the missile come right out of that submarine and go right up and come right over the City of New York and the entire City disappears. Image: Video grab map of the cities seen annihilated by nuclear strikes. Then I looked down, on down towards Florida, down there I could see another explosion take place. I looked across because of my family being in the Pacific Northwest. I looked across another explosion took place up by Seattle/Bellevue. And then another one down by San Francisco. And another one down towards Los Angeles, and another down towards San Diego. There I stood in shock as I watching these explosions take place and these cities literally disappearing from off the face of the earth. The next instant I was standing back down on the Eagle Tower and I found myself looking down in the Village there was no alarm going off, the cars were going the normal speed, people were walking. I looked out over the Bay where there were some British ships; warships. And I watched them and studied them for a few seconds, there was no alarm there. And I found myself saying this, "Oh God, if this has not happened. What will be the sign of it and of its Time?" God spoke to my spirit and these were the words He says December the 14th, 1986 before Glasnost, Perestroika the Berlin Wall was still up the Cold War was still in full around. We supposedly were still on alert. The words were spoken to me, "When Russia opens her gates and lets the masses go. The free world will occupy themselves with transporting, housing, and caring for the masses. We'll begin letting their weapons down crying peace and safety. And that's when it will happen" Now the question I submit to you is this: Where are we on that scenario? Where are we in that Prophetic Timetable? Is that Vision being fulfilled before our eyes? Are we seeing it literally take place? The Bear Has Become Enormous and the Bear is in cahoots with the Arab countries 12 to 14 of them and there is high activity in and out of sight. It's January of this year it looked like we were going to build up again and have another Desert Storm didn't it? And I cried out to the LORD because I was getting ready to go to Europe and the LORD said "Tell the people that this is not the real thing this is only a Policing Action. There will be Policing actions but WATCH. Because that it will happen what you said". And I said we will be drawn again to the Middle East in mass. We will be drawn to conflicts like Bosnia and like Taiwan and like North Korea. Conflicts are going to come up to draw us away from Home Base to deplete our Home Defense mechanism. That's the Strategy. Than Revolution breaks loose inside of our Nation. Why? To throw us into CHAOS AND CONFUSION. Because out of CONFUSION AND CHAOS THE COMMUNIST SYSTEM says they gain Strength and Power. And I've shown you that in the mentality of these people. They don't mind Revolution. They don't mind it at all. This is some of the things that we are facing. We're facing very Serious Times.

The Prophetic Judgment of Washington D.C. Scott Hofstee September 3, 2001

To the city of Washington D.C., I say, your might and power are about to ripped from you like a home ripped off its foundation in a mighty wind. Your foundation is flawed, your leaders are liars and thieves and lovers of power and recognition. Messages of judgment have been sent and not heeded, now I come with devastation and destruction. The principalities of darkness that have been kept in check will no longer be restrained and will begin to unveil the most subtle evils and darkness the world has ever known. Those who have not known Me will not be able to resist it. It will make perfect sense to the carnal minded fools that have stored up treasures here on Earth and left their accounts in My Kingdom empty and unattended to. The masses will flock to the deceptions like moths to a flame, only to be burned and destroyed. To the president of this country I say, you have fooled many with your unassuming charms and easy going mannerisms but I see your heart and it is not toward My will. It is toward yourself and your legacy, not My Kingdom. Your house is ordained for destruction unless you fall on your face before Me and cry out as Abraham cried out in intercession for Sodom and Gomorrah. Your ideas are vanity, your pride has ordained you for a fall and I AM coming to bring it to you unless you repent. Your place and position cannot be saved, your great city cannot be spared but your soul can saved as though by fire, so says the Holy One of Israel. To the leaders of the governments of this nation I say, when most of you read this, it will have already happened, the destruction and demolition of your seats of power and authority will be gone and you will know that all those crazy men and women whom I sent to you, were the sane ones, the ones who had indeed heard My voice and had carried the burden of the Lord to you. You will look upon these words and others and know that My heart was toward you and that it wasnt willing that any would perish but you in your pride and arrogance could not receive instruction from these messengers. They didnt look right, they didnt sound right, they didnt go through the proper channels. You will mourn the day you scorned these and you will know that I reached out to you many times before I brought My perfect justice and government to you and your people. So says the Lord of the Earth.

China Dream Sudden Chinese Nuclear Attack on America Starts World War 3
A few years back, I had a dream that has stayed with me since then. I do not understand it but I will relate it here. I was in a plane and could see we will flying low. I could see the trees. We were in a wooded area and I could not understand why we were flying so low, suddenly I saw a young women on the ground, she seem to be dead and I could see her through my window! The women was dress in a turquoise skirt and a white embroidery blouse, she was wearing a necklace with a symbol, she was young and pretty, her legs were twisted and she was Chinese or Japanese and it was told to me that she was the daughter of a prime minister. The bad part was that our American soldiers placed her there, she was murdered by them. Although they tried to hide it, this prove futile and suddenly I saw myself in front of a TV, the emergency broadcast system sounded but it was not a drill. WE were at War World War 3. WE were being attack, but by the Chinese. Here we are fighting with the radical Middle East but my dream pointed to China. Can somebody interpret this dream? I also have another dream this one more recently, in this dream I am driving with my husband, my teenage kids are at home, suddenly I hear a loud noise like a airplane flying low but it was no airplane, it was 2 missiles, again knowledge came to me that this missiles will attack 2 different cities but at the same time, the missiles struck, there was fire and destruction, but my mind was with my kids and I wanted to be with them, but I was not allow! Court martial was instituted in a manner of seconds! I saw soldiers everywhere and did not let us drive to our homes. We were to stay where we were and I cried but if we drive away we were threatened with our lives. I have being praying over this. I am not a church going person and God knows I am a sinner, He also knows I love him deeply, since my childhood I have love Him, He is big part of my life, my Abba. This are not the only dreams or visions I have being given, there are more. The only thing I learn to do after is pray. I do not know what to do. God help us! So many people are blind and lost. I do not want to be one of them. I have accepted Jesus as my Savior but there is more I need to do!! Pray for me, for the world.