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Programming & Projection at Work
AC2 - Letters From Andromeda 2- Alex Collier – 11/95 The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) Video Journal http://youtube/hobJxicj7YM

This is nuts. It's 1:30 am and here I am, up doing this. Not that the clock means anything. It doesn't. Maybe it's that I haven't been this prolific in some time – and got used to the slower pace of the journals' arrival. Now, I've already got four in the pipeline, and here I go with another one. Jees. Part of it was web cam issues which I had to take care of. Now I know what a clean boot is, which is a new one for me. Wasn't so difficult – and it worked. But I don't feel like firing it up just now, so I write. I hope that will work – but when you're living from Heart, you have to be ready to go where it leads – so we'll see. Change is still the order of the day. It's funny – I've been talking about change for so long, now – it seems like forever. And I always mean it – I say what I mean. Yet it keeps getting more intense . How does it do that?! It's rather amazing – don't you think? Surely you're noticing it too. If you're not – well, maybe your nose is a wee bit too close to the old grindstone. Lift your head up a bit. The human race is surely changing. Are you one of those hoping that everyone will make the oncoming Shift into higher dimension? Or do you believe that the bad guys must receive their comeuppance ? There are many who still do – and it's an understandable view to have. After all the destruction that's been

wrought on this beautiful planet and to her beautiful beings, it's understandable . But let's look at that – honestly and from Heart, okay? So go within. Take just a moment and center – take a deep breath or two and settle down in, instead of down under. Just quietly in Heart, then. So, what part of us believes that the bad guys must be punished – must pay the price? And what part of that belief is based in our own old beliefs – in some of those weeds not yet pulled up from our Garden of Belief? Most of us were threatened as children with punishment – so that was internalized. Let's pull it out now, and see if we want to keep it. This for that – tit for tat – we were brought up believing that was called fairness – but is it, really? Is killing the killer really a useful answer? Where is its success record? You know I don't care that much about the bodies we wear. If they go, then they do, so it's not about death – it's about honor and justice and truth. Where do they lie? What part does punishment play? While we're wandering through our lovely Belief Garden let's take a look at another set of plants that were put in way back when – those that come from our religious upbringing. Most were brought up to believe in a somewhat vengeful God figure – one who could easily either reward with a heaven or punish with a hell for eternity. Scary stuff – especially for little, impressionable children. So how did we handle that? What beliefs did we plant? Let's take a look at them, but from a new angle. Let's set that version of God aside for a few moments. Don't worry – if it's yours, you can pick it up again right after the journal experience we're having, together. Now, just for fun, lets look at a few things in a vastly different way. Let's envision a God who is only Love – the unconditional, real kind of Love that's a bit rare on earth. Okay, now why might that God have arranged things in such a way that there are multiple amgodiments or lifetimes? What could be the purpose in that, for this God wouldn't punish – it's not in Her. Instead of this arrangement being for karma, for pay back of what

we dished out in earlier lives, try this one on. When we do something in life that doesn't quite live up to our inner integrity – when we fall short of the mark for whatever reason – what might be the cause behind that? Why would we fail? As I look around, what I see is so many people in the sleeple state – or even the more easily led ones we can call sheeple . They're not evil – they're not mean – they're just not really there , not fully present. It's like they're somehow hypnotized into a light trance. So they make a mistake – let's say they over-react to someone or something, so they lash out, maybe hit someone. Now what? Well, why did they do that? Could it be due to 1) their heart not being open and / or 2) them not finding their heart? Most of what I see happening is far more from ignorance than it is from what people call evil . Now, I'm not talking about the Illuminati, yet – TPTW (The Powers That Were). This is just the regular folks. So, what would this wonderful, loving, just God do in this case? She's not out to punish them. If I can see sleeple and ignorance at work, She can surely see even deeper into what's at work. So their next lifetime gets set-up, and in it they will face the fruits of their actions in this one. But what is that about? The old God would say they were bad, so now they must pay, they must suffer for that. Well, shove that out. Look again. Here's what I see. I see people being lovingly set up in the most perfect ways to open their eyes – and their hearts. I see the heart softening at work – for until they recognize themselves in the other – the ones they previously struck out at and hurt – they'll just keep doing that – harming themselves more. So instead, things are arranged with the greatest possible Love – the divine sort. Things are set up to soften those hard hearts – not to break them – but to open them. How else to ever understand what another one suffers – but to take a real walk in his or her moccasins? Even in this life – in any one life – this is how the youngster, the teen learns. So I see divine Love at work – where others choose to see punishment and karma and that lot. Just like with a child it often takes a bit of tough love – Source is certainly capable of that. Just

like an addict of any kind must often dive so low as to hit bottom – and there is no one, anywhere, who can talk sense into them until then – so it is with all of us. It's the old way of learning – but not really learning – of waking up. So what do you think? Remember, too, to always stay in Heart with me – if you hope to really pick up what I'm offering, here. It doesn't come from the head and it can't be interpreted there. It's Heart stuff. You'll just have to take that on faith for a bit – if that's your choice. What we see in life – how we see life, altogether – is mostly a projection . We project, drawing it all from our subconscious , our Garden of Belief – we project what we believe out on what we see. We don't realize how very much we're actually creating that. We take it for real. After all, we see it like that, so that's what it must be, right? Not. I say to distrust simply every belief. When and as we stick close to Self and Now, we stay out of future – and past. The Belief Garden is of the past. How could it be any other way? And the future is our expectations – they take us there, just as far from Now as the past is. The view of life we see from Heart is radically different. We see it with Heart, not so much with our eyes. We see it with our inner sight – with Heart vision, which is firmly anchored in Now. It never leaves Now. So do you have a pet peeve , for instance? Is there something that can't fail to rile you up, to upset you? It is always something other people do, right? We see them or hear them do that, and it sets us off, and there we go. We may not come back down into our center for a while. Well, let's look at that. Is it really “out there?” Is it really those other people doing that that sets us off? I don't think so. Stop and center, here, and see if you can hear this. There is nothing at all in what other people do that can upset you . Period. Nothing. Why not? How could that be? Consider – there are 20 people who have the same exact experience and at the same time and place. Let's say they see an accident – or a fight. You can bet there will

be 20 or even 21 different reports of it – and it will be seen radically differently by some of them. The accounts will most certainly disagree – ask any police person or detective. Now look at that – and see this – the power is NOT in the circumstances, in what happens. It is in each person – in how they interpret it. The power is always in the person – though most give their power away , giving it over to the circumstances. Yet if there were true power in circumstances then the same circumstances would affect all 20 people the same way. Let's go back to the pet-peeve thing and take a new look. If something is guaranteed to set me off every time – and of course the circumstances, the persons involved will differ each time – then the one common denominator in all of that must be me . So why am I not looking inside for the origin of that? I find that pretty strange. A pet peeve is no more than a way to blame life for something inside that hasn’t been dealt with, yet. It hasn't been owned and faced and processed . Something lurks down inside, where it feels too scary to look. So we refuse to own it, and when we do that, at some point the natural result of us pushing it away is to push or project it out onto others – but it's really not in them. It never was. Now we've got to be careful, here – for due to our immense power to create, the experience will feel totally real – as if it is truly their fault – the other guy. That's how it feels, 100% - and that can make us refuse to even consider that it could be in us all along. It just doesn't seem reasonable. My friends, I will call to your attention that this is what the experience is like – from mind's perspective . That's not the Heart's way – to blame another. Heart just knows better, so it doesn't engage in blame of any sort. You won't find it there. I'm yammering on a bit to give some a chance to absorb what I'm saying. For some it's radically different than the way they're used to viewing it – so a bit of time can help. Projection is one of the most interesting things to wake up to on this journey into higher consciousness. It is simply shocking – to

discover that all that stuff we blamed our neighbor and the world for – that it was in us all the while. It's quite a lot to take in, so it's best done in small doses . There are many videos that I don't watch all the way through the first time. I push pause and go do something else. As we open more and more to l ove the self we'll change our ways of doing things – of greeting life. No more will we be pushy – not with the self nor with others – not at all. We will realize the rudeness, the disrespect of pushing free-will beings – who have the right to make their own choices. Who are we, to think we know what's best for everyone else? There is also – and maybe first – the matter of mind pushing us around – which it does, incessantly. Let's look at that. What is its origin ? Where does that come from? Could it be childhood – and the faulty programming laid down then? A walk through our Garden of Belief can show this up – if we can just find our way in there. Since it's in the subconscious this can be a bit tricky. By remembering back, I'm sure we can recall the t errible pushiness of the adults in our lives. Just look around, now. Everywhere you can see adults pushing children to do or not do this or that – always pushing – seldom asking or inquiring, but only demanding . Well, what does that do to us, my friends? How does it scar us? What do the scars look like? Could it be this internal pushiness that mind is forever indulging in? And do we want it to continue? Do we want to be forever abused by our mind? You know how miserable, how upset it can make you feel – just like those little children, everywhere. It is sleeple and sheeple parents and teachers who act this way. They are not cruel nor even unkind – they are hypnotized. They are not even truly present, though we see their body there. Let us remain in Heart as we view life this way. Sure, it hurts a bit – but in a very different way than what we expected – than what we felt, before. Now, our hurt comes from our beautiful softness – our tenderness for the dear children and the oppression they all face at our absent behavior - there but not really there. We also feel for those parents and teachers. We know they are

really wonderful people, too. In spite of how they may be absently acting, we know that, in their heart of hearts, they would not be this way if they were awake. We can clearly see how they are asleep – and how there's not a darn thing we can do about it – and it hurts – but with a different sort of hurt than we're used to feeling. So we feel tender , ourselves – and kind of hurt . We're surprised by this – by this new way of seeing and of feeling. Let's stay with Heart, though, as we look back at our own mind – at its perpetual abuse of us – at how we bear up under the burden of that. Now, can we develop or find some tenderness inside for what we are enduring, there? I bet we can. When looked at from Heart, mind's behavior is clearly abusive . There's no other way to colour it, my friends – it's often even mean and cruel. Yet we put up with it, don't we. Do you ever wonder why ? Well, look back at your childhood. How much choice did you have – as a child – about the pushiness of the adults in your world? Okay, take a moment to take that in . If you're in Heart, then chances are you're really feeling that. Of course you had no choice at all. You couldn't even protest without paying a nasty price. You were helpless before the onslaught, weren't you? Learn to push pause or quit reading if you need to, my friends. It's more than okay – it's you loving you. Now, as you take that in – and take your time with it – allow yourself to feel all of the feelings that come up. There is only one successful way I've found to process feelings, my friends – and that's straight through the middle of them. It does only very short-term good to try to avoid them in any way, such as repression. They just come back up – but even stronger. So do be willing to feel. It won't last that long. On the other side of the feelings is relief – surprising, often uplifting relief. In all feelings there's a message hidden away. Until that's unpacked and looked at, the feelings will persist – guaranteed. So if you've been running away from your feelings, you may want to reconsider in light of this. I've found that, though it hurts, it works.

Alright, back to looking at our own self-talk. I wonder – do you see it in a slightly different light, now? I bet you do – that is, if you took this walk in Heart with me. If you're only viewing and understanding the words (from mind) then you're not yet willing to face what's inside. That's fine, too. It's simply what is. But it's also good to have a good look at that – and maybe wonder why . Why is it you can't seem to let yourself feel your deep, inner feelings? And how long will you choose to run away from them? No rush. Just be willing to look, that's all. So, the abusive self-talk – what to do with it? Nothing. This is a road of being , not of doing. The doing will do itself. That sounds crazy to the mind – I know, don't I know. But that's the way of it, so do make room for that. What we “do,” if anything, is just to look at things. So we watch and observe the mind at work. We start actually listening, watching how it speaks to us – the tone it uses – what it says. That's enough. Why is that enough? Well, I don't want to take your fun away, so I'm going to let you discover this for yourself. I will say that Heart vision actually changes things. When we're brave enough to really have a look at something, we'll know we're really moving on when we're ready to look underneath it, to see what might be causing that. So look at what it is , at first – and just keep looking, watching. You might even note down or journal some of what you are seeing – or heck, all of it. It can be truly instructive. You may surprise yourself. Then, once we're comfortable with that, we're ready to look underneath . Everything springs from something. Those flowers grow on certain plants, so when we're ready , we look to what plants those are, when and how they were planted – and by whom. As we look to that, we'll find ourselves quite naturally doing a lot of weeding , there in the Belief Garden. It will just happen , friends. When our intent is just to watch, to observe from within Heart, things start to change. As I said, things will just do themselves , so there is no need at all to set out to do anything but look.

The rest will just happen. You will see. Now, what a journey this has been. We've done a bit of wandering, but somehow there's a thread through it all, holding it together. It's been fun for me. I hope it has been for you. And, as usual, the journals show the change. I hope you're journaling too, even just a bit. Cuz if you don't, then there are phases and stages of who you are, how you're manifesting, that will go and be gone forever, and you won't have this lovely evidence they were ever here. Blessings and Namaste. ~♥~


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