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COMPANY NAME/ DIVISION: JOB DESCRIPTION Company Name/Division JOB TITLE Process Field Officer Incumbent:

Skillpool: REPORTS TO: Shift Superintendent DATE:

JOB PURPOSE: 1. Operation , condition monitoring , controls & logic troubleshooting and minor maintenance of all kinds of electrical equipments of main electrical substations. 2. Safe operation of GTGs, Electrical switchyard/switchgear operations through field activities. All operations done in field should be as intended. 3. He is responsible for field preparation for electrical equipment handover to maintenance, clearing permits in the field before start of maintenance activity. 4. Trouble shooting of Electrical control circuits in the field/substations by conscious field action. 5. Plays a critical role during emergency as he is the communication focal point during emergency. In emergency situation he looks after safe plant shutdown handling all communication at the same time (both internal & external) DIMENSIONS: A) Annual Budget : Not directly responsible but is responsible for controlling a major part of OPEX which is by fuel gas and gas flared. Staff (direct reports) : Organogram Attached B) Others ( eg net proceeds, Project cost, procurement spend, value of products, throughput etc) : Safe GTGs, switchgear and switchyard electrical operations. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: 1. Continually observes the functioning of Gas Turbine Generators and

electrical equipment in substations, principally as revealed by various meters and gauges. 2. Electrical Isolation and Re-energization of HV-LV feeders including Lock out Tag-out practices for same for all kinds of switchgear panels and control panels inside substations. 3. Qualified to Work on HT electrical system 4. Observes switchgear instruments for unusual operating conditions and performs the function necessary to restore the equipment to normal or remove it from service as required. 5. Switches and maintains substation/switchyard equipment for proper operation. 6. Prepares the equipment for operation and starts, stops and controls the units, adjusting the load and voltage and accessory regulating equipment as required. 7. Performs switching operations from SCADA console(remote) , Local operating controls from Control & Relay panels , from local switchgear and/Or OLTC control panels in accordance with standard operating procedures following electrical safety rules. 8. Maintains daily operating log on all operations, both routine and emergency, and reports on line outages and weather conditions. Records instruments readings as per decided frequency. 9. Acts independently during an emergency by performing duties in rapid succession involving switching, adjusting load and/or voltage, or extinguishing fires. 10. Gives final clearance to maintenance ensuring proper LOTO through established safe work permit system for equipments in the plant and substation. 11. Notes changes in load and makes routine adjustments to meet such changes without immediate supervision. Reports unusual situations to supervision. 12. May operate Gas Turbine Generators and auxiliaries. 13. Communicates with state electricity GRID authority to report amount of electricity received into substation, and to receive switching instructions.

ORGANISATION: Please attach Organization Chart which shows clearly showing the job in questions, your supervisor, its immediate supervisor, colleague /peers reporting to this supervisor and all direct reporting subordinates with their respective JG/SG. KEY CHALLENGES: Doing Permit to work monitoring in the field while execution. Challenges are more when contractors are involved. Should be thorough in all locations of field equipments and should have a good understanding of consequence of any operation he does in field. Emergency handling in the field by following instructions and doing correct communication in the field. JOB KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: Diploma in Electrical Engineering with minimum 04 yrs of experience. He should possess good understanding and experience of Electrical AIS/GIS operations; switch gear operations and gas turbine generators operation. He should have understanding of electrical safety rules, their effect of deviation on operations and safety. Should have awareness of design basis of the electrical equipments, their functioning and various protections. He should be conversant about the electrical operating procedure for safe operations. He shall have skills to read , fully understand Electrical Schematic wiring diagrams/ control schematics and troubleshoot same for all kinds of electrical equipments of major substations . He shall have basic understanding of Electrical standard interlocks , alarms , safe operating range of each of electrical equipment parameters , Electrical protection basics , synchronization ,Manual and Auto changeover schematic logics ,safe operating & switching practices on various kinds of Electrical equipments. Hands on experience on use of Multi-meters , withdrawable devices safe rack-in , rack out HV meggar, Earth testor , phase seq. meter , HV testing devices , Earthing devices , Manual operating keys for

switchgear mode-selector switches . Understanding of process plant operation would be an added advantage. Should have good communication skills and should have the ability to communicate clearly for daily plant operation as well as incase of emergency. Should be able to give inputs to improve good work instructions. And must have ability to understand criticality of his role defined in the work instruction.