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Major Project-Abstract

1. 2. Name of the Project Existing System iEvents Google Maps Through this we can only manually search the events and their details but cannot save them & share them. iEvents is an informative application, which will show the upcoming events on Google map. The application will find your current location and display the upcoming events in and around your range from the current location. You can get the driving directions from your current location to the event place in native Android maps application. Event details can be saved for future reference. Event details can be shared with your friend(s). 1. Viewing the events -- We can view the nearby events when the app runs 2. Adding the events We can add the events in which we are interested by mentioning their details 3. Managing the events We can save the events for further reference, can also share the event details through email and can delete the event if necessary. 4. Events will be shown as push pins on the map. Event title will be displayed as the push pin title. 5. Touch select the icon preceding the event title to view the details of an event. 6. Details of each Event will be displayed in another screen; event title, event date and time, event address, event description if available. 7. By default events of all categories will be displayed on the map. You can filter the events by selecting the interested category from the menu bar, like Music, Sports. 1. Search Events: Based on the present location of your device automatically it will show all events which are near to your place. 2. Find and Add Events: After finding the events on map users can add events to favorites 5. Modules 3. Sending Mail: From the favorites users can send events for his friends through mail. 4. Location Search: Through the search box users can search all events location based. Soft Ware Requirements: 1. Java (JDK 1.6) 2. Android SDK 3. Eclipse Ganymede IDE 4. Operating System Windows XP. Hardware Requirements: Hard Disk RAM Processor : : : 80 GB onwards. 512MB onwards. P4 onwards.


Proposed System


Functional Requirements


Software & Hardware Requirements


Non-functional requirements

5. 24 X 7 availability 6. Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension


User interface priorities

1. 2.

Professional look and feel Easy app navigation


Team Size

(3 members) V.Sritej-09p71a0593 P.Rama Krishna-09p71a0567 V.Srujan Vutnoor-09p71a0594 Android SDK, JDK. 1. 2. 3. Rational ROSE Eclipse/RTC and Requirement manager with Eclipse integrated Android emulator SQLite(Database)


Technologies used


Tools to be Used

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Languages Used Final Deliverable output

Java, XML Android app (.apk)