Assurance of Salvation John 5:24


“Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life. John 6:35 3!

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. "hoever comes to me will never go hungr#$ and whoever believes in me will never be thirst#. 3 !ut as I told you, you have seen me and still you do not believe. 3" #ll those the $ather %ives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. John %&:2! 2'

&y shee' listen to my voice( I )now them, and they follow me. 2* ( give them eternal life$ and the# shall never )erish* no one will snatch them out of m# hand. 2+ &y $ather, who has %iven them to me, is %reater than all( no one can snatch them out of my $ather,s hand. +omans 5:' -ince we have now been .ustified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from ,od-s wrath through him. +omans /:%
% +

0herefore$ there is now no condemnation for those who are in 1hrist Jesus$ 2 because throu%h /hrist Jesus the law of the -'irit who %ives life has set you free from the law of sin and death. +omans /:35

"ho shall se)arate us from the love of 1hrist2 Shall trouble or hardshi) or )ersecution or famine or na3edness or danger or sword2 +omans /:3/ 3' 3* $or I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither an%els nor demons, neither the 'resent nor the future, nor any 'owers, 3+ neither height nor de)th$ nor an#thing else in all creation$ will be able to se)arate us from the love of ,od that is in 1hrist Jesus our 4ord.

John %!:2$%2 5hile I was with them. 6hilli)ians %:6 being confident of this$ that he who began a good wor3 in #ou will carr# it on to com)letion until the da# of 1hrist Jesus. I 'rotected them and )e't them safe by that name you %ave me. because I )now whom I have believed. with whom you were sealed for the day of redem'tion. "hen #ou believed$ #ou were mar3ed in him with a seal$ the )romised 7ol# S)irit$ %4 who is a de)osit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redem)tion of those who are . the %os'el of your salvation. and am convinced that he is able to %uard what I have entrusted to him until that day. 2 0imoth# %:%2 32 That is why I am sufferin% as I am. * 7e will . 32 % 1orinthians %:6 / 2od thus confirmin% our testimony about /hrist amon% you. 2 0imoth# 2:%3 33 if we are faithless. for he cannot disown himself. he remains faithful.5)hesians 4:3& 30 #nd do not %rieve the 1oly -'irit of 2od. 6one has been lost e7ce't the one doomed to destruction so that -cri'ture would be fulfilled.od-s )ossession8to the )raise of his glor#. " Therefore you do not lac) any s'iritual %ift as you ea%erly wait for our 8ord Jesus /hrist to be revealed. 4et this is no cause for shame. 5)hesians %:%3 %4 33 #nd you also were included in /hrist when you heard the messa%e of truth.

2& The 8=>? will never be willin% to for%ive them( his wrath and @eal will burn a%ainst them.euteronom# 2':%/ 2& ?%/ &a)e sure there is no man or woman. clan or tribe amon% you today whose heart turns away from the 8=>? our 2od to %o and worshi' the %ods of those nations( ma)e sure there is no root amon% you that 'roduces such bitter 'oison. my son -olomon. 0his inheritance is 3e)t in heaven for #ou$ 5 who through faith are shielded b# . he will be found by you( but if #ou forsa3e him$ he will reject #ou forever.od-s )ower until the coming of the salvation that is read# to be revealed in the last time. . % 0hessalonians 5:23 24$ 2 &ay 2od himself. for the 8=>? searches every heart and understands every desire and every thou%ht.also 3ee) #ou firm to the end$ so that #ou will be blameless on the da# of our 4ord Jesus 1hrist. #ll the curses written in this boo) will fall on them.A % 1hronicles 2/:' ' “#nd you. If you see) him. and the 8=>? will blot out their names from under heaven. I am settin% before you today a blessin% and a curse< 2! the blessin% if you obey the commands of the 8=>? your 2od that I am %ivin% you today( 2* the curse if #ou disobe# the commands of the 4>+. sanctify you throu%h and throu%h. %' "hen such a )erson hears the words of this oath and the# invo3e a blessing on themselves$ thin3ing$ @( will be safe$ even though ( )ersist in going m# own wa#$A the# will bring disaster on the watered land as well as the dr#. :alling Awa# 6assages.? 5Be3iel %/:2& 24 . 24 0he one who calls #ou is faithful$ and he will do it % 6eter %:3 5 3 23 9raise be to the 2od and $ather of our 8ord Jesus /hrist: In his %reat mercy he has %iven us new birth into a livin% ho'e throu%h the resurrection of Jesus /hrist from the dead. ac)nowled%e the 2od of your father. and serve him with wholehearted devotion and with a willin% mind. 4 and into an inheritance that can never 'erish. the 2od of 'eace. #our . s'oil or fade. 9a# #our whole s)irit$ soul and bod# be 3e)t blameless at the coming of our 4ord Jesus 1hrist.od and turn from the wa# that ( command #ou toda# b# following other gods$ which #ou have not 3nown.euteronom# %% <whole cha)ter= but es)eciall# %%:26 2/ 26 -ee. .

%3 :or if #ou live according to the flesh$ #ou will die( but if by the -'irit you 'ut to death the misdeeds of the body. %3 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. Iconium and #ntioch.? 4u3e /:%% %3 %% 24 “This is the meanin% of the 'arable.C they said. am I not 'leased when they turn from their ways and liveB “!ut if a ri%hteous 'erson turns from their ri%hteousness and commits sin and does the same detestable thin%s the wic)ed 'erson does. brothers and sisters. we have an obli%ation<but it is not to the flesh. nor will the 'arent share the %uilt of the child. so that they may not believe and be saved. 23 ?o I ta)e any 'leasure in the death of the wic)edB declares the -overei%n 8=>?. and the wic)edness of the wic)ed will be char%ed a%ainst them. you will bear much fruit( a'art from me you can do nothin%. you will live. The child will not share the %uilt of the 'arent. %3 0hose on the roc3# ground are the ones who receive the word with jo# when the# hear it$ but the# have no root.? John %5:5 6 5 “I am the vine( you are the branches.2& The one who sins is the one who will die. The ri%hteousness of the ri%hteous will be credited to them. 22 stren%thenin% the disci'les and encouraging them to remain true to the faith. +omans /:%2 %3 ?%2 2% Therefore. Decause of the unfaithfulness the# are guilt# of and because of the sins the# have committed$ the# will die. 6 (f #ou do not remain in me$ #ou are li3e a branch that is thrown awa# and withers* such branches are )ic3ed u)$ thrown into the fire and burned. they will live. If you remain in me and I in you. 22 6one of the offenses they have committed will be remembered a%ainst them. 0he# believe for a while$ but in the time of testing the# fall awa#.ust and ri%ht. will they liveB Cone of the righteous things that )erson has done will be remembered.? 9att 24:%2 %3 %2 !ecause of the increase of wic)edness.? Acts %4 2% 22 They 'reached the %os'el in that city and won a lar%e number of disci'les. >ather. to live accordin% to it. 2% “!ut if a wic)ed 'erson turns away from all the sins they have committed and )ee's all my decrees and does what is . The seed is the word of 2od. that 'erson will surely live( they will not die. the love of most will %row cold.od. %2 Those alon% the 'ath are the ones who hear. @"e must go through man# hardshi)s to enter the 3ingdom of . !ecause of the ri%hteous thin%s they have done. and then the devil comes and ta)es away the word from their hearts. Then they returned to 8ystra.A .

alatians 5:4 ?4 4ou who are tryin% to be .o not be deceived: Ceither the seEuall# immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have seE with men %& nor thieves nor the greed# nor drun3ards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the 3ingdom of . as some of them did<and were )illed by sna)es. you were .? 5)hesians 5:3 ! . %% 0hese things ha))ened to them as eEam)les and were written down as warnings for us$ on whom the culmination of the ages has come. + 5e should not test /hrist. but only one %ets the 'ri@eB >un in such a way as to %et the 'ri@e. .ustified by the law have been alienated from /hrist( #ou have fallen awa# from grace. and you do this to your brothers and sisters.? .? % 1orinthians 6:! %% ! The very fact that you have lawsuits amon% you means you have been com'letely defeated already. “The 'eo'le sat down to eat and drin) and %ot u' to indul%e in revelry. “!ranches were bro)en off so that I could be %rafted in. 25 Dveryone who com'etes in the %ames %oes into strict trainin%. as some of them did<and in one day twentyEthree thousand of them died. but we do it to %et a crown that will last forever.o not be arrogant$ but tremble.C 20 2ranted. %% #nd that is what some of you were. you were sanctified. 26 Therefore I do not run li)e someone runnin% aimlessly( I do not fi%ht li)e a bo7er beatin% the air. as some of them were( as it is written.od.ustified in the name of the 8ord Jesus /hrist and by the -'irit of our 2od. %2 So$ if #ou thin3 #ou are standing firm$ be careful that #ou don-t fall. ' =r do you not )now that wron%doers will not inherit the )in%dom of 2odB .od did not s)are the natural branches$ he will not s)are #ou either. They do it to %et a crown that will not last. % 1orinthians ':24 2! 24 ?o you not )now that in a race all the runners run. !ut you were washed. 2! Co$ ( stri3e a blow to m# bod# and ma3e it m# slave so that after ( have )reached to others$ ( m#self will not be disFualified for the )riBe? % 1orinthians %&:! /$ %% %2 A" ?o not be idolaters. 5hy not rather be wron%edB 5hy not rather be cheatedB / Instead. and you stand by faith. 2% :or if . 30 #nd do not %rumble. you yourselves cheat and do wron%.+omans %%:%' 2% A3+ 4ou will say then.C* 5e should not commit se7ual immorality. !ut they were bro)en off because of unbelief. as some of them did<and were )illed by the destroyin% an%el.

5 $or of this you can be sure. %' holdin% on to faith and a %ood conscience. who have tasted the heavenly %ift.A 7ebrews 3:%2 %4 See to it$ brothers and sisters$ that none of #ou has a sinful$ unbelieving heart that turns awa# from the living . which are out of 'lace. but rather than)s%ivin%. as lon% as it is called “Today.od. foolish tal) or coarse .6 4et no one deceive #ou with em)t# words$ for because of such things . or of %reed. because these are im'ro'er for 2od.s 'hysical body throu%h death to 'resent you holy in his si%ht. which some have rejected and so have suffered shi)wrec3 with regard to the faithA % 0imoth# 4:% ?% The -'irit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceivin% s'irits and thin%s tau%ht by demons. %3 !ut encoura%e one another daily.C so that none of you may be hardened by sin. have become a servant. I am %ivin% you this command in )ee'in% with the 'ro'hecies once made about you. who have shared in the 1oly -'irit. 9aul. my son. ! 0herefore do not be )artners with them. and of which I. 4 6or should there be obscenity. % 0imoth# %:%/ %' ?%/ Timothy.?3 !ut amon% you there must not be even a hint of se7ual immorality.s deceitfulness.? 1olossians %:2% 23 2% =nce you were alienated from 2od and were enemies in your minds because ofGaH your evil behavior. so that by recallin% them you may fi%ht the battle well. This is the %os'el that you heard and that has been 'roclaimed to every creature under heaven. 22 !ut now he has reconciled you by /hrist. or of any )ind of im'urity. without blemish and free from accusation< 23 if #ou continue in #our faith$ established and firm$ and do not move from the ho)e held out in the gos)el. 5 who have tasted the %oodness of the word of 2od and the 'owers of the comin% a%e 6 and who have fallen awa#$ to be .s holy 'eo'le. im'ure or %reedy 'erson<such a 'erson is an idolater<has any inheritance in the )in%dom of /hrist and of 2od. 6o immoral.o)in%. %4 "e have come to share in 1hrist$ if indeed we hold our original conviction firml# to the ver# end? 7ebrews 6:4 6 4 %2 (t is im)ossible for those who have once been enli%htened.od-s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.

5hoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins. if one of #ou should wander from the truth and someone should bring that )erson bac3.A James 5:%' 2& %' &y brothers and sisters.od underfoot$ who has treated as an unhol# thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them$ and who has insulted the S)irit of grace2 7ebrews %&:36 3' 36 Iou need to )ersevere so that when #ou have done the will of . “# do% . 2& remember this. #nd I ta)e no 'leasure in the one who shrin)s bac). 7ebrews %&:26 2' 26 If we deliberately )ee' on sinnin% after we have received the )nowled%e of the truth. he who is comin% will come and will not delay.brought bac3 to re)entance. “In . 22 =f them the 'roverbs are true.C James %:%2 %2 Dlessed is the one who )erseveres under trial because$ having stood the test.ected the law of &oses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. “!ut my ri%hteous one will live by faith. 2% (t would have been better for them not to have 3nown the wa# of righteousness$ than to have 3nown it and then to turn their bac3s on the sacred command that was )assed on to them. that 'erson will receive the crown of life that the 8ord has 'romised to those who love him.od$ #ou will receive what he has )romised.C 3* #nd. 2/ #nyone who re.ust a little while. 3! $or. 2' 7ow much more severel# do #ou thin3 someone deserves to be )unished who has tram)led the Son of . To their loss they are crucifyin% the -on of 2od all over a%ain and sub. 2 6eter 2:2& 22 2& If they have esca'ed the corru'tion of the world by )nowin% our 8ord and -avior Jesus /hrist and are a%ain entan%led in it and are overcome.ud%ment and of ra%in% fire that will consume the enemies of 2od. they are worse off at the end than they were at the be%innin%. no sacrifice for sins is left. 2! but only a fearful e7'ectation of .ectin% him to 'ublic dis%race.

2% 3ee) #ourselves in . 33 5hoever has ears.C 2 6eter 3:%6 %! %! Therefore. and you will suffer 'ersecution for ten days. that you are neither cold nor hot. Jude 2& 2% ?2& !ut you. De faithful$ even to the )oint of death$ and ( will give #ou life as #our victor-s crown.C and. 35 I )now your deeds.od-s love as #ou wait for the merc# of our 4ord Jesus 1hrist to bring #ou to eternal life. the ruler of 2od. let them hear what the -'irit says to the churches.returns to its vomit. These are the words of the #men.A +evelation 3:%4 %6 “To the an%el of the church in 8aodicea write. be on your %uard so that you ma# not be carried awa# b# the error of the lawless and fall from #our secure )osition. I wish you were either one or the other: %6 So$ because #ou are lu3ewarm8neither hot nor cold8( am about to s)it #ou out of m# mouth.? +evelation 2:%& %% A30 ?o not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you. “# sow that is washed returns to her wallowin% in the mud. by buildin% yourselves u' in your most holy faith and 'rayin% in the 1oly -'irit. %4 . the faithful and true witness. since you have been forewarned. dear friends.s creation. the devil will 'ut some of you in 'rison to test you. The one who is victorious will not be hurt at all by the second death. dear friends.

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