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Instructions: Volunteers / LunchBoxers
WEEKEND FOODPACKS: June 6 - August 8
Revised 6-03-2013

What are NeedBased Weekend Foodpacks?

For children living in households with the most severe food insecurity. o See KN2E Guidelines for criteria. Parents/guardians are referred to KN2E by child-serving programs. All children under age 18 who live in an eligible household will receive one. Each WF provides, at a minimum, foods for 3 days of lunches. USD 490 Oil Hill Elem. Family Worship Center (community meal program weekday evenings ). Thursdays, June 6 - August 8  10 weeks Health Dept. EduCare (BCC) Head Start Rainbows United Inc. (RUI)

Referral partners: child serving programs When

Distribution dates All dates are Thursdays -- except 7/03 which is a Wed.
6/06 7/11 6/13 6/20 6/27 7/03 (Wed.) 7/18 7/25 8/01 8/08

Distribution sites & times: # of WF
(might increase some over time)

Skelly Elem. School (SES), 1421 W. Towanda: noon - 1pm  Outside at front entrance on east side of building Family Worship Center (FWC), 833 S. Atchison: 5:30 - 6:30 pm As of June 1, 64 children have been registered (25 households). 14 households (41 children) will pick up at Skelly 11 households (23 children) will pick up at FWC 3 varieties of lunch sacks OR 1 Food Box + 2 varieties of sack lunch o Food Boxes contain 3 meals: B, L & D for one day 1 carton of shelf stable milk (unchilled) extra goodies purchased from Food Bank &/or donated by First Baptist Church Numana meal packages in last 6 WF: 375 to be donated, each serves 6 people; we will distribute by household = 25/week weekly insert: a flyer, healthy food info., etc. Blue Wal-Mart tote bags purchased from Kansas Food Bank Mornings of distribution dates (see above); 90 minutes starting around 9:30 am. Packing takes place at Skelly School, in the Storage room. See Packing Instructions (attached) LunchBoxers: 5 teens participating in the Teen Volunteer to Work (TV2W) program -- some days only 4 teens are available. Adult volunteers (some w/ children/grandchildren) They will receive a weekly reminders (by email or phone) on Monday. Anyone who needs to cancel a scheduled “shift” should contact Judie Storandt (KN2E Volunteer Coordinator) as soon as possible: 405-308-9158 (cell), jgstorandt@msn.com (email).


Bags used for packing WF Packing events


Updated versions of these instructions are posted, as they become available, on www.kidsneedtoeat.org.

9: 15 am

9:30 am

Weekend Foodpacks: Packing Schedule & Instructions
4 - 5 teen LunchBoxers set up Storage room for two packing teams. Set up two 8’ tables with a chair at each end:  See attached Diagram with work table configuration  Need sufficient space between table to walk between them -- may need to set up in different parts of the Storage room. Place stack of 32 tote bags at the head of each table. Place a stack of 16 white daily “meal boxes” next to the totes on each table.  This is just a starter stack; eventually will need 16 more. Place 1 box each of 2 different LockerMate varieties on each table.  NOTE: there are 24 LockerMates in each box.  Both tables should have the same 2 varieties.  Open these boxes.  Now open 1 additional box of each LockerMate variety already on the table, and place half of those lunch sacks on each table (on top of the box with same variety]  each table now has 32 LockerMates of each variety. Place one flat of milk cartons on each table (there are 27 cartons in each flat), remove shrink wrap; add 5 extra milk cartons on top of the flat  32 in all. Place a box of extra goodies between the inserts and food boxes (Judie bringing these boxes from FBC each week) Place this week’s inserts (Judie bringing) at the end of each table. 4-5 adult volunteers arrive at Skelly June, enter at main entrance on east side of school; press buzzer for office to open door; in school office, sign in & receive USD 490 ID badge (if required); then report to Storage room. July 3 - Aug. 8, meet at west entrance [this might change in Aug.] o sign in with Site Coordinator for the day Two teams of 5 persons pack 32 Weekend Foodpacks. 1st person seated at head of table opens a tote fully, and hands to next person. 2nd person puts in tote: 1 meal box 3rd person adds: 2 varieties of LockerMates 4th person adds: 1 milk carton + extra goodies 5th person slides weekly insert into bag and puts bag in large box on floor (boxes provided by KN2E) -- estimated 3 filled totes per box. o Families picking 3 or more totes can take one box home to transport them. A “floater” moves boxes when filled onto a push cart and replaces w/ empty boxes. The first layer of totes on each push cart is in boxes; the second layer is unboxed totes - about 12 totes in two rows on each layer  24 totes/push cart. LunchBoxers help load 26 totes into Judie’s car for delivery to FWC later in the day, and then take a short break. Volunteers: some leave & others stay to help with lunch sacks o June: end of shift - sign out on Check-In Sheet that Site Coordinator has. o July-Aug.: Those leaving sign out; those staying take 15 minute break. LunchBoxers: Clean up Storage room (tables and chairs put away, etc.). Use push carts to transport 41 totes to front entrance. June: Then report to lunch room to assist Food Service staff; leave for home at noon on shuttle bus. July-Aug.: Take a break. At 11:30 am, begin setting up for lunch sack distribution over noon hour [see separate instructions]

9:30 am

10 am

9:30 10:45 am 75 mins.

10am 11:15 am 75 mins.

10:45 am

11:15 am

11 am

11:30 am

Updated versions of these instructions are posted, as they become available, on www.kidsneedtoeat.org.

noon noon 1 pm

noon 12:15 1 pm

1 pm 5:30 6:30 pm

1 pm 5:30 6:30 pm

Judie stays to distribute Foodpacks over noon hour. Peter is out of town 6/6, but can help the other 9 weeks. Households pick up WF at Skelly, at west entrance.  2 adult volunteers outside west entrance with boxes filled w/ totes.  Use list of households picking up at Skelly to check them off as they arrive.  Households taking 3 or more totes can take 1 box to carry them in.  There might be special reminders each time to give verbally to households. Empty boxes are saved for the following week. (When boxes are damaged or no longer needed, flatten them & put in recycling bin at loading dock.) Judie delivers totes to Marsha at FWC, w/ checklist.  stays to help with distribution the first night  after first week, Marsha probably can handle distribution on her own, and then turns in checklist to Judie -- for KN2E weekly report to the Food Bank.

KN2E Supply Box (in Storage Room)
2 clip boards and pens - for check-in table during sack lunch distribution events. scotch tape - to tape signs on LockerMate boxes to indicate which variety is in it scissors packing tape blank posters -- for kids to write “thank you” notes for volunteers magic markers blue painters tape -- to create a line on sidewalk to west of “check in” table blue chalk - to write on sidewalk “line up here” under blue line signage Folders: General Contacts -- sheet with list of pertinent names & phone numbers. Daily Sign-in / Sign-out Sheets - Volunteers & LunchBoxers Volunteers Sign Up Sheet: list of Volunteers who have signed one + blank copies. Volunteer Guidelines, Policies & Procedures El Dorado LunchBox - flyers and general information Photo Consent form - must be signed by anyone whose photo might be taken Comments Form - Volunteers & LunchBoxers use to record notes about the day’s activity (including significant comments by children and their parents). Folders: Weekend Foodpacks INSTRUCTIONS: Weekend Foodpacks Diagram to set up Storage room for packing events Inserts Chart: list of inserts to be distributed each week in Foodpacks LockerMates: chart of varieties available Volunteer Schedule: FoodPacks Weekly Report: Weekend Foodpacks Foodpack Distribution Lists [10 blank copies, one for each week] o Skelly School o Fam. Worship Center Folders: Sack Lunches [see separate instructions] Folders: LunchBoxers LunchBoxers Schedule Instructions Daily Sign-in / Sign-out Sheets - Volunteers & LunchBoxers

Updated versions of these instructions are posted, as they become available, on www.kidsneedtoeat.org.

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