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The Importance Of Free Speech And A Free Press

Ian R Thorpe
Our right of free speech and free expression is under threat as never before. We
should all be aware by now that anything we say will offend somebody somewhere
and so close our ears to the whining of the politically correct fascists but there is a
constant barrage of warnings that we must not say this or that, that we must refrain
from hate speech an offence of which the word of the accuser alone is sufficient
evidence to convict and which, according to the UK Equalities ill and European
human rights law is anything that your accuser feels was meant in an offensive way.
One of the most dangerous trends in the English spea!ing world over the past few
decades had been the hi"ac!ing of individuality by psychologists and politically
correct thin!ers. #he ever growing army of shrin!s li!e to tell us they study the
human psyche and thus are qualified to tell us all how to live. One of the areas in
which psychology has been most successful is in the suppression of free speech and
freedom of though. We must never openly disagree with anybody as to do so is
hostile and we must never criticise anybody$s beliefs because we may hurt their
feelings. %olitically &orrect attitudes try to dictate to us how we should behave
towards each other with the emphasis on not saying anything li!ely to cause offence
which seriously inhibits our right to express opinions.
Well let$s be straight, what doesn$t !ill us ma!es us stronger and hurt feelings
never !illed anybody. What the shrin!s and tric! cyclists and the hand wringing
lefties and liberals have done is to target the wea! and exploit their sentimentality by
connecting it to that ludicrous '()*s stoner philosophy that posits if we all "oin hands
and sing Kumbaya the world will be healed overnight.
+ have always said, ,eware the terrible tyranny of the wea!., -ive wea! people
the slightest sniff of power and they immediately become completely out of control in
their abuse of it. .ttach the authority of law to their politically correct ideas and very
soon we are ruled by tyrannical wussiness. &onsider some of the recent ideas of the
%olitically &orrect #hought %olice/ +f a blac! person and a white person are involved
in a dispute it is our moral duty to be on the side of the blac! person because the
white person is obviously motivated by racism0 any verbal attac! on or criticism of a
homosexual is prompted by homophobia and is therefore a hate crime0 &hildren are
not capable of wrongdoing and should not be punished0 #he failure of tribal societies
in the #hird World to develop is entirely the fault of the west0 .ny one person$s
religious or spiritual beliefs are as good as anyone else$s if anyone else happens to be
a western &hristian and should be respected by western &hristians but there is no
moral obligation for 1uslims, 2indus or 3hamanistic .nimists to respect western
.nd so the idiocy goes on, the list is endless.
1ost of the problems the developed world faces can be traced bac! to the fluffy
thin!ing of these wea!, creepy people. #hey feminised the hard men of the #rade
Unions and now they whine when the dar! forces of &apitalism trample the wor!ers,
they castrated the maveric!s of politics and the press and now when we need leaders
and people of vision we have only wimps and time serving careerists0 the goats are
being led by the sheep because it is soooo unfair that the wea!, docile sheep should
have to ta!e second place in the pec!ing order to the smart, courageous, independent
#his political correct thin!ing, this tyranny of the wea! has put the whole world
out of !ilter. We must learn to be strong again, to cope with adversity without running
to a therapist, to overcome trauma without turning to a therapist. We must learn to
emulate in ways appropriate to a high tech world on the verge of environmental
meltdown how to emulate our ancestors who struggled to survive in a world that after
the +ce .ge was assailed by floods, volcanic eruption, earthqua!e and famine and
who, equipped with tools and weapons made of wood, bone and stone competed for
food against Wooly 1ammoths, 3abre #ooth #igers, -ry45ions, &ave ears and
-iant 6hinos.
Will politically correct wusses singing Kumbaya be able to hac! it in this brave
new world7 + thin! not.
We even have limp wristed wusses as our leaders now 8 and what tyrants they are
turning out to be. 9rom when + first started reading of arac! Obama + recognised in
his vacuous words, in the speeches crammed with clich: and banalities that we were
told was ,soaring rhetoric,, a man of little ability with a huge desire for power.
When it became apparent that he was being pushed towards the U 3 %residency
by the unseen political forces that really rule our planet, not #he +lluminati, nor
priests of some ancient sect sadly because + love a good conspiracy theory but
ordinary men and women addicted to wealth and power and driven by enormous
egos, a hyperactive sense of entitlement and a conviction that they are better
equipped to decide how we, the people should live our lives that we are ourselves.
%lainly as Obama processed towards the U3 %residency we were witnessing the
rise of a wannabe Emperor. + was out on a limb then, being regularly accused of
racism and attac!ed for being a right wing conservative and a young earth creationist.
+ never understood either, never having been a conservative or considered myself a
&hristian and as for racism, my disli!e and mistrust of Obama was nothing to do with
his mixed race status or his s!in colour. + disli!e and mistrust all politicians, it is li!e
a reflex with me and the instinct has never let me down.
6ecently there has been an awa!ening to the reality of Obama, he has been
caught out in several lies and deceptions, exposed as a coward, his contempt for the
law and constitution of the nation he leads is now openly debated and people whose
adoration of the man formerly came close to worship have finally started to see him
for what he is, "ust another opportunistic, manipulative political huc!ster, no different
to ;avid &ameron or #ony lair, ill &linton or -eorge W ush. Except in one way.
arac! Obama$s lust for power and control !nows no limits. +f you don$t believe
me ta!e a loo! at this control frea!s latest assault on freedom, not "ust the freedom of
.mericans but people everywhere/
via From The Trenches World Report:
$+n another verbal assault on net neutrality, Obama is now warning that both
recent and future acts of terrorism stem from the accessibility of information on the
+n his speech yesterday, Obama said that information available online fuels
<violent agendas= through <hateful propaganda= that drives terrorism. Warning that
<internet materials= are fueling domestic terror threats and actually causing people to
go out and commit mass acts of terrorism, Obama is once again following in the
footsteps of his fellow control frea! associates in assaulting the openness of the
internet that is now a hot spring for alternative news amid the fro>en depths of the
mainstream media.
+n the speech, Obama said/ ?#oday, a person can consume hateful propaganda,
commit themselves to a violent agenda and learn how to !ill without leaving their
6ead the whole article/
Obama is completely wrong of course, what drives terrorism is the increasingly
authoritarian attitude of incompetent politicians who are pushing for global
government so they will be too far removed from the people to be held accountable
and so will have power without responsibility.
3o long as politicians are more bothered about same sex marriage than curbing
corporate power, more interested in abolishing free speech on the internet, in the
media and in the wor!place, bar room and loc!er room than tac!ling poverty and
unemployment, and more concerned with advancing their own interests than ruling in
the interest of the people they govern no amount of controlling what is posted on the
internet, published or broadcast in mainstream media or said in public spaces will
stop the people rising up.
Ao matter how hard or how often authority treads on the human face, a spar! of
independence and individuality always glows deep in the human psyche.
.nother highly placed .merican legal scholar, an Obama supporter named Eric
%osner is endorsing gutting the 9irst .mendment in favour of anti4blasphemy, anti ,hate
speech,, anti 4 inequality laws and state sponsored censorship. +t$s the most anti49ree
3peech commentary +$ve seen since reading Karl 1arx. .nd naturally it comes from
someone who describes himself as a ?progressive@.
#he first amendment to the U3 ill of 6ights means little to we ritish of course.
ut our rights are enshrined in law too. #he 1agna &arta7 you might well as!. Ao
but closeish, our common law rights are enshrined in a document signed into law
before that even. King .lfred$s 5iber Budicialis was written in the ninth century. 3o
why are we letting these "umped up colonials and a bunch of closet Bew 6oasters in
russels dictate to us what we can and can$t say.
+t turns out %rof. -oebbels %osner is of the opinion that ,we overvalue free
speech, Ci.e. the ethics and values of goat molesting, vagina mutilating woman !illers
are the right ones and our -raeco 6oman &hristian values are wrong. 3o we must
abandon our moral code and adopt theirs or to put it another way, ,often free speech
must yield to other values and the need for order., ;idn$t 2itler say something li!e
&hicago law professor %osner, who also argues ,We have to remember that our
9irst .mendment values are not universal0 they emerged contingently from our own
political history, a set of cobbled4together compromises among political and
ideological factions responding to locali>ed events...,
Well yes, .merican rights such as 9ree 3peech did emerge from .merican history
and the shared .nglo 3axon values of the English spea!ing diaspora and the
-ermanic lands. +slamic values, of which %rof %osner seems so fond emerged out of
1uslim history. #heir values suit them, our values suit most of us with the exception
of ego tripping elitist academics li!e %osner who have never done an honest days
wor! in their lives but have progressed from being hoo!ed on co!e to being hoo!ed
on power.
+f %osner was a tenth as intelligent as he thin!s he is C&hicago you must
remember is the University that gave arac! Obama a tenured %rofessorship which
did not require him to deliver any lectures, host any tutorials or even turn up to
collect his mailD he might understand the case for free speech is a profoundly
philosophical one, with a very long history Cstretching bac! to .ncient -reeceD and it
is not only a Western idea, either. %osner is allegedly a highly educated legal scholar
so we have grounds to suspect he !nows this but finds it inconvenient and thus
pretends it is not so C+n %osner$s rave Aew World can we expect it will be verboten
to suggest that some public figure is, umm, being economical with the truth7D
#he western culture hating %osner goes on to say ,.s often happens, what starts
out as a grudging political settlement has become, when challenged from abroad, a
dogmatic principle to be imposed universally. 3uddenly, the disparagement of other
people and their beliefs is not an unfortunate fact but a positive good. +t contributes to
the $mar!etplace of ideas...$,
&hallenged from abroad7 3o this guy thin!s that when a raving 1uslim cleric
damands we decare free speech illegal and ma!e insulting the %rophet a capital
offence punishable by stoning we in Europe, the U3., .ustralia, &anada, Bapan and
other outlying farmsteads of the civilised world should simply cave in to extremist
#here is a lot wrong with the way free speech laws are interpreted these days but
the freedom to examine and critici>e people and beliefs is a positive good, 2ow else
will we ever be able to separate good ideas from bad ones7 2ow else will we be able
to determine that educating little girls is far more beneficial to society than mutilating
their vaginas and using ancient, outmoded marriage traditions to enslave them. #here
is no other way other than freedom of discussion. .nd government can$t specify in
which ideas or criticisms are and aren$t permitted 44 that would assume we already
!new and agreed on #ruth.
;oes this self righteous, simpering clown seriously as! us to believe that if we are
allowed the freedom to thin! for ourselves we might decide that Aa>is or other right
wing fanatics are right after all.,
+t is not right wing extremists who threaten our freedom but left wing extremists
li!e %osner who yearn for authoritarian totalitarianism that we must fear. We must
never forget that 2itler$s political movement were the Aational 3ocialists.
Aot only the U3. suffers from an authoritarian Cneo 8 Aa>i7D consensus of the
wea!. 3omething rather interesting emerged from ;avid &ameron$s press conference
on the media regulation by a yet to be set up government agency following the
5eveson +nquiry into phone hac!ing by newspapers. When #he %rime 1inister told
his audience he would put proposals for government control of the free press and
broadcast news before the 2ouse of &ommons, 1r &ameron used an ambiguity laden
,5oo!, we have a hung %arliament,, he said. ,+n the end %arliament is going to
have to decide. %arliament is sovereign.@
#hat may sound fairly mundane after all it is a simple fact that the E*'* general
election led to a hung %arliament, where no single party has a ma"ority. #his
according to %arliament watchers, is the first time 1r &ameron has publicly
ac!nowledged that he is not the man pulling the strings as %rime 1inister before him
have been.
+n other words the %rime 1inister has today put himself before the ritish people
Typical irony from Banksy
and told them about something he wants to do Ca 6oyal &harter for %ress regulationD,
but admitted that he may well not be able to do it, because he didn$t win the E*'*
election. #his goes beyond the obvious political tactics of a %rime 1inister preparing
the ground for defeat. +t$s also a ma"or shift in message from the %1. Once upon a
time, he argued that &oalition was actually better than single4party government,
because two parties together could do more than one alone. +nvo!ing that hung
parliament is a ma"or, if tacit, criticism of &oalition and an admission of its
5abour and the 5ib ;ems, both eager to show that their democratic credentials
are no more valid that a FG* %h; from an internet $University$ are all for total
regulation with criminal penalties awaiting those who published articles or broadcasts
dissenting from the official line on issues such as climate change, same sex marriage
and the ceding of sovereign powers to unelected supranational bodies but no
constraints on those who advocate going further along the road to tyranny.
9ortunately a significant minority of the 5iberal ;emocrats still understand what the
word liberal means and are threatening to rebel against a bill that would effectively
abolish free speech in the United Kingdom.
#he &onservative have been tying themselves in !nots over this issue,
traditionalists arguing strongly for a free press while those inclined towards
&ameron$s Aew World Order style of globalist &onservatism support a 3oviet style
regulated media. +t seems that in the end ;avid &ameron, having been offered a
-odfather style deal by party grandees, with &onservative grass roots support
haemorrhaging to UK+% they have told him ,%rotect the free press if you want to stay
%rime 1inister,.
+t$s also significant that 1r &ameron committed himself and his party to
repealing the %ress regulation system that 5abour and the 5ib ;ems might put in
place next wee!. ,+f that was in place in future, + would want to replace that if + was
re4elected,, he said.
2aving covered all the current three pronged attac! on our right of free speech,
from politicians motivated by a desire to silence criticism as they advance the agenda
of globalist corporations who would li!e to abolish free will, lawyers who see
themselves as the highest level of a new elite in a society whose y>antine legal
codex legislates not only what we can say but what we can thin! and academics who
can pontificate all they li!e but whose huffing and puffing only shows that while they
are big on boo! learning they are very short on life experience and so have little
understanding of the real world and the societies it is home to.
#he good thing is of course they are few and we are many and they can$t put us
all in prison.
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