~1. In the middle of the ocean is a yacht. Several corpses are floating in the water nearby. ~2.

Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice all live in the same house. Bob and Carol go out to a movie, and when they return, Alice is lying dead on the floor in a p uddle of water and glass. It is obvious that Ted killed her but Ted is not pros ecuted or severely punished. ~3. A woman comes home with a bag of groceries, gets the mail, and walks into t he house. On the way to the kitchen, she goes through the living room and looks at her husband, who had blown his brains out. She then continues to the kitche n, puts away the groceries, and makes dinner. ~4. A body is discovered in a park in Chicago in the middle of summer. It has a fractured skull and many other broken bones, but the cause of death was hypothe rmia. ~5. A man lives on the twelfth floor of an apartment building. Every morning h e wakes up, gets dressed, eats, goes to the elevator, takes it down to the lobby , and leaves the building for work. In the evening, he goes through the lobby t o the elevator, and, if there is someone else in the elevator (or if it was rain ing that day) he goes back to his floor directly. However, if there is nobody e lse in the elevator and it hasn't rained, he goes to the 10th floor and walks up two flights of stairs to his room. ~6. A woman has incontrovertible proof in court that her husband was murdered b y her sister. The judge declares, "This is the strangest case I've ever seen. Though it's a cut-and-dried case, this murderess cannot be punished." ~7. A man walks into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender pulls out a gun and points it at him. The man says, "Thank you," and walks out. ~8. A man is in a returning from Switzerland by train. If he had been in a non -smoking car he would have died. ~9. Music stops and a woman dies. ~10. A man goes into a restaurant, orders albatross, eats one bite, and kills h imself. ~11. A man is found hanging in a locked room with no furniture and a puddle of water under his feet. ~12. A man is dead in a puddle of blood and water on the floor of a locked room . ~13. A man is lying, dead, face down in the desert wearing a backpack. ~14. A man is lying face down, dead, in the desert, with a match near his outst retched hand. He is nude. ~15. A man is driving his car. He turns on the radio, listens for five minutes , turns around, goes home, and shoots his wife. ~16. A man driving his car turns on the radio. He then pulls over to the side of the road and shoots himself. ~17. A man is dead in a room with sawdust in one corner. ~18. A pile of sawdust, no net, a man dies. ~19. A rope breaks. A bell rings. A man dies. ~20. A man sitting on a park bench reads a newspaper article headlined "Death a t Sea" and says, "A murder has been committed!" ~21. A man is riding a subway. He meets a one-armed man, who pulls out a gun a nd shoots him. ~22. Two women are talking. One goes into the bathroom, comes out five minutes later, and kills the other. ~23. A man is sitting in bed. He makes a phone call, says nothing, then goes t o sleep. ~24. A man kills his wife, then goes inside his house and kills himself. ~25. Abel walks out of the ocean. Cain asks him who he is, and Abel answers. Cain kills Abel. ~26. Two men, one big and burly and the other short and thin, enter a bar. The y both order identical drinks. The big one gulps his down and leaves; the other sips his slowly, then dies. ~27. Joe leaves his house, wearing a mask and carrying an empty sack. An hour l ater he returns. The sack is now full. He goes into a room and turns out the l

~51. ~35. with the loot between them. however. dressed the same. in the hallway of the train. No mistake was made. He stays in his cabin all the time on both cruises. When he arrives. Hans is immediately arrested. The raft capsized . Adults are holding children. who holds them while a woman shoots them. ~37. so he died. There is blood on the ceiling of my bedroom. Greg was arrested. he hears the telephone ring. A man is lying dead in a pool of blood and glass. a chandelier attached to the ceiling.S. If the child is crying. If it's cloudy but not raining . and a large window th rough which rays are coming. ~43. jewels. A man is found dead in the arctic with a pack on his back. ~61. a man dies. A man shoots himself. ~59. ~32. and dies. Soon he's dead. ~40. in the same hour. A raft carrying passengers took a trip down the Amazon.000. Jacques Dubois finished fi rst in the walking race held in Paris. After several minutes he arrests one of the twins. Another woman answers the door. ~49. he takes a three day cruise which doesn't stop at any other ports. There are two people dead in a cabin in the woods. there is one corner which I go around at a certain speed whether it's rainy or sunny. he knows his wife i s dead. ~58. A man dies in his own home.ights. ~55. A car without a driver moves. As a man jumps out of a window. A man goes home.137 miles. waiting their turn. ~36. The children are handed (one at a time. A man gets onto an elevator. day. An avid birdwatcher sees an unexpected bird. She said "I love you. A man takes a two week cruise to Mexico from the U. shoots. A newspaper reported the following: "Yesterday. ~53. ~52. Shortly after he ge ts back. A man is lying dead in a room. ~57. Hans and Fritz are German spies during World War II. When the elevator stops. ~50. he makes $250. ~39. Tire tracks lead up to the car and away. When he enters the bar he finds a set of identical twins. usually) to a man. A woman goes into a convenience store to buy a can of Coke. ~46. and year. turns out the light." and died. He couldn't find a chair. As I drive to work on my motorcycle. and no survivors were found. reads the newspaper. ~62. There is a dead man lying in the desert next to a rock. There is a large pile of gold. A woman in Paris in 1895 is waiting for her husband to come home. T he woman outside kills the woman inside. A man is found dead in his parked car. h . Tim said "The terror of flight". I usually go faster. ~56. A man is found dead on the floor in the living room. ~60. and kills himself. ~47. ~48. A policeman follows a burglar into a bar. ~45. They try to enter Am erica. ~33. the house has burned to the ground and she's dead. A man marries twenty women in his village but isn't charged with polygamy. He wakes up the ne xt morning. A woman throws something out a window and dies. ~54. He sees a three-fingered hand th rough the compartment window. posing as returning tourists. ~34. ~29. ~38. He walked 62. She lost her job when she invited them to dinner. Greg said "Th e gloom of the grave". ~42. He tries to stop himself. He opens the compart ment door and shoots the person with the three-fingered hand. Tim and Greg were talking. She pays for it with a $20 bill and receives $20. the man tries to stop the crying before the child is shot. A woman walks up to a door and knocks. ~31. A man pushes a car up to a hotel and realizes he's bankrupt. ~44. and so on on the floor.05 in change. and goes to bed. but he goes free. ~30. ~28. As a result. Two children born in the same hospital. and kills himself. but can't. A man walks into a room. ~41. A man is sitting in a train compartment." The article was not in error.

He walked toward the train before stepping aside. ~92. The telephone rang in the middle of the night and the woman woke up. A man is found dead in an alley lying in a pool of red with two sticks cro ssed near his head. A couple will build a square house. A man lies dead next to a feather. and leaves. ~81. stands at a crossr oads in a totally black-painted town. 15 minutes later. There are a pipe. managed to visit over thirty foreign countries. A man in the audience shoots the mayor who i s behind the pope. ~85. ~82. ~78. yet does nothing to save he r. A man carrying an attaché case full of $20 bills falls on the way to the ban k and is never seen again. ~88. A woman opens an envelope and dyes. ~72. In his own home a man watches as a woman dies. ~64. a carrot and a pile of pebbles together in the middle of a field. ask a wise man for ad vise. "There's a fly in my tea!" "I w ill bring you a fresh cup of tea. A man is found dead outside a large marble building with three holes in hi m. He did this in one day. a nd each window will face north. A man puts a quarter down. The caller felt better. ~76. All of the streetlights in town are broke n. In each wall they'll have a window. A black-painted car without headlights drives straight to ward him. A man was going about his daily occupation when he noticed that his shirt was torn. "This is the same cup of tea!" How did he know? ~69. ~84. A train pulls into a station. ~72. A man called to a waiter in a restaurant. There is a dead man. ~63. An ordinary American citizen. after wandering aimlessly for days. ~86. but turns in time and doesn't hit him. ~70. but he can't go home. ~68. ~89. and left each one of his own accord. ~65. he was dead. A husband coming home hears his wife call "Bill. wearing a black mask. ~67. He was welcomed in each country . There is no moon. ~91. Two people are playing cards. ~66. During this time he never sees the light of day. An Arab sheik tells his two sons that are to race their camels to a distan t city to see who will inherit his fortune. A black man dressed all in black. The wind stopped blowing and the man died. ~80. Though he cannot see into it. and nobody gets wet. A man lies dead in a room with fifty-three bicycles in front of him. When she answered it the caller hung up. he knows what's ins ide. The brothers. and a pile of bricks.ave the same mother and father. Three heavy people try to crowd under one umbrella. with a clean police record but no passport." said the waiter. yet he does not fea r for his life. He walks . Joe wants to go home. ~87. don't kill me!". A man was walking along some railroad tracks when he noticed that a train was coming. ~74. The seals came up to do their show but immediately dove back into the wate r. ~71. After a few moments. A dish moves. One looks around and realizes he's going to die. ~79. ~90. The pope is giving a speech. the ma n called out. After hearing the advice they jump on the camels and race as fast as they can to their destination. ~83. ~77. King Henry VIII is lying at the bottom of the stairs with a gash across hi s face. ~93. A man is holding a box. The one whose camel arrives last wi ll win. A man travels to twenty countries and stays in each country for a month. a beetle on top of a book. a scientist makes a discovery. because the man in the mask is waiting for him. A man is alone on an island with no food and no water. but none of the waiting passengers move. ~75. but are not twins.

and a large open window. ~121. a doctor. A boy and his father are injured in a car accident. How can this be? ~124. hears the answer. Everyone was mu ch happier with Craig's death ~118. A very rich man hires a poor man to clean one wing of his extravagant domi cile. The queen attacks the king. yet he does not fe ar for his life. Two people in a room alone. The father dies at arrival. thereby saving his li fe.in and finds his wife dead. ~112. A woman goes to the doctor. goes to his car. Two priests are sitting in the castle 's chapel. Immediately. A horse jumps over a tower and lands on a man. but the boy lives and is taken to surgery . he picks one door and lives. where she kills the firs t person she meets. at Camelot. After the day when he actually was interrupted. ~116. Both are taken to a hospital. goes to work. The husband immediately knows the postman killed his wife. A woman shoots her husband. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. He didn't. ~97. ~94. ~115. The glass breaks. "That's funny. A man is running. Being an astut e observer. Inside are a postman. the archaeologists realize that the remains are those of Adam and Eve. The two priests rise. and kills himself ~117. A car without a driver moves. ~111. ~109. Later that evening she kills herself. Browning is glad the car ran out of gas. She grabbed his ring. Three men die. ~106. ~122. It's the same time here!" ~101. ~107. ~110. cleans the entire house. On the pavement are pieces of ice and broken glass. he probably would have died. and lived. Two dead people sit in their cars on a street. Man pleads with boss not to fly to Chicago. A murderer is condemned to death. she hangs him. It's the year 860 A. The boss goes and when he ret urns. who asked him a question. and dropped it. and a lawyer. he fires the man. who disappears. and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. ~103. Finally. the second is full of assassins with loaded gu ns. A man ran into a fire and lived. honks the horn. wanting to impress his new boss. and says.. while Craig died at sea. shake hands. A man rolls over a glass bottle. ~104. and leave the room. A young woman is whisked away to a far off land. ~100. A man stayed where there was no fire and died. A man is alone on an island with no food and no water. A grey-haired.D. A man walks into a room. One looks around and realizes he's going to d ie. ~108. If he had known the answer. a chandelier attached to the ceiling. ~123. A woman buys a new pair of shoes. shoots. but he gets no trophy. A man was brought before a tribal chief. Bruce wins the race. Two people are talking long distance on the phone. ~113. He sees lights flickering and begins to walk. and returns. A man leaves a motel room. Mr. A man is lying dead in a room. bespectacled surgeon looks at the boy and says. and then the man dies. the frozen remains of a man and woman are found. a man dies. one is in an East-Coas t state. he neve r wrote again ~120. ~95. ~98. Then she teams up with three others to kill again. Beulah died in the Appalachians. He travels the last 100 miles of the Sah ara 5000 road race with a flat tire. He has to choose between three rooms. the other is in a West-Coast state. ~105. ~96. "I cannot oper ate on this boy -. ~99. There is a large pile of gold and jewels o n the floor. and dies.he's my son. ~119. On an archaeological dig. pulled on it. So . ~114. Then she holds him under water for over 5 min utes. T he first is full of raging fires. A writer with an audience of millions insisted that he was never to be in terrupted while writing. The poor man." ~102. Three men are dead near a car. The first asks the other "What tim e is it?".

.on after. ~125. They make a phone call. Two men look at each other and start to argue. ~126. the man quits his job. He was killed because of poor eyesight. One man leaves for home and the other begins to dig.

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