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can receive revelation from him. David Whitmer also wrote: [One morning when Joseph Smith was getting ready to resume translating the Book of Mormon,] something ration. (CR, Oct. 1991) went wrong about the house and he was put out about it. Something that Emma, his wife, #2 Joseph Smith: No man can re- had done. Oliver and I went upstairs and Joceive the Holy Ghost without receiv- seph came up soon after to continue the ing revelations. The Holy Ghost is a translation but he could not do anything. He revelator. (HC 6:58) could not translate a single syllable. He went Joseph also said: It is the privilege of the downstairs, out into the orchard, and made children of God to come to God and get supplication to the Lord; was gone about an revelation God is not a respecter of perhour came back to the house, and asked sons; we all have the same privilege. Emmas forgiveness and then came upstairs (Teachings of the Presidents of the Church, Joseph Smith, 132) where we were and then the translation went on all right. He could do nothing save #3 Elder Dallin H. Oaks: We canhe was humble and faithful. not have the companionship of the (B.H. Roberts, A Comprehensive History of the Church, 1:130-31) Holy Ghost the medium of individual revelation if we are in #5 Elder Bruce R. McConkie: I transgression or if we are angry or if sometimes think that one of the we are in rebellion against Gods chosen aubest kept secrets of the kingdom is thorities. (Ensign, March 1997, 9) that the scriptures open the door to #4 David Whitmer: At times when brother Joseph would attempt to translate he would look into the hat in which the stone was placed, [to exclude the light], he found he was spiritually blind and could not translate. He told us that his mind dwelt too much on earthly things, and various causes would make him incapable of proceeding with the translation. When in this condition he would go out and pray, and when he became sufficiently humble before God, he could then proceed with the translation. Now we see how very strict the Lord is, and how he requires the heart of man to be just right in his sight before he the receipt of revelation The prayerful study and pondering of the holy scriptures will do as much, or more, than any other single thing, to bring that spirit of revelation into our lives. (Doctrines of the Restoration, 243-44)

#1 President Boyd K. Packer: No one of us can survive in the world of today, much less in what it soon will become, without personal inspi-

#6 Elder Dallin H. Oaks: We do not overstate the point when we say that the scriptures can be a Urim and Thummim to assist each of us to receive personal revelation. Because we believe that scripture reading can help us receive revelation, we are en-

couraged to read the scriptures again and again. By this means, we obtain access to what our Heavenly Father would have us know and do in our personal lives today. That is one reason Latter-day Saints believe in daily scripture study. (Ensign, Jan. 1995,8) #7 President Boyd K. Packer: Inspiration comes more easily in peaceful settings Irreverence suits the purposes of the adversary by obstructing the delicate channels of revelation in both mind and spirit Reverence invites revelation. (CR, Oct. 1991) #8 President David O. McKay encouraged [us] to seek the Lord in the morning hours, before we are cluttered with the cares of day. He said that these morning hours are especially conducive to inspiration. Elder Neal A. Maxwell cited this counsel and then said, Others have felt that solitude and reading the scriptures can create an atmosphere conducive to the Spirit and can be developed. After all, to read the words of Christ already before us is a good thing to do before asking for more . (Ed J. Pinegar, Rich-

If I thought this scriptural burning only referred to caloric heat, I would have to say that I have never had a burning in the bosom either In this usage, it does not seem to refer to heat but rather to an intensity of feeling. For me, the witness of the Holy Ghost is an intense feeling of serenity or well-being.
(Teaching, Learning by the Spirit, LDS Church News, 1993, 01/02/93)

ard J. Allen, and Karl R. Anderson, Teachings and Commentaries on the Doctrine and Covenants, 73.)

#9 Elder Dallin H. Oaks: I know from experience that some seasoned members of the Church do not know when they are receiving a witness of the Sprit Perhaps lifelong members of the Church dont recognize the testimony of the Spirit because they have had it so often they take it for granted. Perhaps they are looking for something startling and different I have heard adult members of the Church claim they do not have a testimony because they have never experienced a burning in the bosom. (D&C 9:8)

#10 Elder Jay E. Jensen: A number of years ago, in a meeting of returned mission presidents, we reviewed different ways to improve missionaries spirituality. One person said, We need to help all missionaries experience and recognize the burning of the bosom taught in Doctrine and Covenants 9:7-9. A member of the First Quorum of the Seventy then shared the following experience: One of the Quorum of the Twelve came to tour the mission over which the Seventy was presiding. As they drove to the next zone conference, the Apostle turned to him and said, I wonder if you might have left an impression in the missionaries minds that has created more problems than you can resolve. As I have traveled throughout the Church, Ive found relatively few people who have experienced a burning of the bosom. In fact, Ive had many people tell me that theyve become frustrated because they have never experienced that feeling even though they have prayed or fasted for long periods of time. He explained that Doctrine and Covenants 9:7-9 was given in response to the process of translating sacred records. There the burning of the bosom was appropriate. The principle can apply to personal revelation, he

said, but more precisely it related to the translation of the Book of Mormon. He counseled the mission president to refer missionaries to other scriptural references about the Holy Ghost. For example, he cited the verse Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God? (D&C 6:23) Over the years, I have tried to learn the different ways in which the Spirit of the Lord works. Surely God does speak from heaven, but he manifests, confirms, or gives direction in a variety of ways. (Have I Received an
Answer from the Spirit?, Ensign, April 1989)

#13 Elder Dallin H. Oaks: Visions do happen. Voices are heard from beyond the veil. I know this. But these experiences are exceptional Most of the revelation that comes to leaders and members of the Church comes by the still, small voice or by a feeling rather than by a vision or a voice that speaks specific words we can hear. I testify to the reality of that kind of revelation, which I have come to know as a familiar, even daily, experience to guide me in the work of the Lord.
(Teaching and Learning by the Spirit, Ensign, Mar. 1997)

#14 Elder Dallin H. Oaks: We do not always receive inspiration or revelation when #11 Elder Richard G. Scott: I would explain that an impression to we request it. Sometimes we are delayed in the receipt of revelation, and sometimes we the mind is very specific. Detailed words can be heard or felt and writ- are left to our own judgment. We cannot force spiritual things. It must be so. Our ten as though the instruction were lifes purpose to obtain experience and debeing dictated A communication to the heart is a more general impression. The Lord velop faith would be frustrated if our Heavenly Father directed us in every act, even in often begins by giving impressions. Where every important act. We must make decithere is recognition of their importance and they are obeyed, one gains more capacity to sions and experience the consequences in order to develop self-reliance and faith. receive more detailed instruction to the (BYU Devotional, 29 Sept. 1981) mind. And impression to the heart, if followed, is fortified by a more specific instruc- #15 President Boyd K. Packer: Sometimes tion to the mind. (Annual Church Educational System you may struggle with a problem and not
Religious Educators Symposium at BYU, August 11, 1998)

get an answer. What could be wrong? It may #12 President Spencer W. Kimball: be that you are not doing anything wrong. It The burning bushes, the smoking may be that you have not done the right mountains, ...the Cumorahs, and the things long enough. Remember, you cannot Kirtlands were realities; but they force spiritual things. Sometimes we are were the exceptions. The great vol- confused simply because we wont take no ume of revelation came to Moses and to Jo- for an answer seph and comes to todays prophet in the Put difficult questions in the back of your less spectacular way that of deep impres- minds and go about your lives. Ponder and sions, without spectacle or glamour or drapray quietly and persistently about them. matic events. Always expecting the specThe answer may not come as a lightning tacular, many will miss entirely the constant bolt. It may come as a little inspiration here flow of revealed communication. (Munich, Gerand a little there, line upon line, precept
many Area Conference, 1973, 77)

upon precept (D&C 98:12) Some answers will come from reading the scriptures, some from hearing speakers. And, occasionally, when it is important, some will come by very direct and powerful inspiration. The promptings will be clear and unmistakable (CR, Oct. 1979).

prayed over and over again, but still did not know what to do for his leaking tricuspid valve. Even as the operation commenced, 22my assistant asked, What are you going to do for that? I said, I do not know. We began the operation. After relieving the obstruction of the first valve,23 we ex#16 Elder Russell M. Nelson: posed the second valve. We found it to be Many of us have had experiences intact but so badly dilated that it could no with the sweet power of prayer. longer function as it should. While examinOne of mine was shared with a ing this valve, a message was distinctly imstake patriarch from southern pressed upon my mind: Reduce the circumUtah. I first met him in my medi- ference of the ring. I announced that mescal office more than 40 years ago, during sage to my assistant. The valve tissue will the early pioneering days of surgery of the be sufficient if we can effectively reduce the heart. This saintly soul suffered much bering toward its normal size. cause of a failing heart. He pleaded for But how? We could not apply a belt as help, thinking that his condition resulted one would use to tighten the waist of overfrom a damaged but repairable valve in his sized trousers. We could not squeeze with a heart. strap as one would cinch a saddle on a Extensive evaluation revealed that he horse. Then a picture came vividly to my had two faulty valves. While one could be mind, showing how stitches could be helped surgically, the other could not. Thus, placedto make a pleat here and a tuck an operation was not advised. He received thereto accomplish the desired objective. this news with deep disappointment. I still remember that mental image Subsequent visits ended with the same complete with dotted lines where sutures advice. Finally, in desperation, he spoke to should be placed. The repair was completed me with considerable emotion: Dr. Nelson, as diagrammed in my mind. We tested the I have prayed for help and have been divalve and found the leak to be reduced rerected to you. The Lord will not reveal to markably. My assistant said, Its a miracle. me how to repair that second valve, but He I responded, Its an answer to prayer. can reveal it to you. Your mind is so preThe patients recovery was rapid and his pared. If you will operate upon me, the relief gratifying. Not only was he helped in Lord will make it known to you what to do. a marvelous way, but surgical help for other Please perform the operation that I need, people with similar problems had become a and pray for the help that you need. 21 possibility. I take no credit. Praise goes to His great faith had a profound effect upon this faithful patriarch and to God, who anme. How could I turn him away again? Fol- swered our prayers. This faithful man lived lowing a fervent prayer together, I agreed for many more years and has since gone to to try. In preparing for that fateful day, I his eternal glory. (CR, April 2003)

#17 Joseph Smith appeared to Brigham Young in a dream and said: Tell the people to be humble and faithful, and be sure to keep the spirit of the Lord and it will lead them right. Be careful and not turn away the still small voice; it will teach them what to do and where to go; it will yield the fruits of the kingdom. Tell the brethren to keep their hearts open to conviction, so that when the Holy Ghost comes to them, their hearts will be ready to receive it. [And here is where he gives the best overall guide for recognizing revelation:] They can tell the Spirit of the

Lord from all other spirits; it will whisper peace and joy to their souls; it will take malice, hatred, strife, and all evil from their hearts; and their whole desire will be to do good. (Juvenile Instructor, 8:114, quoted in April 1989 Ensign, 21)

#18 President Boyd K. Packer: We need not live in fear of the future. We have every reason to rejoice and little reason to fear. If we follow the promptings of the Spirit, we will be safe, whatever the future holds. We will be shown what to do. (CR, April 2000)

Other thoughts too great not to include:

President Joseph F. Smith: When I as a boy first started out in the ministry, I would frequently go out and ask the Lord to show me some marvelous thing, in order that I might receive a testimony. But the Lord withheld marvels from me, and showed me the truth, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little until he made me to know the truth from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, and until doubt and fear had been absolutely purged from me. He did not have to send an angel from the heavens to do this, nor did he have to speak with the trump of an archangel. By the whispering of the still, small voice of the Spirit of the living God, he gave to me the testimony I possess. And by this principle and power he will give to all the children of men a knowledge of the truth. (Gospel Doctrine,5th ed. [1939], 7). President Boyd K. Packer: The Holy Ghost communicates with the spirit through the mind more than through the physical senses. This guidance comes as thoughts, as feelings, through impressions and promptings. It is not always easy to describe inspiration... The patterns of revelation are not dramatic. The voice of inspiration is a still voice, a small voice. There need be no trance, no sanctimonious declaration. It is quieter and simpler than that. (CR, Oct. 1989) Elder Jay E. Jensen: Although the Spirit may be the most important aspect of our latter -day work, many of us do not know how it functions; too often we are worked upon by the Spirit and do not even know it Perhaps this lack of awareness is fostered in part by hearing or reading about spectacular spiritual experiences. Frequent exposure to such experiences may lead some to believe that if they havent experienced some similar kind of outpouring or manifestation, they havent had a spiritual experience. (Have I Received an Answer from the Spirit?, Ensign, April 1989) Elder Dallin H. Oaks: The Lord will speak to us through the Spirit in his own time and in his own way. Many people do not understand this principle. They believe that when they are ready and when it suits their convenience, they can call upon the Lord and he will immediately respond, even in the precise way they have prescribed. Revelation does not come that way The principle stated in [D&C 88:68] applies to every communication from our Heavenly Father: It shall be in his own time, and in his own way, and according to his own will. We cannot force spiritual things. (Ensign, Mar. 1997) Joseph Fielding McConkie: [In Vietnam,] Chaplain Smith and I would take turns asking [Victor L. Brown of the Presiding Bishopric] questions. ...He said, Brethren, I am going to tell you a story. You wont like it, but it is a great story. ...The story centered around a young man who had a very difficult problem.

He did not know what to do, so he visited with his bishop. The Bishop listened carefully and thoughtfully. He asked a few questions. ...He then confessed that he had no idea what counsel to give [but would ask]. The next evening the bishop met with the stake president. He explained the young mans problem. The stake president listened attentively and asked a few questions. ...He then said, Bishop, I have no idea what to tell you [but I will ask]. The next day, as he met with the member of the Quorum of the Twelve, the stake president raised the matter. The Apostle listened attentively and asked a few questions. ...He then said, President, I have no idea what to tell you, [but I will ask]. That afternoon he met with President McKay and carefully explained the problem. President McKay listened attentively and asked a few questions...and then said, Well, thats his (meaning the young mans0 problem, isnt it The story brought an end to our question session and with it the realization that our problems were ours and it was for us to solve them. That is why the Lord placed us there. (Finding Answers, BYU Devotional,

Elder John H. Groberg: Let me tell what I have discovered I do not say that we will not get that burning in our bosom, for we will when it is the right thing. In my life there have been quite a few occasions where there was absolutely no question about it that burning was there. For instance, I have had the experience of installing stake presidents when there was absolutely no question, when I was positive that that is the man to be the stake president not. It has happened in other situations also, but generally it has worked the other way that is by eliminating the wrong directions to reveal the right direction, especially concerning our opportunities for progress in life in what we often term the temporal sense. We must try to figure it out ourselves. In the past I have tried out whether I should go into business or into teaching or into the arts or whatever. As I have begun to proceed along one path, having more or less gathered what facts I could, I have found that if that decision was wrong or was taking me down the wrong path not necessarily an evil one, but one that was not right for me without fail, the Lord has always let me know just this emphatically: That is wrong; do not go that way. That is not for you! On the other hand, there may have been two or three ways that I could have gone, any one of which would have been right and would have been in the general area providing the experience and means whereby I could fulfill the mission that the Lord had in mind for me. Because he knows we need the growth, he generally does not point and say, Open that door and go twelve yards in that direction; then turn right and go two miles But if it is wrong, he will let us know we will feel it for sure. I am positive of that. So rather than saying, I will not move until I have this burning in my heart, let us turn it around and say, I will move unless I feel it is wrong; and if it is wrong then I will not do it. By eliminating all of these wrong courses, very quickly you will find yourself going in the direction that you ought to be going, and then you can receive the assurance: Yes, I am going in the right direction. I am doing what my Father in Heaven wants me to do because I am not doing the things he does not want me to do. And you can know that for sure. That is part of the growth process and part of accomplishing what our Father in Heaven has in mind for us. (What is Your Mission?, BYU Devotional, 1 May 1979) Elder Jeffrey R. Holland: ...once there has been genuine illumination, beware the temptation to retreat from a good thing. If it was right when you prayed about it and trusted it and lived for it, it is right now. Dont give up when the pressure mounts. You can find an apartment. You can win over your mother-in-law. You can sell your harmonica and therin fund one more meal. Its been done before. Dont give in. Certainly dont give in to that being who is bent on the destruction of your happiness. He wants everyone to be miserable like unto himself. Face your doubts. Master your fears. Cast not away therefore your confidence. Stay the course and see the beauty of life unfold for you. (BYU Devotional, March

The Voice is Still Small

Elder Graham W. Doxey of the Seventy CR, October 1991
...President Spencer W. Kimball, a man with unique experience in all levels of Church leadership, described the subject that has been on my mind since this speaking assignment came. President Kimball said: The burning bushes, the smoking mountains, the Cumorahs, and the Kirtlands were realities; but they were the exceptions. The great volume of revelation came to Moses and to Joseph and comes to todays prophet in the less spectacular waythat of deep impressions, without spectacle or glamour or dramatic events. Always expecting the spectacular, many will miss entirely the constant flow of revealed communication. (In Conference Report, Munich Germany Area Conference, 1973, p. 77.) Dramatic and miraculous answers to prayer may come, but they are the exceptions. Even at the highest levels of responsibility in this kingdom of God, which is being built up upon the earth, the voice is still small. In the Bible we read of the account of an earlier prophet who was rejected and discouraged. The word of the Lord came to Elijah when the children of Israel had forsaken their covenant, and thrown down altars and slain prophets. He was told to go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice. ( 1 Kgs. 19:1112.) My testimony is that the Lord is speaking to you! But with the deafening decibels of todays environment, all too often we fail to hear him. I remember as a youth having the experience of being in company with an older man who had lost much of his hearing ability. He had no hearing aid and was continually asking that we speak louder so that he could be part of the conversation. He would say, Talk louder; speak up; I cant hear you. That was before the days of television and CDs and boomers and blasters. I was interested in someones observation: With TV, and radio, and tapes, what young person has time to listen to reason? Listening is a challenge for us all today.

Time to listen. The ability to listen. The desire to listen. On religious matters, too many of us are saying, What did you say? Speak up; I cant hear you. And when he doesnt shout back, or cause the bush to burn, or write us
a message in stone with his finger, we are inclined to think he doesnt listen, doesnt care about us. Some even conclude there is no God.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote, Every common bush [is] afire with God; but only he who sees, takes off his shoes. (Aurora Leigh, book 7, lines 82223.) The questions are not Does God live? Does God love me? Does God speak to me? The critical question is, Are you listening to him? Have you removed your shoes? It is the same for you as it was for Elijah, as it is with the modern-day prophets: The still, small voice is still small. Aids to our hearing are available. How can we filter out the heavy decibels of darkness that surround us? Let me mention three of the more obvious ones. Number 1: Revitalize your weekly worship. When you sing the hymns, for instance, ponder the meaning of the

words, enjoy the spirit of the music. Sing with enthusiasm without regard to your tones. You will have a good feeling, and your spirit will be enlivened; and as you join with the Saints in the songs of the heart, the Lord promises to answer this with blessings upon your head. (See D&C 25:12.) Next, partake of the sacrament. Dont merely take the sacrament. Think of the covenants you are remaking. Truly witness unto the Father that you will take upon yourself the name of his Son, even Jesus Christ. Recommit yourself to always remember him, to keep the commandments which he has given you. Your obedience will entitle you to have his Spirit to be with you. If this sacred ordinance has become commonplace in your worship, if you let your mind wander elsewhere during this weekly opportunity for spiritual renewal, if you just take the bread and water as it passes, with no thought or recommitment in your life, then you have turned off a significant aid to your hearing. Number 2: Pray to know Gods will, not to get things. Too often, because of our selfish desires, after a cursory Thank you, Lord, we consume our prayer time in the listing of things we want, even of things we think we need. We must be willing to release the death grip which we have on things, which have become as a security blanket in our lives. Count the many hundreds of needed missionary couples who would be serving in the field if that firm grip on the familiarities of home and of children and grandchildren could be loosened. The Lord is prepared to perform the miracle that will follow, which miracle is that both they and you will survive, even grow, with an eighteen-month separation. We must learn to pray with meaning, Not my will, but Thy will be done. When you are able to do this, his whisperings to you will be loud and clear. The Prophet Joseph Smith, after five months of extreme suffering in the dungeon of Liberty Jail, experienced it, and he said, When the heart is sufficiently contrite, then the voice of inspiration steals along and whispers, My son, peace be unto thy soul. ( History of the Church, 3:293; italics added.) Hearing aid number 3 has to do with the scriptures. In the Doctrine and Covenants the Lord tells us that he speaks to us through the scriptures. Of course, just reading words without our minds being centered on the message is not really listening. In section 18 we read: And I, Jesus Christ, your Lord and your God, have spoken it. These words are not of men nor of man, but of me; wherefore, you shall testify they are of me and not of man: For it is my voice which speaketh them unto you; for they are given by my Spirit unto you, Wherefore, you can testify that you have heard my voice, and know my words. ( D&C 18:3336.) And thus, what to many seems to be the monologue of prayer actually becomes a dialogue with God as we immerse ourselves in the scriptures. As it was with Elijah, so it is today. God is not in the earthquake, nor in the winds and fires of war, but he speaks to us in a voice that is small. With President Kimball, I, too, testify that it is this constant flow of revealed communication which continues to direct this church through our prophet, Ezra Taft Benson, and through his counselors, and through the Twelve Apostles. It comes to the Seventy and to the Presiding Bishopric. It comes to the stake presidents, and to the bishops and to the quorum and Church officers throughout the world. It speaks to our missionaries; it comes to heads of families. I further witness that this still, small voice is speaking personally to you. Please be still and listen! The Psalmist said, Be still, and know that I am God. ( Ps. 46:10.) I know that he lives. He loves you. He wants you to follow him, and to follow him not because of any spectacular showmanship on his part, but simply because you love him simply! I bear my solemn witness that he lives and is near you, and that we are being led by his living prophet in these last days. All of which I do in the holy name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.

D&C LESSON 6 OUTLINE Last week we discussed revelationwhy we need it and how to prepare to receive it. This week lesson 6 concentrates on how to recognize that we are indeed receiving revelation as opposed to it being a product of our imagination. I really want this to be a practical, useful discussion, so I hope each of you will ask whatever questions may come up for you, and add any insight you might have from your own experiences. Receiving revelation is a learned skill, and each of us can and must make the effort to develop it! Lets read the first quotation on the handout: Quotation #1 Now, for those of us who tend to believe its possible for others, but doubt ourselves for whatever reason, Joseph Smith had this to say: Quotation #2 So weve established that we need the gift of revelation, and that each of us is capable of developing it. Now what? Last week we didnt get very far in talking about what to do to prepare to receive revelation. We talked about faith. Faith is necessary. ~What are the two components of faith? (belief and action. As James said, Faith without works is dead. see James 2:20) ~Does our attitude or mind-set also matter? Quotation #3 ~So what must we do if were in transgression or angry? (repent!) I love these two very down-to-earth examples given by David Whitmer: Quotation #4 Notice that it wasnt a long, drawn out repentance. Joseph didnt flog himself with a cat-o-nine tails, or bemoan his imperfection and unworthiness as some of us are wont to do. He recognized his mistakes, made things right, and moved forward. Moroni 8:26 Besides faith, repentance and obedience, there are some other things we can do to facilitate revelation. [Ear Trumpet] Quotation #s 5 & 6 2 Nephi 32:3 Quotation #7 ~Any ideas on how we can create a reverent atmosphere in our hectic lives? Quotation #8 The sons of Mosiah gave us another key: Alma 17:3 ~Anyone have any other ideas on how to prepare to receive revelation?

Now lets get to the nitty gritty of how revelation is received, shall we?! We talked a bit about D&C 9 last week. ~What did the Lord tell Oliver Cowdery about what he would feel if the translation was correct? (burning in the bosom, D&C 9:8) Quotation #s 9 & 10 For me, that feeling of peace is key. Lets go to: D&C 11:12 ~What other feelings, besides peace, does the Spirit generate? (desire to do good, be humble, merciful, kind) And lets read the next verse, also: D&C 11:13 Joseph taught: When you feel pure intelligence flowing into you, it may give you sudden strokes of ideas (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 151) ~And how do we know its the Spirit and not just our own imagination? (after enlighten your mind the Lord adds the phrase, which shall fill your soul with joy.) D&C 8:2-3 Elder Richard G. Scott talks about this: Quotation #11 ~Are there visions, dreams, visitations, and so forth? Quotation #s 12 & 13 Now What about those times when we have fasted and prayed and cried and done all we know how to do, and still receive no answer. What then? Quotation 3s 14 & 15 Now, I know weve been discussing the most common, daily revelation we can receive as being through the still, small voice, through feelings and impressions. Id like to give one of those exceptional examples of revelationjust to remind us that revelation can be very specificthat God has not changed since Old Testament times. Quotation #16 ~What is the key to such revelation? (see 4th paragraph: faith) Let me end with a quote by Joseph Smith, who appeared to Brigham young in a dream with a message for the saints: Quotation #17 Now, we know we live in troubled times. President Packer, an Apostle for our day, gives us the key to enduring our times: Quotation #18 That we may rejoice and not fear is my prayer...