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A situational Analysis Strategies of Intervention.Institutions and Processes Conclusion Page No Annexure-1 Interview Schedule Annexure-2 Gram Panchayat Profile Annexure-3 Field Diary Annexure-4 Report of the Residential Leadership Camp Annexure-5 Paper Cuttings and Photos Chapter – 2 Study Settings .CONTENTS Sl 1 2 3 4 5 6 Chapter No Chapter-1 Chapter-2 Chapter-3 Chapter-4 Chapter-5 Chapter-6 Chapter Objective of the Study Study Settings Socio economic Status of the Youth Reaching out to Out of School Youth.

24 71.P Villages Total families Total Forest Land Agriculture Land population Male Status 293946.Kendujhar District Profile Sl 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Details Total area Sub division tehsils blocks Revenue inspectors Gram Panchayat Villages wards Total Families Total towns Total Forest Land Agriculture Land population Village population Town population Male Female Schedule Tribe Schedule caste Others Literacy Rate(Total) In percentage Male female BPL families Status 2051716 acre 3 9 13 50 286 2122 3680 326784 9 333617 acre 528728 1561990 1348967(86.78 29498.46 85845 42616 .36%) 213023(13.35 acre 1st April 1960 21 163 14620 91129.64%) 790036 771954 695141 181488 685361 59.99 46.22 220820 Bansapal block Details Sl 1 2 3 4 5 11 12 13 16 Particulars Total Area established G.

creative. Young generation is the key agents for social change. crime.16 16893 Chapter – 5 Strategies of intervention. Contradictions between their aspirations and traditional attitudes of the society and certainly lack of motivation and support. Youth being the most dynamic. Youth are facing several constrains such as educational and training facilities. guidance regarding Career options. employment/self-employment. Psychological and Educational.Institutions and Processes Youth are the considerable dividend which is the only force brings changes in every community. economic development and technological innovation. To make youth a productive human resource we need to provide them Social. In this decade when we look forward for development issues like education.17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Female Schedule Tribe Schedule caste Others Literacy Rate(Total) In percentage Male female BPL families 43229 67215 3815 14813 27.67 40. However in the last decade. health and leisure time activities have become vital for greater attention to arrest the growth of delinquency. vocational training. Economical. terrorism and other negative tendencies among the youth. vibrant. Employment support at right time with easy to access backward or Naxal affected area of the country. energetic. readiness to take up challenges and talented section of the country.42 15. it is necessary to channelize this inherent energy towards the nation building process. .

The specific objectives as under:     To established a District Level Youth Resource Centre with Technology Advanced facilities. Employment & Entrepreneurship activities. To provide a support system for Counseling & Guidance centre. Knowledge centre. To Channel Young People to: Education. There is a need to provide the basic services to the young generation. Due to lack of information and awareness youth are unable to utilize their potential in positive way and take the right decision on right time. To ensure the right over the Natural Resource and to Strengthen Local Government Institutions. which is essential for the Educational. Social. The YRC in this district will provide the basic facility for the Youth and also act as catalyst for the empowering the young generation. Placement Cell. To build an educational and Communication component as provided by the Resource Library in which relevant simple. block and district level and to provide a single platform for overall development of the Youth. gram panchayat. Objectives The broad objective of the Youth Resource Centre is to meet the various requirements in every segment of the youth at village. Psychological and Personal development of the youth. Facilitation centre. To promote a livelihood skills acquisition package and life skills training.Youth forms an integral part of the society. short and straight forward information is made available.  . To build a District Level On-line Counter and Help Line Desk for the Youth (24X7). and Easily accessible and economic service and information providing centre for Youth. Reliable Help Centre for Youth. Goals of YRC      Single Platform for all services and information. Library and Alumni Cell.

 Diversifying the reach and deepening the intensity of the program through creative and dynamic initiatives to include students from government and private colleges. society and social change on the themes planned by the Youth Resource Centre at Block Level.        To provide authentic. To provide training on: Disaster Management. Personality Development etc. Dalits. and To be a Resource Centre for the Youth in Every aspects. film screenings. Entrepreneurship. Muslims and Girls. Career Counseling Workshops. Nonstudents. To make a network with different Institutions/ Organisations working in the field of Youth and its related areas.  Designing. Skill Development and other related sectors. To make an opportunity to trained themselves for survival skills. To emerge as an Advocacy Centre for the Youth. accurate and reliable information to youth in the field of Career. Social Harmony and National Unity. life skills Training. Entrepreneurship and other welfare schemes. Education. Roles and Responsibilities of Youth Clubs at Gram Panchayat Level  Designing. Employment. Planning and Executing events for bringing out of school youth into the YRC space through short interactions ranging from Group Discussions. To provide basic ICT services for the Youth Development. short outings and one day workshops to enhance understanding of self. Counselling & Guidance support. with a focus on themes suggested by the Programme Management Team. . planning and executing outreach activities: festivals/conventions and college/community based discussions to reach youth including Students. To make youth aware about different schemes of government for the Youth related to Education.

  Jointly developing content and knowledge for youth empowerment in association with the Resource and Consulting Unit (RCU). socially disadvantaged Youth. documentaries.  Maintaining data bases of youth reached.  Identifying the potential youth leaders and facilitating their participation in leadership training while continuously building and nurturing their leadership potential. tracking the growth and progress of youth in the phases of outreach. Major Activities of Youth Resource Centre    Theatre group for adolescents from slum neighbourhoods and resettlement colonies. A space for screening movies. videos created by their own group on their own issues by trained video volunteers. ST and Minority youth.  Networking with colleges. A drop-in space for mentoring & informal discussions (about adolescence.  Working with the Program Management Team & District Level Youth Resource Centre (YRC) to coordinate and assess impacts of all stages of the youth empowerment process from outreach to leadership building. .SC.  Reporting to YRC Convenor on a regular basis. their life and culture). Suggesting appropriate intensive learning options and selecting youth for learning processes or alternate livelihood trainings based on their aspirations and interests through individual dialogue. youth in YRC programmes. and other relevant cross sections. youth focused NGOs and local social movements to enhance their collaborations with District Level Youth Resource Centre (YRC) in sensitization and leadership/livelihoods promotion. Migrant youth from other parts of the state/ country. livelihood training and leadership building. intensive sensitization.

and Table Tennis. to shooting to editing Fee Support (for needy students/ socially relevant courses). Career planning and training workshops. Computer literacy training. Periodic workshops on socially and vocationally relevant issues. Opportunities for volunteering and participating in solidarity actions. A recreational component which comprises games like chess. monopoly. Opportunities to join Alternative Livelihood Courses. . Exposures and Workshops that help explore self. Ludo. Opportunities to watch and make films – from research. Discussion group for adolescent boys and girls to encourage interaction and share information. Counselling for children-both behavioural and vocational training guidance. scrabble. Opportunities to take part in sports/cultural festivals. society and social change.            Life Skills Training/counseling and basic training on sexual health care and support available while they are migrating to new places. Opportunity to participate in.

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