No Bones About It

by Mitch A. Williams With special thanks to Tomi "Tonpa" Sarkkinen for assistance with the characters.

This scenario can be used to introduce Strands of Fate to new players or be dropped into an ongoing campaign. It is designed to be played in an hour or two. Sample characters are included for players who wish to jump right into the adventure.

Nippon is a fantasy version of medieval Japan with the Samurai ruling class and all of the social structures. However, Nippon has these additions: 1. 2. 3. Magic exists Mythical creatures exist A non­Samurai character while still socially bound to follow the orders of the Samurai lords may defend himself from an attack by a Samurai. (Historically if a non­Samurai fought and/or killed a Samurai they were guilty of murder regardless of the circumstances.)

The son of the local Daimyo (feudal leader) has broken his leg in a bad horse riding accident. The break is severe and the local healers are unable to set it properly. The Daimio has ordered one of his Samurai to escort a Bonze (priest/healer), an ashiguru (Peasant Warrior), and a hunter/tracker to find a Kappa (mythical turtle man) that is rumored to live in a nearby stream. Some Kappa are known to have special knowledge in the treatment of broken bones and the Daimio hopes that this one can be convinced to teach the Bonze this ability. Kappa are also known for using a form of Sumo wrestling that can break bones.

Encounter #1
A rival Daimyo, who would rather see the injured son die, has sent a small group of his Samurai disguised as Ronin to stop the heroes from reaching the Kappa.


Encounter #2 Once each hour the heroes can search for signs of the Kappa (Diff: 6) and if successful. the Ronin will fight to the death. Even if they are spotted with a perception roll (Diff: 8) they will only join in if the first Kappa is attacked. Advantage Points: 9 (2) 2 . Refresh: 7. The Kappa will also teach the required knowledge to anyone who overcomes him in hand­to­hand combat so that they will spare his life. they are under strict orders from their own Daimyo to stop the heroes and have a “Determination” of +6 (p. Characters CampL: Action Hero. There are 2 more Kappa at the bottom of the pool. Possible Solutions This particular Kappa is very intelligent and could be talked (or bribed) into teaching the required knowledge or even traveling back with the group to set the bone himself. Someone may remember (Diff: 8) that Kappa like a kind of water cucumber that may be found by searching (Diff: 7) the plants up and down the stream. they will find the Kappa at the edge of a deep pool at a bend in a stream.Possible Solutions Your group may attempt to negotiate or intimidate the “Ronin” into allowing them to pass. the ugly green man will be making rude sounds and gestures toward them. Unfortunately. If the (inevitable) fight begins. Abilities: 25 (4).222). When they first notice him.

Samurai Armor 3 . Stress: 3 Specialty Aspects One of the Samurai Class (Persuasion) Master Swordsman (Strength)(P) Duty to Daimyo (Willpower) Straight­Forward (Deception) Daisho (Resources) Advantages (1) Alertness (1) Fearless (1) Quick Draw (2) Counter Attack (2) Weapon Expertise ­ Daisho (2) True Expert – Master Swordsman Equipment Master Quality Daisho – Katana and Wakizashi (Short and Long Swords) +2 additional WR in addition to the normal WR. Stress: 6 Craft: 2. He expects those around him to show the proper respect for his status. Deception: 1.Anayama Jiro (Samurai) Jiro is a straight­forward individual who knows his duty and will perform it the best he can. Strength: 4. Aspects Loyal Samurai of the Anayama Clan You will show me proper respect I reward Loyalty with Loyalty Beauty can be found in violence or peace Always live by the warrior’s code Abilities Agility: 2. Stress: 4 Empathy: 2. Resources: 1. Willpower: 2. Reasoning: 2. Endurance: 2. Persuasion: 2. Perception: 3. Knowledge: 2.

Knowledge: 3.. Resources: 0. He knows a little about everything and will talk for hours if not interrupted. He will only fight defensively and will not kill for any reason. defense is for everyone else (Strength) I trust life to provide what I need (Resources) Advantages (1) Soft Style (1) Soft Style (1) Smooth Over (2) Genius at Work (2) Slippery Combatant (2) True Expert – Healer Equipment Pilgrim’s Bo Staff Healers bag with general medical supplies Monks robes 4 . die before you would kill I know something about that. Strength: 1. Endurance: 1. Willpower: 2. Stress: 3 Specialty Aspects Healer (Knowledge)(P) Magic and the supernatural are to be studied not feared (Reasoning)) I must help if I can (Empathy) Combat is for warriors. Deception: 1. Did I tell you the story about the time. Reasoning: 3. Abilities Agility: 2. Perception: 4. Persuasion: 3. Stress: 5 Empathy: 3. Stress: 2 Craft: 2.Kuni (Bonze) Kuni is a round little man like Friar Tuck in the stories of Robin Hood.. Aspects Wandering Buddhist priest and healer Piety is a good thing but not everything Life is sacred.

Strength: 3. Resources: 1. Perception: 2.Totomi (Ashiguru) Totomi is a dedicated solder. Knowledge: 2. Endurance: 2. He will follow the orders of his Samurai to the death. Willpower: 2. Persuasion: 2. Deception: 2. Aspects Loyal Soldier of the Anayama Clan I will Follow my Masters orders to the letter Family is taken care of by Samurai I will guard this land from disorder I will Follow my master even to his Death Abilities Agility: 3. Stress: 3 Specialty Aspects Your yari is an extension of your body (Strength) Knows the Local Area (Knowledge) Dedication (Willpower) Protector of the Peasants (Persuasion) Owned man (Resources) Advantages (1) Weapon Specialist – Polearms and Spears (2) Weapon Expertise – Yari (1) Fleet of Foot (2) Last Stand (1) Alertness (2) Resilient Equipment Yari (Spear) Ashiguru Armor 5 . Stress: 4 Empathy: 2. Reasoning: 2. Stress: 5 Craft: 2.

Endurance: 2. Deception: 3. Aspects Ninja of the spotted Lotus clan Really. Strength: 2. Willpower: 2. Knowledge: 2. I am just a common hunter and tracker Do not execute any action or plan without a way to escape Never act without proper knowledge. Stress: 4 Craft: 2. Stress: 4 Empathy: 1. you can’t see me (Willpower) Silent movement is an art as well as a skill (Agility) If I throw it. He may be more than he seems.Harani (Tracker?) Harani is a quiet young man who may be too good at moving silently. Stress: 2 Specialty Aspects If I don’t move. another opportunity will always arise It is not overconfidence when I AM better than you Abilities Agility: 4. Persuasion: 1. it hits (Agility) Trust no one (Empathy) I will complete my mission no matter how long it takes (Endurance) Advantages (1) Hard Style (1) Hard Style (1) Tracker (1) Survivalist (1) Master of Disguise (2) Slippery Combatant (2) Deadly Grace Equipment Knife 6 Shuriken 6 . What motives would he have for being here other than the orders of a Samurai? One possible reason is that a local Ninja clan may not want the Daimio's son to be healed for their own reasons. Resources: 1. Perception: 3. they want access to the new healing technique as well. Reasoning: 2. Or maybe.

Severe(P) and Defeated(P). (WR) Def. They are “Vital Extras” so they have three sets of stress boxes and can suffer only three types of Consequences Major. Mod.Enemies 3 Samurai (Disguised as Ronin) This group of rival Samurai has been ordered to stop the heroes and will fight to the death to do it. Ability Range Wakizashi +2(+3) Agility 0 7 .409) Character Aspects: Size: 0 Loyal Samurai Retainers ________________________________________________________________ Physical Mental Social Agility: 2 Craft: 2 Deception: 1 Endurance: 3 Knowledge: 2 Empathy: 3 Perception: 2 Reasoning: 2 Persuasion: 2 Strength: 3 Willpower: 3 Resources: 2 Stress Track: 6 Stress Track: 5 Stress Track: 1 ________________________________________________________________ Specialty Aspects: Some Weapons Training (Strength) Loyal to the Death (Willpower) ________________________________________________________________ Total Physical Defense Modifier (AR): +2(+2) Armor: Ronin Armor Physical Attack Att. (p.

Jokuyu has a full set of stress boxes. He will try to get the player characters to do any dirty. menial task that he can before giving them the knowledge they seek. ________________________________________________________________ Total Physical Defense Modifier (AR): +2(+4) Physical Attack Att. (WR) Def. without any ill effect. Character Aspects: Size: 0 Amphibian Humanoid Monster ________________________________________________________________ Physical Mental Social Agility: 2 Craft: 1 Deception: 2 Endurance: 4 Knowledge: 2 Empathy: 2 Perception: 2 Reasoning: 2 Persuasion: 0 Strength: 2 Willpower: 2 Resources: 0 Stress Track: 6 Stress Track: 5 Stress Track: 1 ________________________________________________________________ Specialty Aspects: Stronger in the Water (Strength)(P) More Agile in the Water (Agility)(P) Bone Healer (Knowledge) ________________________________________________________________ Notable Advantages: Breathless (Amphibian) ­ A Kappa can stay indefinitely underwater. The consequence assigned will be Cracked Ribs.Jokuyu (The Kappa) Jokuyu likes to see how many veiled insults he can get away with. or a Broken Back respectively. or Defeated consequence will result in a broken bone. He is no fool though. Kappa are more strong and agile when in contact with water from their home stream. Mod. he knows that if he pushes the Samurai too far he could lose his head to the Samurai's blade. a Broken Leg. Razor Tongue Bone Breaker – Any unarmed attack that causes a Severe. If attacked he will try to have the battle take place in or near the water where he has the advantage. They are “Trivial Extras” so they have two sets of stress boxes and 8 . Ability Range Unarmed +4(+1) Agility 0 Close Combat Weapon Two Additional Kappa These Kappa can be added into the fight if Jokuyu is being defeated too easily. Extreme.

409) Kappa are more strong and agile when in contact with water from their home stream. Mod. without any ill effect. Ability Range Unarmed +2(+1) Agility 0 Close Combat Weapon Equipment 9 .can suffer only two types of Consequences Major and Defeated (P). Character Aspects: Size: 0 Amphibian Humanoid Monster ________________________________________________________________ Physical Mental Social Agility: 2 Craft: 0 Deception: 1 Endurance: 2 Knowledge: 1 Empathy: 1 Perception: 2 Reasoning: 1 Persuasion: 0 Strength: 2 Willpower: 2 Resources: 0 Stress Track: 4 Stress Track: 3 Stress Track: 1 ________________________________________________________________ Specialty Aspects: Stronger in the Water (Strength)(P) More Agile in the Water (Agility)(P) ________________________________________________________________ Notable Advantages: Breathless (Amphibian) ­ A Kappa can stay indefinitely underwater. (p. (WR) Def. ________________________________________________________________ Total Physical Defense Modifier (AR): +1(+3) Physical Attack Att.

Bulky Has 2 Stress Boxes* 10 . Bulky Has 3 Stress Boxes*.Weapons Weapon Unarmed Knife Wakizashi Katana Shuriken Jo (Small Club) Bo (Quarterstaff) Yari (Spear) WR +0 +2 +3 +4 +1 +2 +2 +3 Range 0 1 TH 0 0 1 TH 0 0 1 TH TL 0 1 0 2 2 1 1 1 Cost 0 1 2 3 1 0 0 1 Notes Unarmed Small Large Small Small Large Large Armor Armor Samurai Armor Ronin Armor Ashiguru Armor *See page 308 AR +3 +2 +1 TL 2 2 1 Cost 4 3 2 Notes and Aspects Has 4 Stress Boxes*.

11 .Print one copy of this page for each character.

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