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SUBMISSION DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY 29th May 2013 – 11.00 – 1.00pm


I want to work with illustration and print with a focus on design for children. I want to explore at what children respond to in relation to colours, sensations such as touch and sound within design. I want to work with surface pattern and illustration, looking at applying it to a range of possible outcomes and products such as upholstery, wallpaper, stationary, greetings cards, books etc. Throughout my work I want to explore and develop on my knowledge and understanding print processes, professional print processes and working with printers and more traditional print processes such as screen print, etching, mono printing, letterpress etc.

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All work must be clearly presented and labelled with the brief title, your name and any other appropriate information. Please include a printed version of each brief and separate the work appropriately. Your end of module evaluation should be posted to your Final Major Project blog. by the stated Deadline
Submitted Brief 1 Brief 2 Brief 3 Brief 4 Brief 5 Brief 6 Design Context Title Statement of intent Project File Evaluation

Penguin Design Award UK Greetings Ella’s Kitchen Just Draw Luke Children’s A-Z Book Secret 7” Design Context Building Blocks

Title and Brief Summary – include a short rationale for each brief identifying why you chose it, what was the focus of the brief and how long you spent on it. Design Context


The brief was based on the Penguin book award, to re-design the cover for the Puffin Book i The Wind in The Willows. I focused on the four main characters and created illustrations that I applied to the product range. I have expanded the brief further a range of products to go along side the book covers including toys, pillows, duvet cover, plates/bowls, bookmarks. This was one of my substantial brief which I spent a lot of time on during my FMP.

This brief was based on the YCN brief, which was to design a range of at least 4 greetings cards for Greetings UK. Considering the front design, the inside message, the envelopes and the cards as a range. I developed four characters, which were the basis of the greetings cards range, and from there I developed the pop up cards, gift-wrap and tags. This was a substantial brief which had an earlier deadline to be in keeping with the YCN deadlines.

To re-design the packaging for Ella’s Kitchen baby food products, also looking at retail and instore graphics. Their brand is childlike, open and honest and that needed to be represented In the design of the packaging. I focused on the illustrations and colours of the packaging design to appeal to parents but also be engaging to the young children. This is a substantial brief but boards for this brief couldn’t be printed, as I could not get into print before deadline.

Just Draw Luke was collaboration with Niall, initially going to get turned into a book but with time constraints and other more substantial briefs taking priority the idea of the book got put to one side. This brief was therefore is a lesser brief, the outcomes from the brief are the branding and identity for the Just Draw Luke project, as well as the illustrations from people we have collected together and displayed on a website that we designed.

This was a self initiated brief which was o design and produce a children’s A-Z interactive alphabet book, for children aged 0-2 years old. I used animals to illustrate the alphabet, I wanted to look at what children respond too in early stages of life, how do they learn and what do they interact with. Looking at senses, shapes, colours, textures and sounds through illustration, I added different print processes to the book which will engage young children through design. This was a substantial brief.


Secret 7’’ are inviting creatives from around the globe to take inspiration from Laura Marling's track, The Beast and design an original 7 inch vinyl sleeve. I have taken this brief further and created a range of 7” sleeves for Laura Marling and Animal Collective, looking at how illustration can be applied to album artwork. This was a lesser brief, I spent a lot of time it at the start of FMP and then left it and revisited it again nearer the end to combine it with another smaller brief I took up.
Additional Comments

I couldn’t get into print to get my Ella’s Kitchen boards printed but all the other 4 major briefs have been printed out.


Date 26/5/13