El Dorado LunchBox: Summer Meals for Kids Instructions: Volunteers / LunchBoxers


Weekday Lunch Sacks: July 1 - Aug. 8  6 weeks
Lunch sacks distributed daily, Monday - Thursday, July 1 - Aug. 8, noon - 1 pm, at Skelly Elem. School, outside the west entrance (a large covered area). Each child will be given a plastic grocery bag which they will fill with: o 1 lunch sack (choosing from 3 or 4 varieties), o a carton of milk, and o a few goodies of their choosing from those available (e.g., pudding cups, snack bars, crackers & cheese). On Thursdays, each child can take an extra lunch sack home. Any children under age 18 who show up asking for one. Who No questions asked other than age and school they last attended, if they attend school (info. obtained for demographic purposes). USD 490 shuttle buses will bring children from other USD 490 schools to Skelly at Transportation 15 minute intervals, and take them back (see schedule below). Other children will walk or ride their bikes to Skelly; some will be brought by car. 7/01-03 [closed Thurs., 7/04] 7/08-11 7/15-18 Distribution 7/22-25 7/29-8/01 8/05-08 dates Number of kids An estimated 75 children daily - most likely fewer on Mondays Number might depend on weather Number might increase over time as word spreads about the program These lunch sacks are obtained at a deep discount via the KS Food Bank. LockerMates They come prepackaged in 10 different varieties. We will track children’s preferences for particular varieties. Numana Gardens plans to donate cantaloupe, carrots, and green beans. Fresh produce Produce can be stored in the Skelly kitchen as needed. Cantaloupe will be sliced and packaged in individual servings. Ditto carrots and green beans. Children will be encouraged to eat these raw. Flyers may be distributed somewhat weekly with information of interest to children Inserts and their families -- mostly focused on nutrition and health. Plastic T-shirt style grocery bags (need 300/week = 1800 for 6 weeks) Plastic bags LunchBoxers: 5 teens participating in the Teen Volunteer to Work (TV2W) Volunteers program -- some days only 4 teens are available. Adult volunteers who signed up to help (a pool of about 13 adults & 10 kids) Volunteer instructions: see next page

USD 490 Shuttle Bus
July 1 - August 8, Monday - Thursday (but not on 7/04) Melody Pick up site Pick up time EHS 11:45 Grandview 11:50 Lincoln 12:10 Jefferson 12:15 EMS 12:25 Family Worship Ctr 12:30 Arrive Skelly noon 12:20 pm 12:35 pm




Leave Skelly
12:15 12:35 12:50

Drop off site
Grandview EHS Jefferson Lincoln Fam. W. Ctr EMS

Drop off time
12:20 12:25 12:40 12:45 12:55 1 pm

LunchBoxers & Volunteer Instructions & Guidelines
10am -noon Tues. & Thurs. only Produce donated by Numana Gardens Cantaloupe, carrots, green beans. The days when there has been a delivery (only on Tuesdays & Thursdays), 2 volunteers wash, slice and bag into serving-size plastic bags. This will be done in the Skelly kitchen. Numana Gardens providing plastic gloves, plastic aprons & hair nets. Please use them. Site Coordinator (an adult volunteer) arrives Maintenance staff will let the Site Coordinator into the school, and unlock as needed the Storage room and the doors at the west entrance. Checks KN2E Supply box in Storage room for any new instructions. 4 - 5 teen LunchBoxers arrive Report to west entrance - Site Coordinator meets them there. Sign in daily & pick up ID Badge (to be worn at all times) LunchBoxers wear green Numana shirts while working. LunchBoxers begin set up for distribution outside Skelly’s west entrance. Set up four 8’ tables in a U-shape with table at the bottom of the “U” located about 12’ from the school doors. Set up 2 chairs behind each table for volunteers’ use to rest during lulls. Table on the left (south) side of the “U” is the check-in table.  Bring out a box of plastic bags & place it in the middle of the check-in table. Use blue painters tape (in KN2E Supply Box) to tape a line west of the check in table and use blue chalk to write under it “Line up here.” Table in the middle is the LockerMates table.  Bring out 8 boxes of LockerMates (2 boxes each of the 4 different varieties on the schedule for this date), and set on this table. First table on the right (north side of patio area) is the milk & goodies table for extra foods donated by the First Baptist Church (FBC).  First, locate in the Storage room a box with the day’s date written on it that is filled with FBC goodies - bring it outside and place on the goodies table.  Take a picnic cooler from Storage room to kitchen; fill w/ freezer mates in the Skelly freezer; fill with 75 chilled milk cartons from the milk cooler on east wall of lunchroom; place cooler on “goodies table” outside. Second table on right is the “poster/Numana” table 11:45 am 4 -5 volunteers arrive (adults and teenagers) Arrive at Skelly School and report to west entrance (there is a parking lot there). Site Coordinator meets Volunteers at west entrance.  Everyone signs in daily & picks up their ID Badge (to be worn at all times)  Volunteers should leave personal belongings in their locked car. Site Coordinator ensures each Volunteer has on file a signed Volunteer Sign-up Sheet, or fills out and signs one before participating.

11:20 am

11:30 am


Volunteers assist LunchBoxers with setting up Get out check-in sheets, clip boards & pens from the KN2E Supply box in Storage room [clip boards hold sheets in place when windy] and put on check-in table. Tape signs on LockerMate boxes to indicate which variety is in each box [signs are in a folder in the KN2E Supplies box] Spread goodies out on the “goodies table” from the FBC box for the day. Tuesday/Thursdays: bring Numana Garden produce from kitchen in a cooler & place on the “Numana table.” Wednesdays: the “Numana” table is used for “Thank you” posters that kids can sign & decorate to thank volunteers for their lunch.  find poster paper & magic markers in the KN2E Supply Box in the Storage room  bring out 2 posters and the markers to place this table 11:50 am Site Coordinator reminds LunchBoxers & volunteers to use the restrooms now in order to stay at their stations from noon - 1 pm. In general, nobody allowed inside the school from noon - 1 pm except the Site Coordinator as needed to obtain additional milk, etc. Distribution protocols: LunchBoxers & Volunteers 1 person serves as the greeter who welcomes children and directs them to stand in line at the check-in table (2 separate lines if there are 2 volunteers at the table). 2 persons sit at check-in table to check kids in and hand them a plastic bag. The check-in sheet has 3 columns for: gender (B/G), age, and school most recently attended (if attended school) Check-in persons guess the child’s gender, and asks the child for age/school. 1 - 2 persons behind the LockerMates table help each child select one variety, which the child places in his/her bag. 1 person hands out milk, asking each child if s/he wants one (not all will). Tell children to put carton in refrig. when get home if they don’t drink it right away [it tastes a lot better chilled]. 1 - 2 persons help children select two items from the goodies table. 1 person serves as “usher”, thanks the children for coming & keeps them moving away from the distribution area, tells those who came by bus that they need to board the bus to return home (& tells them not to eat on the bus), and gives reminders of the day (e.g., we are not here tomorrow, come back on Monday, don’t litter, etc.) Site Coordinator serves as a “floater” doing what is needed under the circumstances, answering any questions, and ensuring nobody goes inside the school building. Clean up: LunchBoxers & volunteers Distribution ends at 1 pm or shortly after 1 pm. Someone records the # of LockerMates of each variety that were distributed & gives this info. to the Site Supervisor. Check-in sheets are put back in the KN2E folder in the KN2E Supplies box. Return to the designated chiller any milk cartons left over.  Fill up chiller with additional milk cartons for the next day. Goodies not distributed returned to the Storage room. Ditto bags. Posters and magic markers are returned to the KN2E Supply Box. Keep left over LockerMates in the boxes they came in - in order to identify what variety they are - and return those boxes to the Storage room. Return cooler to the Storage room, and the freeze mates to the freezer in the kitchen. LunchBoxers folk up table and put them inside the school - lean agt the north wall between the two sets of doors; take the chairs back to the Storage room. Before leaving, LunchBoxers & volunteers:

noon - 1 pm

1 pm 1:30 pm


KN2E Supplies box

 record notes and comments on designated forms & leave in KN2E Supply Box; and  sign out and turn in IDs to Site Coordinator. Site Coordinator is last person to leave, and fills out the Daily Report before leaving. Site Coordinator: Additional instructions To avoid accidents, ensure boxes and bulky items are only on top of or under tables. Ensure LunchBoxers and Volunteers adhere to safety precautions for children, including not letting on adult be alone with a child at any time. Keep people out of the school noon to 1 pm. If any child asks for an extra lunch to take home to a sibling, OK to agree to do that one time, but tell the child that his/her sibling(s) need to come on their own from now on. If a child asks to use the restroom, tell them that they need to wait until they are back home. We don’t want to let any children in the school because we don’t have sufficient volunteers to accompany children and no volunteer can be alone w/ a child at any time. At the end of the shift, fill out a Daily Report: Sack Lunches and put in the Daily Reports folder in the KN2E Supply Box. Miscellaneous supplies for use during sack lunch distribution in July-Aug. Folders: General Contacts -- sheet with list of pertinent names & phone numbers. Daily Sign-in / Sign-out Sheets Volunteers Sign Up Sheet: list of Volunteers who have signed one + blank copies. Volunteer Guidelines, Policies & Procedures El Dorado LunchBox - flyers and general information Photo Consent form - must be signed by anyone whose photo might be taken Comments Form - for volunteers and LunchBoxers to record notes about the day’s activity. Folders: Weekend Foodpacks [see separate INSTRUCTIONS for this list] Folders: Sack Lunches INSTRUCTIONS: Sack Lunches + diagram to set up for sack lunch distribution outside West entry Daily Report: Sack Lunches Daily Check-in Sheets - for volunteers & LunchBoxers LockerMates: chart of varieties to serve each day Signs for each LockerMate variety -- to tape on front of boxes during distribution Volunteers Schedule: Sack Lunches Volunteer Sign Up Sheet: blank copies w/ list of Volunteers who have signed one. Folders: LunchBoxers LunchBoxers schedule LunchBoxers: Project Design Daily Sign-in / Sign-out Sheets


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