Class Prophecy Seniors Batch 2009 CLASS PROPHECY

that people mellow down as they mature. The owner of the place, NEOLO ANSELMO, was mingling with fellow entrepreneurs: KRIS TAPING, and MARK TEJADA.


After an exhausting coverage of the World Peace talks, I decided to take a leave from my position as CNN International Correspondent. I wanted to take some well-earned rest after chasing diplomats in the summit.

In another table, fashion designers JETHRO CALAYAN, JOSEPHINE CRUZ, DADAN GADDI, and JOHNDEL ALARCON were discussing the new set of wardrobe launched by OLIVER ESTARES and CHARLES ROSARIO. The following day we were ready to fly for Legazpi. Thank God we had a nice flight.

For many years now, I have always wanted to write a book on the whereabouts of SAS Batch 2009 and I finally found the right time.

I together with my fiancé ANTHONY RIVERA who is now a successful businessman, took a plane and began my journey back to the school where I graduated from 15 years ago… before boarding the plane to Legazpi, I noticed a familiar looking guy approach me. I could not believe that it was JEROME RIVERA. He told me that he works as the manager of the San Eagle Basketball Team.

After a few hours of rest, I decided to go to SAS, for the first time after graduation. I was terribly shocked to see pregnant MS.LINGCALLO, MS.ALAB, and MS. DELA PENA, to my surprise, looking young as ever. My God these teachers never grow old. From them I learned that I was in time for our class reunion at the plush Legazpi Intercontinental Hotel to formally organize a foundation. On my way to the Hotel, I spotted a billboard sign: SARATAN MOTORS: “Always on the Go”. Then I remembered JM SARATAN, my schoolmate and thought he might be the owner.

My scheduled flight was ten minutes behind schedule, so I bought the latest issue of the Phil. Free Press, wanting to read the article of my favorite editor, GERVIE KAY ESTELLA. I scanned the pages and a beautiful picture caught my eye with the caption: KRISHA CONCEPCION; career woman of the year. She looked as beautiful as she was 15 years ago. After several inquiries from the management, the plane was now ready to take off. I sat on 27B, near the aisle, and decided to take a nap. Before I could even close my eyes, an attendant tapped my arm. It was JOHN CARLO MANGALIMAN. He told me that NORSHEREEN GARCIA, KAT ESGUERRA, & AYA SANTIAGO were international flight attendants of Pan Am. From him I gathered that the pilot of the plane was Capt. CYRIL JAVIER. Suddenly, I heard the captain speaking. Because of some engine trouble we were to make an emergency landing in Cebu.

Suddenly two speeding cars caught my attention. In its sides were the label “MANUNTAG Catering Services”. That must be from our caterer CHEENEE MANUNTAG. Before I could say anything, RODRIGO DELA CRUZ services mobile car and JEREMIAH DE LEON Food on Wheels came rushing by. Food, food, and more food… I was then reminded of a dietary column of Asia week columnist ARRIANE YAPDIANGCO. Food really moves people from all walks of life.

Then I heard a thumping noise. Flat tire! I had to stop at the nearest servicing station. JAN PANADO, the owner, assured me that the repair won’t take long. I was quite patient in waiting but then I saw SOPHIA DONATO, the regional accountant of the Dept. of Tourism, boarding her car. I rushed to her and hitched a ride; she told me that GABRIEL EROY has been transferred from Manila to Legazpi as the chief accountant of the BIR Regional office.

We were billeted at the Cebu Plaza, now owned by the successful team of FRANCIS LUCAS, a world class chemical engineer, JOYCE LAYGO, a successful lawyer, and the millionaire MICHAELA MANUNTAG. From them I learned that businessmen MARCUS SENIR, RAFAEL SANTOS and JOHN ROBERT OLACAO frequent the place.

As we drove through Rizal Street, a15-story building loomed into view. It was a National Hospital. On close view, I saw BIANCA CANLAS the heart surgeon and owner on the doorway, welcoming some medical specialists YOHAN BELARMINO, CHLOE SIGUA, JERICA OCAMPO, and INAH GATDULA who were leaving the branch office of SIL Pharmacy.

Cebu is a busy place even at night. I dropped by a night place only to find out that the band playing was composed mostly of former classmates: ANGELO LIMPO on drums; JUSTIN MATEO on guitars and sweetheart FATIMA FERNANDEZ, the lead singer. It was nice to listen to them this time. They were no longer playing loud music. And I guess it’s really true

At last we reached the hotel –as we entered, we saw some friends grouped together in the parking lot –., JESMA GELITO, MARAH DISINI, JOY SAURA and JANINE OSORIO talking about their recent trips to U.S. of A. About to join them, were CATRINA ORTIZ, GRACE VILLAR and MYLEENE CHUA.

• GWEN RUBIBIS is now a certified public accountant Five minutes later. computer engineers.S. She. JORJAN PARAS. As were trying to organize ourselves. CED TRINIDAD. KARIZZA TOMINEZ and CEDRIC REVILLA were waiting for me at the lobby. I didn’t find it hard to believe. SARA RUPAN. • AKIRA OTA is now known world-wide for her talent in acting. doctors CLINTON GAYETA. the catechetical director and wife of Mayor NEIL PATRICK CORPUZ. GALILEO CASTRO and KARLO MAPUGAY asked us to go inside the conference room. ROBIN MACASCAS. SERGIO LIMPO. • Doctors MARY SIA and MICHAEL GARCIA are getting married after 17 years of engagement. LORWIN LADRAZO. JUDELYN MORALES. fresh from Rome was about to celebrate the mass. The bulk of the funds needed shall come from solicitations and from KRISTOFFER SUGANOB. CARLYN TIMBOL. We were given a free afternoon to explore the city and trace long lost friends and relatives At dusk. KEVIN JAWOD and FRANCES SY who pledged to give a percentage of their income to the foundation. JUDY ANN LEGADO. KRISTINE REYES and AYRA ALCASID entered with their escorts PBA shots. Finally. Please proceed to the registration office where Majors NIKKA BUENAVENTURA. I invited him for lunch and from him I gathered several information. I went back to the hotel praying that no one will bother me. and PIA CABRAL are waiting for you. The movie was being directed by LEVI ROMERO and EUNICE FERNANDEZ. CHRISTOPHER REYES. Fr. Computer engineers KING and KEVIN CANQUE joined us along the way. Though I wasn’t needed. NICO PANGANIBAN. It was balikbayan nurse ANGELIKA FINEZA. Their presence brought the house down. she said. I hurriedly hailed a taxi to take me to the newest mall in the city. KRISELYN CABADING. When I entered the ladies’ boutique. . She just had a conversation with Best Actress Awardee NOEMI RAMILO who was busy shooting a movie with upcoming star. Pres. An article on the ongoing projects will be written by Newsweek correspondent LEI TADURAN. • And the group of JANINE POTATO. REENA GUERRERO barged through the door and came towards us. were busy checking the decorations. We bade each other goodbye hoping to see each other again. • JERICSON DONES has become a monk. MARIJOMITCH TORRES. registered nurses were arranging the schedule. The choir was organized by JOSEPHINE CIELO. JEREMY CAPULONG and CHRIST IAN SANTOS is now successful with their chosen careers. along with several other nurses. and KYRA EVANGELISTA THE RECEPIENTS OF THE ARTIST AWARDS DURING THE Metro Manila Film Festival. VANILYN BARRANDA. LORENZ NARRAL. While in the confines of my hotel room. called everyone to settle down. the closing program was held with Diplomats LEO BULAY. • REGINA RAGA is now an international athlete for badminton.MARIA was browsing through the program prepared by the Intercom Hotel owner REYNALDO BONDOC. I went back to the hotel to take a much needed rest. DARYL ESPELLETA and ERIKA SONCUAN with economists JASMINE SO will handle the finance. the telephone rang. ANDREA SISON.B. Exhausted. Mr. We exchanged pleasantries and decided to go swimming at a nearby resort.I was startled by the voices over the microphone: Paging MS. Jason Madamba with his sons in town. Accountants JENINE RAMOS. PAOLO SISCRAR and JESTER BERMEJO. and bankers RICHARD TOMINEZ. Sought after ophthalmologist GIGI STA. the super slim models. of Philippine National exporters. MARLA TAN author. JINKY DOLINA. MARIA VILLEGAS and DANICA MARTINEZ. Knowing him. The Holy Eucharist was about to begin. O. and AIDRIZ PERELLO. He was featured in the international TV program OPRAH. But before they could. • JOEMAR DELA PENA has now become a famous choreographer.. Helping him was Sr. I too rushed to see my former classmates. She has won several competitions inside and out of the country. Inside. and CHARMAINE BALLARAN as emcees. I bumped into a familiar figure.

curtains for the AVR. Her voice was a voice to reckon with. and the enlargement of school gym. I really missed some of my former classmates but I didn’t know how to get in touch with them. I stopped for a while and checked the library surrounding. He’s also an entrepreneur with businesses such as Super Street Inc. He won Most Valuable Player for 3 consecutive years. After so many years of long-distance relationship. is one of the top PBA players of the newlyrevived Purefoods-Hormel team. science laboratory equipments. Then again. I was surprised. his father petitioned him to live in USA. Finally. “Who would have thought that this once naughty boy would actually graduated Cum Laude in college? Wow! He is now a captain of a luxury liner called Rich Voyager. It was dusty but it still looks new. on the other hand. competition and the like.20 computers and printers. the pages were blank. His love for traveling led him to explore the beauty of Italy. ERIC OMOLON. which replaced the defunct show ASAP. After so many job look-outs. EUNICE JOSON. I read the cover “THE JOURNEY TO 2020 AND BEYOND BY CLASS 2009-2010”. sound system. he built two grocery stores where 50% of the sales goes to the charities he’s supporting. I started to walk in the empty school corridor. He studied law in Ateneo de Manila University after finishing Mass Communication in UST. he went to USA . Without this training. havi ng been modeled in print and commercials such as Coca. It was quiet with only a handful of students Next page reveals Aaron. I smiled sheepishly. Caribbean and Ireland where they had a house. Rommel. Good luck to each and everyone and may the prophecy come true. now an international singer rendered a song. And who’s this? Oh my! Is this Bryan? I can’t believe he’s a hunk! This once skinny boy is now a personal trainer in his own Gold’s Gym franchise. without this training. Louie Sabado. On my way out. and saw Cedrick concentrating on his studies. Perhaps a glimpse of the future would suffice my feeling of uncertainty. When I woke up. Paris. Right after our graduation in High School. He’s very serious and health conscious too. Chemical engineer ALBERT LANTIN is currently working with JOBERT ASIS at NASA on a project for the next space trip of Discovery to the planet Pluto. Perhaps. After his modeling stints in the Philippines. How wonderful! Let’s see who’s next. My instinct guided me in the corner where a book was placed on top of the table. And I did.Cola and was once a member of GMA 7’s Starstruck batch 5 in 2009. To my disappointment. Astronauts WINNIE DE LEON. 10 volumes of science encyclopedias. I looked for the book. He is now an accomplished lawyer and a well-known associate of Enriquez. a custom race car shop and CarView where he sells custom street cars and other vehicles. in marriage. A strange feeling crept over me. I felt nervous but seemingly excited as a vision of what would become of us appeared as I turned the pages. I started writing my book…and on the last pages I have written: The Anthonians with their spiritual training and background have made a difference. Then. they may not have been able to build their dreams. He’s always been the “celebrity” type. As I stroll along. life demands. he finally discovered that his true passion is composing songs. Class Prophecy Speech Submitted by: creative@heart Today we live in a fast-changing and ever-challenging world . I was able to gather more information about my former schoolmates: Ballerina JANESSA JANIOLA was in Paris for pictorial. These have been the homecoming project of Batch 09 Due to popular demand. He is now a successful computer programmer. After training in Tuason Racing School for six years and winning local competitions in NCR and provincial leg tours. It’s Shane. he has always been a good public speaker. This book is humbly dedicated to them. being a philanthropist. there’s Paeng. And there’s Adrian. additional terminal units for the publication. It’s still quiet.. EDUARDO PENA went back to Texas to heal a broken heart. they will be wed in 2021. I continued gazing at the next pages. I hope the SAS community will be happy for us. He took up HRM way back in College but he was quite unfortunate in establishing a career in this field. Santiago & Associates Law Firm and can you believe? He’s also the lead guitarist of the rock-alternative band popularly known as Band of Brothers. And I can’t help but wonder “what would the future bring to my generation?” Can anyone tell me what will happen in the next 10 years or so? These questions kept recurring in my head. The students were still incognizant of the overwhelming bizarre experience I’m currently into. passion. he is the singer/composer of the band Indictus where they perform in different bars and events. as if something inside me urged me to go inside. They also perform every Sunday in ABS-CBN’s top rating show IN DEMAND. text and images began to appear slowly. I passed by the library. survival. he st tried his luck in Malaysian Grand Prix where he won 1 Place. “Isn’t this my batch?” I asked myself and I hurriedly opened it. only to realize that everything was just a dream. First page reveals Joshua. & PAOLO VERE were with them. He entered the US Navy and successfully become one. Then to my astonishment. TOOTIE PANGANIBAN. Well. Another accomplished fellow in the entertainment industry is Jayvee. hanging around. I flipped the next page. His love for driving actually made him pursue his dream to become a race car driver.a world filled with opportunities. he finally asked the hand of his long-time girlfriend. how can they help in bringing about the changes in our sense of values and attitudes towards a fluid better Christian Philippine Society. chaos. Now. And not only that. For a moment I stared perplexedly.

Esmie and Ana. His dance group Johnverackeez. It’s her daughter! And it’s her graduation day at Greenville. Another classmate who is now enjoying the limelight is Fatima. She has designed numerous websites and received several recognitions for her outstanding works. So does Jinky who is now married to a doctor. His works will be showcased in Galerie Brusberg in Berlin. Elai has been teaching Psychology at UST ever since she graduated. Just like Carla. At that time I closed my eyes and took another deep breath. teachers. Not to be left behind are Thommy and Banog. He also received an award for the 10 Outstanding Filipino Artists of 2020. Karen’s image emerged. she quit her job to follow her long-time dream of becoming a culinary chef. A single mom then. she conducts special classes in Reading. Catherine is now a primetime newscaster in GMA 7. The now bubbly girl currently owns a Pharmacy in Tarlac. I scanned through the remaining blank pages and I stopped. Not long after. And here’s Johnvert. Filipinos as well as Americans were captivated by her beauty and charm. most-sought after dance groups in the Philippines showcasing the group’s talents in street dancing. He designed and built powerful car engines used by Mitsubishi in developing new models. is a Veterinarian and a true-blooded animal lover. I tossed the pages again and saw Elaiza. to my amazement. I opened my eyes and toss the pages again. Year 2010. She has long. on the other hand. However. I thought as I explore more pages. Then Camille. Her exceptional dance grooves paved her way to fame as she became part of the famous dance group in Korea “The Girl’s Generation. Pangilinan is indeed a great Math teacher and mentor. She has graced magazine covers and runways in Europe and Asia. she is happily married to long-time boyfriend Carlos Francisco. she decided to take Culinary Arts to further broaden her horizon and her new-found passion-. It’s Greenville! Wow. He had staged several one-man shows of his paintings. she’s planning to open a café and dessert shop. It’s Grade School Commencement Exercises Batch 20192020. As I turned the last few pages I saw Angeline. a chain of expensive watch retail stores and jewelry. I flipped the pages. She is not as . Kirby tried his luck in modeling but his natural flair for business made him richer and more successful. the once shy and quiet girl. What about the girls? Once again. Her dream of having her own house has finally come true. on the other hand. She got Best in Math award which is not so surprising since Mrs. Ica also became a model and endorser of skin care and designer perfumes in the USA. He’s one of the collaborators of the new rd generation of Lupin the 3 and one of the producers of Urusei Yatsura 6. She also owns a tutorial center and every summer. after 17 years of absence from the circulation came back to the scene only to find out that she has reunited with his mom in the USA. Angeline works in several NGOs in the country. Rochelle. Now. Pilipinas 2014. can now speak fluent tagalog and he rocked his way to stardom by being the drummer of the famous band and composer of Filipino rap songs. parents. my wonderful adviser. The school ground was packed with different people – students in their toga and graduation uniform.” I didn’t recognize her at first. This small but terrible girl also became a talented animator. Our own Math wizard is now an accomplished Engineer in Japan. as if the world is revolving around our very existence. What about the teachers and staff? As if the book read my mind. I turn the other page and saw an image of Yazan. images again started to appear.” Another Fatima. she and her family went to visit her sister in Singapore where she had an unanticipated success with her puto pao product. a comedy bar located in Greenhills. Joyce is now reunited with her estranged partner and officially got married. has finally opened her shell. She and her foreigner boyfriend will get married in 2022. Thommy became a businessman offering the latest and trendiest style and accessories for motorcycles while Banog. Palafox & Associates. Next to Ana.and pursued his modeling career. She worked in the company for 3 years while overseeing the computer shop operation owned by her family. he’s a quiet guy in our class who loves to draw and paint a lot. a lot of things have changed. Catherine and Joyce respectively. A picture of Vincent now appears. is now an anime comics writer and an animator. Cecil became a flight attendant at American Airlines but her beauty and knock-out smile made her more famous than ever. He’s a very good dancer and it’s not surprising to see him as one of the talented dance instructors/choreographers of our time. straight hair and she’s wearing a dress. The pages of the book were thinning already. I smiled widely. Writing and Math to toddlers ages 3-5 years old. Carla is now teaching pre-school in Miriam College. She’s now managing their Blue Brim Water Station. Louie. “This is getting more exciting”. will be married soon to Aaron. He also owns Great Cook Family Restaurant and LOL. She owns a laboratory and testing center. Kat’s image appeared. Bello. Oh. Now he is a familiar face in Tommy Hilfiger ads. Right now. the leading architectural firm in the country. one of Japan’s 10 best anime. Our very own smart girl from UP is now a certified architect. She’s also working in Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila as Chef Patisserie. I flipped the page once more and saw Mrs. she enrolled herself in Center for Culinary Arts. She’s now back in the country in her new house in Quezon City together with her mom. Ana is currently busy in her web design company. Like Shane. “There’s Mrs. Hey! Look at that. Esmie is a Medical Technologist by profession. Joyce now owns a beauty salon named after her. There. Again. He owns Prince Dean. Next page. Grace also became a teacher. He also lends his voice to some anime characters and organizes anime conventions in Japan and Philippines. working as a bank manager in Makati. But look at him now. She’s one of the very few graduates of Architecture who was hired on the spot by The facade is strangely familiar. A product of Bb. The girls also did well. She’s currently finishing her course in Medicine and hopes to become a certified doctor very soon. She’s tidying up the toga of a young lass then she kissed her. Germany in 2022. I feel light-hearted. The boys did great! Good for them. I saw Kae giving cooking lessons to the orphans in the orphanage wherein she’s the benefactor. She left her job as FA and tried her luck as a model with the help of her long-lost classmate-cum-model His Japanese colleagues are all praises with his work attitude and outlook in life. Karen is Archie’s counterpart in Anime world. is one of the popular. etc. Pangilinan. Subsequently. I stopped and breathe for a while. She went to Korea to teach high school. Year 2017. Archie.

Buenafe. With the help of my family. and the atmosphere grow tremulous as the lance-like beams began to pierce it. In an instant. taking steps one at a time in finding success in my chosen field.C. And Mrs. I’m on the right path.. . She stopped teaching at Greenville and focused her time to her family and helped her husband managed their computer shop as well as general merchandise store. When I reached my place in an island in the Atlantic. The eastern sky was already overspread. I read a book on human psychology written by Herdeliza Mirano. Cerwin Bunoy the team's coach. a soft wind blew the pages and a whirlwind has somehow sucked my breath as I twirl in a seemingly endless motion. I left the tournament with an urgent call from the Ambassadress of the Philippines in England Ms. like a great opal. Cruz’s homecoming which will coincide with the Greenville Grand Alumni Homecoming. It was attended by Annaliza Bernardo recently crowned Ms. It was also my time to relax from the stress of advertising world. I hurried in my office as my executive secretary Rosalee Reyes informed me of an invitation for a golf exhibition to be participated in by Ricardo Marasigan.m. Mrs. challenge everyone to follow their dreams and fulfill their destiny. But it is up to us whether we will choose to linger in the pitfalls of failure or accept the challenges and move further. and gold among its threads. She’s now staying in their new house in Antipolo together with her husband and children.” I said. and rose-tints deepened along the sky. His husband is now staying in the country for good. as I am overwhelmed with different emotions..terrific. Ainna Charinne M. Ryan Suarez. Then I turned to my bed and rested. with people coming back and forth the room. Asia Pacific and also their muse. It was one great but out-of-this-world experience. My brainpower sure fired up my imagination. It was a relaxing Sunday afternoon in the year 2012. Anne. Cruz? Our beloved principal has long been retired from school administration and is now enjoying her life to the fullest in the Hollywood. Edmon Javier. I look at my surrounding. Mrs. world's youngest champion golfer. the power supply was cut off. hung suspended in the translucent atmosphere. I hurried to my room and turned on my automatic radio given to me by my bestfriend Alberto Cruz who is now the commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. with at least trace amber. I can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that after I finished Advertising Arts in UST. Then I look up the book again. presentations and revisions. This time I was in an orphanage. Ramos. Rene Boy Cruz. its rich heart glowing with red and yellow flame. I was back in the library. Suddenly. and was lulled to sleep. “God is good. It’s me! I am creating the latest billboard of Coca-cola and I have other line-up of projects still waiting to be finished. the whole staff of Greenville is now preparing for Dr. now the head of Accounting Department. She used to have problems with his eldest son who also studied in Greenville. Class Prophecy * Class 1998 by year 2012 * By Melanie Cabarubias I rose early. sexier than ever. Ms. Then I find myself in a room cluttered with product designs and layout. Angely Canafranca and the music. We help kids overcome their grief of losing someone or abandoning them. friends and company benefactors. Nilo Batingana. while one solitary star. as with a thin silvery veil. It would be such an honor and privilege to celebrate this momentous occasion with her. As I look at the scene. Then I transported to another scene. Suddenly. It’s still the same except the librarian was baffled when she checked on me. Dorie.slim as it was before. set up a catering business to showcase her talent and love for cooking. Italian cuisine were catered by Venetian Restaurant owned by a famous talkshow host in Asia. Thank you and a pleasant evening to each and everyone. Then. It was gone but a torn page was left behind with a note. He has good plans for all of us. As dawn brightened in the east. Hibe is still happily married all through these years. and Ms. And it read “God has created man and woman to fulfill their purpose and their destiny. There’s a series of meetings. I went to my office riding in my teal-green Ferrari. This is the foundation that I have promised to build in memory of my father and for those who lost their parents and love-ones. He was hooked-up for a time with some repulsive friends outside school but nonetheless he managed to turn away from them and passed the Senior year. Brenevic Espiritu as their team captain defeated the NBA veterans. Weng on the other hand. a famous pop singer. But not forgetting the very foundation that she has established. I listened to the voice of Ruel Cruz. We are given freewill to act on the destiny He has chosen for us. She has a 5-year old daughter now and another baby on the way. I turned on my cable TV and watched CNN and Josephine Fajardo just started reporting the latest news. taking away the championship crown from Conrad Aquino. I just attended a victory party in Philippine Island Hotel owned by Jolaida Dumpit and managed by Narcisa Aguilar a day after the Philippine Basketball Team composed of Renato Leonardo. Sure there will be many obstacles that will hinder our way to the top. that I might behold the glory of morning among the mountains. In fact Jell Espinosa was invited to sing the victory song managed and composed by writer of most sought-after telenovelas of today.” I. It is a busy day. we were able to build an orphanage. the said case handled by Private Prosecutor Gilbert de Guzman who strongly believes that truth shall prevail. And lastly. She now has 2 kids. I called Madelin Galvez. I visit my Aunt and cousins in Canada. She reported the latest issue on sexual relationship that struck the whole world. The next day. Cristina Arceo a recently chosen Best Actress in Oscars. At 2:00 p. proved to be loyal members of staff as they continue to stay in Greenville. President of Nuclear Energy Plant to inform her of the power failure. who would make this journey more than interesting but Dr. Then once in a while. Marianne Mag-isa informing me of my meeting with Prince Burt Cruz. The Supreme Court in Washington D. now the highest paid actress in the movie capital of the world . I seemed to hear the voice which in the beginning said "Let there be light!" and at that instant memories begin to fill in my mind. heir to the throne of England. There is only one left. headed by Chief Justice Maricel Mariano had expressed the same idea about the case and would handle the case carefully. Elmer Francia. Michael Sebastian the team's manager. Wilfredo Jallorina.m. I turned on my Laser Disc Player and watched a movie that stars Ms. other VIP's and of course their never-say die spirit fans! It was a wonderful party! At exactly 4 a. I left.

I saw a gorgeous lady approaching. Irish Cruz newspaper where Ronald Santos was the editor-in-chief and was surprised to read that Rev. and as I expected it was Joseph de Castro. President of the Water and Aquamarine Saftey Organization. I bade them goodbye to my room. Then I received a billet doux from my Mom asking me to go home at once for she misses me already. England's Chief of Staff warmly welcomed us for the conference. Joenel Adriano. As soon as I descended from the plane. how could I be mistaken. Santos Tayao. I fell asleep. After a short while. I rested in my private room. a pre-school directress of the contentment they had in their simple life with the simple people. Ravenal Joson. my attention was caught by the stewardess who is receiving the passengers. Lea Cruz. Being quite tired. the ship of all dreams. It seemed familiar. the architect of the famous marine vessel. Cherrylyn Arceo. Later Gabriel Castillo. The next day we were invited for another adventure aboard Super Titanic. Ida Aguilar. winner of the Elite Model of the Year aboard for a modeling stint in London. I can't help thinking how fast time flies-years-the graduates. We were welcomed by Andrea Guerrero. the mind behind the making of the submarine showed the audience the different rooms and hallways of the ship. our hope and our youth.. Theresa Peralta. Mother Superior of the Dominican Sisters in the Philippines and Rochelle Santos. her executive secretary. and who could forget that tall pretty lady. President of the World's Medical Society conversing with the other physicians Ramon Santiago. Jonar Javillonar. So I requested Alvin Clemente to get me a private plane that will bring me to my island in the Atlantic. Analee Salosagcol and Caroline dela Cruz. The moment I entered. Cherwin Bernardo of Manila was now elected as the Most Outstanding Priest in the Philippines. But after scrutinizing her face. Then. Aboard the plane were Dr. "Lea. I exclaimed. That suddenly hit me and I remember my nun friends Sis. now very beautiful and still blooming. Upon waking up. Then. Dominic Academy for she cradled our dreams. This was followed by an underseacomputer dance presented by Aaron Cruz. The light gave me hope as I get back in my sense on my way back to my memories. Head of the World Bank and seated beside her was Christine Santiago. director of the famous pop artist jamming with Rowell Nicolas. The program begun and after some speeches from the people who are responsible for the construction of the English submarine. is that you?" Yes. Carlota Calderon otherwise known as Extra Terrific Trio. the most luxurious ship everyone would dream of riding in. Mary Grace Silvestre was the emcee of the show. I was surprised to see Ronald Rennison. Suddenly a pretty lady came up on stage. Then I went to the ship's gambling house. escorted by Reynaldo Samson. My thoughts then and now kept coming back to our beloved ALMA MATER. And yes. the class '98 where we belong have had only a handful dreams. As I ascended the rump. Now those dreams are realities.. The next morning I heard the blooming voice of Ryan Ruiz. it was Marilyn Santos. a song was rendered by a golden voice of Jeryll Agustin. We boarded the English Submarine and he showed us the beauty of English seas. the control officer announcing the submarine's first stop at the famous Mediterranean Sea and we were welcomed in the Egyptian coast by the Republic's First Lady. Elsie Luna.. its Evangeline Calderon.The afternoon a private jet plane took me to Buckingham Palace. After a day of touring the whole ship. Jay-ar Calderon. a voice shouting with joy for winning in Lucky Zero. St. After this conference we left the English Submarine and I returned to my room in England Diamond Hotel owned by Ma. Fr. the ship's pubic relations officer and guided me to Erwin Calderon. After that we cruised the River Nile and stopped for the long awaited meeting the Prince January Ocampo for his privileged speech in his luxury trip. . she requested Juliet Egonia to show me the first class seats and escorted me to my seat passing by other delegates for the said meeting with the heir. escorted by Three Star General Rolando Rivera II. we parted ways to blaze our individual trails in the vast world we live in.

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