1MW Photovoltaic System Design Program

1.1System Components 1.2 Relevant Norms and Standards 1.3 The Overall Design 1.3.1 About the Program 1.3.2 PV Array Design Convergence Box(PVS-16M) 1.3.3 DC Lightning Protection Design of Power Distribution Cabinet(PMD-D250K) 1.3.4 The Design of Grid-connected Inverter(SG250K3)

1MW Grid-connected PV System Design Plan 1.1 System
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) Photovoltaic modules and bracket; Photovoltaic array lightning convergence boxes; DC power distribution equipment lightning protection; Photovoltaic on-grip inverters; The communication system of monitoring devices; Lightning protection and earthing systems; Civil engineering, power distribution room and other infrastructure; System connection cables and protective materials.

1.2 Relevant Norms and Standards
Photovoltaic inverter system, testing and acceptance refer to the following standards: GB/T 191 Packaging and storing graphic mark GB/T 19939-2005 Photovoltaic systems and network technical requirements GB/T 20046-2006 Photovoltaic (PV) power system interface characteristics (IEC 61727:2004, MOD) GB/Z 19964-2005 Photovoltaic power station provides access to electric power system technology GB/T 2423.1-2001 Electrical and electronic products environmental testing procedures for test A: cold test methods GB/T 2423.2-2001 Electrical and electronic products environmental testing procedures for test B: high-temperature test methods GB/T 2423.9-2001 Electrical and electronic products environmental testing procedures for test Cb: Damp heat test method equipment GB 4208 Enclosure protection (IP code) (equ IEC 60529:1998) GB 3859.2-1993 Semiconductor converter application guidelines GB/T 14549-1993 Power Quality Utility grid harmonic GB/T 15543-1995 Power Quality Three-phase voltage unbalance allowed

1.3 The Overall Design 1.3.1
About the Program

the power 252kWp.5V. each 250kW of grid-cell batteries need to configure the serial 56. real-time monitoring and power generation system operating parameters and working conditions. In addition. can be RS485 or Ethernet (Ethernet) communication. Where: DC power distribution unit is lightning convergence boxes for distribution convergence. On Grid is shown below: .45V. the operating voltage of about 35. respectively. been connected to the grid after a three-phase meter. The lightning protection system is also configured DC power distribution cabinet. through four SG25OK3 (250kW) and network access 0. the proposed use of sub-connected DC side. 1008 battery components.Power plant equipment configuration and selection This grid-connected PV systems will be distributed and network design. To reduce the photovoltaic modules to the cable between the inverter and to facilitate maintenance operations. step by step way to connect convergence. convergence through photovoltaic array lightning protection box (referred to as "convergence box ") convergence of the PV array. a total of 4032 cell components. the 1MW system requires 224 battery serial. the 1MW system is divided into four 250kW of grid cells. the system should be configured to a set of monitoring devices. System components can use a domestic battery power 250Wp polysilicon solar cells. open circuit voltage of about 45. the power distribution cabinet power distribution unit includes a DC lightning.4kV AC power inverter to achieve and power generation. each battery cell module serial series in accordance with 18 design. 4 SG250K3 access to grid-connected inverter. According SG250K3 grid inverter MPPT voltage range (450V ~ 820V).

As shown below: 16 arrays PV Outline convergence box The convergence of the wiring box into one of 16. 1) Battery 16 can simultaneously access the serial. 6) DC output of convergence can be divided down with the DC circuit breakers. negative ground. convergence Each box has current detection. SPD selected Phoenix brand. outdoor installation to meet the requirements. rust. each of the positive and negative DC voltage fuses are configured (maximum current of 15A). sun. 16 each have a DC input. with between positive and negative PV-specific SPD. The convergence box has the following characteristics: Of protection IP65. 4) Convergence box with a current monitoring device 16. it is recommended to configure my company model PVS-16M lightning convergence boxes 16. "Option One" in the inverter and PV module choice. . the voltage value of up to DC1000V.4 PCS SG25Ok3 Distributed on grid Diagram 1. 5) Convergence of the positive DC output to ground. that is the same size of 16 cells after serial input through output 1-channel DC convergence. 2) Each access to the open circuit voltage of the battery serial up DC1000V. for each 1-way serial battery current monitoring via RS485 communication interface to upload to the PC control device.3. circuit breaker ABB brand choice. 3) Control with 16-way protection. waterproof.2 PV array design convergence box (PVS-16M) For the overall design. dust.

lightning.250K) Photovoltaic array access through a cable box to the convergence of the DC power distribution equipment lightning protection.3. mainly to the convergence box DC output cable access. Electrical block diagram as shown below: 250KW DC power distribution equipment lightning protection system diagram . after the DC circuit breakers and anti-anti-diode convergence. easy operation and maintenance.3 DC lightning protection design of power distribution cabinet (PMD. lightning protection need to configure four DC power distribution cabinet PMD-D250K (250KW).Convergence of the electrical block diagram of the box as shown below: 16 array PV configuration diagram convergence box 1. and then respectively connected to four SG250K3 (250KW) and gridconnected inverter. according to four 250KW grid-unit design.

emergency stop switch operation. effectively reducing the switching losses and conduction losses. the use of fuzzy control with SPWM modulation strategy. with phase sine wave current fed into the grid to achieve grid function. 3)Used as a digital signal processor 32 to control the CPU. the grid inverter into AC power with the same frequency.3. while increasing the DC voltage utilization. the use of current-controlled PWM active and efficient inverter technology and high-quality imported 50Hz isolation transformer. 2) Maximum conversion efficiency of 97. high intelligence. USA TI 32-bit DSP control chip.1 SG250K3 Overview Grid-connected inverter is grid-connected PV system is one of the important equipment. automatic start and stop work every day. expanding the system's DC voltage input range. and reliable to avoid false triggering of the system and significantly reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference on the system. AC power manual breaking switch. harmonic pollution-free power supply and other technical characteristics.4. precise dedicated control and inverter. Up to 1000V (optional). thus increasing the overall stability and reliability.1.4 The Design of Grid-connected Inverter(SG250K3 1. the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) efficiency > 99. 5)With manual breaking switch DC input.1%. improve the efficiency of the system. high reliability and protection functions.3. optimized maximum power point tracking technology to ensure the efficient output device. the main circuit in Germany the most advanced IGBT intelligent power modules. without human control. . 4) The use of all-optical drive technology. The grid-connected inverter main performance characteristics are as follows: 1)Vector using the new smart technology.9%. can inhibit the effects of unbalanced three-phase system. Solar modules to solar energy into direct current. and the grid side of the high power factor with sinusoidal current. SG250K3 (250KW) Photovoltaic grid-connected inverter.

active power derating functions (optional) 15) Electric Power Research Institute test report issued. and through the filter into the filter and then through the three-phase sine wave voltage step-up transformer isolation after the grid power generation. 8)Islanding detection with advanced and comprehensive monitoring program. advanced detection schemes island effect. 1. historical failure data. reactive power control. 13)Provide standard RS485 and Ethernet (optional) communication interface. 9)In accordance with IEEE1547 \ UL1741 and other international standards for product design. In order to make . 12)R humane touch screen LCD interface.6)Self-developed deadbeat current control technology. SG250K3 grid inverter main circuit topology and network through the threephase inverter bridge converter.3.4. historical data and the total power generating capacity the amount of data. the English menu. the graphical user interface to facilitate the overall information system to grasp the real-time display of operating data. 11)Technical parameters of the inverter for a special design to adapt to the characteristics of China's power grid fluctuations. the output DC voltage of the PV array is transformed into high voltage three-phase chopper. 7)Precise output power measurement. 14) Low voltage ride through. fault data. Modular design for easy installation and maintenance.3.3 SG250K3 Circuit Structure SG250K3 On grid Inverter Main Circuit Topology As shown above. Italy DK5940 certification.2 SG250K3 Efficiency curve 1. there had been a Golden Sun certification. 10)Perfect protection and monitoring functions. issued by the European well-known certification body TüV the CE certificate.4. to ensure maximum power quality delivered to the grid.

1%CWith transformer) 96. short circuit protection.6 Construction Data 8 . grounding protection Touch Screen RS485(Standard) Ethernet C Optional) GPRS Display Communication interface Ambient temperature Use environment humidity Cooling Dimensions (W × H × D) Degree of protection Weight COptional) -25°C~-+55°C 0^'95%.the photovoltaic array maximum power generation. 1. thermal protection.5Hz/57^~61. advanced on the DC side using the MPPT algorithm.4 SG250K3 Technical Specifications Model Isolation The maximum solar array power Maximum array open circuit voltage Maximum input current Maximum Number of inputs Solar cell maximum power point tracking (MPPT) range Rated AC output power Total current waveform distortion rate Power Factor Maximum efficiency European efficiency Rated voltage Allowed voltage range (three phase) Rated power frequency Grid Frequency Range Power Consumption at Night Protection SG250K3 Frequency transformer 275KWp 880Vdc 600A 8 450^~820Vdc 250KW <3%CRated power) >0. island effects.99 97. overload protection.No condensation Air-cooled 2400×2180×850mm IP20CIndoor) 1700kg 1.3.5%CWith transformer) 400Vac 310V^~450AC 50Hz/60Hz 47^~51.5Hz <100W Reverse polarity protection.3.4.

3.6 Purchasing List 9 .Plant Room Cable Laying Lightning protection and grounding Solar Mounting Power String Convergence Box Network Access Systems 1.

System Configuration (1MW) No Project Specification Unit 1 3 Solar Panels Solar Bracket Panels APD-250W/36v Aluminum alloy frame pc set 4032 224 Crystalline solar panels silicon Quantity Remarks Galvanized pillar 4 Inverter (with SN600250K3SD1 frequency (AC380/220V.50Hz) isolation transformer) Photovoltaic array lightning pvs-16M convergence box DC power distribution equipment PMD-D250K lightning protection VVR-2×4mm2 Wire BVR-1×25 mm2 BVR-1×16 mm2 Cable SPD Lightning rod Ground bus Grounding VV22-2X16 mm2 Customize 12 m -25×1 Φ16×3m set 4 PV inverter 6 set 16 PV-specific convergence box 7 set 4 Distribution Cabinet 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 m m m m set set set 3200 1200 860 1300 1 1 1 Connect array Inverter to station the PV step-up Grounding wire Convergence to the inverter box Mine facilities Galvanization Copperbelt Copper 16 Construction. housing and other Customize infrastructure distribution Communication system Customize set 1 17 set 1 Monitoring testing and .

50Hz).33/Person(Does not include room and board. Which. 0. travel expenses.monitoring device 18 19 Environmental Monitor Mains switch Electricity complementary aids Package Customize Customize set set 1 1 Detect National standards testing 20 22 Customize Customize set set 1 4 The system must be configured to a set of 10KV step-up station.24/SET USD764. through the cable were connected to four 250KW inverter AC output to the grid Total price Guide the installation fee USD 2 675 159.4/10KV. secondary control devices such as cabinets.) Specifications of the actual weight of goods Freight .4KV switchgear should be configured 4-way three-phase AC voltage input Interface (AC380/220V.4KV switchgear and DC power supply. 1250KVA). counters and cabinets through the copper between the or cable connection. etc. 0. 10kV switchgear. including the 10kV main transformer (0.

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