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Villalobos Eamon Barkhordarian

Period C 11/13/08

Review Questions pg. 133

1. Identify
a. Peter the Great
i. Ruler of Russia that became ruler at only 10 years old. He expanded
Russian territory, gained ports in Baltic Sea, and created a mighty
army. He also ended Russia’s long period of isolation.
b. St. Petersburg
i. The city Peter ordered to build on the land they had won from
Sweden. He sought to “open a window to the West,” so he located
the city on the swampy shores of the Neva River near the Baltic
Coast. St. Petersburg became the great symbol of Peter’s desire to
forge a modern Russia. Also, Peter wished that this city was one that
could never be invaded and controlled by outsiders.
c. Vitus Bering
i. The Danish navigator that was hired by Peter the Great to explore
what became known as the Bering Strait between Siberia and
d. Catherine the Great
i. Peter died without naming a successor, setting off power struggles
among various groups. Finally a new monarch arose that firmly took
the reign of power, Catherine the Great. She learned Russian,
embraced the Russian Orthodox Faith, and won the loyalty of the
2. Define
a. Westernization
i. The adoption of Western ideas, technology, and culture.
b. Boyar
i. Landowning nobles.
c. Warm-water port
i. A port that would be free of ice all year round.
d. Partition
i. Divide up.
a. List 3 goals of Peter the Great
1. Search for a Warm-water port
2. Increase Russia’s territory
3. Create St. Petersburg (symbol of Peter’s desire to forge a
modern Russia)
b. Explain one reform that Peter undertook to achieve each goal.
i. In order to gain more territory, Peter the Great needed to win wars
with neighboring countries, and to win wars, he needed to expand
the military and create a navy.
4. Why did Peter seek to expand Russian territory?
Villalobos Eamon Barkhordarian
Period C 11/13/08

a. Peter the Great wanted to modernize Russia and make it become a powerful
naval country. To improve his nation's position on the seas, Peter sought to
gain more naval passages.
5. Describe how 2 policies of Catherine the Great strengthened Russia
a. Her efficiency helped strengthen Russia a lot. She was efficient for she
reorganized the provincial governments, codified laws, and began state-
sponsored education for boys and girls. Also she was a ruthless ruler
resulting in many wars. Like Peter, she as determined to expand Russia’s
borders and finally achieved Peter’s dream of capturing a warm-water port
on the Black Sea.
6. Compare the goals and policies of Peter the Great to that of the following
monarch: Louis XIV
a. Peter the Great and Louis XIV were very similar. Both wanted to build a
structure that would symbolize their power. In Louis’s case, he built the
palace of Versailles, and in Peters Case he built St. Petersburg. Both are
very important monuments to this day. Another similarity is that they both
wanted to expand their military.
7. Peter the Great said of the English Parliament, “It’s good to hear the subjects
speaking truthfully and openly to their king.” Based on what you have read, do
you think Peter followed this idea in his own kingdom? Give a reason to support
your answer.
a. I don’t believe he followed this idea in his own kingdom. Based on what
I’ve read and mostly based on the video I saw yesterday in World History
class on Peter the Great, Peter seemed to have very little patience. For
example, when his companions saw a dissected corpse, they were
disgusted. Peter on the other hand was very interested in the topic was he
was a very educated man. He was irritated of the fact that his men were sick
of, to him, was such a natural idea. As a result, he forced each of them to
take a bite of the corpse as a way of saying “stop it and get over it.” This
level of irritation shows that he would not follow the above quote.