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JUNE 2013 • Volume 9, Number 6
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East Calhoun residents enjoy the Lake Calhoun
Ice-Out Plunge on May 3. (Photo by Courtney
Kiernat) (See more events on page 11)
Your Community-Supported News Source • Covering the Uptown AreA and the Neighborhoods of CARAG and ECCO
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Trained In History?
By Gary Farland
After an emotion-packed day of
balloting, the 10th Ward DFL
nominated Lisa Peterson Bender
for the City Council seat cur-
rently held by Meg Tuthill. The
convention occured April 27 at
Jefferson Community School.
Five ballots and a voice vote at
the end were necessary for Bend-
10th Ward DFL Nominates Lisa Bender
By Sarah Sponheim
A study by Barr Engineering Co., paid for by the City of Minneap-
olis and delivered this April, sheds light on the illegal discharge of
groundwater from 1800 West Lake Street, a mixed-use apartment
building on the corner of West Lake Street and Knox Avenue South,
through the City’s stormwater system into the Lagoon. According to
a draft of the report from Barr, the floor of the building’s lower park-
ing level lies at 846.5 feet above sea level. The ground water eleva-
tion at the site fluctuates between 848 and 854 feet above sea level.
Ground water must therefore be pumped away from the property
continuously in order to keep the parking garage dry. Barr engineers
Study Discloses
Underground Violation
By Bruce Cochran
Ask yourself if you
ever got an ‘intro-
duction’ phone call
to a…phone call.
If you did, it was
probably important.
Well, that’s exactly
what happened to
East Calhoun resi-
dent Jack Jablonski.
He was hanging out
watching a hockey
game on TV and got
a call from a former
hockey teammate,
Chase Jungels.
Chase called Jack
the night of May
7 to let him know
he’d be getting a
call from the Chi-
cago Steel Hockey
Radiating Eligibility
Chicago Steel drafts inspirational Jablonski
istered delegates. The first ballot
rather evenly divided the votes
among the four contenders, with
Bender at 28 percent, Tuthill at
25 percent, Kendall Killian at 32
percent, and Ken Bradley at 15
percent. The second ballot was
Bender at 29 percent, Tuthill at
27 percent, Killian at 34 percent,
and Bradley dropping to 9 per-
cent. (Numbers rounded to near-
est percentage.)
Because the drop rule said that
a candidate would be dropped if
he/she obtains less than 10 per-
cent of the votes, Bradley was
dropped out of the third bal-
lot. In that ballot, Bender got
37 percent, Tuthill 28 percent,
and Killian 35 percent. These
numbers held for the fourth bal-
lot, with Bender at 37 percent,
Tuthill at 28 percent, and Killian
at 34 percent.
The drop rule then dropped
Tuthill, the third-placed can-
This view looking northwest shows 1800 Hennepin and the Lagoon roughly
300 feet behind the trees on the left. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
Lisa Bender speaks at the 10th Ward DFL Convention. To her left is Ken Brad-
ley, Met Tuthill and Kendal Killian, (out of frame). (Photo by StuartWainstock.com)
By Melissa Slachetka
Briefly stated, a suspected bur-
glar, whom police wanted to
question, led a massive chase
via vehicle and then on foot
through Uptown. This flee-
ing suspect then broke into a
different resident’s home, that
resident called 911, which
then led to two officers being
shot (non-lethal wounds).
The suspect was lethally shot
as a result of that altercation.
Police were called out in force
to apprehend the fleeing sus-
pect, and an unsettling acci-
dent involving a police car
and a motorcycle happened at
a nearby intersection. What
really happened is still being
worked out, but here is the
latest official release from the
Minneapolis Police Depart-
ment (MPD).
MPD Statement from May 11
“Shooting: Preliminary indications are that the
suspect was involved in an intense physical alter-
cation with officers, including a K9. At some
point during the altercation the suspect tried
to gain control of an officer’s firearm, which is
an MP5. Shots were fired during the struggle.
Exactly who fired and how many times has not
yet been determined. Autopsy results from the
Hennepin County Medical Examiner are still
pending as are forensics tests from evidence
recovered in this case. Both are critical in helping
our investigators gain a complete and accurate
picture of what transpired yesterday afternoon.
Traffic Fatality: Initial reports from independent
witness accounts, accident reconstruction, and
video review show that the involved squad was
er to obtain the nomination. To
date, Tuthill has not said with
certainty whether she will run in
the November 5 election. That
election will be ranked choice
voting so there is no primary.
Both the East Calhoun and
CARAG neighborhoods are in
Ward 10.
The voting began with 422 reg-
Tragedy Strikes Twice In Uptown Pursuit
Police Shooting and Motorcycle Collision Investigation
travelling well below the posted speed limit as
it approached the intersection and at the time
of impact. It is clear from video evidence that
the motorcycle struck the rear passenger side
of the squad car as it proceeded through the
intersection with red lights and siren both
Comments for Chief Harteau: ‘We are doing
our best to be transparent and share informa-
tion as quickly as possible, and I ask for the
public’s patience in allowing us the necessary
time to thoroughly review and investigate. We
owe it to everyone involved and the general
public to be thorough and disclose the facts
as we get them, and not simply respond to
speculation. We have teams working around
the clock and I have the utmost confidence in
Media and residents gathered at 27th St. and Bryant Ave. during the
May 10 shooting incident. (Photo by StuartWainstock.com)
Jack Jablonski (at right) with Davis Drewiske (also
and East Calhoun resident) holding the Stanley
Cup. The photo was taken last summer when Davis
was with the LA Kings, 2012 Stanley Cup Champi-
ons. Davis now plays for Montreal.
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TRagEDy page 7
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VIOLaTION page 9

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By Dr. Liz Vogt
Transformational things that
happen when we ‘play well with
others’: Our brains work better.
Our stress is lifted. We learn new
skills. Our depression gets light-
er. We feel more connected to our
loved ones. We see creative solu-
tions to old problems. And yet,
‘play’ gets queued somewhere
between ‘buying new jeans’ and
‘having a snack’.
As a therapist who works with
kids, teens, and young adults, I
often explain to parents, couples,
and single adults that play is not
frivolous or inconsequential. It
is most certainly the language
of children, but it is also a criti-
cal part of all relationships. It is
out of a place of shared interest
and joy that we form our deepest
bonds that in turn form relation-
ships, families, and communities.
This matters for everyone.
The obstacles I see most often in
people’s lives involve monotony,
time management, and finances.
Many parents have been relieved
to hear it is so much better to
give your child 40 minutes of
focused time when they can be
emotionally present and focused
(read: Turn off your phone.) than
The second point is hopefully
inspirational. Not sure what to
do together? Well, television
only hits two of the five senses;
you can do better. Plan a menu
and cook something, create
something, see something new,
go for a walk. The MIA is always
free, and the Walker is free often
enough. Better yet, walk to the
Walker, stop off at any of the
great cafes on Hennepin for a
treat, and sketch your favorite
pieces from memory. That’s five
out of five senses
plus nature and
physical activity, it
works for almost
all ages, and you’ll
probably get some
laughter in there
as well. Imagine
what your brain
will do with that.
Speaking of the
brain, creativity is
what primes the
pump for new
thoughts and feel-
ings. Doing some-
thing unexpected
or for the first time
actually causes
something to
physically happen
in your brain. It
makes connections
between thoughts
and might even
bring clarity to old
Try setting a goal
of having intentional play at least
once per week. Make it a chal-
lenge to incorporate your senses,
nature, and movement. Your
relationships (and your brain)
will thank you.
Dr. Liz Vogt is a clinical psy-
chologist who lives and works
in CARAG. She sees kids, teens,
and young adults, and specializes
in anxiety, autism, and personal
growth. She also coaches parents in
creative play.
ThE UpTowN
Neighborhood News
Bremer Bank
Brueggers Bagels
Bryant Square Park
cheapo Records
chiang Mai Thai
common Roots cafe
Dunn Bros
(hennepin & 34th)
Dunn Bros
(Lake & Bryant)
Falafel King
Famous Dave’s BBQ
gigi’s café
health Resource center
Isles Bun & coffee
It’s greek to Me
Joyce Food Shelf
Joyce United
Methodist church
Kowalski’s Market
Magers & Quinn
Lagoon Theatre
Parents automotive
Pizza Luce
Rainbow Foods
Sebastian Joe’s
Ice cream cafe
Southwest Senior center
Spyhouse coffee Shop
Uptown Diner
Tea garden
Treetops at calhoun
Vail Place
Walker Place
The Wedge co-op
yWca (Uptown)
The Value Of Play
By Melissa Slachetka
“Thanks to all the writers, read-
ers, and neighbors in Uptown for
making my last year as Editor
of the Uptown Neighborhood
News a success!”
to slip into trying to entertain
them for hours on end. Thank-
fully, really good play is almost
always free or low-cost, though
it sometimes takes a little more
planning. As for monotony, it is
easy to dread playing Candyland
for 2 hours, and while a glass
of wine is a lovely thing, if that
is our only way of shifting our
thoughts away from work and
relieving tension,
we’re in a bit of a
Here are some hall-
marks of good play:
1) the people doing
the play are into it
and it makes them
feel something, 2)
it involves as many
of the 5 senses as
possible, including
a little nature and
physical activity for
good measure, and
3), it is creative.
Emotion is one of
the primary orga-
nizers of the brain.
Think of your
strongest memo-
ries: they almost
always are associ-
ated with a positive
or negative emo-
tional experience.
Even memories
associated with
smells are rooted in emotion.
Whether or not you enjoy the
smell of snickerdoodles that hap-
pens to remind you of Grandma
is undoubtedly connected to
how you felt about her. One of
the side benefits of play is that
it facilitates great memories that
increase our bonds with our
loved ones, which promotes rela-
tional resilience and the ability
to weather harder times in the
future. All relationships need the
glue of play.
or for the first
time actually
to physically
happen in
your brain.”
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didate, on the fifth ballot. Her
supporters then voted for no
endorsement, with that getting
28 percent of the votes. Bender
got 39 percent and Killian got 32
After the fifth ballot, the rules
said that a motion for no endorse-
ment was in order. However,
Killian then came forward and
withdrew, throwing his support
to Bender. He said that a change
of leadership was necessary. The
chair, Rick Stafford, then called
for a voice vote and an obvious
great majority enthusiastically
endorsed Bender.
During the balloting the 3rd
Precinct, which is all of East
Calhoun, stayed heavily in sup-
port of Tuthill. This included
the vote for no endorsement on
the fifth ballot. However, some
support did swing to Bender
once CARAG resident Bradley
was dropped. The CARAG 4th
Precinct spread its votes pretty
evenly among the candidates,
but the CARAG 6th Precinct
voted heavily for both Bender
and Killian.
In addition to Tuthill, several
other DFL incumbents were
denied endorsement. In the 3rd
Ward Council Member Diane
Hofstede lost to Jacob Frey,
and in the 6th Ward Council
Riders tested their coordination and balance in the Slow Race. The Nice
Ride sponsored event was part of the ECCO Bike Festival at St. Mary’s Greet
Orthodox Church on May 11. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
ECCO Bike Fest
Member Robert Lilligren lost to
Abdi Warsame. In the 12 Ward
Council Member Sandy Colvin
Roy was denied endorsement
and there was no endorsement.
There will be other changes to
the council caused by three City
Council members vacating their
seats to run for mayor. In the 9th
Ward Alondra Cano was nomi-
nated by the DFL to replace
Gary Shiff, in the 13th Ward
Linea Palmisano was nominated
to replace Betsy Hodges, and the
5th Ward DFL will be replacing
Don Samuels.
The 5th Congressional District
Green Party met February 17
and nominated Annie Young
for Park Board at-large, incum-
bent Cam Gordon for 2nd Ward
City Council, and newcomer Ty
Moore for the 9th Ward seat.
The Minneapolis Republican
Party has not endorsed any City
Council candidates yet, but the
Minneapolis City Republican
Party did endorse independent
candidate Cam Winton.
For the DFL the next big event
is the city convention to be held
June 15 at the Minneapolis Con-
vention Center. There will be
races for mayor, Board of Esti-
mate and Taxation (2 seats), Park
and Recreation commissioner
at-large (3 seats), and the Park
and Recreation commissioners
for the six districts. At present
the Minneapolis DFL lists seven
candidates for the DFL mayor
endorsement. In the Park Board
4th District (East Calhoun) the
incumbent Anita Tabb is so far
unopposed for the DFL endorse-
ment, but in the Sixth District
(CARAG) the incumbent Brad
Bourn is being opposed by Josh
The filing for elections occurs
July 30 to August 13, and so
more candidates may appear.
Because of the ranked choice vot-
ing and no primary a number of
candidates might be on the ballot
with the Democratic-Farmer-
Labor identification. Candidates
will not be allowed to indicate
whether they are endorsed.
Gary Farland is a resident of the
East Calhoun Neighborhood.
Tuthill delegate questions process
By Bruce Cochran
Just 11 days after Lisa Bender received the 10th Ward DFL endorse-
ment from the April 27 convention, a Tuthill delegate, Allison Rubin
submitted a challenge to the Minneapolis DFL Chair, Dan McCon-
nell. It represented the only challenge to the convention at that time.
At the heart of Rubin’s contention is that support of a candidate
doesn’t mean that candidate is allowed proxy over your vote. In other
words after the fifth vote when candidate Killian voiced support for
Bender during the convention, Rubin maintains, that the action was
“inappropriate and contrary to DFL rules and the whole endorse-
ment voting process.”
Rubin goes on to explain that the process to move forward with voice
acclimation for a final endorsement was never formally agreed upon.
And she also questioned whether the voice vote was really a major-
ity–the 60 percent required for endorsement.
During those final moments of the convention, Rick Stafford, 10th
Ward DFL Chair was presiding along with Co-Chair Linda Higgins.
In a phone interview Stafford confirms that candidates are allowed to
endorse other candidates during the convention and Killian’s state-
ment doing so is “nothing new.”
After that statement Stafford confirmed that without Killian there
was no longer a contest for the 10th Ward, (Tuthill’s delegates called
for “No Endorsement”). He then called for a voice vote on the Bend-
er endorsement. Consulting with Higgins, they agreed that not only
audience voices, but faces indicated well more than 60 percent sup-
port for the endorsement motion. Adding, that ‘after years of expe-
rience he has learned to read people’s faces as well as listen to their
voices’, for signs of support.
In addition, according to Stafford, delegates are allowed to call for
“Division” after the vote to contest the understanding or the outcome
of the vote. One delegate did approach him but when asked for a re-
vote the delegate declined.
And although the Rubin challenge was submitted shortly after the
April 27 Convention, 11 days had already passed. According the Min-
nesota DFL Challenge Rules “All challenges must be received within
10 calendar days after the date the challenged action occured.” On
May 23 McConnell’s office denied the challenge based on late submis-
sion date but told Rubin that they “will definately follow up with the
chair of your convention.”
As the UNN went to press Meg Tuthill was still undecided in her
decision to continue her campaign.
BENDER from 1

Uptown neighborhood news JUNE 2013 www.scribd.com/UptownNews
crime & safety
Chelsea Adams, Crime prevention Specialist
612.673.2819 or Chelsea.Adams@ci.minneapolis.mn.us
5th Precinct: Sectors 1&2: (Uptown)
crimes By Location April 23 - May 20
“Burglary residential” includes
garages, attached or unattached, and
may include unlocked or open doors.
Robbery Business
Robbery Person
*Sound of Shots Fired
Theft from Motor Vehicle
Aggravated Assaults
Auto Theft
Burglary Business
Burglary Residential
Domestic Aggr. Assault
Larceny (Other Theft)
Narcotics Arrest
*ShotSpotter detects gunshots using multiple
sensors, triangulates the position of the gunshot
with great accuracy, and immediately alerts 911
operators, who can quickly dispatch police.
On April 29 a call came in to the Minneapolis Fire Dept. at 12:08 pm for a
fire in the Wedge neighborhood. The MFD responded to the second floor
of 2416 Bryant Ave. S., extinguished the fire, and left the scene at 3:47
pm. The house is located adjacent to Council Member Meg Tuthill’s home.
According to the Minneapolis Arson Unit, the cause of the fire was undeter-
mined when the UNN went to press. (Photo by Curt Kuhlberg)
Art, music, bikes, and a giant catapult
By Jackie Blair, Midtown Greenway Coalition
Looking for a fun event where you can be outside on a warm sum-
mer night, ride a bike, watch and participate in art, and munch on
some great food? Look no further!
Join us for the second annual Greenway Glow: Illuminated Art
Festival and Night Bike Ride on June 22. The Greenway Glow is
two events in one: a free art festival and a fundraising bike ride. All
money raised will be used to protect and enhance the Midtown Gre-
enway. Riders will enjoy free food from Bar Louie, drinks from New
Belgium Brewing, glow-in-the-dark t-shirts and much more!
If you’re not interested in the bike ride, please join us for the free art
festival on the Greenway, starting at 6:00pm and lasting until mid-
night. There will be something for everyone, including live music, 3-
minute plays, mobile karaoke, and even a giant catapult that launches
magnetic LED lights onto a metal target.
To register for the fundraising bike ride, simply go to www.green-
wayglow.kintera.org. Registration for the bike ride is $25 by June 3
($30 after or at the event), and adult riders must also raise at least $75
in pledges for the Greenway (youth under 18 are not required to raise
The art festival is free, with no registration required. A full schedule
and more information will be posted to midtowngreenway.org. See
you on June 22!
Enjoying the Greenway. (Photo courtesy of Jackie Blair, Midtown Greenway Coalition)
greenway glow To
Light Up The greenway
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. www.scribd.com/UptownNews
Thanks to Dunn Bros owner, Sanjeev Azad, Nice Ride has arrived in East Cal-
houn at 34th St. and Hennepin Ave. Azad agreed to forgo 2 parking spots for
the bike station. (Photo by Monica Smith)
images of uptown
Ducati and Motoprimo educate passersby at the Urban Riders Rally outside
Calhoun Square on May 19. (Photo by Melissa Slachetka)
Motorcycles get free parking behind Famous Dave’s during the Urban Riders Rally. (Photo by Melissa Slachetka)
Artistic Director and Master Printer, Cole Rogers, explains different printmaking techniques at Uptown Association’s
Showcase of Highpoint Center for Printmaking on May 9. (Photo by Melissa Slachetka)
CARAG residents, Brad and Max Ehalt, participating in Kenwood’s Bike or
Walk to School event last month. (Photo by Nicole Valentine)
Members of the Student Council and Junior Girl Scouts from Kenwood
show off the items collected as part of their drive to help the homeless. The
donations will go to People Serving People and Simpson Housing Services. (Photo
by Nicole Valentine)
Highpoint Volunteers help guests make prints at Uptown Association’s Showcase event. (Photo by Melissa Slachetka)
A Red Breasted Merganser had a good day fishing on Lake Calhoun. (Photo by Eileen Sabes)
A migrating Gull at Lake Calhoun. (Photo by Eileen Sabes)
Our neighborhood Great Horned
Owl near Lake Calhoun. (Photo by Eileen

Uptown neighborhood news JUNE 2013 www.scribd.com/UptownNews
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visit, relax
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know your
neighbors, it is never
too late to start!
June Business
Celebrate your neighborhood by biking, strolling,
skating, playing and creating a car-free, fun-filled street.
Join us on South Lyndale Ave between 22nd and 42nd Streets
BEST O F 2 0 1 1
BEST O F 2 0 1 1
Shack attack!
FoodTruck Fair Returns on June 30
The second annual Minnesota FoodTruck Fair will be held on June 30 in Uptown. The Lake
Street and Hennepin Avenue event will be showcasing the superstars of the streets-local food
truck vendors from around the metro area. Browse and indulge in the array of craft beer stands
and get in on the hoppy action. Your taste buds called–they want you at this event. For updates
and more information see www.mnfoodtruckfair.com.
To be located between Baystreet Shoes and iDo children’s clothing, Knights
Chamber Clothiers is opening in Calhoun Square on Sept. 1. Originally
from St. Cloud, this will be the third store that owner Mike Bitzan has opened
in Minnesota. Specializing in men’s suits and accoutrements, the store will
offer quantity discounts to wedding parties. Pictured above are members of
the family business (left to right): Mike Haney, Chris Bitzen (future Uptown
manager and son of Mike), Mike Bitzan (owner of St. Cloud & Uptown), Tony
Cooper (Manager of St. Cloud. & son in law of Mike), Garrett Knettel. (Photo
by Bruce Cochran)
See Eyewear, headquartered in Southfield, Michigan is moving into
3032 Hennepin Avenue. After a six step smoke abatement process from
the previous tobacco shop tenant, the business is estimated to be open in
late June. With 28 stores in 12 states, See specializes in “Perfection…from
the most innovative fashion frame makers in the universe – edited for you at
‘fashionomically correct’ prices.” (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
iDo is now open in Calhoun Square on the first floor. The only store in
the Square with a toddler play area, iDo says it sells quality Italian-made kids
clothes while keeping consumers, employees, and the environment in mind.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
Heyday restaurant is planning on opening at the end of the year at 2700
Lyndale Ave. Occupying both the former Sunnyside Cafe and Coin Laundry
spots, the fine dining restaurant will also include a casual bar space. The site
was previously under discussions for a proposed Trader Joe’s grocery which
eventually was denied by the City Council. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)
The Roundtable
Toddlers Unite
Hey Fever
BIG Summer Sale during Open
Streets on June 23rd
Summer Hours: Tues - Thurs 12pm - 7pm
Friday - Sat 11am - 8pm; Sun 11am - 4pm
Phone: 612-886-1247
Email: regladeoro@mac.com
Web: www.regladeoro.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/regladeoro
Twitter: www.twitter.com/regladeoro
Regla De Oro (Spanish - Golden Rule):
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Haz a los otros lo que deseas que ellos te hagan a ti
D Love, Appreciate & Advocate Art E
2743 Lyndale Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
JUNE 2013 Uptown neighborhood news

7 . www.scribd.com/UptownNews
Everyone We|come, Every Doy.
2105 Lyndo|e Ave Soutb
Minneopo|is, MN 55405
Mon-Fri: 9om -10pm
Sot & Sun: 9om - 9pm
www.wedge.coop ó12.871.3993
Everyone We|come, Every Doy.
the Uptown neighborhood news
If We Were Any More Local We’d Be Sitting On You.
Your Local Advertising Connection
Jeaneen gauthier | 612.871.2772 | lnn@jeaneengauthier.com
Tip# 29:
“Never Miss
an Opportunity
to Connect
with the
Meet the newest member of our team:
Jeaneen gauthier, Ad representative
(Jeaneen joins Susan hagler in
representing Unn ad sales)
Team. He thought it was odd but
Chase said “You’re gonna wanna
answer that phone.” Jack went
back to watching the game and
waited for the call. But the call
never came…or so he thought.
You see Jack forgot to turn his
ringer on. He was a little focused
on the hockey game. (Keep
in mind that Jack’s been skat-
ing since he was three and has
played organized hockey since
the age of seven.) After realizing
his cell was set to vibrate he saw
the missed call and immediately
called the team back. The Steel
told him they were selecting him
in there last round draft pick of
the 2013-2014 USHL draft.
The day before, Jack tweeted
tongue-in-cheek that he was still
“eligible for a draft pick.” But
the Benilde-St. Margaret High
School junior suffered spinal
cord damage during a Decem-
ber 2011 hockey game. He is
currently paralyzed from the
chest down. So he didn’t really
expect a response to his tweet.
Later that night, after the draft
he tweeted that this was his “best
night ever.”
their ability and integrity to be
thorough addressing even the
smallest detail,’ said Chief Har-
Status of Officers and female
motorcycle passenger: ‘All 3
remain in satisfactory condition
at HCMC. I spent time with
the officers, the injured motor-
cyclist and their families again
last night. We ask that you keep
them and their families in your
prayers. Also, I extend my deep-
est sympathies to the family and
friends of the individual who lost
his life yesterday in the motor-
cycle/squad car collision. This
is a tragic accident for everyone
involved,’ said Chief Harteau.
Names and information of MPD
officers that were shot: The two
Minneapolis Police Officers that
were shot yesterday are Offi-
cer Michael Meath and Officer
Ricardo Muro.”
MPD Statement from May 14,
which is the most current at time
of UNN press:
“Shooting: Barring any unfore-
seen issues, the MPD plans to
interview the 2 injured involved
officers next week. Witnesses
continue to be identified and
interviewed. Evidence from the
scene has been sent to the BCA
for DNA. All DNA from every
case that the Minneapolis Police
Department investigates is ana-
lyzed at BCA. DNA results typi-
cally take between 4 to 8 weeks
but the MPD has requested this
be expedited. Ballistics and other
forensics evidence is being exam-
ined and analyzed by the MPD
Crime Lab. Ballistics on average
takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete.
Traffic Fatality: As of late
Thursday, all interviews have
been completed, including the
officer driving the squad car that
was struck by the motorcyclist.
The Chicago Steel is a United
States Hockey League (USHL)
team. According to their web-
site their mission is “to develop
young men and prepare them
for life. The Steel provide the
resources for each individual to
develop their skill and help them
achieve their ultimate goal of a
Division I college scholarship.”
Asked if he wanted to commu-
nicate anything to the Uptown
community, Jack said that he
“would like to thank everyone
for their support.”
Jack continues his work in the
Courage Center ABLE (Activ-
ity-Based Locomotor Exercise)
program that uses physical ther-
apy to help with his rehabilita-
tion. In 2012 he won the Courage
in Sports Award, given to an
athlete who shows courage in
overcoming adversity to excel in
sports. To find out more about
the Jack Jablonski’s BEL13VE in
Miracles Foundation please see
Congratulations Jack!
Bruce Cochran is Art Director and
in charge of Production for the
Uptown Neighborhood News and
lives in CARAG.
RaDIaTINg from 1
TRagEDy from 1
1350 Lagoon Avenue, Suite 900, Minneapolis, MN 55408
612.735.6834 | Mike@MikeWeiland.com
Uptown Real Estate
R E p o R t
Why Are Many Homes Selling So Fast?
Mike Weiland & Elke Stephan are co-own-
ers of The Weiland Group of Keller Williams
Realty here in Uptown. Together they have
over 18 years of experience helping people
with their real estate needs. Use our con-
tact information below if you’d like to send
us your questions or if you’d like to explore
working with us.
Our market is experiencing more demand
for houses. Why is this happening?
Consider the following information:
• Bank owned inventories (foreclosures)
are declining.
• Fewer homeowners are experiencing
fnancial hardship.
• Recent real estate and lending market
conditions have inhibited many people’s
ability to sell their current home and
purchase another.
• Mortgage interest rates have been low for
an extended period and no one is sure
how long the current rates will last.
Our rapidly appreciating market is causing
many to question whether we will be
repeating the same mistakes from the not
so distant past. However, key distinctions
can be made:
• We are coming out of a market that has
depreciated by approximately 30% and
buyers are confdent they are obtaining
good property values on their purchases.
• There have been changes made in the
appraisal process to protect property
values from artifcial value infation.
• Larger down payments, as well as strong
credit scores and documentable income
& assets are now required for loan
We will continue to monitor activity and
participate in our neighborhood real estate
market. We look forward to sharing the
latest real estate information with you.
(paid advertisement)
The Minnesota State Patrol is
handling the Reconstruction.
The officer who was driving
the squad car involved is Officer
Joshua Young.”
Uptown is a densely-populated
urban area, especially on the
weekends, and when things go
wrong innocent people can get
hurt. Final conclusions are still
up in the air, but we do know
some incredibly tragic events
happened on May 10.

Uptown neighborhood news JUNE 2013 www.scribd.com/UptownNews
Calhoun Area Residents Action Group CARAG report

Lake St.
36th St.


The CARAG Board
meets the third
Tuesday of each
month, 7 pm
at Bryant Park
Community Center,
31st and Bryant.
All CARAG residents
are welcome and
urged to attend.
Calhoun Area Residents Action
Group (CARAG), Monthly Neigh-
borhood Meeting Minutes, May 21,
2013. DRAFT: Subject to approval at
the June 2013 CARAG Meeting. Min-
utes recorded and submitted by Carol
Board Members Attending: Diana
Boegemann, Carol Bouska, Kyle
Burrows, Jason Lord, Maura Lynch,
Nancy Riestenberg, Samantha
Strong, and Patrick Tillisch. Excused
Absence: Jay Lindrgen.
Introductions: Diana
The meeting was called to order at
7:08pm. Board Members and attend-
ees were introduced.
agenda & Minutes
Motion, Seconded to approve the
agenda. Approved.
Motion, Seconded to approve the
April 16 CARAG Neighborhood
Meeting minutes. Approved.
Bryant Square Park (BSP)
Update: Julie Sandin
Summer park hours start on May 27.
Park pools open June 1.
BSP concerts begin on June 4 at the
BSP Concert Kick Off event and
run through August 22. Live music
is every Tuesday & Thursday from
The Bikes to Books and youth soc-
cer basics summer program registra-
tion has begun.
BSP will again offer a free afternoon
snack and evening meal for youth 0-
18 this summer.
Register online at minneapolisparks.
org or at the BSP front desk, 612-
370-4907, for any of the mentioned
city council Update:
Lesley Foreman, 10th Ward
Policy aide
Detailed plans are being firmed
up for the West 36th Street Bicycle
Track and West 31st Street Pedes-
trian Improvements projects.
A free bicycle registration program
is now offered by MPD through 311.
Residents are encouraged to register
their bikes to help the police return
stolen bikes.
The 10th Ward Office has hired an
intern this summer to get owners of
properties with four or more units
to offer or increase recycling in their
caRag Board Vacancy:
Diana Boegemann
Patrick Tillisch announced in April
that he must resign his Board seat
because he is moving to Montana
for law school. Michelle Beaulieu
expressed interest in filling the
vacant seat to the end of the term in
September. She is a renter, St. Paul
city planner and used to work for
the Midtown Greenway Coalition.
Motion, seconded to appoint Beau-
lieu to the vacant CARAG Board
position. Approved.
aldrich arts collaborative
Mural Project: Megan Patry
Patry is coordinating the creation
of a garden mural to be installed at
Aldrich Church. The mural project
is funded through a MRAC grant
and matching fundraised money.
Artist Greta McLain will lead a
series of art classes for youth (ages
11 to 18) on Monday or Tuesday
evenings, July 8 to 30 at Bryant
Square Park. The youth will create
the mural and learn art techniques
as well as hearing from speakers
on environmental topics. Get more
information and/or register at ald-
Motion, seconded to contribute $500
from the CARAG NRP graffiti pre-
vention fund to the AAC garden
mural project. Approved.
NRP Updates: carol Bouska
and Scott Engel
Low interest loans to make exterior
home improvements remain avail-
able. Check out www.ceemn.org for
more info.
Earth Day Clean Up: The resched-
uled event took place on May 11
with neighbors picking up litter
and stenciling 57 storm drains in
CARAG with the message “Do Not
Dump – Drains to Lake. If you are
interested in doing a storm drain
stenciling, contact Lane Christensen
for stencil kits at 612-673-2522. This
is a fun project for youth and there
are still many drains in CARAG to
Several CARAG events are coming
up in June:
CARAG Plant Swap on June 1.
Bryant Square Park Concert Series
Kick Off on June 4.
CARAG Garden Tour on June 22,
24, and 26.
The Green Team is proposing to
organize litter pick-ups, a public
education campaign, and sponsoring
trash containers. Motion, seconded
to approve the Clean Neighborhood
Scope of Services allocating $1,000
in NRP funds. Approved.
Engel proposed re-establishing a
program that provides funding to
support block club activities that
ended in 2011. Motion, seconded to
approve the Block Club Activities
Scope of Services allocating $5,000
Volunteers celebrated the 13th annual Midtown Community Works
Arbor Day on the Midtown Greenway by volunteering to plant trees and
shrubs between Hennepin and Humboldt Avenues on the north side of the
Greenway. Tree Trust staff, Master Gardeners and Tree Care Advisors were
on hand to provide education, as well as plant maintenance that will ensure
strong growth. More info at www.TreeTrust.org. (Photo courtesy of TreeTrust.org)
Greenway Arbor Day
CARAG | 3612 Bryant Avenue S | Minneapolis, MN 55409 | www.carag.org | carag@carag.org | 612.823.2520
Join the CARAG E-update at www.carag.org to receive emails about CARAG activities and events.
On the
•W. 31st
•City Council
Meg Tuthill
•NRP Project
Tuesday, June 18 at 7pm
Bryant Square Park (3101 Bryant Ave S)
CARAG Plant Swap
Saturday, June 1
Bryant Square Park
parking lot
Need more plants for your yard?
Don’t go out and buy all new plants!
Got too many hostas or prairie
grasses taking over your yard?
Don’t throw them in the trash!
Come exchange plants and meet
other garden enthusiasts. This swap
is for both perennials and annuals.
Well-established, of good size plants
are preferred. Please mark all plants
with the plant name & sun preference.
Bryant Square
Park Concert
Series Kickoff
Tuesday, June 4
The BSP Outdoor
• Live Music from
“The Legendary
Percolators Band”
• Popcorn & Root
Beer Floats
• Meet Your
16th Annual CARAG
Garden Tour
Saturday, June 22, 10:00am
Monday, June 24, 6:30pm
Wednesday, June 26, 6:30pm
Have you ever wanted a peek at your
neighbor’s fabulous backyard garden?
Here’s your chance to get a closer
view! Join other CARAG garden and
landscape lovers on a walking tour of
more than twenty yards throughout
the neighborhood. Each tour date
features different yards.
To show your yard or for more
information call Margaret McGlynn at
822-9548. More tour info coming to
caRag page 9
JUNE 2013 Uptown neighborhood news

. www.scribd.com/UptownNews
Short Redhead Reel Reviews
Rating Legend: (4=Don’t miss, 3=Good, 2=Worth a look,
1=Forget it) www.shortredheadreelreviews.com
“Fill the Void” (Pg) (3)
[Opens June 7] [Mild thematic
elements, brief smoking] [Sub-
titled]— After the sudden,
tragic death of her 28-year-
old, 9-months pregnant sister
(Renana Raz) and the birth of
her healthy boy in this low-key,
heartbreaking, 90-minute, 2012
film, an 18-year-old Israeli Jew-
ish girl (Hadas Yaron) becomes
confused and torn when she
is pressured by her distraught
ultra-Orthodox Hasidic mother
(Irit Sheleg) to marry her sister’s
grieving husband (Yiftach Klein)
to prevent him from leaving Tel
Aviv and moving to Belgium
with her grandson.
“The Kings of Summer” (R) (3)
[Opens June 7] [Language,
underage drinking] — Terrific
cinematography highlights this
engaging, family-friendly, com-
ing-of-age, 90-minute film in
which a frustrated Ohio teenager
(Nick Robinson), who lives with
his clueless widowed father (Nick
Offerman) and is in love with a
flirtatious blonde (Erin Moriar-
ty), coerces his equally frustrated
best friend (Gabriel Basso), who
lives with his wacky parents
(Megan Mullally and Marc Evan
Jackson), and a quirky tag-a-long
friend (Moises Arias) to build a
get-away clubhouse in the woods
to escape their everyday lives for
the summer.
“Love Is all you Need” (R) (3)
[Brief sexuality, nudity, language]
[Partially subtitled] — When a
down-on-her-luck Danish beau-
tician (Trine Dyrholm) strug-
gling with recovering from
breast cancer returns home to
find her callous, thoughtless hus-
band (Kim Bodnia) having sex
with a ditsy coworker (Chris-
tiane Schaumburg-Müller) in
this heartwarming, down-to-
June Film
Listed in order of release date
and subject to change. Please see
www.landmarktheatres.com for
final titles, dates and times.
1320 Lagoon Ave. • 612.823.3020
6/7 The Kings Of Summer
Wish You Were Here
6/10 Bill W
6/14 The East
Pandora’s Promise
6/21 Augustine
The Bling Ring
Dirty Wars
6/28 Hannah Arendt
The Secret Disco Revolution
2906 Henn. Ave. • 612.392.0402
6/7 Before Midnight
6/21 Much Ado About Nothing
6/28 Byzantium
earth, romantic chick flick, she
heads alone to a coastal villa in
scenic Italy for the wedding of
her daughter (Molly Blixt Ege-
lind) to her beau of three months
(Sebastian Jessen) and unexpect-
edly finds a connection with a
handsome, anger-filled, wealthy
widower (Pierce Brosnan).
“Shadow Dancer (R) (3)
[Opens June 14] [Language,
violent content] — An intense,
compelling, twisting, 101-min-
ute, political thriller, which is
based on Tom Bradby’s novel,
in which an Irish IRA activist
(Andrea Riseborough), whose
younger brother was killed in
1973 in Belfast and has a young
son, is blackmailed by an MI5
London agent (Clive Owen) in
1993 to become an informant
against her brothers (Aidan Gil-
len and Domhnall Gleeson) and
mother (Brid Brennan) after she
is caught trying to place a bomb
in a London subway.
“What Maisie Knew” (R) (2.5)
[Language] — In this thin-plot,
low-key, heartbreaking, 93-min-
ute film based on the Henry
James 1897 novella, a surprising-
ly well-adjusted, 7-year-old girl
(Onata Aprile) in New York is
shuffled among her horrifyingly
neglectful, middle-aged, sing-
ing rock star mother (Julianne
Moore); her continually distract-
ed, biological, art-dealing father
(Steve Coogan) who spends most
of his time abroad; her well-
meaning, bartending stepfather
(Alexander Skarsgård); and her
caring former-nanny-turned
stepmother (Joanna Vanderham)
while the parents fight over her
in an ongoing custody battle.
©1986 through 2013 by Wendy
Schadewald. The preceding films
were reviewed by Wendy Schade-
wald, who has been a Twin Cit-
ies film critic since 1986. To see
more of her film reviews see www.
10th Ward News
From Council Member Meg Tuthill
Contact Meg at 612.673.2210, meg.tuthill@ci.minneapolis.mn.us,
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Visit us at www.
My thoughts and prayers go out
to the families who lost a loved
one and those injured in the
tragic events on May 10. The
police investigation is ongoing.
I will be holding a community
meeting after the investigation is
Nature Valley grand Prix
The Nature Valley Grand Prix
will be back in Uptown on Fri-
day, June 14. The event runs
from 4:30-9:00pm. The women’s
race begins at 6:15pm and then
men’s race at 7:45pm. This is a
very fun, family friendly event
that runs through the heart of
Uptown. Come check it out! For
more information, visit Nature
Valley Grand Prix webpage.
Remember to watch for road clo-
sures during this event.
Four “Open Streets” Taking
Place this Summer
I am excited to let everyone
know that there will be a total
of four Open Streets events this
year starting in June. This year’s
first event will be held in Ward
10 along Lyndale Avenue South,
as has been the case in previous
years. All events are co-spon-
sored by the City of Minneapo-
lis and the Minneapolis Bicycle
Coalition. The Lyndale Avenue
Open Streets is on Sunday, June
23, from 10:00am to 4:00pm. For
more information on this year’s
events, visit the Open Streets
website. To learn more about
bicycling in Minneapolis, visit
the City’s Bicycling website. I
have been to every Open Streets
event with my family. They are a
blast! Don’t miss it.
Minneapolis Moves
toward Big Expansion
of car Sharing
The City of Minneapolis is mov-
ing forward with plans to greatly
expand car sharing in the city.
The City Council authorized
staff to negotiate terms with a
company to start a two-year car
sharing pilot program that uses
on-street parking spaces. The
company selected to implement
the pilot program is Car2Go.
City staff will make recommen-
dations on additional companies
in June. There is no City fund-
ing in this expansion of car shar-
ing options. However, through
the pilot, the City will allow car
sharing companies to use on-
street parking spaces for the first
time, making it more convenient
for users to get a car when they
need it.
As a next step, the City will
negotiate an agreement with
Car2Go and consider arrange-
ments with other companies as
well. The City Council will then
take action on approving any
final agreements. I feel strongly
that this program will be as well
received as Nice Ride.
Car sharing reduces the need for
people in the city to own their
own cars. The shared cars are
parked throughout the city, and
members can reserve one when-
ever they need to.
Minneapolis Police begin
Bike Patrols on greenway
The warm weather is finally
upon us and that means people
will be riding their bikes. The
Minneapolis Police Department
(MPD) 3rd Precinct has begun
bicycle patrols along the Mid-
town Greenway starting May 9.
The MPD patrol officers will use
their bicycles during their regular
patrol activities and there will be
additional bike patrols on Friday
and Saturday nights throughout
the summer with officers from
the Bike Rapid Response Team.
hold Off Pruning ash Trees
until Fall
Conditions are now warm
enough for beetles that attack
and kill ash trees. Emerald ash
borers are present in Minneapo-
lis and are normally active from
May through Labor Day. If you
have an ash tree in your yard, it
is important not to prune it this
measured the constant rate of
flow at 204 gallons per minute,
or 107,578,560 gallons per year.
This water enters the Lagoon
with insufficient filtering and at
a temperature that differs from
the ambient temperature of the
“Ground water dewatering,”
the formal term for this process,
requires a Water Appropria-
tions Permit from the Minnesota
Department of Natural Resourc-
es (DNR). Temporary permits
for dewatering during 1800
West Lake Street’s construction
expired two years ago. It appears
that the property owner has con-
tinued to utilize the temporary
connection to the stormwater
system without a permit. A letter
sent on May 14 by John Gleason,
a DNR hydrologist, affirms that
the property owner is violat-
ing state statute “regarding the
appropriation and use of waters
of the state.”
Neighborhood residents first
observed an area of open water
in the Lagoon in the winter of
2011-12, the winter after 1800
West Lake Street was built. Once
it was understood that the out-
flow originated at the building
and was on-going, concerns were
expressed about public safety
and the impact of this ground-
water on the Lagoon ecosystem.
Ultimately, the City hired Barr
to study the situation and pro-
pose solutions. The draft report
presents ten “potential concepts
to address challenges.” These
options include: creating a wet-
land to manage the discharge;
pumping the ground water into
the bottom of the Lagoon, and
ceasing pumping altogether and
closing off and filling the lower
level of the parking garage. Each
of the ten proposed solutions is
Pending completion of the Barr
study, Lake and Knox, LLC
submitted an application to the
DNR for an Appropriations Per-
mit. The City of Minneapolis,
Minneapolis Park and Recre-
ation Board, Loppet Foundation,
East Calhoun Community Orga-
nization and neighborhood
residents submitted comments
to the DNR opposing issuance
of this permit. Citing a public
safety hazard due to thin ice and
the lack of capacity in the City’s
stormwater system to adequately
handle both the building’s dis-
charge and normal stormwater
flow, the DNR responded that it
“will not make a decision to issue
a permit until these matters are
satisfactorily resolved.”
As of this writing, information
is not available on the status of
discussions between the City
of Minneapolis and Lake and
Knox, LLC addressing the prob-
Sarah Sponheim is a resident of the
East Calhoun neighborhood.
time of year or move any part of
an ash tree (firewood, branches,
etc.) while the pests are active.
Inadvertently moving the pests
helps them spread to uncontami-
nated areas. For more informa-
tion on emerald ash borers, visit
the Minnesota Department of
Agriculture emerald ash borer
webpage or the Minneapolis
Park and Recreation Board’s
emerald ash borer webpage.
Meet with Meg
The next Meet with Meg will be
held on Monday, June 10, 2013
from Noon to 1:00pm at the
5th Precinct Community Room
(3101 Nicollet Avenue South).
It will be a chance for you to ask
me questions, and voice any con-
cerns you may have. Bring your
sack lunch! Cookies and lem-
onade are provided! Meet with
Meg is held the second Monday
of every month.
Ward 10 office hours are: Mon-
day to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.
For questions or more informa-
tion, contact Council Woman,
Meg Tuthill, at 350 South 5th
Street, City Hall, Room 307,
Minneapolis, MN 55415. Tele-
phone: 612-673-2210 Fax: 612-
673-3940 Email: Meg.tuthill@
in NRP funds. Approved.
chiang Mai Thai Event
Letter: Diana Boegemann
Boegemann read a letter written
to Councilmember Tuthill, from
CARAG, endorsing the Chaing Mai
Thai street dance event, planned for
June. Motion, seconded, to approve
and submit the letter. Approved
Treasurer’s Report: Scott
UNN financial reports were avail-
able showing actual financial results
compared to the FY2013 budget.
The paper continues to lose a small
amount of money most months, but
there is a large reserve fund to back
up the losses.
Engel noted that about $1,600 of
Uptown Market funds remain in the
CARAG bank account. UM volun-
teers cleaned out the storage space at
Intermedia Arts. A tent and barri-
cades remain and will likely be sold
soon. There has been no discussion
about how to spend the remaining
Meeting Adjourned: 8:35pm. The
next CARAG Neighborhood meet-
ing is Tuesday, June 18 at 7:00pm at
Bryant Square Park.
This view looking southeast shows the discharge area on the east side of
the Lagoon. 1800 Hennepin is located roughly 300 feet behind the trees. (Photo
by Bruce Cochran)
VIOLaTION from 1
caRag from 8

Uptown neighborhood news JUNE 2013 www.scribd.com/UptownNews
East Calhoun Community Organization
ECCO report
ECCO meets the
first Thursday of
each month,
7 pm at St.
Mary’s Greek
Orthodox Church,
34th & Irving. All
ECCO residents
are welcome and
urged to attend.

Lake St.
36th St.


ECCO Super Sale 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Participate in or check out this
neighborhood-wide garage sale! Registration
form available at www.eastcalhoun.org.
Street Party: Family Puppet Show
& Potluck Dinner 5 p.m.
34th St at Irving Ave S
(Note: in case of rain, the event will take place
in St Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church)
Come see a performance by Open Eye Figure Theatre, followed by
a community potluck. FREE! Brats & beverages provided; please bring
a dish to share and a blanket or lawn chair.
T hURSDAY, J UNE 6 7 - 9 p.m.
ECCO Board and Neighborhood Meeting
St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave S
wEDNESDAY, J UNE 12 7 p.m.
East Calhoun Green Team Meeting
St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave S
Neighborhood Raingarden
Planting Day
Help us plant 15 new
raingardens in East Calhoun!
Volunteers needed.
Contact Sarah at
for details.
The East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO) invites and encourages participa-
tion by every resident to each program, service and event organized by ECCO.
Should you require an accommodation in order to fully participate, or if you require
this document in a different format, please let us know by contacting Monica Smith at
612-821-0131 or nrp@eastcalhoun.org at least fve days before our event.
Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to learn
more about our events and programs. Send a
request to nrp@eastcalhoun.org or call
Monica Smith at 612-821-0131.
The Alt
Bike City Juniors
Pat Blakely
Calhoun Cycle
Children’s Lighthouse
Courtney and Quinn Kiernat
Metro Transit
Midtown Greenway Coalition
Nature Valley Grand Prix
Nice Ride Minnesota
Thank you to all those who contributed to
the East Calhoun Bike Festival!
Peace Coffee
Schwinn Bicycle
Aidan Sponheim
St. Mary’s Greek
Orthodox Church
Sunrise Cyclery
The Tin Fish
Varsity Bikes
All Bike Fest Volunteers!
Nice Ride has arrived in East Calhoun at 34th St. & Hennepin
Ave.! Thank you, Sanjeev Azad, for providing parking space for
the bikes outside your Dunn Brothers store.
Volunteers needed!
s Uptown Criterium, June 14; contact Anja at anjakara@gmail.com
s East Calhoun neighborhood raingarden planting day, June 22;
contact Sarah at greenteam@eastcalhoun.org.
s Tri-Loppet, June 29; contact Sarah at greenteam@eastcalhoun.org.
ECCO Meeting Minutes for May
2, 2013. (East Calhoun Neighbor-
hood Monthly Meeting) Minutes
recorded and submitted by Monica
Smith and approved by the ECCO
Board by electronic vote prior to
Board Members Present: Sarah
Sponheim, President; Linda
Todd, Co-VP; Emily Balogh;
Andrew Bornhoft; Anja Curis-
kis; Kate Davenport; Susie
Goldstein; and Jim Smith. Board
Members Absent: Glen Chris-
tianson, Liz Heyman, Lara Nor-
kus-Crampton, Harry Savage and
Heather Wulfsberg.
Guests and Residents: Leslie
Foreman, Policy Aide to 10th
Ward Council Member Meg
Tuthill; and Marcus Genzlinger,
Uptown Association.
ECCO Board President Sarah
Sponheim called the meeting to
order at 7:00pm.
Leslie Foreman:
Policy aide to council
Member Meg Tuthill
• The City hired Barr Engineer-
ing to study the groundwater
discharge by 1800 Lake. The
report identified a variety of
options for solutions but feasi-
bility was not addressed. The
City is preparing a response to
the property owners’ request to
the DNR for a permit to con-
tinue the current discharge.
• Arbor Day celebration tree
planting on the Greenway at
Humboldt, May 4.
• 5th Precinct Open House –
May 14.
• 311 has extended their service
hours to 7:00am – 8:00pm,
Monday through Friday.
• One Minneapolis One Read
book is “A Choice of Weap-
ons” by Gordon Parks.
Uptown association (Ua):
Marcus genzlinger
Genzlinger is the President of
the Uptown Association Board
of Directors. The board is made
up of 14 volunteers with a mis-
sion “to improve the economic
vitality and sustainability of
Uptown through collaboration
and partnerships” and a goal to
make Uptown safe, clean and
desirable for businesses, visitors
and residents.
Staff includes Maude Lovell,
Executive Director; Jessica Jess-
wein, Project Coordinator; two
part-time employees; and Art
Fair interns.
The UA holds a number of
events: Monday Night Mingle
(monthly networking opportu-
nity for residents and businesses);
Showcase Uptown (up-close look
at an Uptown business); graffiti
clean up; annual meeting; and
Halloween at Calhoun Square.
Their largest annual event is the
Uptown Art Fair (2013 is the
50th anniversary).
The UA worked with bar opera-
tors to increase the beat cops in
Uptown, Thursday to Satur-
day neighbors and to promote a
noise reduction program called
“Hush” to remind patrons of
the importance of being consid-
erate and good neighbors, espe-
cially when departing the area at
Staff Report: Monica Smith
• The annual report for the 2012
Community Participation Pro-
gram was sent to board mem-
bers to review in advance of
the meeting. The board unani-
mously approved the report
for submission to the City.
• The board unanimously
approved the renewal of the
Tree Treatment grant program
for 2013 with the remaining
budget of $3,700.
• The board unanimously
approved an expenditure of
$27.78 for expenses for the Lit-
tle Library on the 3300 block
of Holmes Ave.
• The Wine Tasting Fundraiser
has been scheduled for Octo-
ber 30 at Calhoun Square.
Heather Wulfsberg and Judy
Shields will co-chair ticket
sales for ECCO.
• A postcard to promote the
housing loan and grant pro-
grams will soon be mailed to
property owners.
• June 1 events: Super Sale and
Puppet Show/Block Party.
President’s Report:
Sarah Sponheim
• 1800 Lake had a temporary
permit to pump groundwater
into the Lagoon during con-
struction. That permit expired
but the pumping has contin-
ued at a rate of 204 gallons per
minute. The property owner is
seeking an Appropriation Per-
mit from the DNR to continue
pumping into the Lagoon.
Public comment period is
EccO page 11
Open Streets returns to Minneapolis this year with four separate locations.
Above are contestants in the Brompton US Championship held during the
2012 Lyndale Ave. Open Streets event. The Brompton foldable bike is popu-
lar with city commuters. This year’s Lyndale Ave. Open Streets will be
June 23. (Photo by Ryan Arneson)
Competitive Commuting?
JUNE 2013 Uptown neighborhood news

11 . www.scribd.com/UptownNews
Overheard as two bikers rode
past a house on Irving Avenue:
“What are those little signs with
the pink flowers lots of people
have in their yards all about?”
The answer:
They are a
public symbol
that folks in
East Calhoun
(ECCO) take
reducing waste
seriously. Neigh-
bors who order
a “green bin” for
indoor organics
composting also
receive a yard
sign to show
their enthusiasm
and commit-
ment for doing
their part in waste loss.
Currently, almost half of our
ECCO neighborhood is com-
posting with a green (organics)
cart. Organic material makes up
about 25 to 30 percent of Hen-
nepin County’s garbage. It’s easy
to collect food scraps, food-soiled
waste paper, tissues, floral trim-
mings, dryer lint and vacuum
cleaner bags and keep them out
of the waste stream headed to the
Hennepin County Incinerator.
In the organics recycling pro-
gram, organic waste is recycled
into valuable compost used in
through May 9. Sponheim will
forward the Barr Engineering
report to board members along
with a draft letter opposing the
Appropriation Permit for an
electronic vote.
• After five rounds of voting at
the Ward 10 DFL convention,
Lisa Bender received the DFL
endorsement for City Council.
The general election will be
November 5. There will be no
primary since the city will be
using Ranked Choice Voting.
• An electronic vote passed for
reimbursement of NUSA reg-
istration fees of $267.
• The MSP FairSkies Coalition
is a grass-root organization
working on the Metropolitan
Airport Commissions’ plans to
reroute a significant number
of flights over Southwest Min-
neapolis and Edina. More info
at: www.mspfairskies.com.
committee Reports
Livability Committee
The committee did not meet in
April. The next meeting is May
28, 7:00pm at St. Mary’s and will
include a presentation from a
proposed restaurant in the vacant
Blue Sky building at 1513 West
Lake Street.
Committee chairs should send
committee descriptions to
Andrew Bornhoft for the new
website. The board approved
reimbursement to Andrew for
three months of website hosting
Uptown Neighborhood News
This Month The UNN
is Giving Away . . .
2 Tickets
for the
Festival! [Compliments of Thrifty Hipster]
RUles: The first reader to answer this
question will be the winner:
Where in Uptown can you find
exposed street car tracks?
email your answer to
(May Answer: se corner of 28th & Hennepin)
‘97, Bomp!, Too Much Love), will get the sum-
mer kicked off right. After the outdoor party
has ended, join them inside for Luckyboy Kara-
oke with DJ Alex Salazar, and sing your favorite
hits until 1am. Street Dance #2 will take place
on Thursday, June 27 from 6-10pm and will be
a delight for hip hop aficionados. Featuring
Minneapolis’s own Long Doe Records record-
ing artists Tony Bones, Big Wiz, Aquafresh and
Mike Da Martyr. DJ Low and one more DJ (TBA)
will be spinning classic and new school hip
hop jams to keep your booty in motion. After
the outdoor party has ended, join them inside
for Luckyboy Karaoke with DJ Alex Salazar, and
sing your favorite hits until 1am.
InternAtIonAl FAllS
Bryant Lake Bowl
810 W. Lake St. • 612.825.8949
International Falls was written by Thomas
Ward and is under the direction of Twin Cities
Jungle Theatre legend Bain Boehlke. It’s the
story of a burned out stand-up comedian and
a hotel desk clerk trying to enjoy a one-night
stand after a comedy show. What begins as
an innocuous frolic turns into a philosophical
discussion of comic theory, marriage, parent-
hood, religion and fart jokes. The line between
comedy and tragedy is blurred as both char-
acters are forced to ask the inevitable post-
coital question, “Now what?” Tickets are $10
in advance and $12 at the door.
Jerome emergIng
prIntmAkerS exhIBItIon
Highpoint Center for Print
912 Lake St. • 612.871.1326
Join Highpoint as they celebrate the conclu-
sion of the 2012–2013 Jerome Emerging
Printmakers Residency. This year marks the
tenth anniversary of the Jerome Foundation’s
generous support. Thanks to their funding of
(Please send your calendar listings to
UptownNews@yahoo.com with the subject
line: Community Calendar. Submit by the 15th of
each month to be included, space permitting, in
the next issue.)
Dunn Brothers - 7:30pm
3348 Hennepin Ave. • 612.822.3292
The Socrates Cafe is an open meeting. The
evening is spent discussing a short list of
questions of philosophy that range all over the
map from self identity, capital punishment,
perception and anything else in between.
Bring your questions and prepare to engage
your mind.
MAy 30
ChIAng mAI thAI
Street DAnCeS
Chiang Mai Thai - 6pm-10pm
3001 Hennepin Ave • 612.827.1606
In celebration of our their 15th anniversary
coming up in October, Chiang Mai Thai is mak-
ing some noise this summer with their most
extensive music calendar yet. They’re bringing
back the popular Chiang Banger block party
and also introducing three Street Dances which
will be 4 hour outdoor dance parties, of varying
themes and genres. All these events will take
place on the Girard walkway in front of Chiang
Mai Thai, on the east side of Calhoun Square.
The First street dance will take place on Thurs-
day, May 30. It’s a “Throwback Dance party”
featuring popular dance music from the 80’s
90’s and early 2000’s. From 6-10pm the expe-
rienced DJ crew of Jimmy2Times (Get Cryphy,
Bomp!, House Party ‘97), Dirty Dan Berube
(House Party ‘97), Shannon Blowtorch (Bomp!,
Berlin) and Jonathan Ackerman (House party
community events calendar
The UNN is accepting applica-
tions for a new editor. Plans are
underway for a UNN fundraiser
movie night.
Green Team
Sarah Sponheim is stepping
down as the committee chair.
The committee will continue to
meet with rotating chairs.
The Green Team is working on
a Bicycle Festival, May 11 at St
Mary’s; an Ash Tree identifica-
tion project; and waste reduction
at the Nature Valley Grand Prix
on June 14 and the Tri-Loppet
on June 29 (volunteers needed).
Midtown Corridor Alternatives
Open houses are being held May
21, 6:00-8:00pm at Colin Pow-
ell Center, 2924 Fourth Avenue
South and May 23, 6:00-8:00pm
at Whittier Clinic, 2810 Nicollet
Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.
Next meeting is Thursday, June
6, 7:00pm at St. Mary’s Greek
Orthodox Church.
The garden
Matt Johnson,
pastor of Aldrich Church
Aldrich Arts Collaborative
invites you to join in our Gar-
den Mural Project. Come help
us create a mural that celebrates
the beauty and complexity of the
natural world we share. Recent-
ly, we’ve been basking in the
beauty of our green and flower-
ing neighborhood after a full six
months of snow and cold. This is
the perfect time for us to reflect
together on the goodness and
interconnectedness of the world
we share, from the food we eat,
to the flowers we plant, to the
streams and lakes we enjoy.
While there are some who are
acutely aware of these details on
a day-to-day basis, many others
are so focused on work, school,
family duties, and escaping from
the daily grind that it’s difficult
to take time to think about the
world we live in and how we
live in it. An example of this is
the way that a typical Junior
High or High School students is
keenly aware of environmental
issues, but is also fed a steady diet
of empty foods that are not only
detrimental to their own health
but also to the environment.
With these issues in mind, the
Garden Mural Project aims to
beautify the neighborhood with
a high quality public work or
the program, Highpoint provided artists Jonas
Criscoe, David Frohlich, and Caitlin Warner
nine months of access to Highpoint’s print-
making facilities, stipends, technical support,
critiques with artists and curators, and the
opportunity to work in a studio environment
that encourages experimentation and growth.
Their exhibition features prints, mixed media
collages and numerous other art objects creat-
ed at Highpoint during the artists’ residency.
eCCo SUper SAle
East Calhoun Neighborhood - 9am
Join in the treasure shopping during the ECCO
Super Sale. The East Calhoun Neighborhood is
bordered by East Lake Calhoun Pkwy., Henne-
pin Ave., Lake St. and 36th St.
weDge neIghBorhooD
gArAge SAle
Wedge Neighborhood - 9am
The Wedge neighborhood is bordered by Hen-
nepin Ave., Lyndale Ave. and Lake St.
ConnIe evIngSon
Jungle Theater - 4pm & 7:30pm
2951 Lyndale Ave. • 612.822.7063
Jazz at the Jungle, a continuing concert series
featuring the jazz vocalist Connie Evingson,
presents He’s Hip: Songs by Dave Frishberg,
a show devoted to songs written by Grammy-
nominated songwriter Dave Frishberg. Two
performances - 4:00pm and 7:30pm - will
be held Sunday, June 9 at the Jungle The-
ater, 2951 Lyndale Avenue South in Minneap-
olis’ Lyn-Lake neighborhood. Tickets are $25,
and are available through the Jungle Theater
box office, 612.822.7063 and at www.jungle-
nAtUre vAlley CrIterIUm
Nature Valley Bicycle Festival
The course has teams race past Calhoun
Square on a .88 Kilometer course that com-
prises six tight corners and a furious race to
the finish line. With a long straightaway across
the finish line into a very short run between
turns one and two, speeds will descend from
a brisk 35-plus mph into the low digits before
ramping up again out of turn five on Lake
Street. Join the action–at any age!
BlB prIDe BloCk pArty
Bryant Lake Bowl - 6pm-10pm
810 W. Lake St. • 612.825.8949
The unofficial kick off to Pride weekend is
back! The free block party takes place rain
or shine outside of BLB. It features entertain-
ment from MC Foxy Tann, L’Assassins, Chastity
Brown, Dykes Do Drag, Sick of Sarah, South-
side Desire, Epitome No Question, Tipsy Bike
Karaoke and The North Star Roller Girls. Grilled
organic & locally farmed eats, and great brews
from Fulton, Lagunitas, Bell’s, and PBR.
Signs Of change
Take Root
EccO from 10
MURaL page 12
landscaping and road construc-
tion projects.
ECCO Waste Watchers is a
group of East Calhoun neighbors
who will help
you with your
transition. This
group is made
up of a friend-
ly network of
organics com-
posters who
will share their
tips and tricks
for making this
work for you.
It’s not too late
to participate in
this East Cal-
houn project.
One great way
to start is to
contact greenteam@eastcalhoun.
org to order your green cart
today. Not only will you get one
of the great little yard signs to
show your shared commitment
to the environment, but you will
also receive a complimentary
counter-top compost pail and a
starter set of compostable bags
(while supplies last). Celebrate
Earth Day everyday - be part of
the impressive “waste loss” in
Submitted by the ECCO
Green Team

Uptown neighborhood news JUNE 2013 www.scribd.com/UptownNews
Offer is good on new Adult, Family, and
Student memberships. Some exceptions apply.
The Joiners Fee, when you join in June!
50% off!
The Power to Soar
Get fit indoors.
Look great outdoors.
art, educate the students who
participate about the connec-
tion between food and the envi-
ronment, build relationships
across cultures and generations
to bring about a stronger com-
munity, and celebrate what we
have done together with a street
fair. The completed mural will
be mounted on the outside of
Aldrich Church at the corner of
35th Street and Aldrich Avenue.
We are proud to bring in Greta
McLain as our lead muralist for
this project. Greta’s work is fea-
tured all around the Twin Cit-
ies, and she is regarded highly
for both her artistic skill and her
ability to work with communi-
ties. Under her guidance, The
Garden Mural Project will take
place in two settings: classes and
community workshops.
Classes for kids ages 11 to 18
will be held at the Bryant Square
Park building (3101 Bryant Ave-
nue South) on every Monday and
Tuesday evening from July 8
through 30.
Community workshops for chil-
dren and adults of any age will
be held on three Saturdays (July
13, 20, 27) at Aldrich Church
(3501 Aldrich Avenue South). At
the workshops, children under
11 years old must be accompa-
nied by an adult.
The completed mural will be
celebrated with a Street Fair on
August 10 featuring live music,
local foods, and displays from
our partners. We’re excited
that that this project will be in
partnership with the CARAG
neighborhood association, and
is made possible by the voters of
Minnesota through grants from
the Metropolitan Regional Arts
Council, thanks to a legislative
appropriation from the arts and
cultural heritage fund.
For more information on how to
get involved, you can register for
the classes at aldricharts.org (for
children ages 11 to 18), send an
email to aldricharts@gmail.com,
or leaving a message at 612-825-
2479 ext. 21. The Workshops
are available for anyone to drop
in and work for as long as they
like from 10:00am until noon on
Saturdays July 13, 20, and 27. If
you would like to join as a com-
munity partner for the classes
or assisting with the Street Fair
please contact Megan Patry, the
director of Aldrich Arts Collab-
orative, at aldricharts@gmail.
Students from Aldrich Arts Collaborative working on the 2011 Mural Project,
located at Bryant Hardware.
MURaL from 11
Dads Dad
612-374-8000 | firsttech.com
2640 Hennepin Avenue | Uptown Minneapolis





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