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Lesson 8 Solving problems
Exercise one Listen and repeat the expressions. zachęcić proponować obiecać poradzić przeprosić Ŝałować wybaczyć przekonać zaakceptować zgodzić się przekonać przyznać rozwaŜyć zdecydować wierzyć rozwiązać problem znaleźć rozwiązanie zdołać pogodzić się to encourage to suggest / to recommend to promise / to make a promise to advise to apologise / to say sorry to regret to forgive to persuade to accept to agree to convince to admit to consider to decide / to make a decision / to make up one’s mind to believe to sort out a problem to come up with a solution to manage to do to make up with sb


Exercise two Complaining and dealing with complaints. Listen and repeat the sentences.


I’ve got a problem with... I’d like to complain about… I’m sorry to say this but... I’m sorry to trouble you but… I’m very sorry. / I’m terribly sorry. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to do it. It won’t happen again. We’ll replace it. That’s all right, don’t worry. Never mind. It’s not your fault. How could you do that? What are you going to do about it? Could I have a new one? I’d like a refund. I’d rather have my money back.


I must query the total sum indicated on the invoice. There is an excessive amount of breakages. wycena cennik kosztorys zamówienie list przewozowy faktura upomnienie czek paragon zapytanie a quotation a price list an estimate an order a delivery note an invoice a reminder a cheque a receipt a letter of enquiry ♪3 to ask for / to prepare / to give a quotation to send / to enclose a price list to make / to put in an estimate for to place / to confirm / to acknowledge an order to check a delivery note to issue / to query / to pay an invoice to issue / to ignore a reminder to write / to sign / to postdate / to endorse a cheque to ask for / to issue / to lose a receipt to send a letter of enquiry Exercise four Listen and repeat the expressions used when making complaints. There is a discrepancy between the packing list and your invoice. Your last delivery is not up to sample. The goods haven’t been dispatched yet. The first consignment hasn’t been shipped yet. The catalogue you sent to us doesn’t include the current price list.Exercise three Listen and repeat the expressions used when dealing with documents. You have dispatched the wrong goods. They occurred due to inadequate packaging. Several items on your invoice haven’t been included. The discount on the invoice is not as was agreed. Some of the goods were damaged due to bad packaging. ♪4 GLOSSARY to enclose – załączyć to put in – przedstawić to place – złoŜyć to confirm – potwierdzić to acknowledge – potwierdzić to issue – wystawić to query – zakwestionować to postdate – opatrzyć datą późniejszą to endorse – zatwierdzić to lose – zgubić a current price list – aktualny cennik a sample – próbka to dispatch – wysłać due to – z powodu breakages – zniszczenia inadequate packing – niewłaściwe opakowanie a consignment – partia towaru a discrepancy – rozbieŜność to include – zawiera 3 . The system has been working improperly. it is below the standard we expected. We haven’t received the invoice with the order. You have delivered 250 instead of the 300 which were ordered.

We’re sorry to hear this. 1. .The bulk of goods delivered under contract No. .… 8. please? . .There is a discrepancy between the packing list and your invoice. 1223 I’d like to inform you that the first consignment hasn’t been shipped yet.Exercise five ♪5 Now take part in some short conversations and repeat the adjustments made. Could you give me the invoice number? . .I wanted a word about our discount. .The system we’ve bought from you has been working improperly.That would be helpful. . and send you the copy.… 2. We’ll dispatch the missing goods right now. . . They are far below the standard we have expected.Thank you for the prompt delivery but I regret to inform you that some of the goods were damaged due to bad packaging.… . Please ignore the invoice. . The person I spoke to when I placed the order said we might have 10%. But we can reduce the price by 10% if you keep the goods.… 7. I can fax a list of missing articles.… 5. Could you send us the specification? And I really do apologise for the inconvenience. We’ll issue the document again. . .… 4 . .We’ll replace them of course. .I don’t know how that happened.I’m afraid I’m not authorised to change it. we find that several items on your invoice haven’t been included. . . not 8%. .… 4. Could you check that. . we found that you have delivered 250 instead of the 300 which were ordered. .I’ll check it right away.On checking the goods received.On checking the goods. .For three days. .Our service worker will have a look at it tomorrow at 11.… 3. Does that suit you? .How long has this been going on? . .I’ll do everything possible to explain the delay and speed up the delivery.… 6. I’ll put you through to him.With reference to our order No. Mr Bright is the person who deals with that. 809/08 is not up to sample. .

UK 2008-01-31 2008-01-31 GBP 1 GBP = 4. w przybliŜeniu) Delivery (dostawa) Departs (wyrusza) Delay (opóźnienie) Documents (dokumenty) Flight (lot) Forward/Send (prześlij) Invoice (faktura) Letter of credit (akredytywa) LEARN An Invoice BestPay Place of making out: Date of making out: Date of sale: Currency: Exchange rate: London.86 PLN Invoice: 342/TRT/2008 Seller: Ltd. 24 Stratton Road SW1V 1ZD London UK 572 45324 24678 A Table of products No. 1 Product name Fee for financial service – financial proxy Unit piece Qty 1 Unit price 12.c. Poznanska 28 00-278 Warszawa Polska 584 12 23 343 To pay: 12.21 Remaining: 0. departament) Thanks (dziekuję) Please (proszę) Regards (pozdrowienia) Reply (odpowiedź) As soon as possible (tak szybko jak to moŜliwe) Addition (dodatki) Approximately (około.21 Buyer: Micro MDI Polska Ltd.LEARN encs pp c. (uwaga: do kogo list/fax jest adresowany) Division or department (wydział.21 Total price 12.21 GBP In words: one*two*pounds*two*one*pence Payment kind: via compensation Payment time-limit: 2008-01-31 Drawer: Director of Customer Service Department Paid: 12.00 5 . (do wiadomości) Reference (odnośnie) Attention: who the letter/the fax is for. re/ref attn dept tnks/thks pls rgds rply asap add approx del dep dly docs flgt fwd inv L/C Abbreviations Enclosures (załączniki) Per pro: on behalf of… (z upowaŜnienia…) Who else you are sending this to.

Listen and repeat the expressions. rzeczywistość wirtualna dostęp do Internetu sieć modem ograniczony zasięg połączenie internetowe połączony niepołączony bezprzewodowy hasło wyszukiwarka przeglądarka zabezpieczenia serwer strona strona główna konto pocztowe podpis elektroniczny kamery internetowe połączenie przez modem stałe łącze oprogramowanie antywirusowe szukać w Internecie ściągać na komputer umieszczać na stronie łączyć uŜywać filtra na niechcianą pocztę usuwać niechciane maile wracać (o niechcianych mailach) zarejestrować się włamać się do komputera virtual reality Internet access a network a modem limited scope a net connection online offline wireless a password a search engine a browser security a server a website a homepage an e-mail account a digital signature webcams a dial-up connection a broadband connection anti-virus software to surf the net to download to upload to link to screen out spam to delete junk e-mails to bounce back to subscribe to hack into a computer ♪6 Exercise two Computer technology in everyday life. włączyć komputer otworzyć plik wprowadzać informacje kopiować wyciąć wkleić usunąć przewijać stronę zainstalować program odinstalować to start up / to power up a computer to open a file / to open a document to enter information to copy to cut to paste to delete to scroll up and down a page to install a program to uninstall ♪7 6 . Listen and repeat the expressions.Lesson 9 Modern communications and computers Exercise one The Internet.

‘I have a dial-up connection and I pay a lot monthly.’ … A good idea would be to start screening out your spam.’ … If I were you I would visit the Internet cafe.wysyłać wiadomości sprawdzać skrzynkę otrzymywać wiadomości wysyłać e-mail na adres wysłać w załączniku przechowywać informacje mieć dostęp do informacji wydrukować robić obliczenia wpisać formułę edytować dokument formatować dysk „wypalić” płytę zamknąć plik zapisać dane zamknąć komputer wymienić pojemnik z tuszem naprawić to send messages to check your message box to receive messages to send an e-mail to an address to send sth as an attachment to store to access information to print to do calculations to write a formula to edit a document to format a disk to burn a CD / a DVD to close a file to save your work to shut down a computer to replace a cartridge to fix / to repair / to mend Exercise three Requests. 7 .’ … It would be advisable to… It would be advisable to invest in better security. Exercise four Give advice on the following problems using the given expressions. please.’ … Why don’t you install broadband? ♪9 A good idea would be… If I were you… Why don’t you…? ‘I’m afraid someone will hack into our company computer one day. - ♪8 Can you help me download the program? Can you give me some advice how to do calculations in this program? Could we carry out the experiment? Will you help me use my voice mail? Can we format a disk together? Do you think you could show me how to surf the Internet? Do you think you could possibly fix my printer? Would you mind sending me an e-mail? Help me replace the cartridge. ‘I don’t have access to the Internet at home. Listen and repeat the expressions. ‘My spam keeps bouncing back.

Thank you for your help.’ … Haven’t you thought of…? Haven’t you thought of installing skype? ‘I’m almost certain someone occasionally reads my mail. our only contact has been through e-mails. please contact us again. With reference to our phone conversation today Further to your e-mail of December 2nd I’m delighted to tell you that… You’ll be pleased to hear that… We regret to inform you… Unfortunately. ‘Since my girlfriend left. … I’m afraid. LEARN Useful phrases Starting Writing a letter/a note/an e-mail advise you… confirm… enquire… Thank you for your letter of January 14th. meeting you on… I look forward to seeing you on… Looking forward to receiving your comment in due course. please do not hesitate to ask.’ My advice is… … My advice is to stay calm and restart the computer.- ‘I panic whenever my computer crashes.’ The only solution is… … The only solution is to change your password. we would be happy to… Would you like me to…? Shall I do it for you? I’m enclosing… Please find enclosed… If you have any further questions. … We would be grateful if you could… I would appreciate if you could… Could you possibly…? Please… If you wish. We are writing to Starting a reference Giving good news Giving bad news Making a request Offering help Enclosing documents Closing remarks Referring to future contact 8 . If we can help in any way.

być z kimś w dobrych stosunkach polubić kogoś okazywać szacunek uwaŜać za wzór traktować z pogardą wspierać ufać polegać na kimś liczyć na kogoś wątpić w kogoś rozczarować przyjaźnić się podziwiać być zauroczonym. Listen and repeat the expressions. zafascynowanym kims zazdrościć mieć zastrzeŜenia do kogoś być z kimś w konflikcie to get on well with someone to take to someone to respect someone / to look up to someone to regard sb as a role-model to despise someone / to look down on someone to support to trust to rely on to count on someone to doubt someone to disappoint / to let sb down to make friends with someone to admire to be fascinated by to envy to have reservations about sb to be in conflict with sb Exercise two Ways of communicating. Listen and repeat the expressions.Lesson 10 Socialising ♪ 10 Exercise one Social relations. porozumiewać się skontaktować się być w kontakcie zamienić z kim słowo ogłosić zakładać potwierdzić przeszkodzić wspomnieć mówić prawdę kłamać fantazjować przechwalać się wyznać błagać kontynuować wykrzyknąć okazać złość lub zdziwienie marszcząc brwi poklepać przyjaźnie to communicate to get hold of / to get in touch to keep in touch to have a word with to announce to assume to confirm to interrupt to bring up to tell the truth to tell lies to fantasise to boast to confess to beg to carry on to exclaim to frown to pat ♪ 11 9 .

być zestresowanym to be stressed out If you are stressed out. zmniejszyć stan napięcia to relieve tension The best way to relieve tension after a hard exam is to do some press-ups. the best thing you can do is to go to sleep. wywierać presję przeciwstawiać się twierdzić nalegać przypomnieć zaprzeczyć grozić mieć śmiałość odmówić domagać się ostrzec oskarŜać przeszkadzać udawać doprowadzać kogoś do szału to argue / to have an argument with to row / to have a row to complain / to make a complaint to insult sb to misunderstand to force sb to do sth to put pressure on to contradict to claim to insist to remind to deny to threaten to dare to refuse to demand to warn to accuse to disturb to pretend to drive sb mad ♪ 12 Exercise four Coping with stress. Listen and repeat the expressions.Exercise three Arguing. kłócić się sprzeczać skarŜyć się obrazić kogoś źle zrozumieć zmuszać kogoś do czegoś naciskać na kogoś. wyluzować się to loosen up Would you like to go for a pizza to loosen up in the evening? zminimalizować stres to minimise the stress Do you think some pills would help you minimise the stress? nie przejmować się to take things easy Some people think alcohol will help them take things easy. Then repeat the sentences. mieć dość to be fed up with What do you do when you are fed up with your daily routine? radzić sobie z napięciem to handle the pressure What shall we do to handle the pressure before the meeting starts? być pod presją to be under pressure What do you do when you are under a lot of pressure? ♪ 13 10 . Listen and repeat the expressions.

.30 days’ free trial. . GLOSSARY carriage – przewóz. transport money-back guarantee – gwarancja zwrotu pieniędzy free delivery – darmowa przesyłka ♪ 15 11 . . The maximum load is 2. . . What’s it like? wydajny gotowy do uŜytku niezawodny bezpieczny przyjazny dla uŜytkownika regulowany w dobrej cenie oszczędny opłacalny łatwy w montaŜu rozwinięta technologia zaawansowany wysokiej jakości 2.Discount on orders over 500 pieces. It’s 134 cm wide.Free delivery on orders over €200.24 kg. .350 kg.Payment within 30 days.€100 off if purchased before 31 March.2-year warranty period.An extended warranty at half price.Money-back guarantee. It’s 35 m high. . It’s 20 m³. .Limited offer . 1. Exercise two Listen and repeat the expressions used when preparing a special offer. . . It can manufacture 2000 cartons per hour. It weighs 5.Available for immediate delivery. Technical data: długość the length szerokość the width the height wysokość waga the weight pojemność the cubic capacity wydajność the output ładowność the load efficient ready-to-use reliable safe user-friendly adjustable good value economical cost-effective easily maintained sophisticated technology advanced high-quality It’s 365 m long.Price includes carriage.Part three Lesson 11 Business Projects Product and service presentation ♪ 14 Exercise one Listen and repeat the expressions used during a product or service description. .Sale or return.

Let me give you an example which brings out graphically what I mean.000) by €2. . .000.Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. 12 . net income.5 miliona) from 5.I shall discuss these benefits in terms of ease of use and cost savings. (do €200. and repeat them after the speaker.I hope you’ll find them very encouraging.So the major advantages are … . profits. (znacząco) steady/stable/constant at £… at £ 12m. . .5m.The main purpose of my talk is to outline the major benefits of using this model.I’m going to talk today about our new product. . Production Total assets Turnover Net income Profits Sales Production costs Delivery costs (wzrosł-a/y) (spadł-a/y) (pozostał-a/y) (wahał-a/y się) (ustabilizował-a/y się) (nieistotny. total assets. sales. . . Describing trends to €200.within 30 days – w ciągu/za 30 dni available – dostępny immediate delivery – natychmiastowa dostawa free trial – darmowy okres próbny sale or return – moŜliwość zwrotu w przypadku nie sprzedania towaru limited offer – oferta limitowana discount on orders over … – rabat dla zamówień powyŜej… warranty period – okres gwarancyjny an extended warranty – przedłuŜona gwarancja Exercise three ♪ 16 Now listen to the sentences typical of presentations.It will give you some important details about the information I’m going to present. . leveled off. sharply. . .Let’s look at some figures.I’ll comment now on each of the features one by one.Let me turn to some other trends in the market.All of you will be given a handout at the end. LEARN increased went up rose climbed grew went down decreased fell remained stayed fluctuated. (lekko) steadily.I’d like to tell you about some trends in the fax market. production costs. (stale) dramaticall.First. (o €2. I would like you to look at some statistics. turnover. .It will include some graphics as well that you can use in your sales presentations. delivery costs.What do those statistics mean to us? . (gwałtownie) slightly. (radykalnie) substantially. . . I’ll put them up on the screen now.5% in December to 5% in June. . ledwie zauwaŜalny) A slight (lekki) A gradual (stopniowy) A steady (stały) A substantial (znaczący) A sharp (gwałtowny) A dramatic (radykalny) A rapid (szybki) A negligible increase rise (wzrost) in drop decline (spadek) production.

Bargaining: .We’d like a discount for bulk purchase.We’ll … if you … . Making a suggestion: . . would you pay our extra cost? .We might be able to make an exception if you… .I’d like to suggest… . . Asking for clarification: .Supposing we agreed to a 5% discount.I had in mind something nearer … .How do you feel about that? .A letter of credit suits me best.How’s that then? .We expect an early delivery.We guarantee … 2. .How about? . .Lesson 12 Negotiations ♪ 17 Exercise one Listen and repeat the expressions used during negotiations. We didn’t expect it to be so low.Could we go through it again and check what we’ve agreed? .Do you want me to …? 4.The discount is only 5%.How does that sound to you? . shall we? . .On an order of 200 pieces.How about … if I were to offer to pay for …? .We’d like a long warranty period.Let’s summarise.We’d like a penalty clause for late delivery.Could you be more specific? .The price seems to be rather high. .What price do you have in mind? .Let’s agree to ….What do you say? 13 . would you agree to a 60-day credit period? 5.We’re prepared to … providing … . . .If you …. Starting your position: . I was hoping for some discount. 1. shall we? 3.We could … .I’d rather have a non-exclusive contract. what discount could you offer? .If we sent it every week.It depends what you mean when you say… . Asking for reaction: . we could … .

That’s agreed. . – Umowa stoi. .It’s out of the question.It might be possible.That’s a deal. I don’t really think so.We could accept that. Rejecting: .I agree to … . .I’m afraid that’s not possible.I’d rather not. our terms of payment are customary. .Why not? . We always insist on this.6. .No way. GLOSSARY bulk purchase – zakup hurtowy to have in mind – mieć na myśli early/late delivery –wcześniejsza / spóźniona dostawa a penalty clause – klauzula dotycząca kar umownych a non-exclusive contract – umowa na zasadach niewyłączności a letter of credit – akredytywa to mean – znaczyć. .That’s rather difficult. / That wouldn’t be possible. we could agree to that. . I’m afraid.It’s company policy. . Agreeing: .We just can’t agree to… . . mieć na myśli to summarise – podsumować to make an exception – zrobić wyjątek providing – zakładając a 60-day credit period – 60-dniowy termin płatności to sound – tu: Co o tym myślisz? to feel about something – sądzić o czymś to be out of the question – być niemoŜliwym terms of payment – warunki płatności customary – zwyczajowy.We’ve got a deal. . .Yes.Fine then. .That sounds good.No. 14 . 7.No. . oznaczać. sorry. tradycyjny company policy – polityka firmy to insist on – nalegać na That’s a deal.

000. OK. Then repeat the sentences expressing uncertainty. - ♪ 18 - - - For all the equipment as you’ve seen it. Say you’d like a two-year warranty. (Ask about a warranty. zrealizować ambicje to fulfil an ambition I couldn’t say if they will be strong enough to fulfil their ambition. powieść się (o planach) to come off It is doubtful whether their plans will ever come off. How do you feel about that? (Ask whether they cover the delivery costs supposing you agree to that. dać radę to succeed in I might be wrong but they may not succeed in closing the deal. all right. I was hoping for some discount. Well.) … The price seems to be rather high. then.) … And what about a warranty? You know we’d really like a two-year warranty. What price did you have in mind. let’s leave that point.) … Oh. Oh well. (Express your reaction to the price and suggest a discount. I’m afraid that’s not possible.Exercise two Now take part in the negotiations and play the role of the customer. You know company policy is one year. Listen and repeat the expressions. Well. Listen to the instructions. we would like to bill you £15. And I’m sorry I can’t go along with you on that. we could agree to that. upaść (o planach) to fall flat I might be mistaken but these plans are likely to fall flat fast. We always insist on this. We might be able to offer you £14. Let’s summarise. 15 .000.) … I had in mind something nearer £12. it compares favourably with our competitors. then? (Say you were thinking of something nearer £12. (Agree to this and suggest leaving that point. shall we? Exercise three ♪ 19 Ups and downs. osiągnąć sukces to achieve success I’m not sure whether they will manage to achieve success.000 providing you pay in advance.) … Supposing we agreed to that.000. that’s a bit difficult. would you cover the delivery costs? Yes. That’s a deal then. - dojść do porozumienia to reach an agreement It doesn’t look like they will reach an agreement soon.

delivery to quayside. insurance. freight charges to named port of destination. osiągnąć kompromis to reach a compromise I have doubts whether it’ll be possible for them to reach a compromise. (free on board) loading on ship GLOSSARY packing ready for shipment – zapakowanie do transportu delivery to quayside – dostawa do nabrzeŜa loading on ship – załadunek na statek freight charges to named port of destination – opłaty za przewóz do portu docelowego insurance charges – opłaty ubezpieczeniowe 16 . wywiązać się ze zobowiązania to fulfil an obligation It is not so certain whether she will fulfil her obligation. delivery to quayside. fright) loading on ship. (cost. freight charges to named port of destination packing ready for shipment. (cost and freight) loading on ship. LEARN Import / Export Abbreviations Price and responsibility .- osiągnąć cel to reach the target It is far from certain whether he will reach the target as soon as he thinks. insurance charges packing ready for shipment.f. mieć kłopoty z to have trouble with I may not be right but we can have trouble with realising this project. delivery to quayside.the price of goods includes: f. and f. (free alongside ship) packing ready for shipment. c. f.s.b.a.o. delivery to quayside packing ready for shipment.i. c.

Listen and repeat the expressions..Lesson 13 Marketing and Advertising ♪ 20 an ad. an advert. telemarketing a brand name a sponsor’s logo a commercial a leaflet a flier an insert promotional campaign to increase demand to advertise Exercise one Advertising.. przeprowadzić badania rynkowe ocenić potencjał rynku rozpoznać zapotrzebowanie na nowy produkt zwiększyć popularność marki stworzyć jasno zdefiniowany wizerunek marki przeprowadzić energiczne kampanie marketingowe rozwinąć rozległy dział sprzedaŜy wprowadzić produkt na rynek zwiększyć sprzedaŜ zdobyć zaufanie klienta zaoferować promocje zaproponować promocyjne oferty dla nowych linii produktów wybrać główny sposób reklamy monitorować wyniki nowego produktu ♪ 21 to do market research to gauge the market potential to identify the need for a new product to increase brand awareness to make a clearly defined brand image to conduct vigorous marketing campaigns to build up massive sales forces to launch a product to boost sales to encourage consumer loyalty to offer price promotions to suggest introductory offers on new brand lines to choose the main advertising medium to monitor the performance of a newlylaunched product 17 . reklamować Exercise two Listen and repeat the expressions connected with marketing tactics. an advertisement a classified ad a web banner an advertorial an advertising agency an advertiser a sales rep a target an advertising campaign a long-term campaign the impact of advertising a subliminal advertising telesales. ogłoszenie ogłoszenie drobne reklama w Internecie artykuł reklamowy agencja reklamowa reklamodawca akwizytor adresat reklamy kampania reklamowa długoterminowa kampania wpływ reklamy reklama podprogowa telesprzedaŜ nazwa firmowa towaru logo sponsora reklama radiowa lub telewizyjna ulotka ulotka reklamowa wkładka reklamowa kampania promocyjna zwiększać zapotrzebowanie na.

As I see it.In my opinion.I tend to think … 18 ♪ 24 . We are planning to launch a new product so a good marketing plan is essential. so we must come up with some ideas for a catchy slogan. we need to plan a media campaign including both TV and radio commercials. and a series of eye-catching advertisements in the magazines.I have no doubt we need … . packaging. Moreover. … . Exercise five Now learn some useful language for participating in meetings. rozpocząć kampanię kierować działania do odbiorców poniŜej 12 roku Ŝycia wykreować wizerunek produktu mieć pomysł na opakowanie i atrakcyjne logo stworzyć chwytliwe hasło reklamowe informować i przekonywać konsumentów odwoływać się do szerokiego grona odbiorców wyprodukować serię reklam przyciągających uwagę promować produkt w wielu mediach zaplanować kampanię w mediach zachęcać klientów zrobić specjalne promocje rozdać darmowe próbki produktów to launch a campaign to target the under-12 market ♪ 22 to project the right product image to come up with ideas for packaging and an attractive logo to create a catchy slogan to inform and persuade consumers to appeal to a wide cross-section of consumers to produce a series of eyecatching advertisements to promote a product across a wide range of media to plan a media campaign to attract the consumers to run special promotions to distribute free samples of products Exercise four ♪ 23 Now listen to the brand manager describing the marketing strategy they are planning. and as we have a limited budget. everything must be planned carefully. A lot of market research has already been done.Exercise three Listen and repeat the expressions connected with advertising strategy.I’m convinced we should … .To my mind. We expect all our promotional activities to cost around € 600. and a special promotion for the beginning. Giving opinions: .000. Our Research and Development department organised a symposium during last year’s Fair in Frankfurt to gauge the market potential and the long-term success which is likely to be achieved. It’s supposed to be one of our core brands so we have to conduct a vigorous marketing campaign and concentrate now on brand-building activities.It seems to me … . and the results prove that there is quite a remarkable need for this type of product. 1. we must… . The advertising campaign must target the market precisely. … .I’m sure … .

.I agree entirely with Maria. .Maybe that’s true. but… 5.Perhaps we should… . . . … .Exactly! .I totally disagree.I would suggest… . .My suggestion would be to… . . . Checking comprehension: . .To put that another way. but… .I don’t agree with you at all.2. but… .It’s out of the question.I tend to agree. … . .What about…? .You have a point.I don’t really think so. but… . . Expressing reservations: .I totally agree. 4.You are quite wrong about that. .I’m afraid I can’t agree with you here. Disagreeing: .Rubbish! / Nonsense! / No way! .So what you are saying is … .If I follow you correctly.Are you saying? 3.Does that mean…? .I suggest that we… .I tend to disagree. .We could… .I agree to some extent.I couldn’t agree more.Why don’t we…? 19 .I quite agree.It might be worth doing it.I suppose so. I’m afraid.Precisely! . . Agreeing: . . Making a suggestion: .I agree with you.Absolutely! . .I suppose you are right.Is that such a good idea? 6.I can’t see that.

Lesson 14 Company presentation ♪ 25 Exercise one Listen and repeat the expressions of a company description. zaoferować szeroki asortyment produktów i usług to offer a wide range of products and services mieć wyjątkowy wybór marek wysokiej klasy to have an exceptional range of prestigious brands to be the leading producer of… być wiodącym producentem produkować na rynek klientów indywidualnych to manufacture products for the consumer market być usytuowanym w… to be located in … mający siedzibę główną w… with the head office based in … mieć fabryki w Europie i Azji to have factories in Europe and Asia załoŜyć spółki zaleŜne to set up subsidiaries filie regionalne regional branches sprzedawać produkty w detalu to sell products through retail zatrudniać 1000 pracowników na całym świecie to employ 1000 staff worldwide mieć doskonałe wyniki finansowe to have excellent financial results mieć obroty to have a turnover of… dochód netto a net income to expand our activities in… rozszerzać działalność w … stworzyć nową serię produktów to develop a new series of products Exercise two Listen and repeat the expressions used when talking of company strengths. produkty wysokiej jakości po konkurencyjnych cenach technologia zaawansowana wiedza specjalistyczna wykwalifikowana kadra sprostać wymaganiom jakości elastyczne terminy płatności szybka obsługa wiarygodne terminy dostawy dobra obsługa serwisowa bliski kontakt z rynkiem szeroka sieć sprzedaŜy detalicznej dostosowywać produkty do indywidualnych wymagań inwestycje w badania i rozwój ♪ 26 high-quality products at competitive prices advanced technology specialised know-how professional staff to meet quality standards flexible payment conditions fast service reliable delivery dates a good after-sales service close contact with the market extensive retail distribution to adapt products to met individual requirements investments in research and development 20 .

Europe and Asia. What are the current projects? … We are now preparing for the next phase of growth. What are the company’s greatest strengths? … We offer innovative solutions to our customers. - - - - 21 . and we are investing in infrastructure. Hong Kong and Australia. How many employees do you have? … The company employs 3. What are your principal business activities? … The company primarily operates in only one business segment. United Kingdom. but has a strong presence in over 80 countries through its extensive retail distribution network. What locations do you operate in? … The company is based in Netherlands. What range of products do you offer? … We provide a range of product families used to control computers. The company manufactures and sells mice. What are your achievements? … We have exceeded our financial goals and achieved our sixth consecutive year of record revenue and profitability. We also increased efficiencies in our business. What’s the net income? … Net income was €95 million.250 staff worldwide. We have launched more than 100 new products and shipped more than 25 million units with our brand. which involves the design. design and innovation. productive and profitable. enhanced products at competitive prices. The implementation of new financial software technology provides us with better controls and much faster reporting and access to information. We continue to build our strong global brand. It has manufacturing facilities located in Asia and major distribution centres located in North America. We will build a new factory in India which will provide greater manufacturing capacity. production and sales of PC accessories and personal interface devices. Where is the head office based? … The Corporate Headquarters are located in Amsterdam. development. which represents quality. keyboards and other personal computer interface products that enable users to communicate with their computers.Exercise three ♪ 27 Now listen to the conversation with the Public Relations Officer and repeat the questions used to collect information. How many subsidiaries has the company established? … We’ve set up subsidiaries in the USA. What is the company’s turnover? … We had a turnover of € 650 m. That in fact enables us to be even more competitive.

wzór innovation – innowacja to ship – wysłać.less than a half of … 30 % . Result The rise in distribution cost resulted from was due to may be a result of Reason the increase in petrol prices. przewieźć enhanced products – ulepszone produkty innovative solutions – nowatorskie rozwiązania to increase efficiency – zwiększać wydajność implementation – wdroŜenie productive – wydajny.more than a half of … 50 % . We have the highest/lowest level of … (productivity). Result the decrease in our market share.nearly a third of … 25 % . We have the highest/lowest … (tax) rates.a half of … 40 % . We have more/fewer… (employees) than … Now we spend more/less money on … (research and development). We pay the most/least …(tax).a quarter of … 3 % .all (of) … 96 % .GLOSSARY to operate in – działać w to involve – zajmować się to provide – dostarczać retail distribution network – sieć sprzedaŜy detalicznej manufacturing facilities – zakłady wytwórcze to exceed financial goals – przekroczyć załoŜenia finansowe to achieve – osiągnąć consecutive year of record revenue and profitability – kolejny rok rekordowych dochodów i wysokiej rentowności quality – jakość design – model.hardly any of … 0 % . 22 .the vast majority of … 80 % . produktywny profitable – zyskowny phase of growth – faza wzrostu to invest in infrastructure – inwestować w infrastrukturę manufacturing capacity – zdolność produkcyjna LEARN Reading statistics 100 % .most … 54 % .none of … Giving reasons and results Reason The increase in competition resulted in led to contributed to Interpreting statistics Comparing alternatives The number of … is about average.