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Until you have deliberated and real
ized that within this booklet a mes
sage of importance awaits you. This
booklet is not for the idly curious
and its contents have been sealed for
a purpose. When you have broken
the sealdo not proceed until you
have read the next page. If a letter
accompanies this booklet, read it first.
5th Edition, Copyright 193 4 by AMORC Official Publication Number Sixteen Printed in U.S.A.
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i m a g e s ;
Privately Issued by Permission of The Department
of Publication of the Supreme Grand Lodge of
The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis,
Jurisdiction of North and South America
Rosicrucian Park San Jose, California
f j c ( Q u e s t
< T \
HE ROSICRUCIANS, as a body of mystical phil
osophers and workers, invite all thinking men and
women to share with them the knowledge which they
have accumulated through their researches, their in
vestigations, and their united experiments and dis
courses, covering many centuries and culminating in the present-
day Rosicrucian revelations. They offer these remarkable and as
tounding disclosures not as dogmas or elements of a creed, but
as a rational study and expose of the mysteries of life.
Since this book has come into your hands by some means ap
proved by the Fraternity, you are invited to consider the follow
ing facts which explain the primary causes for the existence of
such an unusual Fraternity as that of the Rosicrucians.
Age Old Truths
The Rosicrucian Order has often been considered by writers
and some historical authors as a very secret society. That is not
correct because the society as a group of men and women through
out the world is not truly secret for it does not try to conceal
itself, nor does it have any reason for so doing. It has kept many
o f its teachings secret because not every man and woman is
worthy of having these teachings, nor ready to have such ad
vanced knowledge.
You will agree that it is unsafe to tell every person the great
truths of life. W e do not think of telling our children all of the
mysteries and truths of our existence simply because many of
these principles would be misunderstood, and others would not
be clear to them, and many of the principles might be misapplied.
It is not that we want to keep our children in ignorance, but that
we want to give them just such knowledge as they can understand
when they are ready for it.
The Rosicrucians have always gone out of their way to
try to give their teachings to those who are ready for them.
For this reason they constantly seek to contact or dis
cover persons who may sincerely want the teachings, and if
their interest is really sincere the Rosicrucians will invite
them to come and share the knowledge or have it sent to
them in the privacy of their homes where they can study
The Rosicruciansan august fraternity whose doc
trines, hinted at by the earliest philosophers, are still a
mystery to the unworthy. I do not blame them for their
discretion. Lord Edward Bulwer Lytton.
(A Rosicrucian.)
these great truths conveniently and in a very interesting and at
tractive manner.
W e really do not know when the work of the Rosicrucians
first began. W e do know that through the centuries it has been
one of the most powerful helps and respected organizations of
men and women that the world has known. This does not include,
of course, such organizations as the churches and religious groups,
because the Rosicrucian Organization is not like any of these. It
is not a religion; it is not a church; and not a strange cult of any
kind. It would never have attracted the attention of men and
women of all classes and of all religions if it had been a strange
new form of some mysterious, religious cult. But it has been the
most honored and respected, and the most fascinating organiza
tion of helpfulness for men and women in every land for many
centuries. Its oldest records show that it was well organized in
ancient times, and its traditional history points to its foundation
in Egypt, and in other oriental countries. It has been highly
indorsed and praised by thousands of men and women who say
that it has been the most helpful and practical form of guidance,
and the most inspiring thing in their lives.
A World-Wide Movement
You may ask how an organization can be an inspiration to a
person. That depends upon what the organization is trying to
do, and what its purposes are. After all, any personal help that an
organization can give to an individual must be of a personal and
individual nature. The Rosicrucian Order is a world-wide move
ment devoted to cooperative help among its members and friends
for the purpose of assisting the individual through personal guid
ance and personal instruction.
It is not like a school where men and women take up the same
course of study, and then must seek ways and means of using that
knowledge in order to benefit by it. In a school of art you may
become trained as an efficient artist, and after you have completed
the study you still have the problem of starting out in life and
beginning the career of an artist in order that you may make your
knowledge of value and helpfulness to you. You may study in a
school of music and become an expert in music, but you still have
the problem of establishing the career of a musician, and making
your ability serve and help you.
All present-day schools and colleges have certain
definite courses of study. The graduates leave these in
stitutions as competent physicians, attorneys, engineers,
clergymen, scientists, chemists, or experts in other fields.
They must go out and start life over again, beginning
at the bottom and building up their careers by application
of the knowledge gained. Soon they meet competition, and
each month and year thousands of other students are gradu-
[ 4 ]
When natures many mysterious activities are under
stood, man is able to conquer the so-called "evil in
fluences which beset his path in life.
Rev. George Banning.
(A Rosicrucian.)
ated in the same lines, possessing the same knowledge and same
abilities, and they must compete with one another. Such a course
through life is hard and difficult, and the school or college cannot
help after they have graduated, and they must work out their own
lives in their own ways.
Changing the Course of Life
The Rosicrucian Order is entirely different from this. It
teaches each one of its members or friends the great fundamental
truths of life and at the same time enables each one of these
persons to personally apply these principles at once. To establish
contact with the Rosicrucian Order and share in its education
al work, requires no disrupting of the fundamental things in
life, nor interference with the things that have proved themselves
of value to the individual. A person does not have to wait until
he graduates from some long course of study to start life along
the better path, nor does he have to become a specialist in any one
field, and enter into competition with other specialists in chang
ing his career. No matter in what line of occupation or what
place in the social scheme of things a man or woman may be
occupied at the present time, he or she is welcome to study the
Rosicrucian teachings in improving the present position and in
gradually changing it to something higher, something more con
tented, something more profitable in every sense of the word, and
something more inspiring.
You must admit that there is a great difference in the lives of
men and women as we view them throughout the world today.
There are those who seem to be in a rut, and who follow the
same course of living year after year getting nowhere and ac
complishing nothing, and seemingly never realizing one of their
fondest dreams. On the other hand, we see men and women
around us who seem to have unusual success, and who seem to
have a power that enables them to constantly improve their
conditions and to take advantage of opportunities that others over
look or never appreciate. Of course, there are persons whose lives
have been helped through so-called political influences, or through
friendly influences, but such persons are always standing upon
dangerous ground. In fact they are building their lives on quick
sand because they do not know at what moment the same influ
ences that helped them to lift themselves to a better position may
turn about and bring them down to the most lowly and humble
The Fallacy of "Luck"
When our career in life is not built upon the things
which we ourselves have created we can have no depend
ence in its stability. Bitter experience has taught all of us
that the things which we can depend upon are those things
[ 5 ]
_ kStea*
In our sanctuary all the hidden Mysteries are preserved
intact, they have never been profaned . . . Our science
is the inheritance promised to the Elect.
Councillor Von Eckhartshausen.
(A Rosicrucian.)
which are within our own power to create and sustain. The man
or woman who has special knowledge that enables him or her to
do special things in life is always in a superior position to a person
who is dependent upon others or upon certain influences, good
fortune, some friendly assistance, or a temporary combination of
As we look around us in life we see the many individuals and
families where good fortune has seemed to bless them. People
will laughingly say that such persons were born under lucky
stars or that they are simply "blessed with good luck. Of course
this is pure nonsense, for there is no such thing in life as luck, if
we understand it properly. Everything that occurs in our lives
is either the result of something we have already done, something
we are about to do, or something we have created. Sometimes
we fail to do the right things at the right time and in the course
of events certain other things follow. These things cause trouble
or grief, and are frequently referred to as bad luck. All these
conditions, however, are clearly the effects of natural laws. When
we have learned to know the law it is easy to find the cause of
undesirable effects. Thereafter is it possible to prevent unfortunate
occurrences simply by avoiding such acts that create them or bring
them about.
M a n s Inner Power
The Rosicrucian Order is a group of men and women who
have been studying since earliest times, the great fundamental,
natural laws of life that explain mans abilities to master his own
affairs. When the first great schools and colleges of wisdom were
established they did not start teaching about distant stars, nor
problems of geometry, nor higher mathematics, nor ancient his
tory of battles and discoveries. They taught man how to under
stand his own being, and his relationship with all the puzzling
affairs of life. Gradually the schools changed their systems and
the intellectual persons in these schools established new institutions
devoted to the study of Latin and Greek, ancient and modern
history, higher mathematics, and the various trades and sciences.
They entirely laid aside the study of mans own powers, and mans
own abilities in his personal evolution. It must be apparent to
every thoughtful student that man is here to live on earth
for a better purpose than to become merely a walking en
cyclopedia of science and ancient history. Even though he
is a master in all forms of mathematics and eminent as a
chemist, or an astronomer, he has still his own life to deal
with, and all these sciences will not help him to change his
career and make it a personal success except by becoming a
[ 6]
Seek not too eagerly after the grace of devotion, sen
sible sweetness and tears, but let thy chief care be to
remain inwardly united to God by good will in the
intellectual part of the Soul. Albertus Magnus.
(A Rosicrucian.)
great astronomer, or a great chemist, or a great engineer, or pro-
fessor in some college. In such a case he must compete with thou
sands of others who are specialists in the same line, and he finds
that this competition holds him down instead of helping him to
rise to greater heights. In college he may dream about being a
great engineer, or a great chemist, and having a very fine salary,
a happy home, and perfect contentment in life. When he graduates
and goes intp the business world he finds, however, that because
of the keen competition with other chemists, other scientists, other
well-trained men, he must begin at the bottom of the ladder, and
take a very small salary, and live in a very small home in a humble
way. As year after year passes competition does not become less,
but even greater, and he finds that he is not able to rise to the
great heights that he dreamed about, and that he is earthbound by
having prepared himself only in a material way to compete with
material conditions.
He does not realize that man was not born just to be an engi
neer or chemist or scientist, but to be a perfect creator with
creative ability to master his own life and to become wise and
influential in the directing of his own career.
The Survival of the Fittest
An examination of all of the fundamental laws of nature shows
us that there is one great law that man must never overlook, and
that law is called the survival of the fittest. In the animal
kingdom, even among the specie of smallest insects, it is the
strongest, the best qualified, the best prepared, that survives the
attacks of others. In the vegetable world among all the plants,
flowers, and other things that grow in the earth, it is the strongest
the most important, the most perfectly evolved specimen that
survives and crushes out of existence the less important ones.
Mankind experiences the very same contest. The weak, the
undeveloped, the unprepared, and the unqualified creatures of
humanity are forced to give way to higher and more evolved
individuals. This is not a man-made law. It is not a socialistic
law that man can change. It is a fundamental law of nature, and
only the foolish person thinks it is something that can
be altered by the rules laid down by man, by socialistic
schemes, or by any plan of civilization that the human mind
can invent. As long as the world lasts, the most fit
person, the most qualified, and prepared person will survive
and dominate over the unprepared and unqualified and
[ 7 ]
The Cosmic influences are invisible, but they act upon
man. Heat and light are intangible and incorporeal;
nevertheless, they act upon man, and the same is true
of other invisible influences. Paracelsus.
(A Rosicrucian.)
Personal Evolution
All this reveals a law of personal evolution. It reveals that
man and woman are here on earth for some strange purpose. We
may not discover the exact nature of that purpose, or we may
never fully realize it, but we can cooperate with that purpose by
making out of our individual lives the greatest success and the
greatest power that is humanly possible.
The fish in the sea that are attacked by one another do not
protect themselves by becoming experts in certain subjects. The
insects that attack one another do not attempt to lift themselves out
of the situation and survive the battles by becoming intellectually
superior in some special form of knowledge. It is only through
the use of certain inner powers, certain special abilities which they
have that these forms of life can protect themselves against the
law of outcasting the unfit. A simple, common vine of no particular
outer usefulness may choke and destroy the most powerful and
magnificent rosebush. But the vine is surviving because of some
special power it has and which it uses and exercises in the
proper way.
Human experience throughout the world has taught us that
the most successful men and women in the world usually are not
those who have gone to college, or who have graduated from a
university, or are specialists in certain intellectual lines of thought,
History shows us that most of the great characters in the world
had humble birth and came from humble social conditions and were
often lacking in that kind of education that is called the superior
form of intellectuality. But these eminent persons have had a
strange knowledge and power developed within them that enabled
them to be masters of their own lives and to lift themselves out of
the condition in which they found themselves when they dis
covered what power they really possessed.
Man has neglected to learn some of the most important truths
about himself. W e see some eminent men sitting at the end of
a huge telescope looking at the far distant realms of space, and
studying carefully and closely the strange actions of stars and
planets millions and millions of miles away. These very men may
know less about the powers within themselves than they know
about the powers in some distant planetary space. Thousands
of men have explored the surface of the earth and the un
known sands beneath the sea, but they have never ex
plored their own minds, or their own powers.
Man can discover more about himself in one hour, if he
is properly guided in his exploring, than he will ever dis
cover in a lifetime by exploring the heavens or the earth.
When we read in certain secret writings the statement that
the kingdom of God is within, we are reading a great
[ 8 ]
The Eternal Truths are revealed through spiritual
meditation, and make all men who receive them the
Magi of their time. Sir Edward Kelly.
(A Rosicrucian.)
truth that was discovered in the so-called mystery schools long
ago. All of the powers and all of the creative abilities expressed
in the universe are also within man's own body. The inner part of
man is a greater kingdom than any kingdom that exists on the
face of the earth, and man can be truly a more royal king, a more
powerful dictator, a more divinely-appointed regent, ruling over
that inner kingdom than he ever can be over any outer kingdom
created by man as nations, empires, or republics.
The Higher Laws
Throughout all the ages men and women have thought that
most of their unfortunate conditions in life were due to the rules
and regulations created by man as the laws of the land. We hear
about the laws of economics and the laws of justice, the laws of
sociology, the civic laws, and the many other laws that man has
made. All of these laws are charged with being responsible for
mans unfortunate conditions. The truth is that there are certain
other laws higher than any of these, which man can use to over
come all of the lesser ones. In the inner kingdom of man there
are no laws of limitation, and there are no laws that hold man
enslaved, or forbid him and prevent him from rising to the great
est possible heights. In that inner kingdom man himself is the
ruler and he can apply and use all of the higher laws to work out
every one of his earthly problems.
This is where the Rosicrucian Order has established its pur
poses. While other schools and systems of instruction and
guidance allowed themselves to branch off into sidelines of study
and neglected mans own inner self the Rosicrucians, as practical
workers in the problems of life, established their own schools and
own system of guidance and instruction, and this became a world
wide organization. Each individual who becomes associated with
the organization is privileged to apply to his or her life a true
knowledge of fundamental laws. Such knowledge intelligently
used can be applied by the student to develop his inner abilities,
strengthen his inner powers, develop his inner qualifications and
in every way enable him to overcome many everyday obstacles
of life. The Rosicrucians did not go out and seek the success
ful persons in life and those who had attained such happi
ness and high position as they enjoyed and ask them to
associate with the organization and help to build up a
large membership of powerful influence. The Rosicru
cians knew that all of the wealth in the world, all of
the high titles and powers held by man in worldly affairs
could not equal the combined wealth and power possessed
by the inner selves of the average man and woman. It
knew that if a group of men and women who sincerely
and correctly understood their own inner powers united
[ 9 ]
The Adept only converses at his best with the Adept.
Around him is a sacred circle, and within it only the
Elect are allowed to enter. The Brotherhood of Conse
crated Lives admits all who are worthy, and all who are
excluded exclude themselves.
"Fra." Elbert Hubbard. (A Rosicrucian.)
to bring about some change in the world, or in their own personal
affairs, this united inner power was greater than all of the worldly
powers put together. This idea was known among the ancients,
and in many countries where there were private or secret schools
helping the people to fight against the superstitions of the day.
The men and women were told that a small group assembled
together who understood the power of mind and of inner self
could accomplish more than the entire pagan priesthood or the
courts of kings. Such an idea was even expressed by Jesus the
Christ who said that where two or three were gathered together
in His name, there would He be. He meant that where two or
three were assembled in the proper understanding of His Christ-
hood, and who exercised the power of the Christ Consciousness
within, there He as a representative of Gods great laws would be
present. We do not have to be students of Christian Theology,
nor members of a Christian Church to understand this great truth.
Jesus the Christ represented the highest consciousness of God in
man. He represented the powers of the Cosmic Universe created
by God to serve man, and work through man to the building of
a greater kingdom on earth.
As Above, So Below
Man is, after all, not only a living image evolving toward the
perfect image of Gods Consciousness, but a perfect evolving
replica of God's creative powers. His Consciousness and powers
are in man, and only need be awakened and quickened in the
proper way to make man a master of his own affairs.
One of the ancient philosophers expressed this idea when he
said, As above, so below. It was also expressed in the term
macrocosm and microscosm. This meant that just as there were
certain great powers and creative energies and evolutionary laws
working in the great universe around us representing the macro
cosm, so there was in each living cell in our bodies and within our
entire being a part of the same great universal energy and creative
principles making us a microcosm.
It is when man lives in harmony with these universal laws that
he becomes a dynamic, magnetic, influential power controlling his
own affairs, and even controlling the affairs and conditions around
him. But these powers in man must be brought into use; they must
be awakened through study and exercise.
Nearly every fairly intelligent person has sufficient
appreciation of music to understand what is good music,
and what is not, but in order to be a master of music,
or a fairly successful musician, the musical ability inside
must be awakened and quickened. After some study
and exercise the consciousness within becomes especially
sensitive to musical sounds, and the difference between
[ 1 0 ]
those who would reach up to
receive it, and with others prepare themselves to be
worthy of it. -Petrus de Abano.
(A Rosicrucian.)
God's wisdom is for
musical tones, and the subtle laws of rhythm and harmony.
The artist who studies art and practices it develops and awalcens
certain talents within him that have always been there but which
needed some guidance in being brought into proper action. All of
us have certain talents and abilities which education and training
will develop to a practical usefulness. Without instruction or
guidance the ability is useless and lies dormant, asleep, inactive.
The creative powers of man's mind and the abilities which he
has to control his own affairs and to direct his own course through
life are more potent and more influential in their field of attraction
and direction than any of the mental abilities or emotional abilities
which man possesses.
Influencing Others
It has been provedand you can prove it to yourself after
learning a few simple lawsthat the mind of man cannot only
influence parts of his own body, but can influence others at a
distance from him. The Rosicrucians in their studies of simple
laws of nature easily make a demonstration among their friends
in their homes of how the mind, or the will power, as some
call it, can influence matter even at a considerable distance.
The mind of man is not merely an organic functioning of intelli
gence; it is a dynamo of the greatest radiant power that is known
in the universe. It cannot only imagine things and mentally create
things, but it can materialize things and bring things into actual
existence by the application of natural laws and the use of
principles which every successful man and woman in the world has
learned to use.
The Rosicrucians do not deal with a lot of superstitious
subjects or with ancient beliefs that are mere fallacies of thought;
they deal with actually proven laws which they teach to their
friends and associates and help them to use in their daily lives.
Such an organization could not continue to exist throughout the
ages and attract the greatest thinkers and most successful men and
women in every walk of life if its teachings and work dealt with
theories or mere beliefs. Today the successful men and women
want facts, and they want knowledge that enables them to accom
plish things and make their lives what they should be. Every
principle taught by the Rosicrucians has been tested in many coun
tries by thousands of persons through the years. Every unproven
idea, every untested principle, every undemonstrated theory
is absolutely cast aside by the Rosicrucians in their teach
ings and principles. They know that man has suffered in the
past, has been held back by superstitious beliefs and un
proven theories. The Rosicrucians are not bound by any
creed or dogma, and do not have to confine themselves to
any school of philosophy, or to any one channel of usefulness.
[ 11]
He who knows most grieves most for wasted time.
(A Rosicrucian.)
It is an interesting fact that in the past five hundred years not
a single new discovery on the part of science that has any bearing
upon mans relationship with the universe, was new to the Rosi
crucians or changed a single one of the teachings of the Rosicru-
cian Order. For hundreds of years it has possessed knowledge
that the other schools of science and the other institutions of learn
ing have not possessed. This is not because the Rosicrucians have
tried to hold this knowledge secret, but because these other insti
tutions, colleges, and schools have had certain definite theories,
certain limited channels of thought, certain proscribed and pre
scribed theories which they have had to promote and hold fast to,
and they could not alter these things or change these things by
adopting any of the knowledge possessed by the Rosicrucians.
Great Discoveries
Only in recent years, for instance, did science undertake to
translate the great mysterious manuscript left by that famous Rosi-
crucian, Roger Bacon. This manuscript was written many cen
turies ago, and has been known to learned men as a strange work
written by a Rosicrucian, and too troublesome to translate and
decipher. But now when a great and eminent man connected with
one of Americas universities finally translates it, he finds that this
manuscript revealed that the author knew all about the principles
of the microscope and many other scientific instruments, and was
very familiar with many of the great laws of nature that science
has only recently discovered. Other great manuscripts in the past
which have been translated from time to time have revealed that
the Rosicrucians were familiar with the roundness of the earth,
and the existence of the continents long before Columbus made his
discovery of North America, and we know that the ancient Rosi
crucians were familiar with all of the stars and planets. It was a
Rosicrucian who first discovered ages ago the fundamental laws
of the composition of matter, and it was a Rosicrucian or a group
of Rosicrucians who first revealed to the world many important
things about mans diseases and mans health. In the art of
medicine, and in the art of physiology and anatomy, Rosicrucians
were leaders. In the science of chemistry, astronomy, and physics
the most notable workers and discoverers were Rosicrucians.
You may see in the Rosicrucian library the prints of ancient
books dated in 1500 and 1600 containing marvelous information
that is still new in the fields of modern science.
Eminent Persons
The list of names of men and women who have con
tributed to the vast storehouse of Rosicrucian knowledge
in the past reads like a directory of the worlds greatest
thinkers. And many are the books that have been written
[ 12]
His workheaven by Angels, and
Eliphas Levi.
(A Rosicrucian.)
God operates by
on earth by men.
about the Rosicrucians. Lord Bulwer-Lytton in his story called
"Zanoni refers to the organization during his century as one
of the most learned organizations helping men and women that
the world has ever known. Hundreds of other great authors in
Europe in past centuries have written about the Rosicrucians.
Most modern encyclopedias such as those issued in the United
States, refer to the Rosicrucians as having been an organization
of the utmost help to men and women throughout all periods of
The Rosicrucian Order, then, is not new, and it is not peculiar.
Its teachings are secret because it prefers to keep them limited
to those men and women whom it invites to membership. By
selecting the men and women to unite with the organization it
becomes more powerful in the influence for good throughout the
world. It wants only thinking men and women, regardless of
what their present place in life may be.
Help in the Home
The woman in the home who is seeking to make her home more
happy, more contented, more prosperous in all of the many ways
in which a home should be prosperous, is the type of woman that
the organization desires to help. She has the problem of raising
children, and guiding others, and she has the great privilege of
inspiring and helping her husband or others through the home
influence and through the influence of her own personal abilities
when they are awakened and quickened into proper action.
The woman in the school, the teacher, the instructor, or the
nurse, or the woman in business, assisting others to become suc
cessful in life, and who wants to make her own life a greater
success so that she may be more efficient in helping the others,
is also the type of woman who is invited by the Rosicrucians
to share their knowledge.
Overcoming Daily Problems
The business man, the physician, the attorney, are not the only
ones who are dealing with big problems, and who can be
helped by the Rosicrucians. The man who is employed in a
menial position, every man in fact who has in his inner be
ing a marvelous intellect that has not been awakened, a
powerful mind that has not been quickened and a creative
energy that has never been used, is the type of man
that the organization especially desires to help. T h e
greater the position held by any individual, the greater
is his field of influence and power as he uses the practical
instructions and guidance which the Rosicrucians can give
[ 1 3 ]
Be persuaded first to apply thyself to the Eternal Mind,
entreating Him to grant thee understanding, then seek
knowledge with diligence, and thou shalt never repent
having taken so laudible a resolution.
Francis Barrett, F.R.C.
(A Rosicrucian.)
him. The man in a less important position is the man who needs
more than anyone else the influence and help of the organization
providing he is sincere, honest, and truly anxious to make of his
life something other than what it is at the present time.
The Rosicrucian Order does not seek great numbers and
it is not anxious to build up a world-wide organization of millions
who are associated with it in name only. It wants those who are
working diligently to make something of their lives so that eventu
ally they will be outstanding examples of Rosicrucian unfoldment.
It accomplishes this work quietly, conservatively, and in a dignified
way in each individuals home. There are no great parades of
followers, nor outer signs of peculiar dress or habits. Each mem
ber studies quietly and personally in the privacy of his own home,
or at small gatherings in a quiet, harmonious place where the
serious problems of life are earnestly discussed in a simple manner
and each individual given personal help and guidance.
Unusual Guidance
Without changing your present relations, religious, social or
business affairs, and without even causing any of your friends or
acquaintances to know what you are doing, you can share with the
Rosicrucians their guidance and their instructions. You can carry
out the benefits and helps, and gradually change your life, so
that only your success, the outstanding improvement in your af
fairs will be noticed by others.
It follows that your health will improve if you abide by the
guidance given you. You will be far better able to resist the
oncoming of those diseases or conditions which have affected
your affairs in the past. You will be able to help those in your
family and around you who have been suffering from conditions
that are easily altered. You will be able to change your business
affairs so that they improve gradually and make you more con
tented. You will be able to attract different kinds of friends, and
a greater association of influences among friends and acquaint
ances, so that even in a social way you will notice gradual
improvement and a great benefit.
No miracles are promised, and nothing is offered to
you as a guaranteed elixir of life, or amulet of salvation.
The Rosicrucians know only too well that the great
changes that will come in your life will come so under
standing^, so simply, and so directly through your own
efforts that you will not be puzzled by them and look
upon them as weird or mysterious things.
[ 14]
All that happens in time has in Him its eternal principle.
Albertus Magnus.
(A Rosicrucian.)
Tour Own Possibilities
The only weird and mysterious things in life are the strange
powers which God gave to every man and which only a few have
ever tried to use. Not one man or woman in ten thousand whom
we meet upon the streets has any true realization of the great
abilities, the great possibilities that are within him. But these few
personsthese one or two out of every ten thousandare the
ones that the Rosicrucian Order invites to join with them. The
Rosicrucians send their literature out quite freely in order that
there may be many thousands of contacts made each year. From
these thousands of contacts a few are selected and invited to join
and even from among those who are invited many are courteously
told that they are not yet ready, but for those who are ready and
who are accepted into the organization it means the beginning of
a new life. It means the beginning of the development of their
dreams into realization. It means a friendly association, a depend
able guidance, an efficient helpfulness. It is not merely the sitting
down and reading of some interesting pamphlet or book that may
or may not give you any practical information. It is the reading
of special manuscripts sent to you to be read only by you in the
privacy of your home. Each one is as interesting as the most
fascinating story you ever read. Each one gives you practical
suggestions, practical advice, and practical guidance. Each one
helps to awaken and quicken certain abilities that you possess, and
which you can use to change the affairs of your life.
Fascinating Instruction
You will find these private instructions so fascinating that you
will not allow anything else in your life to interfere with them.
Thousands of men and women in America today frankly state in
their weekly and monthly reports that the Rosicrucian instructions
each week hold first place in their lives. Thousands of them state
that they would sacrifice anything else in their lives of a material
nature rather than be without the Rosicrucian guidance. It helps
them in their business problems, their social problems, their earthly
problems, and in all of the other problems that have to do with
their success in life.
Many Privileges, Advantages
The organization is incorporated in every country under
state laws as a non-profit organization. It is not attempting
to build up a great fortune for itself, but great fortunes for
its members, great wealth of many kinds, so that the mem
bers may benefit by this. It is classified in all records of
each government and state as a non-sectarian, non-commer
cial, non-profit organization.
[ 15]
Life is a mission. Every other definition of life is false,
and leads all who accept it astray. Religion, science,
philosophy, though still at variance upon many points,
all agree in this, that every existence is an aim.
(A Rosicrucian.)
It has had favorable comment in newspapers and magazines
all over the world, and participates in every form of human
activity, national and international, and has donated huge sums of
money to explorations in Egypt and other lands, and its chief
officers are members of many learned, scientific, and humanitarian
organizations in various parts of the world.
The organization in America has its own colleges, university,
museum, administration building, and other buildings in various
parts of the country for the help and assistance of its associates.
It is perpetuating in a modern form the work of the ancient Rosi
crucians still active throughout Europe and the Orient, and it
maintains the same high ideals, the same noble purposes, and the
same glorious achievements as did the Rosicrucians of all ages.
At its annual conventions hundreds of members and delegates
from all parts of North America come together for the purpose of
recommending new and additional helps for the carrying out of
the great work. Every member is constantly in touch with each
department, and each branch of the work, and is free to take ad
vantage of every assistance.
The Spirit of Fellowship
No other organization in the world was ever established for
the same purposes, and no other organization today is carrying
out the same work in the same manner, and with such acknowl
edged efficiency and success.
It is a satisfaction, indeed, for one to be associated with such an
organization. It gives a sense of protection and guidance in troubled
times. Each member always feels that there is a group of individ
uals and especially a group of qualified specialists ready to advise
and help in any emergency and without any special fees or special
rewards of any kind that must be paid in advance, or at any other
time. It gives the member a sense of security, inasmuch as he
develops the understanding of what he can do, and can achieve
for himself. It takes away the feeling of the unknown, and of the
unexpected. It reduces the mysterious problems of life to simple
and understandable things. It eliminates the guesswork, and the
speculation in planning the affairs of life. It guarantees a friend
ship, a companionship that may be invisible but nevertheless always
accessible, and ready when the important moment comes.
It means that whenever there is a special occurrence in life,
whether it be illness in the home, a sudden turn in business
affairs, a perplexing social event, the anticipation of the
birth of a child, the change of a home from one place to
another, or any other event of equal importance, the member
can instantly get in contact with some part of the organ
ization, or with its specialists who can assist and bring out
[ 16]
The one remains, the many change and pass;
Heaven s light forever shines; earth's shadows fly.
(A Rosicrucian.)
of the chaotic conditions a proper and peaceful solution, or help
in a crucial moment when life and health may be saved.
. r t : ; ! . ia,ft' : -iixi * <
Becoming Self Dependent
Thousands of mothers in North America will testify to the
fact that it has aided them in a marvelous way in bringing their
children into the world, and in caring for them with a free
dom from pain, anxiety, and perplexing problems that they never
thought possible. Business men will testify that they have saved
fortunes or saved their earthly belongings through timely ad
vice and guidance. Many have changed their careers from ones
of unhappy and unsuccessful results to ones that are highly satis
factory. All of these things are offered to you providing you are
of that type of mind, and of that quality of foresight that war
rants your association with the organization. For this reason the
booklet now in your hands is intended to enable you to understand
the opportunities that lie before you and to help you to arrive
at some decision. The general affairs of your life may be quite
satisfactory, or seemingly within your own control sufficiently
to cause you to believe that the future will be quite satisfactory.
But in every other sense you may find that you are at the cross
roads of life. Like many thousands of others you may sense very
often that life is more of a mystery than you have ever believed
it to be. Perhaps the ordinary channels of instruction and illumina
tion do not cast enough light upon these mysteries to make life
and its intricacies as understandable as it should be. It is right
and proper that you aim to really become a master of your career,
and a director of all of the affairs which affect your life financial
ly, socially, morally, and religiously, but such mastership requires
knowledge and understanding.
Realizing T our Dreams
Very few men and women of the present time are satisfied
to allow the events of life to present themselves suddenly and un
expectedly like the characters of a play presenting themselves on
the stage before an audience. To cope with these unexpected
events requires more than the mere fortitude or strength of mind
to battle against their natures and tendencies. It requires foresight.
The successful man and woman, the happy, contented individual,
must be forearmed. Preparation for these daily, monthly,
yearly events is necessary, if one wishes to prevent them
from suddenly changing the entire course of ones life.
Those who are prepared to meet life and master it
must not only be ready and qualified with certain knowl
edge and understanding to overcome the obstacles, solve
the problems, meet the issues that arise, but must be able
to bring into realization the normal, natural daydreams
[ 1 7 ]
In our Monastery library the sacred, secret manuscripts
of the Rosicrucians furnish a never-failing supply of rare
knowledge; the supply seems to be inexhaustible in its
richness of illumination. Friar Dudley Eversleigh.
(A Rosicrucian.)
of every ambition and of every desire. The course of any suc
cessful life is dependent more upon the bringing into action the
dreams of the heart and mind, than upon the mere ability to
face situations bravely and seek logically some way of evading
their dire consequences, or take advantage of whatever opportuni
ties they may present.
This, then, is your opportunity to decide at the crossroads
whether you will continue to live in the manner and along the
path of least resistance, accepting conditions as they come, or
whether you will turn to the right on the newer and higher path
that leads to definite mastership, peace and contentment. You
alone can decide this matter, and no argument from any other
individual can serve to do more than present the possibilities. If
you decide to unite with those who through many ages and in
many countries and in all walks and positions of life have found
the Rosicrucian system unusually helpful and very definitely effi
cient, then your next step should be to test this new path and give
it an opportunity to serve you and guide you.
For Those W h o See\ Peace
and Contentment
o >
[ 18]
We now come to the knowledge of ourselves, whither
we are directed by the ancients, which merits a closer
examination, since the knowledge of himself is to man the
end and time of the sciences, of which nature only forms
a portion. Sir Francis Bacon.
(Imperator of the Rosicrucians.)
personal $rtoate jHemtiersfnp
What the Rosicrucians Offer You
Wherever you may live and whatever may be your situation
in life the Rosicrucians reach out with a kind offering and invite
you to share in their fascinating work.
Men and women regardless of age and regardless of any
religious, social, or business connections will find the private, per
sonal membership the most satisfactory at the very start. If you
live where you can receive mail regularly each week, and if you
are so situated that you can give a little spare time to private,
personal reading without any effort of study and without any
effort of memorizing, you will find that you have the very best
opportunity to take advantage of this personal, private membership.
Complete Home Study
Those so situated will find that their spare moments are turned
into golden moments of such real interest that they will become
the most important moments of the day and the week. The Rosi
crucians offer such persons all of the benefits of mental, spiritual,
and metaphysical contact with thousands of other students attuned
to the same ideals and working toward the same desirable ends,
without the necessity of actual personal association. Under the
methods used by the Rosicrucians this system of personal, private
reading and unfoldment has become an outstanding success pro
ducing the same results as those achieved in the occasional lodges
and temples of the organization in this and foreign countries.
Fascinating Method of Study
This plan of private instruction at home is so unique and
lew to this country it must be explained so that it will not be
compared with the so-called correspondence courses issued
by correspondence schools in America, or the mere issuance
of pamphlet lessons.
First of all, it was recognized at once that such lessons
as were to be sent to nation-wide students COULD NOT
BE IN PRINTED BOOKS, for two excellent reasons: first,
the time-honored injunction against any of the lessons of
the Order in any land being issued in book form; secondly,
[ 2 0 ]
There is a transcendent power that comes to the human
mind when it finds joy in attunement with the Cosmic
wisdom. Friar Roger Bacon.
(A Rosicrucian.)
the continued changes, improvements, amendments, and modern
adaptations of the teachings would prevent their preparation in
text-book or printed form of any permanent nature.
It is common for a correspondence school to send its students
a set of text-books accompanied by monthly printed reading les
sons analyzing the various chapters of the text-books. Year after
year the same instructions, the same books and pamphlets are sent
to the thousands of students. This is possible in presenting such
subjects as Law, English, Mathematics, History, or some of the
sciences. It would not do, could not do, in presenting the teachings
of the Rosicrucians, for such teachings are continually improving
in subject matter, application to human affairs, and relation to
recent discoveries by the Masters of the instruction.
How the Lessons A r e Prepared
The first principle insisted upon by the Imperator of the Order
(the Supreme officer of the Order) was that the lessons to be sent
to the home-study members must be specially made and prepared
from time to time to keep them up to the minute with the findings
and elaborate experiments made by the most learned workers in
the Order in this country and in other lands. That means ex
tensive work, great cost, and a staff of master teachers continually
working upon the lessons.
It is because the Order is able to keep its members informed
in advance of important matters, and give knowledge which out
siders cannot obtain, that it enables them to overcome obstacles,
meet oncoming conditions, and prepare for future circumstances.
The world outside of the Order is just now trying to discover
and evolve certain principles regarding health, disease, and the
prolonging of life which Rosicrucians have known and practiced
for centuries. The same can be said regarding new discoveries
in the various methods of using the mind to attain success in life.
How Lessons A r e Issued
Therefore, the Imperator appointed a staff to prepare and issue
the private lessons for those members who would be admitted to
the Home Study Classes.
Such members were to be I N V I TE D to join by sending them,
upon recommendation, an application blank. After the answers
in this form were examined and an investigation made of the ap
plicants sincerity, he or she was to be notified to prepare
for the preliminary, fundamental lessons. A plan was finally
adopted, based upon an old system used by the early Rosi
crucians, whereby such members arranged to use one part
of some room usually a sleeping room as their study
corner or personal Lodge corner. By the use of private
instructions in typewritten, personal form, the members pre
pare for the first surprising lessons. The many thousands
[21 ]
There is no chance, no destiny, no fate
Can circumvent, or hinder, or control
The firm resolve of a determined soul.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
(A Rosicrucian.)
in America today who have used these instructionsmen and
women in all walks of life from the highest positions in the country
to humble workers in the homehave found the lessons, explana
tions, simple experiments, and practical tests more fascinating and
alluring each week than the best drama or works of fiction.
Helpfulness of the System
Such lessons are not mere speculative statements or points
of philosophy, but carefully written and edited explanations of
laws, beginning with the fundamental and simple ones, worded in
language which any can understand, and illustrated by analogies,
examples, common references and every-day experiences. Then
several experiments are given to be practiced at convenient times
throughout the week. In this way, week after week, month after
month, special lessons, always being revised and amended, are
sent to each member, covering the whole system of private Rosi
crucian teachings, developing faculties and powers the members
never realized they possessed.
Arranged in Easy Steps
The lessons are arranged in Grades or Degrees, like classes
or grades in a school. There is no better way to spend an evening
than by reading these fascinating lectures, lessons, and explana
tions. They are sent to the student weekly in a sealed, private
envelope. It is like having the heart and Soul of the REAL mys
teries of life opened to you in a picturesque, intriguing manner.
At the end of each grade there is a self-examination to be sent
to the Master of the class. He may thus see wherein you have
succeeded or failed to grasp a clear understanding of each point
and will send you such additional information as you need. These
examinations are not at all difficult if the lessons have been prop
erly read. They do not require laborious study.
A Lodge at Home
Members are asked to reserve part of one night of the week
to be their Lodge night" at home. Whether it be every Wednes
day night, every Thursday night, or every Friday night, thousands
of other members will be studying, practicing and experimenting in
attunement with you. We prefer that each member select an early
or late part of Thursday evening for his or her Lodge night at
home, for this is the Rosicrucian night throughout the world
and it means greater power through the multitudes who are
thus attuned. But any other evening will do, however, should
you find it necessary to temporarily change your selected
weekly Lodge night.
Time Required for Study
As stated above, we recommend that each member select
one evening of the week for a definite study evening. On that
[ 2 2 ]
God is a Number endowed with motion, which is felt
but not demonstrated. Balzac.
(A Rosicrucian.)
evening, one hour to one hour and thirty minutes is sufficient time
for the reading of the new lesson, the testing of the new principles
and a complete understanding of the work for the week. Then
throughout the following days in spare moments while resting,
walking, riding, or even during the busy hours of work, the member
can test the new principles in connection with the many incidents
of daily life and the solving of serious, personal problems. In this
way the old principles of the previous weeks, and the new ones,
are constantly applied and used and made more familiar. Such
testing and application of the principles and laws do not interfere
with any of your daily affairs but actually help you to make the
day more successful and profitable in whatever you are trying to
Personal Service and Instruction
Letters and telegrams come daily to Headquarters from students
to their teachers here asking for immediate and special help in
illness, business problems, help for others, and guidance in times
of perplexity. Such personal help sent at once is one of the im
mediate aids rendered by the Order to its members, and without
any fees for such service.
In this way the National Lodge permits men and women in
all walks of life, and with just ordinary school education, to have
the full advantage of Rosicrucian membership regardless of where
they live.
7\[o College Education 1Necessary
These interesting lessons begin with the very fundamentals of
natures laws as they relate to man and the universe, and make
plain all man's secret powers, possibilities, and potential activities.
The lessons are carefully graded. No college, academic, or even
high school education is necessary to understand them, for they
have been prepared by some of the best educators in various
lands for the purpose of meeting the general mind. They are
simply but effectively worded and easily understood.
7\[o Memorizing Required
Various educational boards have said that the system
employed by the Rosicrucians in teaching and instructing is
the ideal system for it does not require memorizing. Through
examples, illustrations and experiments, the student compre
hends and remembers without conscious effort. Concentra
tion upon words you read, and a few moments meditation
upon each principle or law, makes them stand out in the mind
and consciousness tor all time.
[ 2 3 ]
But among these doctrines, there is none more neces
sary than an inquiry into the proper habits of each
faculty of the soul in the body and its organs.
Sir Francis Bacon.
(Imperator of the Rosicrucians.)
Mastery at Each Step
There never was and never will be a more systematic, a more
detailed and complete course of personal-development study than
this. The student becomes a master of certain laws and principles
each week and before the first few weeks have passed he no longer
desires to hurry and goes no more rapidly than the system pro
vides. It is not like a course of study which must be entirely fin
ished before it may be put into practical operation. Most of our
members discover the true value and efficiency of the work after
the first month of reading and experimenting and derive help from
the very first lessons.
Attaining Health, Prosperity, and Happiness
These three elements are Gods divine gifts to man. But man
knows not how to accept these blessings. God and nature provide
for man being well bornwhen the parents live as nature seeks to
instructand from the moment of birth HEALTH, not disease,
is mans most natural endowment from all the forces and elements
of the universe.
Prosperity is the result of attraction; poverty is the perfect
manifestation of repulsion and negation. Not only is it true that
man is as he thinks, but he enjoys and possesses that which he
attracts. The next step is to attract to one's s e l f that which is de
sired, and such attraction on the part of man is only possible
when the inner self is permitted to function, to manifest and direct
the forces of the outer self.
Prosperity in material things is happiness, health, power to
direct, power to control, power to will and become; assuring
success of venture, attainment of ambitions, and the blotting out
of all unhappiness, ill-health, and misfortune. This prosperity is
man's rightful, divine privilege and naught but man's ignorance of
laws and principles, and his misguided belief in the falsities of
limiting creeds and dogmas, keep him from being PROSPEROUS
in every sense of the word.
Science Building, Rose-Croix University
This beautiful structure houses the various Chemistry,
Physics, and Experimental Laboratories.
[ 2 4 ]
Good always flows in the channels it has once selected.
L. C. de Saint-Martin.
(A Rosicrucian.)
The illustration above shows just how each weekly lesson is
sent to each member.
FI RST , there are the personal lettersas many each week or
month as are necessary to answer your questions and help you
solve your personal problems. Intimate, precise facts are given in
these letters, dictated by a number of experts who keep a careful
record of your progress, your needs, and your desires.
SECOND, the weekly monograph. This monograph, con
taining a number of pages, is carefully prepared by the teachers
and graded to prepare you step by step in the mastership of the
Rosicrucian laws and principles. Each lesson contains not only a
full explanation of laws which you will wish to use in your per
sonal affairs, but also experiments and tests whereby you can
PROVE and D E M ON STR ATE to yourself the efficacy of the
principles. The lessons also contain, as an added help, the
opinions and judgment of the world's most eminent thinkers upon
the subjects of your lessons and the nature of your problems.
This makes the monograph different from printed pamphlet les>
sons containing only theories and philosophical essays.
THIRD, whenever necessary, charts and diagrams of the laws
and principles are sent with the lessons to help clarify every point,
and to save the later purchase of reference charts.
[ 2 5 ]
Men who are devoid of the power of spiritual percep
tion are unable to recognize the existence of anything
that cannot be seen externally. Paracelsus.
(A Rosicrucian.)
What Membership Will Mean to You
Membership in the Rosicrucian Brotherhood means all that is
included in most other fraternities, plus many features not offered
by any other.
Fraternal membership has so many values that it has been pop
ular for ages. Both men and women of the present day are rapidly
filling the ranks of hundreds of associations solely because of the
personal, direct and indirect benefits to be derived. Perhaps this
desire for alliance and association with others o f like mind is born
of the human tendency toward the formation of clans, a tendency
responsible for the building of hamlets, towns, cities, countries
and nations.
Membership in the Rosicrucian Brotherhood means that each
member is affiliated with a large and increasing body of progress
ive men and women whose sole purpose in life centers around the
desire to advance, succeed, and become unusually contented with
the building and enjoyment of a better life.
Each member is part of the great work. The work is to master
the obstacles in life and make the world better for the individual.
Each member, therefore, is kept in contact with all the progressive
methods for bringing about such results.
In other words, each member is kept informed of all the in
formation, advice and help that the Order possesses which will
help him in his personal affairs. Through correspondence, through
the monthly magazine, The Rosicrucian Digest, and through con
tact with members, unusual help is offered by those who have had
all kinds of experiences in life and are ready to help others to
master similar ones.
The Free Instructions and Lessons
In addition to all the other benefits, the Rosicrucian
Brotherhood offers its members the special help of graded
instructions. The Rosicrucian Brotherhood is not a cor
respondence school. Its lessons and private instructions are
not for sale on any basis. They are given freely to those
[ 26]
In proportion as you detach yourself from things, in
that same proportion not one degree more or less will
God enter in with all that is His. Eckhart.
(A Rosicrucian.)
who desire them. Not all members are pursuing the courses
of instructions; many of them have been through the degrees,
have long since completed the regular course of study and are
not on the student lists at all. They retain their active member
ship in the Rosicrucian Brotherhood because of the very benefits
to be derived from association and intimate contact with the
Order. Every member, however, is entitled to the complete
Accepting Our Invitation
Those to whom this booklet is sent receive a letter usually in
viting them to become a Member of the Order. No one is invited
to become a mere student of the course of instruction. As a member
of the Order you are entitled to every benefit of any kind the
Order has to confer and which it may add in the future.
By filling out the enclosed application formwhich should ac
company this bookyou accept our invitation to apply for the
opportunity of uniting with us. That application will be examined
by a Committee and passed upon. If for any reason you cannot
be accepted you will be notified. Otherwise, you will be accepted
and a formal notice sent to you.
When an application proves acceptable, it is first given to one
of the Class Masters and Secretaries for personal attention. The
procedure thereafter is as follows:
F I R S T : the chosen candidate is immediately notified of
the acceptance and is sent without delay the preliminary Secret
Mandamus Number One, which contains valuable information,
enabling the applicant to immediately attune himself and relate
himself with certain fundamental principles of the organization.
While the applicant is studying the very important, private docu
ments, the Master of his class and certain scribes of the Order
make further investigations to determine how best to pro
ceed with the applicant in order to give him or her the very
best instruction and personal help. This results in a Second
Mandamus sent to the applicant the second week, and other
similar private documents are sent each week for six weeks,
thereby giving the new member an excellent foundation for
personal development and experience with important laws
and Cosmic principles.
[ 2 7 ]
True happiness consists not in the knowledge of good
things, but in good life; not in understanding but in living
understandingly. Neither is it great learning but good
will that joins men to God. Cornelius Agrippa.
(A Rosicrucian.)
SECOND: the chosen candidate also receives a Membership
Identification Card number; and certain signs and words as he
advances, whereby he becomes recognized as an initiated member
of the organization.
THIRD: thereafter he receives weekly the specially pre
pared private instructions, monographs and lessons, with daily and
weekly experiments and exercises which enable him to master each
step easily and properly. The lessons and monographs each week
require a part of one evening of the week for study or reading
(there being nothing to memorizeeverything remains in the mind
through the unique methods used by the Rosicrucians to teach
its laws), and the exercises and experiments require only a few
minutes each night, morning or noontime, at the member's con
venience. These exercises and experiments develop certain facul
ties from the very first lessons.
FOURTH: the lessons relate to lifes immediate problems as
well as the future needs of the members. They help the members
to master the obstacles and overcome adverse conditions from the
very start. Not vague theories, no speculation about conditions
in the ethereal realms that have no bearing upon our present
life, but laws and principles that men and women must use here
and now in practical ways.
F I F T H : the monthly private magazine, called The Rosi
crucian Digest, is sent to each member each month without ad
ditional fee. It contains special instructions and lessons on general
life problems, and the questions and answers relating to new
principles as well as reports from members, and articles by leading
persons in the country on what the Rosicrucian Order is doing
for them. It also contains a beautiful pictorial section of rare my
stical pictures.
S I X T H : each member, regardless of the study course,
is entitled to the many departmental services of the Order, which
include help by correspondence and through our metaphysical
methods, as well as additional information by mail on points in the
monographs, aid in health matters, without additional fees.
SE V EN TH : the privilege of meeting with other members in
the same locality as soon as a certain stage of the work is reached
where members can assemble weekly in our own Temples in various
cities, or in special meeting places for mutual discussion and help.
The graded, systematic lessons and experiments continue
weekly with special helps to make each member proficient
until the first degree is completed.
From this point onward the member may proceed with
the higher lessons, through all the degrees of the Work,
having the satisfying knowledge that under the tutelage of
the wisest fraternity of the centuries, he or she is remaking
himself or herself into a newer and finer personality, build
ing toward the Perfection we seek in the Man and Woman.
[ 2 8 ]
Ignorance is the true original sin. Men are bankrupt
morally because they do not know the gold mine that
is in them. Brierly.
(A Rosicrucian.)
The Order is strictly a brotherhood operating in that sense
as do other fraternities. Membership in the Rosicrucian Brother
hood carries with it the many benefits distinct to all fraternities
and many others quite unique. As in fraternities, there are mem
bership dues, payable monthly. And a nominal registration fee."
This fee and monthly dues of small amount are the contributions
on the part of members to the general operating funds of the Order,
and take care of its propaganda expenses, its building funds, na
tional and international humanitarian activities, and donations to
many scientific expeditions and methods of research and investi
In addition to these general activities of the Order, the Rosi
crucians conduct the courses mentioned on previous pages. These
courses of study are given freely and without charge or fees of
any kind to members of the Order. Therefore, we wish you to
keep in mind that the study and instruction work is a separate and
distinct feature of the Order, not found in any other fraternal or
ganization, and for which, in reality, our members do not pay.
The Supreme Council has purposely made the Registration
Fee very nominal. It is five dollars, payable with application.
Monthly dues are two dollars, payable on the first of each
month. These fees include all the benefits of the Orders activities.
There are no other fees nor assessments, nor books which must be
purchased in order to study, and no limitations to the degree
of advancement that members may make in their studies. The
monthly magazine, The Rosicrucian Digest, is also given free
to all members taking the course of study by correspondence
from the Grand Lodge.
The monthly dues are to be paid by members so long as they
are active members of the Brotherhood sharing in all its manifold
(Remember, the Rosicrucian Brotherhood, AMORC, is not a
sectarian nor religious organization.)
[ 2 9 ]
When man neither careth for, nor seeketh, nor desireth
anything but the Eternal Good alone, he is made a par
taker of all manner of joy, bliss, peace, rest, and con
solation. J a c o b Boehme.
(A Rosicrucian.)
There are several ways in which this booklet may have come
into your hands. It is intended for careful and discreet distribu
tion to only those who seem worthy of admission into the Order.
It may have been handed to you by someone who wishes you
to realize that there is something vital in life that may answer
your desires and end your quest. It may have been passed along to
you by a friend or acquaintance who feels that it will arouse
an inquiry in your mind. Therefore, there may be no application
blank or letter of invitation enclosed. In that case if you feel
interested you should write at once to the Grand Secretary
and ask for an application form. If your inquiry appears to be
sincere the Secretary will invite you to file an application
with him.
You may have written to Headquarters for this booklet and it
may have come to you accompanied by a letter and Application
Blank. In such a case the letter will invite you to become a mem
ber. It is a direct invitation issued after your request has been
properly considered.
How to Proceed
F I R S T : Carefully fill out the Application Blank. The answer
to each question is important and will be treated as strictly con
SECOND, Having answered all the questions in the Applica
tion Blank sign it accurately. Enclose with it the Registration Fee
of Five Dollars.
THIRD, Mail your Application Blank and Registration Fee
promptly to the Grand Secretary. Register your letter if it con
tains cash, and if you send a check or money order make it payable
Acknowledgment should reach you within ten days or less. If
you do not hear from the Secretary in that time write him in detail.
If your application is rejected for any reason whatsoever your
Registration Fee will be returned to you with a frank explanation.
Address All Mail T o
Long Distance Telephones: Ballard 8295, 8296
Radio Station W 6 H T B
[ 3 0 ]
The soul dwells not where she lives, but where she
loves. Thomas Vaughan.
(A Rosicrucian.)
Looking toward the "East of the Supreme Lodge where all Esoteric Ceremonies
are conducted by the Supreme Officers at Rosicrucian Park.
This Supreme Temple is visited by several thousands
of members and visitors each year.
This artistic building is occupied exclusively by the Editorial, Art, Printing,
and Publishing Departments of The Rosicrucian Press, Ltd., for the
preparation of our Literature, Magazines, and Books.
The Order uses the same ancient name that is found in the oldest
records. That name in complete Latin form is: Antiquae Arcanae
Ordinis Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis. In America and other
English speaking countries the name is shortened to Ancient, Mystical
Order Rosae Crucis. The Latin words Rosae Crucis mean "of the
Rosy Cross. For the sake of brevity, the initials are used thus:
A. M. O. R. C.
There are certain characteristics that determine at once the
authenticity of any organization claiming Rosicrucian authority. The
true Rosicrucian Organization for every jurisdiction of the world is
represented at all International Rosicrucian Congresses held in
Europe. In North and South America that Organization is the
A. M. O. R. C. and has a United States patent on the name of the
Order, and its true symbol. It never uses the name of Rosicrucian
Society or Rosicrucian Fellowship or Center. The initials A. M. O.
R. C. appear on all of its literature, on its announcements, and are
associated with all of its outer activities.
The official true symbol of the Order is a gold cross with a
single, red rose in the center. The cross has no religious significance,
as it was used as an ancient symbol before Christianity. Its true
meaning is the material body of man with arms outstretched in
salutation. The rose represents man's soul confined in the body
unfolding as it receives more light and understanding.
The following are the staff directors of the North and South
American jurisdiction. The Organization maintains subordinate bodies
in all of the principal cities of the countries composing this jurisdiction.
DR. H. SPENCER LEWIS, F. R. C..............................................
.................. President of the University and Imperator of the Order
RALPH M. LEWIS, F. R. C............................ Supreme Grand Secretary
CLEMENT B. LE BRUN, F. R. C.......................................... Grand Master
HARVEY MILES, F. R. C...................................................Grand Treasurer
ETHEL B. WARD............................................. Secretary to Grand Master
[ 3 2 ]
I predict that when the worlds history is ultimately
written, one golden cord of human helpfulness will be
found to have bound the nations together. It will be
the cord of the Rosicrucians. Chris Hans Miller.
(A Rosicrucian.)
&n gfomontstfjment
Read Carefully each Page, each Paragraph!
Place yourself in a quiet, restful mood, alone if possible, and permit the
author to reveal to you the picture, the plan, the purpose leading to attainment,
power, success, andIllumination. The value of this booklet cannot be obtained
by skimming over the pages.
This Booklet is gladly given to you. It carries with it the cordial invitation
to attune yourself with The Invincible Empire and conquer.
Start with the first page, and without missing or passing a word or line,
in orderly progression follow the development of its unique messageand think
as you read.
You are a privileged seeker, indeed, and the AMORC welcomes you within
its private domains.
You have broken the sealI
Your quest has opened these pages!
The reading of the book may be the turning point in your life!
It may prove to be the most vital factor in your future career!
Thousands, in many lands, have lifted their hands and voices in tribute to
the Light that sheds its rays from these pages.
The unsealed Booklet, with its open Path, is before you!
c * o $ t*A4r
The matter contained in this booklet is officially
issued through the Supreme Council of AMORC.
The Ancient Name and Symbols of the Rosicru
cian Brotherhood are Registered and Protected
by The United States Patent Office exclusively
in the name of AMORC.
Q /o w are C^nvilecl bii
<3 X 3 1
to unite with them that you may receive the fas'
cinating and profound disclosures which will
wifold the solution of the Mysteries of Life as
Revealed by God's Omnipotent Laws.
Tou are cordially requested to submit this Ques'
tionnaire, with your personal answers, so that the
proper steps may be ta\en to Prepare The Way
and put you in Contact with those officers who
will communicate the First Principles and Private
Teachings which will place you in
possession of the
A. M. O. R. C.
(Please Write Answers Plainly with Pen and Ink)
Date of Birth?........................................................................... Sex?.
(Day, Month, and Year)
Place of Birth?...................................................................... Race?.
Religion in which you were born?...............................................
Present church affiliations, if any?...............................................
Married?.......................... - ........Number of children?...................
Have you been a student of any Mystical, Metaphysical, or Spiritual
Philosophy, and how long?......................................................................................
Are you a member of any Secret, Fraternal, or Philosophical Societies?
What is the extent of your education?.................................................................
Have you any Academic or Honorary Degrees?..............................................
Do you affirm your conviction of the existence of a Supreme Ruler,
Divine Mind, or God?................................................................................................
Are you prepared to consider all new facts regarding life and the
(Full Name as Christened)
NOTE:If you have a recent snapshot or photograph of yourself we would appre
ciate receiving it. Size not to exceed three inches by five inches.
Please Read Very Carefully
To the Recording Secretary o f AMORC,
AMORC TEMPLE, San Jose, California.
Respected Sir:
I hereby accept your cordial invitation to unite with the Rosicru
cians in their researches, studies, and individual experiments, as out
lined in the book, The Wisdom of the Sages. If I am found worthy of
receiving the First Principles and private studies, I will abide by the
ancient pledge made by all Neophytes, to wit:
"1 will keep confidential all reading matters, lessons,
and discourses sent to me, and will carefully examine
them to determine each step I am to take in being pre
pared fo r full benefits o f membership in the AMORC.
In accordance with the ancient custom, I herewith donate and
enclose Five Dollars as a contribution to THE ROSICRUCIAN
FOUNDATION, and will contribute to this Foundation the sum of
Two Dollars monthly, beginning with the first month after I have been
accepted into the woik of the organization. This I will continue as long
as I desire membership.
It is understood that if I am accepted, I shall receive weekly
discourses, monographs, and private papers, and the monthly maga
zine, and enjoy all the benefits of Membership, without the payment
of any fees or charges except the contributions to the FOUNDATION,
as stated above. It is further understood that if accepted my member
ship shall be exclusively in the Grand Lodge of AMORC and my rights
and interests confined thereto. If I am not accepted, I will be confiden
tially notified by the return of this Questionnaire and my donation.
(Make checks or money orders payable only to AMORC Funds )
(Do net send currency in unregistered letters)
(Spell your name as it should be used on all mail)
Address f o r all MailPrint Your Words:
(Use this space to state your motive in petitioning f or Rosicrucian Membership)
B e Sure to Send Your Remittance with This Application.
Recd......................................... Approved.................................................................
Membership Entry.......................................................................................................
P R I N T E D I N U . 8 . A .
Matriculation No............................................... Key....Q.
(Use this space to state your motive in petitioning foe Rosicrucian Membership)
Be Sure to Send Your Remittance with This Application.
Membership Entry...................................................................................................
P R I N T E D I N U . S . A .
Matriculation No. Key... .P. . k ..0. ?.
Z u - 9 6
Q f o u are (sJnviled L
( C L S R
ou are L j s n v i t e a bij.
o si crucians
to unite with them that you may receive the fas'
cinating and profound disclosures which will
unfold the solution of the Mysteries of Life as
Revealed by God's Omnipotent Laws.
Tou are cordially requested to submit this ues'
tionnaire, with your personal answers, so that the
proper steps may be ta\en to Prepare The Way
and put you in Contact with those officers who
will communicate the First Principles and Private
Teachiyigs which will place you in
possession of the
A. M. O. R. C.
( Please Write Answers Plainly with Pen and Ink)
Date of Birth?............................................................................ Sex?............ ...............
(Day, Month, and Year)
Place of Birth?...................................................................... Race?............................
Religion in which you were born?...........................................................................
Present church affiliations, if any?...........................................................................
Married?...................................... Number of children?............................................
Have you been a student of any Mystical. Metaphysical, or Spiritual
Philosophy, and how long?.......................................................................................
Are you a member of any Secret, Fraternal, or Philosophical Societies?
What is the extent of your education?.................................................................
Have you any Academic or Honorary Degrees?..............................................
Do you affirm your conviction of the existence of a Supreme Ruler,
Divine Mind, or God?.................................................................................................
Are you prepared to consider all new facts regarding life and the
(Full Name as Christened)
NOTE:If you have a rcccnt snapshot or photograph of yourself we would appre-
ciate receiving it. Size not to exceed three inches by five inches.
Please Re a d Very Carefully
To the Recording Secretary o f AMORC,
AMORC TEMPLE, San Jose, California.
Respected Sir:
I hereby accept your cordial invitation to unite with the Rosicru
cians in their researches, studies, and individual experiments, as out
lined in the book, The Wisdom of the Sages." If I am found worthy of
receiving the First Principles and private studies, I will abide by the
ancient pledge made by all Neophytes, to wit:
"I will k eep confidential all reading matters, tessons,
and discourses sent to me, and will carefully examine
them to determine each step I am to take in being pre
pared f o r full benefits o f membership in the AMORC.
In accordance with the ancient custom, I herewith donate and
enclose Five Dollars as a contribution to T H E ROSICRUCIAN
FOUNDATION, and will contribute to this Foundation the sum of
Two Dollars monthly, beginning with the first month after I have been
accepted into the woxk of the organization. This I will continue as long
as I desire membership.
It is understood that if I am accepted, I shall receive weekly
discourses, monographs, and private papers, and the monthly maga
zine, and enjoy all the benefits of Membership, without the payment
of any fees or charges except the contributions to the FOUNDATION,
as stated above. It is further understood that if accepted my member
ship shall be exclusively in the Grand Lodge of AMORC and my rights
and interests confined thereto. If I am not accepted, I will be confiden
tially notified by the return of this Questionnaire and my donation.
(Make checks or money orders payable only to AMORC Funds )
(Do not send currency in unregistered letters)
(Spell your name a s it should be used on all mail)
Address f o r all MailPrint Your Words:
R o s i c r u c i a n Br ot her hood
R o s i c r u c i a n Park
San Jose,
C a l i f o r n i a , U. S. A.
Supreme S e c r e t a r y
Wm. L. Dimond Feb. 14, 1935
428 S. Main St.
Urbana, Ohio
Dear Mr.Dimond:
You have w r i t t e n t o t he F r i a r o f t he R o s i c r u c i a n
Br ot h er hood, a s k i n g f o r our Seal ed Book. L e t t h a t ser ve
as our i n t r o d u c t i o n .
The book i s encl osed.. I o n l y wi s h t h a t I coul d
d e l i v e r i t t o you p e r s o n a l l y , so t h a t I c ou l d meet you
and t a l k w i t h you about you r a m b i t i o n s and d e s i r e s , and
how t he R o s i c r u c i a n t e a c h i n g s w i l l make them p o s s i b l e
f o r you.
Are you weary o f r e a d i n g books t h a t t e l l you about
t h e wo n d e r f u l t h i n g s accompl i shed by t he mast er mi nds
o f t he past ? Are you t i r e d o f h e a r i n g what can be done
w i t h t he my s t i c l aws o f mi nd and m a t t e r , w i t h o u t bei ng
t o l d how YOU can do t hese t h i n g s , e a s i l y and s u r e l y ?
I f you ar e l i k e t housands upon t housands o f o t h e r s ,
you w i l l want t o be MASTER o f your own l i f e , your own
c a r e e r . You w i l l cease b e l i e v i n g t he f a n t a s t i c t a l e s
o f t he adept s o f t he Far East and t he My s t i c s o f t he
O r i e n t , and w i l l demand t h a t you be shown how t o do
t hese g r e a t de mon s t r a t i o ns o f o c c u l t power.
For ages man has accept ed t he d o c t r i n e s o f chur ch
and school on f a i t h . Today man demands t he KNOWLEDGE o f
t he methods f o r s e l f d e mo n s t r a t i o n . Hi s l i f e and h i s
f a t e ar e i n h i s own maki ng. He no l o n g e r b e l i e v e s t h a t
God has damned some t o h e l l and e l e v a t e d o t h e r s t o
Heaven b e f o r e b i r t h . He wants t o r i s e , mast er , succeed
and c r e a t e f o r h i m s e l f . He has d i s c o v e r e d t h a t i t i s
h i s D i v i n e H e r i t a g e . T e l l i n g hi m t h a t i t i s p o s s i b l e
f o r man s mi nd t o a cc ompl i s h m i r a c l e s w i t h o u t e x p l a i n
i n g how and r e v e a l i n g t he s e c r e t l av/ s, has br oug ht
di scour agement , s or r ow, f a i l u r e , and doubt i n t o t he
h e a r t s o f m i l l i o n s .
L e c t u r e r s , t e a c h e r s , w r i t e r s and s e l f - a p p o i n t e d
gui des c o n t i n u e t o t a l k about what GAN BE DONE, and
l eave a ho s t o f h o p e f u l b u t b l i n d sear cher s f o r t he
knowl edge t h a t i s p r a c t i c a l .
Perhaps you ask y o u r s e l f , " I s t h e r e some t r u t h i n
t he c l ai ms made and s t o r i e s t o l d ? Can I l e a r n whet her
t h e r e i s t r u l y an unusual knowl edge, a s e c r e t power?1
f i n i s h e d , don t wonder " s h a l l I l o o k i n t o t h i s
f u r t h e r ? " . . . . t h a t h e s i t a n c y i s one o f t he v e r y t h i n g s
t h a t h o l d s back so many i n a t t a i n i n g t h e i r i d e a l s i n
l i f e . Why l e t t i me and c i r cumst ance shape t he course
o f y our l i f e ? J u s t as t he sun, moon, and p l a n e t s ar e
governed by d e f i n i t e l aws, so you, t o o , ar e s u b j e c t
t o c e r t a i n n a t u r a l p r i n c i p l e s . Under st and t he f unda
ment al l aws o f l i f e whi ch a f f e c t you, d i r e c t them,
and b r i n g i n t o r e a l i z a t i o n your i nner most d e s i r e s .
Though t h i s i s o n l y a b r i e f o u t l i n e o f what THE
ROSICRUCIANS can do f o r you i n your sear ch f o r t he
h i g h e r t h i n g s i n l i f e , t h i s l e t t e r c o n s t i t u t e s an
i n v i t a t i o n t o you t o a v a i l y o u r s e l f o f t he f u r t h e r
o p p o r t u n i t i e s pr es ent ed i n t he book.
L e t me hear f r om you soon, n o t o n l y out o f
c o u r t e s y because o f t he i n v i t a t i o n , b u t because you
have a t l a s t deci ded t o awaken those q u a l i t i e s t h a t
w i l l make l i f e what you wi s h i t t o be.