Sri Chakra The King of all Yantras Yantra is an interlocking matrix of geometric figures, typically circles, triangles and

floral patterns of great elegance and beauty. All primal shapes of yantras are psychological symbols corresponding to inner states of human consciousness. Sri Chakra or Sri yantra is considered as the most complex of all yantras which represents the evolution of universe and its never ending energy. Sri Chakra is said to contain within itself the essence of cosmic energy and thus it contains the essence of all traditions. The three dimensional form Sri Chakra called Maha Meru radiates an aura of love and order, literally creating a scared space around itself. Wherever it is placed, it brings order, peace, happiness, health, wealth and harmony. Just keeping it in one’s home will confer great blessings,

for adult children setting out on their own. If kept in the home.because the Meru subtly connects itself to the cosmic world. dissolution. religions and sects may reap the benefits of peace. it will connect itself to all the other yantras in the world through its Bindu . preservation. vehicles. as well as in hospitals. People of all beliefs. shrines and places of worship. for friends and relative moving into a new home or embarking on a new endeavor and as a corporate gift from employers to valued employees which will empower the recipient in every possible way.the product of three phases of cosmic process creation. Its mere presence is said to cleanse the home of defects under both the vaastu and feng shui systems to ward off and neutralize negative energies and the “evil eye” Sri Chakra also protect against unfavorable planetary influences. Into which the whole of the activities of the universe could be summed up. Sri Chakra the symbol of mystical construction of the Cosmos held by the inter-penetration of nine triangles. prayer halls and wedding centers. healing and prosperity by installing the Meru in their homes. It may be given as a loving and auspicious gift for newlywed couples embarking on their lives together. It can be kept anywhere. And the triad of time. offices. Triangles. Past present and future.

because there will be an aura of grandeur and peace coming from this yantra. that wards off evil and brings prosperity.and attract organizing. And not merely currency. but all forms of divine blessings of peace – love. It is good to keep in public places too. The nature of the vibrations it radiates can be enhanced very positively if play soft music in the place where it is kept – similar to what is seen in the entrance lobbies of hospitals and hotels. Pujas can be done. and so on. Or it can be kept in the office. Thus. It is also a good thing to keep in hospitals. It receives abundance and grace. So it’s a universal symbol. as it has healing properties. truth. principles that empower every one. If you can’t. but that does not imply that it needs puja. which can be kept anywhere and everywhere. Meru continuously receives vibrations and powers. where soft music is played to bring about a peaceful attitude in the people who enter there places. you just play some soft music to it. So if you can do pooja to the Meru. It will absorb the vibrations and emit divine music that protects and heals. . peaceful and loving vibrations from wherever they are in the world. non-violence. well and good. abundance and organization in the office. and redistributes them in its own vicinity. by itself it does not need any puja as such. because it attracts wealth.

. It is ruled by a Yogini Devi called Prakata Yogini. Trident. Shakti. They are: 1-Anima 2-Laghima 3-Mahima 4-Ishvita 5-Vasitva 6-Prakamya 7-Bhukti 8-Ichha 9-Prapti 10-Sarvakama The 2nd line: The 2nd or Middle line has eight Matruka Devis. Chakra (Discus). Their luster is like that of molten gold. The 1st line: The Outer line (of the 3 lines) has 10 Devis known as Siddhi Devis. They are very auspicious and bestow heaps of gems and jewels to the worshiper.Structure of the Sree Chakra Bhupura The outermost 3 lines known as Bhupura form the first Avarana (covering) of the Sri Yantra. They hold in their hands Vidya (book). . They are bedecked in all ornaments. This is known as the Trilokya Mohana Chakra and the worshiper knowing its inner secrets can mesmerize the 3 worlds. they hold the goad in their right hands and the noose in their left hands.

Varahi 6.Brahmi 2. They bestow to the worshiper everything desired.Chamunda 8. 1-Sarvasankshobhini 2-Sarvavidravini 3-Sarvakarshini 4-Sarvavashankari 5-Sarvonmadini 6-Sarvamahankusha 7-Sarvakhechari 8-Sarvabeeja 9-Sarvayoni 10-Sarvatrikhanda . They are of red hue and rule the various mudras and bestow spiritual boons to the worshiper. Baton & Lotus.Club. Thunderbolt.Mahalakshmi The 3rd line: The innermost third line has 10 Mudra Shaktis. 1.Maheswari 3.Mahendri 7.Vishnavi 5.Koumari 4.

The 2nd Avarana: is the 16 petals circle known as Sarvaashaa Paripooraka Chakra meaning the fulfiller of all desires. Ahankarakarshini 4.The presiding form of Lalita in this Avarana is Tripureshi. Sparshakarshini 6. sound. sight. Rupakarshini 7. Kamakarshini 2. intellect. Dhyryakarshini 11. The Yogini residing here is called Gupta Yogini. Chittakarshini 10. Budhyakarshini 3. carries a book and a rosary. taste. also Nitya Devis or Akarshana Devis and also Gupta Yoginis. Namakarshini 13. Gandhakarshini 9. rejuvenation. The 16 Devis of this Avarana are called the Nitya Kalas. Rasakarshini 8. Smrutyakarshini 12. The 16 Devis in sequence are: 1. Atmakarshini 15. name. Shabdakarshini 5.Sharirakarshini . memory. growth. touch. She is ornamented with all gems. smell. ego. By worshiping them one gets power over mind. Beejakarshini 14. Amrutakarshini 16. steadiness.

Holding. She is red . Ananga Kusuma shakti 2. Pleasure. The Yogini is Guptatara Yogini. She is swaying in a love intoxicated state. They represent Speech. It is called Sarva Soubhagya Dayaka Chakra. Ananga Madana 4. They are holding noose. Ananga Madanatura 5. Abandoning. with her eyes full of bliss. Ananga Mekhala 3. Ananga Rekha 6. goad.The 3rd Avarana: is the 8 petal circle known as Sarva Sankshobhana Chakra. She smiles with passion and shows the mudras dispelling fears and granting boons. The presiding form of Lalita in this Avarana is Tripura Sundari. Ananga Malini The 4th Avarana: This Avarana of 14 triangles represents the 14 worlds and the 14 main Nadis in the human body. The eight Devis in each of the eight petals have the colour of Bandhuka flowers. The presiding form of the devi is Tripura Vasini. Walking. Anangankusha 8. blue lotus and are dispelling fear. Ananga Vegini 7. Excreting. Concentration and The 8 Devis in sequence are: 1.

young.Sarvasammohini 6. Fourteen Devis of the triangles are described as being proud. She is of vermilion brightness.Sarvasampattipurani 13. The presiding aspect of Lalita is Tripurasri. wanton. wine cup full of nectar. a skull and dispels fear. mirror. ornamented with gems.Sarvavashankari 9. They have the luster of Japakusuma flowers and are adorned with shining gems and jewels.Sarvaranjani 10.Sarvadwandwakshayankari The 5th Avarana: This Avarana of 10 triangles is called Sarvarth Sadhaka Chakra.Sarvasmkshobhini 2.Sarvasthambhini 7. It is own as Bahirdasaram.Sarvakarshini 4. holding noose.Sarvajrumbhini 8.Sarvarthasadhika 12.Sarvonmadini 11.Sarvaahladini 5.Sarvamantramayi 14. goad.and very beautiful. She holds noose goad.Sarvavidravini 3. . They are called Sampradaya Yoginis such as : 1. The Yoginis are called Kulotteerna Yoginis and also Kula Yoginis. colour of cochineal.

and giving boons.Sarvasoubhagyadayini The 6th Avarana: This inner 10 triangle chakra (shown in red in the picture) is called Sarva Rakshakara Chakra and also as Antardasardam. She holds noose and goad. chisel. The 10 Devis are: 1. The presiding aspect of Lalita is Tripura Malini.Sarvakamaprada 6. and giving boons.Sarvapriyankari 4.Sarvadukhavimochini 7.Sarvavighnanivarini 9. dispels fear. They are called : 1.Sarva Siddhiprada 2. They are the colour of 1000 rising suns.They are holding noose and goads and showing the gestures of knowledge.Sarvamrityuprasamani 8. holding noose.Sarvashakti . and holds a skull. adorned with pearls and gems. The Yoginis are called Nigarbha Yoginis.Sarvagya 2.Sarvasampatprada 3.Sarvamangalakarini 5.Sarvangasundari 10. She is of vermilion brightness. and showing the gestures of knowledge. They are the saktis of the 10 Vital Fires.

The Yogini is called Ati Rahasya Yogini.Sarvepsitaphalaprada The 7th Avarana: This inner 8 triangle chakra (shown in Green in the picture) is called Sarva Rogahara Chakra.Kamala 5.Jayini 7. Rajas.3.Sarveswari 8. wearing red clothes.Sarvagyanamayi 5.Sarvaswaryapradayini 4. She is described as the Destroyer of Poison. Tamas. each carrying five arrows and a bow. These Devis are the rulers of Cold. and the three gunas Sattvas. Sorrow. Happiness.Vasini Vagdevi 2. smeared with red scent. The presiding Devi is Tripura Siddhamba.Kameswari 3. The 8 Devis are: 1.Sarvapapahara 8.Sarvarakshaswarupini 10. Desire.Aruna 6.Sarvanandamayi 9. Heat. The Yoginis are the colour of pomegranate flowers.Sarvadharaswarupa 7.Modini 4.Koushini .Sarvavyadhinivarini 6.

holding book. holds noose. adorned with white gems. dispelling fear. with a beautiful figure. Her eyelids are smeared with sapphire dust. . flowery arrows. holding a rosary and granting boons. a face like the moon. and shows the gestures of knowledge and bestowing boons. young. and various other gems. adorned with priceless gems. like the dawn sun. like a 1000 suns. Kameshvari is the Rudra Shakti – Parvati. The Yogini here is AtiRahasya Yogini. she holds sugarcane how. She is white in colour.Bhagamalini. Bhagamalini is the Brahma Shakti – Saraswati. adorned with pearls and crystal.Vajreshi 3. holding book. bestows boons.Kameshvari 2. dispels fear. She is effulgent as molten gold. goad. rosary. She has coppery effulgent. She is also known as Sampatprada Bhairavi. adorned with flowers and gems. The 3 Devis here are: 1. with three eyes. proud. Vajreshi is the Vishnu Shakti – Lakshmi. rising swelling breasts. besmeared with camphor. intoxicated.The 8th Avarana: This inner 8 triangle chakra (shown in green in the picture) is called Sarva Siddhiprada Chakra. bestowing boons and dispelling fear. wanton. She is bright as red kumkuma. The presiding Devi is Tripuramba.

Merus can be kept in house. Meru is an ideal positive energy generating mechanism for bringing prosperity and peace of mind irrespective of religion. If meru is kept in North Direction the flow of wealth will not halt. energy flow and blending of various energies will become easy and all the wishes will be fulfilled. wealth. North is the direction of health. And if it is installed in the western direction the standard of living will improve. that problems will be also solved by installing a Meru there. Peace of mind and prosperity will be the results. language. or creed. luck and employment. Whatever the direction Meru is kept. Meru installed in South will remove problems due to Drishtidosha and other doshas. office. nation. this rule will be followed. vehicle or in work place.The 9th Avarana: This Avarana is the Bindu – the Cosmic Union of Shiva & Shakti as Kameswari & Kameswara. It is called Sarvanandamaya Chakra. If the Northern direction has no windows or entrances. cast. If meru is installing in the eastern direction. How to worship the Meru . Only thing to remember is that the top triangle of the meru should face the worshipper.

fame. dhoopa and ringing bells. . the worshipper should avoid all the bad thoughts from the mind and never think about any selfish gains or vested interests. Poojas can be done also with flowers. wealth. . looking silently to the meru. Wherever Meru is worshipped. lamps. The topmost triangle of Meru should face towards the worshipper. Sandal. “Om Shreemathre namaha” is the mantra to be chanted while worshipping Meru. After worship take some moments to hear the sounds in the nature. Meditating the structure of meru etc can be done. The worshipper can concentrate his eyes on Merus top and chant the mantra. knowledge. Meru is such a great Yanthra that it can be worshipped even without any formal methods or with all the ceremonies for formal poojas.While worshipping Meru. and vibhoothi can be applied on Meru. and harmony will be the result and prosperity is achieved. Some simple methods to worship Meru is given below: After taking bath the worshipper should sit facing east or north. fruits. The abhishek can be done with water or milk. saffron.

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