Yuri Karpukhin PhD, Professor, Department of economical-managerial disciplines, RSUH branch in Domodedovo НАЗВАНИЕ СТАТЬИ In this article

author takes an attempt to define the concept of law enforcement bodies, religious security and their legal expression at federal and regional levels. On the other hand, this article reveals place and role of army and law enforcement bodies in the Russian national security system of state bodies. Natalia Kosyakova Dr. jur., Professor, Dean of the RSUH Law Faculty MOTHER AND DAUGHTER COMPANIES This article examines the daughter companies, which are founded by the so-called “mother companies” in order to raise the sustainability of business and to manage property risks. The Russian legislation basically provides the possibility to lift the veil from the mother companies, i.e. to make them to be a debtor for daughter companies’ creditors. However, the analyses of judiciary and arbitral practice illustrates that creditors’ claims are left with no satisfaction owing to imperfection of private law norms which regulate these legal relations. Oleg Tiunov Dr. iur., Professor, Head of the Department of Humanitarian Law, RSUH INTERNATIONAL SECURITY – CIRCUMSTANCE OF LAW ORDER IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS IN THE 21st CENTURY Norms which the international security law consists of have the complex character. They cover common law norms and imperative complexes, e.G. basic principles of international law. At the same time, the law of international security deals with the questions of special nature, such as the measures on prevention of nuclear war, disarmament, self-defense and struggle against terrorism. Leaning on the international law in the branch of security, the states also use internal means which widens the possibilities of national security maintenance. The states’ cooperation in the sphere of the international security is one of the main elements of the international law order. Natalia Popova Dr. iur, Professor, Public Law Department, RSUH TO THE CLASSIFICATION OF ADMINISTRATIVE-LEGAL REGIMES The author of this article examines the features of legal regulation and criteria of classification of administrative-legal regimes. Gulnara Ruchkina Dr. iur, Professor, Private Law Department, RSUH

LEGAL REGULATION OF FINANCIAL AND ORGANISATIONAL SUPPROT OF SMALL AND MIDDLE ENTERPRISES This article examines the basic forms of financial support of small and middle enterprises. The author puts her attention on the reasons interfering the effective crediting of enterprises. The article shows the necessity of state regulating in the procedures of interacting between financial bodies and businessmen. The author reveals basic directions of budget financing of small and middle enterprises. Имя Zankovski Dr. iur, Head of the Business Law Centre of the State and Law Institute НАЗВАНИЕ СТАТЬИ This article examines the basic directions of development of the legal mechanism of the state influence on the entrepreneurial activity. The author formulates a number of offers to improve the business legislation by the objective combination of public and private legal norms. Vyatcheslav Belonovski PhD, Docent of Public Law Department, RSUH TO THE RATIO OF LEGAL CATEGORIES IN ELECTORAL LAW This article examines basic categories of electoral law: voting law – electoral law; voting law – voting system; subject of voting law – subject of electoral law. The author introduces positions of researchers on these problems, characterizes the basic parameters of the named categories. The declared problem has not only the theoretical, but also practical meaning while the legislation, the law enforcement and detailed characteristics of voting model in the Russian Federation depend from the understanding of basic categories. Valentina Mishota PhD, Docent of Criminal Law and Procedure Department, RSUH FAMILY TROUBLES AS A CRIMINOLOGICAL PROBLEM This article reveals the legal aspects of family troubles which are straightly dealt with the growing penetration of violence in the family. The author shows the motivation of inner family violence, offers common social and special criminological measures to prevent this negative social disease. Irina Krapchatova PhD, Docent of Criminal Law and Procedure Department, RSUH НАЗВАНИЕ СТАТЬИ Criminal law’ measures on prevention of the justice are to be used in all of the states. The responsibility for the crimes against the justice appeared already in the legal acts of tsarist Russia. Criminal legislation of Soviet period is marked with the step-by-step growth of the amenability for such offences. The including on the special Chapter 31 “Crimes against the justice” in the Criminal Code of Russia testifies the intention of the legislator to use the wide spreading of measures of responsibility for the crimes against the justice not only to defend the judicial system but also to provide the effectiveness of acting of legal bodies and authorities in the dispensation of justice, which doubtless affects the commonly existing of the state.

Konstantin Fetisov Aspirant of the RSUH Legal Faculty DIGITAL SIGNATURE AND THE LEGISLATION This article reports about the digital documentation and its appropriate holding in order to provide the users with the possibility of contract-making and information exchange as well by the means of Internet as on the material sources. The main part of the article consists of the concentrated comparative analysis of Russian, European and American legislation in the sphere of appliance of hi-tech to identify the addressee and validate the digital documents. The author also gives examples of the legal practice of foreign countries.