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Germanys Failures in World War Two In 1939, German forces controled by hitler began taking over European countries,

which had sparked the start of World War Two. Due to Hitlers suicidal death, it is complicated for us to know what Hitlers exact stragaties and plans were. However, we can tell from all the unfortunate events that occurred that some of Hitler's mistakes could have been avoided and he would have been successful in taking over Europe. Hitler needed to notice that there was always one reason why Germany had always lost the war and they also needed to understand and learn how to effectively plan a war. Some issues that kept Germany from victory included how the Germans broke their non-aggression pact with Russia and how geographically, Germany had no chance to overcome the strong forces coming from both sides of the country. Also, Germany was not able to select their alliances wisely during World War Two, which had an enormous impact on the overall outcome. It is now obvious as to why Hitler could not win this battle of World War Two. First off, Bernard Law Montgomery, A British General stated: "The Germans should have thought of some of these things before they began the war, particularly before attacking the Russians. As stated in the quote above, it was not a wise choice for Germany to make an attempt to invade Russia. Germany may have been extremely powerful and have advanced weapons and technology, Russia had an enormous army and even more land. Furthermore, throughout Russias history, no leader was able to invade them. It was not because of their strength in army, but rather because there was simply too much land. Hitlers plan to invade Russia got delayed, which made his attacking period run through the long and dreadful Russian winter. Neither Hitler nor the soldiers were remotely prepared to face these consequences; this inconvenient event led the German army into a great failure. Eric Sass stated that; December 1941, millions of German soldiers risked death by freezing. Also, this was an extremely un-wise choice for Hitler to make because in 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact which meant that Germany only had to worry about an attack coming in from the west side. This meant that he could of have pleaced more men towards the east to defend Germany. Germany sent over 4.5 million soldiers over to the Soviet Union where there were a total of 750,000 casualties by the end of the year, including 300,000 listed as killed or missing in action. Those brave soldiers had a better chance of living if Hitler had called off Operation Barbosa and simply kept their non-aggression pact with Russia. Lastly, this would also have helped Germany in winning World War Two because after Germany lost Operation Barbosa, the Soviet Union fought hard against Germany and pushed them back into their surrounded country. By doing this Hitler had split his army in multiple places, which weakened the strength of the German military. In conclusion, Germanys lack of thinking

prior to attack's and over confidence led them into losing many soldiers and losing the trust of Russia. All these reasons contribute in Hitlers failed attempt to conquer the Soviet Union in World War Two. Secondly, the geographical location of Germany is extremely inconvenient because they are surrounded by powerful countries. This gave Germanys natural enemies the power to starve them and easily demolish their power. Some people believe that it is impossible for Germany to win a war because of the uncontrollable fact that all of Germanys enemies border them. Evidence of this is that Germany always ends up splitting up their forces while fighting in different battles. For example, there were Nazis fighting in the Soviet Union as well as in France weakening the German army3. Previously in World War One, Germany acknowledged this important factor, which led them into creating the Von-Schlieffen Plan in order to try to work around the difficulties of fighting several fronts. However, despite their extensive planning, they failed to avoid fighting two fronts in both World War One and also World War Two. Its becoming clear that in spite of working hard and analyzing plans, it will always be impossible for Germany to win a war because of the unchangeable reality that it is extremely probable for Germany to have to fight multiple fronts because of their border of enemy countries; this reinstates the fact that Germany should not have invaded the USSR. If Hitler had not underestimated the Russians it is believed that he would have withdrawn his attack on the Soviet Union and focused on the west side instead of fighting both the west and east side. To sum up, the Germans geographical situation was not beneficial for their country. With France on their west and Russia on their east, the German forces were easily moved back into their homeland. This resulted in problems, including Germany fighting on multiple fronts. Thirdly, it is evident that Germany did not have the skills needed to wisely select alliances. In World War Two, the Axis powers were formed; the powers included Germany, Italy, and Japan. Germany as a country is not rich with many natural resources, and it is substantial for a country to have natural resources in case of a blockade. This resulted in Germany suffering and thus losing the war. In scenarios such as this, it is very common to make an alliance with a country that can provide natural resources that are lacking. In this case, neither Germany nor Japan, Germanys strongest alliance, had many resources which really impacted their overall performance in World War Two. Secondly, Germany's last choice of an alliance, Italy, was not a wise choice either. During World War One, Italy was part of an alliance withGermany but when Italy realized Germany was going to lose the war, they quickly backed out. As many people know, history indeed tends to repeat itself and Italy had no problem abandoning Germany for a second time. By doing this, Italy caused the German army to have to split once again

and try to prevent the Allies from invading Germany. Finally, Germany should have never attempted to invade Russia, by doing so they broke their nonaggression pact and this caused them to suffer once again. Russia in return persuaded the Allies into distracting Hitler on the west coast of Europe while Stalin, who was the dictator of Russia during World War Two, pushed the remainder of the German army that was left in Russia back into their homeland. To conclude, it is obvious that Germany did not cleverly choose their allies because Germany and Japan both had no natural resources. It was not a good idea to make an alliance with Itally because they were not very trustworthy, and switched sides in the middle of the War. Lastly, as result of, breaking the non-aggression pact with the USSR, Germany added an extra enemy trying to defeat them and were basicly alone in the war. To sup up, because of all of the mistakes that Germany made listed above, it is obvious why Hitler did not succeed as a dictator, and why Germany was unable to conquer the rest of Europe. If Hitler did not give an order to the German army to invade Russia the outcomes of the war might have differed in Germanys favor. Secondly, if Germany was in a more suitable geographic location in Europe, it would have increased their likelihood to be the victors of the war. Another reason why Hitler lost World War Two he did not make strong alliances with the right countries; if he had, then maybe, Hitler could have defeated the Allies and succeeded in the taking over Europe. All of these mistakes were due to the wrong planning of war. Victorious warriors win first then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win (Sun Tzu).