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Primer-Free II Inserts

Reduces Overall Installation Costs While Keeping an Aerospace OEM Flying High
Application: Aerospace fluid control systems Challenge A global aerospace component company was searching for an improved method of providing galvanic corrosion protection to assemblies consisting of dissimilar materials. An environmentally friendly solution free of Hexavalent Chromates was also desired. The current method required that a hexavalent chromatebased liquid primer be applied to the tapped hole and the insert installed while the primer was still wet. The time constraints and the special handling requirements for hexavalent chromates made this process inherently inefficient. Customer Requirements Meet or exceed current corrosion protection capabilities Increase ease of application RoHS Compliant dispersion provides lubricity acting as an anti-galling agent, especially important when using the optional Screw-Lock insert design.

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coverage in the hole

Primer-Free II Inserts have been salt spray tested in a side-by side test with primers and were certified to provide equal or better resistance to galvanic corrosion in all tests.

Features & Benefit

Primer-Free II Inserts:

Eliminate Hexavalent chromates

and associated special handling

Prevents subjective primer Significantly reduces high torque

and galling caused by excessive or improper primer application Eliminate premature installation tool wear or breakage Are RoHS compliant

Primer-Free Inserts provide:

A hexavalent-free insert assembly Excellent lubricity during installation A reduction in down the line
assembly issues

Reduce or eliminate use of chromates Equivalent insert performance

Lower installed cost

Solutions Emhart developed a proprietary coating that is pre-applied and cured directly to the Heli-Coil wire insert. Primer-Free II coating is an epoxy-based floropolymer impregnated with Teflon that requires no special handling. The coating encapsulates the entire insert which can be then installed into a dry tapped hole in the customers assemblies. In addition to complete coverage, the Teflon

Primer-Free ll inserts eliminate debris in sensitive applications.

HeliCoil Primer-Free ll Inserts

The chart illustrates the significant difference in installed cost when comparing Primer-Free ll inserts with inserts coated with zinc chromate primer. A significant savings of 18% - can be achieved when utilizing Primer-Free ll inserts. These savings are largely due to the elimination of the application of the zinc chromate primer, which is a labor intensive process and often results in inconsistent coverage of the threads.
Installed Cost Comparison
$400 $300 Cost ($) $200 $100 $0
Primer-Free ll Insert Labor Cost Tooling Cost Insert Cost

Insert with Chromate Primer

Assembly Type

Primer-Free ll Inserts provide up to 18% savings in installed cost.

Industry Standards

Heli-Coil Primer-Free ll inserts comply dimensionally with the following Standards and Specifications:

NASM122076 thru NASM122275 Inserts, corrosion resistant Helical Coil Coarse Threads (Inch Series) NASM124651 thru NASM124850 Inserts, corrosion resistant Helical Coil Fine Threads (Inch Series) MS21209 Inserts, Screw Thread-Self Locking (Inch Series) NAS1130 Inserts, Tangless, Screw-Lock, Free-Running, Coarse and Fine Threads (Inch Series)

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