Getting started – blogging for UKTI

Where’s the blog? The UKTI blog is at Why blog ? To promote campaigns, events, business opportunities, markets, sectors – anything UKTI does, basically. It’s a great way to give bring a personal take and a human face to what’s happening - a different, creative and compelling way to engage our users, and potential customers. Blogs can also position UKTI, and the author, as authority or a thought leader on the topic of trade and/or investment. We publish pieces from our own experts and those of other organisations, such as CBI and ICAEW. Contributions lend themselves well to syndication – eg on other websites, newsletters, and local or national press. They also work well for cross promotion on UKTI’s other digital channels such as corporate website, LinkedIn and Twitter. Who can blog? Anyone who writes well and has a UKTI-related story to tell, or trade and investment expertise to share. That needn’t necessarily be a UKTI staffer. How often? For staff who’d like an individual profile, we’re asking for a regular commitment, ideally at least once every 4 – 6 weeks. You can also establish a group blog (eg Asia Task Force) and bring together regular contributions from more than one person. The UKTI blog also hosts pieces from guest bloggers, who may be well known or respected in their field. This would usually be a one-off piece, or a series of two or three on same or related topics. What should I blog about? Topics and approaches which work well include: • Personal takes on UKTI campaigns or initiatives, such as Export Week, Hong Kong Creativity Week • An area of expertise – eg advice for new exporters, tech FDI • Personal accounts of trade missions or events by UKTI people, or missioners and attendees themselves • Interesting or unusual facts and selling points about markets, sectors – lists work well, eg 10 things you need to know about Emerging Europe • Include pictures if you can – we can also embed Youtube videos in your blog, eg a blog from a minister could be entirely on video. Feel free to use your own ideas and creativity! Anything to avoid?

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Straight reports (eg information on an event without any personal insights), and purely marketing-focussed material. These generally belong on the UKTI website. Issues which are politically controversial, or liable to be picked up by the media for reasons other than trade/investment promotion. Ask digital team if you’re unsure about this, and make sure you read the UKTI social media policy and guidelines before you start writing or commissioning pieces from guests. Digital team can provide on content, style and messaging

How much should I write? It’s up to the author, but entries of 300 – 500 words generally work well. Anything more than 1,000 words is too long. What do you need and how do I start? • Notify digital team if you’d like to blog yourself, or have another candidate in mind. • We’ll set up a profile on the site. This will be added at the same time as you produce your first blog. We need a jpeg head and shoulders shot (for individuals) or an appropriate logo (for group blogs), a few lines of bio or description, and an email address to which notifications for comments on the blog will be sent to. • Send the blog through to the digital team via email - see contacts below. • We read every blog, make minor edits if necessary, and publish. • We will always feed back to the author if we feel anything substantial needs to be changed What about comments? • Blog comments have to be approved before publication. The digital team looks at every comment before it’s published , and will reject spam, abusive or irrelevant comments. • Comments should also automatically feed through to the author (via the designated email address you’ve given us). Ignore any requests to take action and publish – web team will publish them. • It’s usually up to the author whether they’d want to respond to any comments made. It’s good practice to respond to interesting comments or questions, and it builds followers. Wait until the original comment has been published by the web team before you do. • You don’t need to be logged in to the blog to post a response to a comment. Simply post in the comments area of the appropriate blog, with your name and email address. • If the digital team thinks a particular comment really does require a response we’ll notify the author and give guidance on approach. UKTI Digital Team contacts Blog: +44 (0)20 7215 8872 General: +44 (0)20 7215 8777

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