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Loch Ness Monster

Teacher: Popescu Elena Lucia

Student: Costescu Andrei

Bucharest 2011

National College”Mihai Eminescu” Table of contents: 1) Introduction 2) Chapter 1: Beginning of the myth 3) Chapter 2: What is Nessie ? 4) Chapter 3: Proofs and sighting of Nessie 5) Conclusions Bucharest 2011 .

than almost 50 people saw Loch Ness monster. they tried to see Nessie. Bucharest 2011 . Many people spent days on the lake.National College”Mihai Eminescu” 1) Introduction Last picture taken of the monster I chose talk about Loch Ness monster because the people heard about Nessie but not many know the reality about him. From year 1963 the scientists tried to find this creature by setting off explosive to upset Nessie. King of sighting is Alex Cambell he saw Nessie with 18 diffrent occasions. Many people believe that monster doesn’t exist but are others which saw it and they know this monster is real. After that Loch Ness monster had more sightings what goes to Nessie craze began. they have more theories: some persons believe Nessie is a plesiosaur. some of them believe it is a basilosaurus or is a giant eel. In ‘70s took under water pictures. they capture something interesting because in this pictures they saw flipper. Nessie was seen on the land when to people who drove saw it on the road and then the monster wnt right in the water.First time when Nessie was taken in a picture was in 1933 when Hugh Gray saw it in the lake. The story about Nessie is from year 565. after that they use sonar to see the bottom of the lake. After more sightings people tried to discover what kind of creature is Loch Ness monster. The most important sightings was in 1936 when Nessie showed herself to a tourists group. large body and a small head with a long neck in different pictures.

They sa the creature what lives in the loch have a large body. The farmer took a picture. Bucharest 2011 . farmer Hugh Gray saw something in the lake. but the images were not very clear and many people believes he filmed just a motorboat. Tim Dinsdale spent a week watching Loch Ness. Other lakes may have theirs monsters. small head. flippers and small front legs. The Vikings also believe in a monster called “kraken”. after that Tim said he was able to film the monster. even the Viking’s ship displayed statues with dragons or sea serpents. Some people think are creatures in Lake Champlain and Lake Okanagan. this looked like something swimming under water surface. after that there were many sighting. After many sighting the Nessie crazy begun. along the Loch Ness was built a new road. Long ago . The scientists got three signals of a large object moving in Loch Ness. then they use sonar to see what is on the bottom of the lake. People call it “Nessie” this nickname came from the name of the loch. the lake was attached to the sea maybe that prehistoric creature was got caught in the lake. many people said they saw Nessie and they tried to prove the existence of Nessie. Later in the same year. Scientists tried different ways to find Nessie .National College”Mihai Eminescu” 2) Beginning of the myth Some people say something about strange life in the Loch Ness. and still lives there. L O C H N E S S Long ago people have stories with sea monsters. In 1933. Later when two people were driving on the road a giant creature walked through their face and then the beast went into the water. this made a lot of noise and that may disturbed Nessie. they set off explosives to try to make the creature upset.

The plesiosaur supposed to have died 70 million years ago. Basilosaurus Bucharest 2011 .also seems to a creature like basilosaurus. but not very often because they can hold the breath for hours. That creature have to come up for air. The zeuglodon may be too large. Obviously the favourite is plesiosaur. long neck and small head. the biggest and longest plesiosaur. this can reach 70 feet in length.The monster of Okanagan (called Ogopogo). Other theories are the eel and the basilosaurus theory The Plesiosaur Plesiosaur is a big reptile with large body. which live long ago. but each of them have its problem. but seems some of them are still around . Plesiosaur us The Basilosaurus(Zeuglodon) The basilosaurus is another candidate. It is a long .National College”Mihai Eminescu” 2) What is Nessie ? For this Question are numerous theory. flippers.slander whale. Nessie seems have 50 feet. The problem when we talk about this theory is what type of plesiosaur was Nessie . Best option is elasmosaur. but are other theories which are equally with plesiosaur theory. is the best candidate.

In 1979 biologist Dennis Power explain that the photo made by Hygh Gray was in fact the top of the head. The longest eel what was found had ¼ than Nessie’s length.National College”Mihai Eminescu” The Eel One of a lot of theories is that monster can be an eel. like whale. extended trunk and flared nostrils of a swimming elephant. giant turtle. Maybe Nessie is undiscovered animal. porpoise or sea cow. Eels match the hump description much better than a plesiosaurus but the length of the eel is more reduce then Nessie. Bucharest 2011 . Eel Some people think nessie might be a mammal.

King Loch Ness Monster’s sighting is Alex Cambell . Four were make clear on the computer. two of them show large flipper another looked like large body and the last one showed a nech with a small head. They are people who see Nessie on the road and then it goes in water with a movement like sighting was in 1934: "My best sighting was in May 1934 right off the Abbey boathouse. It was twisting its head frantically. Nessie have more sightings on land and water. After more sighting of Nessie.He had seen Nessie on 18 occasions . I estimated that the body alone was 30 feet long.National College”Mihai Eminescu” 3)Proofs and sightings of Nessie. I confess to being rather appalled at its size. and the skin was grey. Sightings on the land are strange for a lake monster. First seen of Nessie on the land was in 1933 by MR. Bucharest 2011 . I knew right away that the creature was scared because of its behavior. Another land sighting was by Torquil Macleod : "I had a clear view of its left four flipper which is grey in colour and spade shaped. scientists ttried to find Loch Ness monster.. the height of the head and neck above the water was 6 feet. and MRS George Spicer.they took more underwater photos. That morning I was standing at the mouth of the river Hawick looking for what we call a run of salmon. almost 50 people saw creature in that day. I was stunned. somehow the dimensions have never sunk in. I heard the sound of two trawlers coming through the canal from the West. Then it vanished out of sight when the trawler came within my line of vision. It was the thud." In water it estimated that about 11000 people have seen Nessie. but there is no doubt in my mind that this individual was of the order of 40-60 feet in length. Suddenly there was this upsurge of water right in front of the canal entrance..First picture taken of make sure I wasn't imagining the monster things-the head and the huge humped body were perfectly clear. thud of the engines that was the reason for its upset." In 1936 the creature showed herself to group of tourists and busses for 15 minutes. I shut my eyes three times to Picture taken in 1933 by Hugh Gray .

They use sonar to create a map of the bottom of the lake. it look like a seal whit four flipper and long neck with small head. that picture was taken in another place and show a swimming elephant. In 1933. Scientists tried to discover where live Loch Ness monster they use sonar and other equipments to check the lake. The most important sighting of Nessie was on the land by Torquil Macleod and the 18 sightings of Alex Cambell. but the best sighting was in tow of them they saw the flippers in one of them they saw the body and in the last one they saw a long neck with head. Bucharest 2011 . Another theory sustain that Nessie is a basilosaurus (a prehistoric whale). Many people thought the scientists capture in pictures objects. since that happened the monster showed herself many times. In 1979 a biologist explain the picture taken by Hugh Gray. besides Loch Ness monster are other monsters in USA and Canada in Champlain and Okanagan Lake.When the beast attacking a swimmer and a monk banished the monster. The theory what explain the humps is eel’s theory but that didn’t explain the length of the creature. Last sighting was in 2009 since that wasn’t registered another sighting that is the reason for which people think the Loch Ness monster is death. in them they saw bodies parts of the monster. In Scotland are old story about Nessie since 565. the best theoty is the plesiosaur theory but that didn’t explain the humps from the photos. then with special cameras they took picture. In time appeared many theories about the type of the creature. he saw the monster in 18 different occasions.Many people saw the creature in water even on the land. along Loch Ness was built a new road. In same year two people who were driving saw the monster right on the road. First picture of Nessie was taken in year 1933 by Hugh Gray . The king of the sighting is Alex Cambell.National College”Mihai Eminescu” 3)Conclusions Loch Ness is the most know monster from the world.

National College”Mihai Eminescu” Bucharest 2011 .

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