Ch.1: Explain why the understandings of historic and prehistoric cultures and human populations are important in archaeology.

Archaeology is the study of human cultures through the recovery and analysis of material remains and environmental data. Understanding the historic and prehistoric cultures and human populations are important in archaeology because it gives us a preview of where we came from, two, showing how we as humans culturally changed over the years &things humans have done over the years, and also how the human population has evolved throughout the years. For example, the culture and accustoms of Ancient Egypt burial customs, archaeologist discovered the Egyptians removed the brain from through the nose, performed magic spells during the burial rituals, and bury the deceased in tombs with items such as jewelry, furniture and statues. You can learn from the past and we didn‟t the understandings of historic and prehistoric cultures to guide us we could not have evolved over the years. Ch.2: Describe Darwin‟s Theory of Natural Selection in your own words. Charles Darwin‟s Theory of Natural Selection is easily described that all species have the ability to change and evolve. Some species will be able to survive in certain environments and reproduce while others will not, and “die out”. An example of this will be an experiment many of us have done in elementary school; the experiment where you attempt to grow a plant under ray lights inside and growing another plant naturally outside in the natural air and sun. Over time you will see that the plant growing under the ray lights inside grow faster and even healthier than the plant that‟s being grown naturally outside. The plants under the ray lights are capable of “changing its environment” and surviving and even reproducing. Ch.3 Should tarsiers be grouped with prosimians (lemur/loris) or anthropoids? I believe that tarsiers should be grouped with anthropoids, simply because molecular evidence shows that they are more related to monkeys, apes, and humans. Tarsiers may resemble prosimians, but they are closely related to monkeys and apes and have the same nose, lips, and part of the brain governing vision as monkeys. Ch.4 Which do you believe is more likely - multiregional hypothesis or recent African origins? I believe the multiregional hypothesis is more likely than the recent African origins. I think the multi-regional hypothesis is more likely because newer research has come to light by providing

A time I felt the effects of culture shock is when I visited a friend. like if the poor gets sick some of them cannot afford the medicine to treat their illness. The dominate groups lived longer.5 What are the benefits and drawbacks of humans becoming sedentary? A benefit of humans becoming sedentary is: the transition from food foraging to food production. An example of detrimental caused by . In today’s society its similar situations. Ch. Diseases is a drawback of social stratification because the lower class society members were forced to live in unsanitary areas like “the ghetto”. 8 Describe ethnocentrism and discuss ways it can be beneficial or detrimental. 6 What are the benefits and drawbacks of social stratification? I honestly do not believe social stratification benefited the world or society. simply because it was not something I was use to. Social stratification has more drawbacks than benefits. which causes air borne diseases. The effects of culture shock is the feeling of loneliness and anxiety from shifting from one culture to another. According to the textbook. I could barely understand her family when they spoke because of their thick accent. ate better and had an easier life than the low ranking members of society. simply because it is recent research Ch. because it favored dominate/high classed groups/individuals. villages were likely increased from humans becoming sedentary. family home.molecular evidence that shows that Africa was not the sole source of DNA in modern humans. or superior to others way of living or culture. Ch. I felt somewhat lonely the entire time I was a guest in their home. Some people who traveled from one campsite to another leave their waste behind. They were extremely religious and prayed multiple times a day. who is Cuban. That‟s really makes me believe that the multiregional hypothesis is more likely. A drawback of humans becoming sedentary is: health problems. while the higher class society members lived in a cleaner and healthier environment. The poor is more likely to be disease burden because of social stratification. Another drawback would be diseases. Ethnocentrism is when a certain group or culture of people believe their views are the correct way of life. which is something I was not use to. Ch 7 Describe the effects of culture shock and relate a time you have experienced any level of this phenomenon.

I think this is because of the whole “why . Ch.12 Describe. is like saying everyone who has the same beliefs are the Should Black English Vernacular (Ebonics) be considered a foreign language? Support your arguments. Three changes in the institution of dating and marriage in the United States from 1950 to today would be: courting a young woman. another change will be marriage. I believe the cultural evolution is going towards a negative direction because of the internet. saying that personality is affected by culture and genetics. an example of this is asking a girl’s father for permission to ask his daughter out on an “outing” or date. I believe cultural evolution in the Western society have been headed towards a negative light. Ch. how much would YOU say that personality is affected by culture/genetics? Use specific examples to support your choices. it is all based on the way a person is raised/ brought up. in detail. because whites thought they were superior to blacks. Another change would be shivery. now a days a lot of women like to be independent.10 After reading the chapter and watching the video.positive or negative? Be specific with examples.ethnocentrism would be racism between blacks and whites. I‟m a little at the cross road on this… For one. it all depends on how they were raised. now a days kids just go out on dates without their parents’ permission or even knowledge in some cases. or every sibling is the same because they are genetically related. I believe that Black English Vernacular should not be considered a foreign language. Lastly. I don’t think it should she a foreign language because to me it’s somewhat like and even similar to using slang. Its like two parents going up and raising their children as Christians. in the 50’s I’m pretty sure you would have seen it more than in today’s society. I feel as though people choice to speak “Ebonics”. They put blacks through slavery because they thought their culture and race was beneath them.11 In what direction is cultural evolution in Western society headed . but one parent is for spanking their children while the other is against it. an example of this will be holding doors open. The inter Ch. An example of this would be people choosing to say “da” when the correct and proper word is “the”. From the 1950’s to now marriage rates has deceased. Ch. at least three changes in the institution of dating and/or marriage in the United States from 1950 . to paying for dates. But I do believe that culture and genetics have some affect on a person‟s personality simply for the reason I have listed before.

or they survived the war.14 Even though there are larger acts of genocide in history. those with different political beliefs. died of a disease or hunger. I would say the Nazis. . why is the Nazis . or become an experiment. and also because they did not only kill Jews.Jews/Gypsies is one of the best known genocide in history because the Nazis housed the Jews in concentration camps instead of killing them „on the spot‟ like most who were trying to cause a race or group of people to become extinct. I’m not sure if promiscuous would be the word I’m looking to a cow when you can get the milk for free” philosophy. they also killed homosexuals. put to work. and those who had disabilities. but in today’s society not a lot of people wait until marriage to have sex as they did in the 50’s. Ch. Most of those who were sent to work or become a scientific experiment were killed later on.Jews/Gypsies example the best known? Although there were larger acts of genocide in history. In these concentration camps Jews were separated from their families to either be killed.

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