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Will Durant History of Civilization 11 volumes

History STORY OF CIVILIZATION WILL DURANT 11 BOOKS This is the famous history of civilization series by Will Durant & Ariel Durant. This is the complete 11 volume hardcover set of "The Story of Civilization" by Will Durant (& Ariel Durant).

Included are:

Hardcovers without dust jackets. I. Our Oriental Heritage II. The Life of Greece III. Caesar and Christ IV. The Age of Faith V. The Renaissance VI. The Reformation VII. The Age of Reason Begins VIII. The Age of Louis XIV IX. The Age of Voltaire X. Rousseau and Revolution XI The Age of Napoleon

Contents of this set:

I. Our Oriental Heritage (1935)

The Establishment of Civilization The Near East India and her Neighbors The Far East Japan II. The Life of Greece (1939) Aegean Prelude: 3500-1000 BC Crete Before Agamemnon The Heroic Age The Rise of Greece: 1000-480 BC Sparta Athens The Great Migration The Greeks in the West The Gods of Greece The Common Culture of Early Greece The Struggle for Freedom The Golden Age: 480-399 BC Pericles and the Democratic Experiment Work and Wealth in Athens The Morals and Manners of the Athenians The Art of Periclean Greece .

Caesar and Christ (1944) The Republic: 508-30 BC The Revolution: 145-30 BC The Principate: 30 BC-AD 192 The Empire: AD 146-AD 192 .The Advancement of Learning The Conflict of Philosophy and Religion The Literature of the Golden Age The Suicide of Greece The Decline and Fall of Greek Freedom: 399-322 BC Philip Letters and Arits in the Fourth Century The Zenith of Philosophy Alexander The Hellenistic Dispersion: 322-146 BC Greece and Macedonia Hellenism and the Orient Egypt and the West Books The Art of the Dispersion The Climax of Greek Science The Surrendur of Philosophy The Coming of Rome Epilogue: Our Greek Heritage III.

The Age of Faith (1950) The Byzantine Zenith: 325-565 Islamic Civilization: 569-1258 Judaic Civilization: 135-1300 The Dark Ages: 566-1095 The Climax of Christianity: 1095-1300 V.The Youth of Christianity: 4 BC-AD 325 IV. The Renaissance (1953) Prelude: 1300-77 The Age of Petrarch and Boccaccio: 1304-75 The Pope in Avignon: 1309-77 The Florentine Renaissance: 1378-1534 The Rise of the Medici: 1378-1464 The Golden Age: 1464-92 Savonarola and the Republic: 1492-1534 Italian Pageant: 1378-1534 Milan Leonardo da Vinci Tuscany and Umbria Mantua Ferrara Venice and Her Realm Emilia and the Marches .

The Kingdom of Naples The Roman Renaissance: 1378-1521 The Crisis in the Church: 1378-1521 The Renaissance Captures Rome: 1447-92 The Borigas Julius II: 1503-13 Leo X: 1513-21 Debacle The Intellectual Revolt The Moral Release The Political Collapse: 1494-1534 Finale: 1534-76 Sunset in Venice The Waning of The Renaissance Envoi VI. The Reformation (1957) From Wyclif to Luther The Religious Revolution: 1517-64 The Strangers in the Gate: 1300-1566 Behind the Scenes: 1517-1564 The Counter Reformation: 1517-65 VII. The Age of Reason Begins (1961) The English Ecstasy: 1558-1648 .

The Age of Louis XIV (1963) The French Zenth: 1643-1715 England: 1649-1714 The Periphery: 1648-1715 The Intellectual Adventure: 1648-1715 France Against Europe: 1683-1715 IX.The Faiths Fight For Power: 1556-1648 The Tentatives of Reason: 1558-1648 VIII. The Age of Voltaire (1965) France: The Regency England: 1714–56 The People The Rulers Religion and Philosophy Literature and the Stage Art and Music France: 1723–56 The People and the State Morals and Manners'' The Worship of Beauty The Play of the Mind .

Voltaire in France Middle Europe: 1713–56 The Germany of Bach Frederick the Great and Maria Theresa Switzerland and Voltaire The Advancement of Learning: 1715–89 The Scholars The Scientific Advance Medicine The Attack Upon Christianity: 1730–74 The Atheists Diderot and the Encyclopedie Diderot Proteus The Spreading Campaign Voltaire and Christianity The Triumph of the Philosophes X. Rousseau and Revolution (1967) This volume received the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction in 1968. France Before the Deluge: 1757–74 The Catholic South: 1715–89 Islam and the Slavic East: 1715–96 The Protestant North: 1756–89 John'son's England: 1756–89 .

All in good condition. 2. Britain 4. The French Revolution.The Collapse of Feudal France: 1774–89 XI. etc. . notes. Napoleon Ascendant.000 pages) and each contains a large section or two of b/w photos as well as detailed map endpapers appropriate to each area of study. The Age of Napoleon (1975) 1. The Challenged Kings 5. (no highlighting.) The books are large (many over 1. 3. without dustjackets. marks. Finale Hardcovers.