My awakening was more than a change of being; it was a change of mind.

Before I had no hope, after I was full of dreams, hopes and purpose. I became a mother and a wife in a matter of days. The pain was unbearable, but the rewards were immeasurable.

body in my arms. My baby, the one thing I had been looking forward to for so long, was dead. And so here I was, only a few hours later, about to end my life. I felt no other possibility. My entire being lived to be a mother, and my chance had been

I was suddenly running. My purpose had become obsolete the moment I held the lifeless

taken away. The end of the cliff was in sight, the rugged waters below scared me, but I resisted the self-preservation urge, and ran off the edge of the cliff. The wind flying past my body was oddly calming, as I was seconds away from oblivion. I felt I felt a sharp pain all over my body. I would have given anything to die right there and then.

liberated, truly free for the first time ever. And then I hit the bottom.

I felt an overpowering urge to fight for my life. I let my vision flicker and die as I closed my eyes. I was giving in to death, letting him take me. my broken body. Was it death? Had he finally come for me? And then, as I finally wiled death to take me away, I felt a strong pair of arms underneath I heard people talking. Then I was moving, very slowly. The arms beneath me jogged my

limp body and caused spasms of pain. My breathing was heavy and I could feel my body shutting down and giving in. I willed it to give in. for hours, my breathing getting shallower and my heart beating slower. A while later I felt the strong arms disappear and be replaced by a cold surface. I lay there “Hello?” The voice shocked me and made my jump slightly. “Hello? Are you alright?” I mumbled something unintelligible and the person gasped. I tried to open my eyes but my eyelids were too heavy. I mumbled again. “You’re alive? But, you’re in the morgue!” “Come on, I can help you.” arms of a stranger. I felt the wind fly past me as I moved at what felt like a tremendous speed for several seconds. It then stopped. The wind died. Was I in heaven? Or had I not lived my life well enough, as I tried to do Gods job and kill I heard voices, arguing. One was calm and composed. The other was very angry. I wanted to scream and shout that I didn’t want any help. But my limp body was now in the

myself. I was willing to accept any fate if the emptiness my baby had left behind disappeared. "Edward. Are you proposing I ignore my instinct to heal?" asked the first voice, the voice

from before. shouted the other. "Please Carlisle! Be reasonable! No one wants this, no matter how much pain they are in!" "Well there is not much else to do now. She will be dead if I do not act quickly." said the first "Fine. Do it. But you have to deal with the consequences." the seconds murmured.

voice, still impossibly calm.

Then the strangest feeling came. I felt a cold stab in my flesh, and with that stab came pain, pain even worse than before. Unimaginable pain that lasted for an age.

I heard movement near my face. I felt my hair be pushed to one side, revealing my neck.

room. There was not much to see, other that the two men stood by the door. One had blonde hair, one had bronze hair and they were both breathtakingly beautiful. But their beauty was not why I suddenly gasped. I knew them. There were Carlisle and Edward Cullen, the local doctors. Carlisle had treated me on many occasions and Edward had tended to my husband. “Hello, Esme,” breathed Carlisle, a careful smile on his perfect features. “Hel-“ I choked as I heard my voice. It sounded like singing – It was not my voice. “Do not be afraid,” reassured Edward, “You are safe, and everything is fine.” I nodded. “How do you feel?” “Better. Better than before. Before there was pain, and now there is no pain.” “Yes, I understand,” said Carlisle as he swept towards me. “Do you remember anything?” thing before all the pain. “What did you do to me?!” I screamed, rising off the table I was perched on and staring Carlisle in the eye. “Edward, some privacy please,” commanded Carlisle. Edward turned and walked from the room. “What. Have. You. Done. To me?!” I screeched. I was so angry and confused I had to restrain I thought back to before the pain. I remembered his voice. I remembered his voice as the last

And then it was over, gone as soon as it had come. My eyes flew wide. I gazed around the

the urge to pounce on him and sink my teeth into his flesh. I rose to leave.

Carlisle took a deep breath and began to explain what had happened. When he had finished, “Where are you going?” he asked, looking hurt. “Home. My husband will be wondering where I am.” “Esme, you can’t go home. You have no restraint. And you are thirsty. You could do

something you will regret.”

“No,” I moaned, sinking to the floor. I began to convulse and my lungs felt as though they

were about to burst from my chest. My breathing was heavy and strained. “Do not cry,” begged Carlisle, true desperation in his eyes. “Please do not cry.” ball, Carlisle bent around me – when Edward joined us. “Carlisle, our shift starts in twenty minutes.” “Yes, of course. Esme, make yourself comfortable. Use anything you need, for this is your home now.” The words made me feel hope. I stopped convulsing and stood. I nodded to Edward and Yes, home. My home. With Edward and Carlisle. Yes, I liked the sound of that. He held me for an immeasurable moment. We were still on the floor – me huddled into a

Carlisle as they left, feeling truly happy for the first time in weeks.

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