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Petrel 2008.1 Setup Tutorial ________________________________________ 1. Extract Petrel_2008.1setup 2. Run petrel2008setup.exe normally 3. Extract Petrel 2008 Crack 4.

Once installation completed, replace (primlicense.dll - slblicensec.dll - SubjectProject.Dll) from Petrel main folder (x:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Petrel 2008) with the files provided in the crack folder. 5. Copy flex113 folder and paste on to C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Schlumberger Licensing\ 6. Make up folder C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Schlumberger Licensing\ If necessary. 7. Replace ( slbsls.exe ) found in ( C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Schlumberger Licensing\flex113) with the one in the crack folder. 8. Edit the license file provided in the crack folder

SERVER my computer name any 8888 DAEMON slbsls c:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Schlumberger Licensing\flex113\slbsls.exe USE_SERVER FEATURE Petrel_0_MAAAAAH////7A slbsls 2008.1 30-Dec-2010 100 \ ISSUER=GAS START=13-mar-2008 SIGN="DEAD BEEF DEAD BEEF \ DEAD BEEF DEAD BEEF DEAD BEEF DEAD BEEF DEAD BEEF C0DE"

9. Replace my computer name with your computer name. 10. Copy license that has been edited and paste into ( C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Schlumberger Licensing\flex113). 11. Run lmtools.exe in C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Schlumberger Licensing\flex113

12. Click Config Services Tab. Write down Schlumberger License Server in the Service Name browse to C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Schlumberger Licensing\flex113\lmgrd.exe, to path to the lmgrd exe file, browse to C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Schlumberger Licensing\flex113\license.lic to path to the license file, browse to +C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Schlumberger Licensing\flex113\dbg.log to path to the debug log file. 13. Check Start Server at fire up and Use Services. Click Save Service 14. Click Start/Stop/Reread, Start Server, it should tell you that local server started successfully. Click Reread license file and Close the application.

After step 14 go to the ''+C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Schlumberger Licensing\flex113\SLBLicensing.exe'' and run it then choose the license and click start. 17. Run your Petrel Have fun