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Cool to Terhave Estate is build in 2009 on derelict land by three independent entrepreneurs as private initiative called Strandpark Coolhaven

or Beach Park Coolheaven. Peter Kremer (Trifolium Landscaping) Frederique Kreeftenberg (In Transition agency) Wouter van Brakel (Majeur Exhibitions). With the construction of the Beach Park they expressed the common desire to give derelict land back into use to residents, businesses and visitors of the city and hence creating an area that is more green and attractive.

From the beginning, the intention was building a park for the neighborhood. Due to the circumstances at the time of construction a permit for a period of a year and the desire of immediate use of the park by one of the sponsors (summertime) - the original plans were transformed. A BEACH element was edited to the PARK element. The first season is mainly used to promote the beach element by giving beach parties and beachlike furnuture. After one year the license was extended, and the Beach and Park concept was prolonged in the 2nd and 3rd season. With the transformation from Beach Park to Estate, the park element and the size of the park is expanded. The idea/fantasy Estate extends further the greening of Coolhaven and also includes the adjacent parking lot and is consistent with the project Coolhavenkade, further along the Coolhaven. ( Cool to Terhave Estate is more than a name, it is an experimental and alternative concept for area development.

After construction, management and development, the land is held by Van Brakel and Kreeftenberg. The development of the area grows each year by addition of elements and making improvements. The first two years finance for maintenance, development and program was raised seperately. Meanwhile, funding for program and maintenance is brought together in finances and plans. Daily maintenance is permanent dependent on volunteers. The transformation from Beach Park to Estate is to be given form by organising three festivals in 2012. The construction/decor of each festival contributes to that years intended shape. So with each festival the Estates gets its planned shape and the decor is a gift to the public. At the end of the year the desired transformation is thus realized. The three festivals that will be organized are based on the Beach Park Program. Three years Beach Park has yielded a number of successful f estivals of which two are now fixed on the agenda of the Estate: Dining by the Quay (late August) and Christmas at the Cool (late December). Supplemented with a festival in spring: Mad Green Tea Party (June). The first festival is held in June 2012. Part two of Greening the parking lot was the extra decorative element.

April 2009

June 2009

december 2009

The land on which Cool to Terhave Estate is built, is divided between three owners: City of Rotterdam, Delfland Water Board and Port of Rotterdam. The current development/plans of the land is held by Vestia Stadswonen for the construction of a residential tower The New Machinist. The construction of this tower is said to be postponed until 2015. For the construction of the park, depositing the soil, all three parties had to give a written permission. Finally the Parish Delfshaven granted the permit on behalf of Frdrique Kreeftenberg, for half a year and is every on request extended for the period of a year. For events/festivals separate authorizations are requested from Parish Delfshaven. Depending on the size of the festival, a permission from the Fire Department is also needed. Above that, for serving alcohol (Article 35) a permit is neede from Department of Urban Development Permits Team. Each year, a maximum of 12 events will be honored. Boosted by a lenient attitude and broad look by the Department of Licenses Delfshaven and the staff of office permits it is still possible to organize events/festivals.

August 2010 - Diner at the Quay 2010

december 2012 - Greening parking lot (part one)

The development of the Estate is financially supported by parish Delfshaven, Consortium Coolhaveneiland (Woonbron, Vestia City Housing, Department of Urban Development and Parish Delfshaven) and Rotterdam department of Art & Culture. Parish Delfshaven at first mainly supported the construction, maintenance and management of physical structures, and in the following years a number of festivals through grants (Residents Activities Fund and Delfshaven Coins). Consortium Coolhaveneiland aimed at supporting the program and deparment of Art & Culture has supported the development of a number of cultural festivals. Besides voluntary contribution in time, by Majeur Exhibitions and In Transition agency invested knowledge, skill, experience, network and proprietary materials in the development of the Estate. Majeur Exhibitions brings a perspective of art & interiordesign and In Transtion agency from urban sociology.

Beach Park Coolhaven initiated as short-term project and is renewed every year. With the introduction of the Estate experimental area development was introduced with a broader concept and vision. Cool to Terhave Estate includes former Beach Park Coolhaven and the parking lot behind the Machinist. The desire is to open up and connect the development to Project Coolhavenkade. The underlying desire is to create an attractive pedestrian route along the Coolhaven and a green and attractive area that can be used daily as a park and parking lot and if required for events. Everything within the concept of temporality and the existing planned development in 2015. In the concept of experimental area development, knowledge and experience from both Beach Park project as a project Coolhavenkade is included. Vision, perspective, collaboration, impermanence, fantasy, impulse and momentum are important ingredients and givens in this concept.
This brochure is a product of In Transtion agency. Information and question can be send to: frederique.kreeftenberg @

September 2011


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