HUAWEI Parameters

BSC Version: G3BSC32.10100.06.1120A IN D O S A T Remark

Siemens Parameters

Table Parameter Local-office
BSC Cell Table Cell System Type BCC NCC CGI Support GPRS Frequency Hopping Table HSN TSC Radio Channel Config. Table





current setting

GSM900/GSM1800 0~7 0~7 Yes / No 0~63 0~7

GSM900 Yes same as BCC




same as BCC



Tch full rate/Tch half rate 01/Tch half rate 0/SDCCH8/Main BCCH/Combined BCCH/BCH/BCCH+ CBCH/PBCCH+PDT CH/PCCCH+PDTCH /PDTCH/Dynamic PDTCH 0~(N-1)


1or2TRX: 1SDCCH/8; 3or4TRX: 2SDCCH/8; 5or6TRX: 3SDCCH/8. And SD dynamic allocation allowed must be Yes CHTYPE MAIO MAIO

Carrier Configuration Table

Static TRX Power Class Carrier Power Type HW-IUO Property TRX Priority

0~6(BTS30,0407 Version), 0~10 (0529 Version), 0~13 (microcell) grade 40W/60W/Default OverLaid Cell /UnderLaid / None 0~7

0 Default None 0

0 is full power, step is -2dBm




System Information Table 0 1111000000 111111 Yes 10 Sys information 1~6,2bis,2ter,5bi s,5ter

System Information Regular Transmission Regular Transmission Interval

Sys information 1~6, 2bis, 2ter, 5bis, 5ter Yes / No 0~255 min.

MS MAX Retrans

1,2,4,7 Level 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10 Forbidden Level 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15 Forbidden 1024,512,256,128,bit map Yes / No Yes / No Allowed/Mandatory/F orbidden


4 0000000 000 00000 bitmap(1000 00) Yes Yes

this parameter set more biger , and Call setup successful rate is more higher , but the load of RACHand SDCCH is also heavier. MAXRETR


Common Access Control Class Special Access Control Classl Cell Channel Description Format ATT PWRC UL DTX




10~20(suburban) 8~10(mountain) T3212 40.10 .5(900) MSTXPWRMX 0.5.25.integer CBA EC Allowed Call re-establishment allowed NCC Permitted 3~12.20. 50 4.14 TRUE TRUE NOTALLOWED EC=Emergency call EC CREALL PLMNP 1(combined).16.Tx.32.7 MS_ TXPWR_MAX_CCH 0~20 grade 5 0(1800).615mS Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No 32 Yes Yes no 11111111 20. 0~7(others) block one no-combined CCCH/ one combined CCCH/ two no-combined CCCHs/ three nocombined CCCHs/ four no-combined CCCHs 2 1 CCCH_CONF BA_PA_MFRAMS noncombined CCCH 2 fit in with the quantity of TRX in the cell 2-9 CCCH multiframes NFRAMEPG 2 T3212 0~255 6min. 8 means -102dBm RXLEVAMI 8.5 RXLEV_ACCESS_MIN ACS 0~63 Yes / No grade 8 No grade-110=dBM.14. 15 20~30(urban). 2(no-combined) NBLKACGR BS_AG_BLKS_RES 0~2 (one combined CCCH). period of SACCH=480ms RDLNKTO 4.3.20 Radio Link Timeout 4~64 480ms 52 step=4. 32(satellite transmission) CELL BAR ACCESS NSLOTST CB 9.

2. 0~63 means 0~126dB CRESOFF Cell Reselect Temporary Offset.1 1 Cell Bar Qualify CBQ Cell Reselect Offset. C2=C1CRO PENTIME EARCLM 0. 6dBm PWROFS TRUE,false . 0~6 is 0~60 dB. 7 is infinite CRO 0~63 0 TO 0~7 0 TEMPOFF PT ECSC Power Deviation Indication Power Deviation 0~31 Yes / No Yes / No 0/1/2/3 0 No YES 1 Cell Reselect Penalty Time. step=2dB.Half Rate Supported Yes / No No EHRACT FALSE/true CRH 0~14 dBm 4 Cell reselection hysteresis. 4. step=2. 0~30 is 20~620ms. when PT=31. 8~10 (urban) CELLRESH only use in cell broadcast operatting only use in cell broadcast operatting Cell Reselect Parameters Indication 3,4 CBCH CH Description 6BIT 0 SMSCBUSE CBCH Mobile Allocation 0 SMSCBUSE PI CBQ Yes / No Yes / No Yes No CRESPARI 0.4(normal) .

NT 6K. T 2.4K. recover when check res. NT 12K.A5/1~A5/7 Not hopping/ Baseband hopping/ Radio frequency hopping Yes / No Yes / No Not switchover. T 1. T 4. Yes(cell broadcast) HOPMODE SMSCBUSE DTXDLFR / DTXDLHR BBHOP/SYNHOP TRUE TRX iding function control Cell Allocation Table ARFCN 0 … ARFCN 63 BA1(BCCH) Table BCCH of NCell 1 … BCCH of NCell 32 BA2(SACCH) Table BCCH of NCell 0 … BCCH of NCell 32 CALLF01 …. T 9. NT 12K HALF RATE. T 600 BITS.8K. CALLF63 . Switchover when ckeck resource 0110111000 10000000 SPEED145 ENCALSUP NOENCR&GSMV1 FH Mode SMCBC DRX DL DTX Not Hopping No No Allowed.2K.MBR Cell Configuration Table 0~3 0 0(single~band). 2~3 (dual~band) NMULBAC 0,3 Data Service Allowed Encryption Algorithm NT 12K FULL RATE. - fit in with fact No.6K. T 1200/75 Not support. Switchover promptly.

5 110~85 110~85 110~85 110~85 110 -dBm -dBm -dBm -dBm -dBm 85 -dBm 110 105 98 90 87 85 INTAVEPR INTAVEPR#1 INTAVEPR#2 INTAVEPR#3 INTAVEPR#4 INTAVEPR#5 period of SACCH=480ms INTAVEPR period of SACCH=480ms RDLNKTBS RADIOMG PCCCHLDI TCCCHLDI NY1 LAPDOVLT grade-110= dBm. Band Thrsh. OverLoad Indication Period 0~255 0~255 0~255 0~100 1~255 0~255 480ms s s % times s 31 10 15 100 100 15 16.32 255 100 100.Cell Attribute Table Interf.8. 219(Double timeslot extended cell) EXCDIST ms10-4. 2 Interf. Band Thrsh. Band Thrsh.20. 5(BTS20. Max Resend Times of Phy.only 3 sites 40 RACH Busy Thrsh. Band Thrsh. Average RACH load TS number Max RC Power Reduction T200 SDCCH(5ms) T200 FACCH/F T200 FACCH/H T200 SACCH TCH SAPI0 T200 SACCH TCH SAPI3 T200 SACCH SDCCH T200 SDCCH SAPI3 T3105 0~63 0~65535 0~255 50~100 40~100 40~100 120~200 120~200 50~100 50~100 0~255 grade timeslot step=2dB 5ms 5ms 5ms 10ms 10ms 10ms 10ms 10ms 16 5000 5 60 50 50 150 200 60 60 7 DB2 T3105 62(Normal cell).10 MAX TA 0~127 550m 63 FALSE . Calculation Period 1~31 480ms 20 8-4-8-14-20 SACCH Multi_Frames Radio Resource Report Period CCCH Load Indication Period CCCH Load Thrsh. 3 Interf.16(BTS3X) RACHBT RACHLAS PWRREDSS T200 T200 T200 T200 T200 T200 T200 Interf. Info.BTS22 C).2. 1 Interf. Band Thrsh. 0 Interf. 63(Single timeslot extended cell).24. 4 Interf. Band Thrsh.

Deselect circuit pool function.Double timeslot extended cell 0~35 km normal 0 Yes No No No Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No CELLTYPE HOMSTAM 3002C STDCELL 32 Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Select circuit pool function. Power Class RACH Min.100 . Table T3101(100ms) Assign-TCH idle rate Thrsh. 1~8 0~255 times 3 180 5 5 No Use msc paging No Use grade-110= dBm BTS3X No Use PWRRED 0 0~63 grade Cell Extension Type Cell Extension Offset Diversity LNA bypass permitted Cell Call Control Table TCH Immediate Assignment Immediate Assignment Opt.85.Frame start time Paging Times Random Access Error Thrsh. Access Level DC bias voltage Thrsh.80.Dystem auto~select Yes / No 3~50 0~100 100ms % No Use No Use No Use No Use Abis flow control permitted Direct Retry Cell Call Control Para. No Yes 30 80 No Use ENFORCHO t3101 ENABLE HLFSEC-6 SDCCHCONGTH 70. Immediate Assign to Other Cell Assign to Other Cell TCH Assignment Retry Short message uplink disabled Short message downlink disabled OM start intra-cell HO OM start inter-cell HO(intraBSC) OM start inter-BSC HO TCH flow alarm RF CH abnormal release retry Abis flow control permitted Normal cell.Single timeslot extended cell.

85.Paging response.100 No Use Service Type Req.Unknow 0~15 s 0~3 times number Yes / No MSC service request 10 2 0 Yes No Use No Use No Use ENFORCHO BSCTQHO ENABLE HLFSEC-120 INTERCH TRUE Handover Handover Control Data Table HO Algorithm Min Interval for TCH HOs Min Interval for SD HOs HUAWEI / GSM0508 1~60 s 1~60 s HUAWEI 6 2 No No No Min Interval for Consecutive HOs Min Interval for Urgent HOs Co-BSC/MSC Adj.80. MSC service request. SD HO Allowed Penalty Allowed IntraCell HO Allowed Load HO Allowed MS fast moving HO allowed Rx_Level_Drop HO Allowed PBGT HO Allowed 1~60 1~60 Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No s s 6 6 No no yes Yes NO no no Yes THORQST No No IERCHOSDCCH INTRACH TRFHOE EFULHO PBGTHO 10. rate thrsh.14.(SD to TCH HO) Out HO Request Resend Interval Out BSC HO Req.Adjust Response On Out BSC HO Req.12. Delay Frame No.Location update request.Assign-TCH re-Estb.MSC service re~establish request. for SD to TCH HO Max. radioCH release retry times 0~100 0~7 0~3 0~100 0~3 % timeslot times % times 80 2 2 80 1 SDCCHCONGTH 70. Max Assignment Retry Times Ilde TCH Thrsh.15. Resent Times Syst. TCH Flow Control Start Thrsh.16 FALSE TRUE FALSE FALSE TRUE .

Preprocessing Transfer Original MR. Transfer BS/MS power class Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No no No No Yes No. Mmnc HO allowed Mmnc HO type Not up report.Once every 2s.Once per second. Once per second(15:1) No No No .Once every 4s Twice per second Twice per second.Twice per second. Yes(15:1) No No No No Sent Freq.of Preprocessed MR.MS Power Prediction after HO MR.





s Parameters Default Unit Same/Not Question same same same same same same same same .

same Huawei special not Huawei special Huawei Special Huawei Special Huawei Special 4 same not not Huawei Special same same same .

10 same same same same same 255 same Huawei Special same 10 same 4 MSTXPMAX _GSM/MSTX PMAX_DCS same same 6 same Huawei Special .

same same not not same same 0 same 0 same 0 TRUE 0 same same Huawei Special same .

0 same not same BBHOP same not same Huawei Special same same same Huawei Special Huawei Special Huawei Special Huawei Special Huawei Special Huawei Special .

same same same same same 现网 same 20 same not same same same not MS10-4 not not same same same same same same same same same TRUE same .

Huawei Special Huawei Special Huawei Special not 6 same HuaWei special STDCELL same not Huawei Special Huawei Huawei Huawei Huawei Huawei Huawei Huawei Huawei Huawei Huawei Huawei Huawei Huawei Special Special Special Special Special Special Special Special Special Special Special Special Special Huawei Special ENABLE same same not .

not Huawei Special Huawei Special not Huawei Special not not Huawei Special Huawei Special not 2 SACC H multifra 5 mes FALSE TRUE FALSE FALSE TRUE For inter-cell HO .