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Only nature imprints so well


Unica: the rotary printing machine

REGGIANIs big success is largely due to the rotary screen printing machine UNICA. More and more Customers WORLDWIDE are printing woven and knitted fabrics, wide and narrow width , for household and fashion as well, with great satisfaction and PROFITABILITY.

The new printing units highlight the typical features and advantages that, in more than 60 years, made REGGIANI the MANUFACTURER of REFERENCE for TOP QUALITY printing machines: Closed bearing printing heads Multi-repeat printing heads (from 640 to 1018 mm, no need of tools to change the repeat) Totally sealed and long-life lubricated printing heads (maintenance-less) Step-less adjustment printing height according to the thickness of fabric Step-less adjustment printing width (any screen cutting length accepted)

Individual screen drive with one or two BRUSHLESS servomotors in closed loop UNIFLUX linear magnetic system Easy and simple machine operation, with touch screen interfaces High reliability-efficiency electronics

UNICA Rotary Printing Machine

Dust and lint removal device

Reggiani supplies a system to remove dust and lint from the fabric to be printed. The new inverter allows the reduction of the torque and the modulation of the suction required.

The new pneumatic glue application

Allows the perfect and continuous adjustment of the thickness of the glue on the fabric, reducing the maintenance job

Quality and efficiency

Pneumatic stainless steel pumps with different deliveries. The high quality of their components allows the use of colour pastes with different values of viscosity always assuring a perfect printing evenness.

Rapid pump washing: optional

This system, introduced on Reggiani machines to reduce dramatically the waste of time and water, allows the rapid washing of the colour feeding circuit (ducts, suction, delivery, colour pump) by means of established sequences of pressurized water ejections. The standard time execution is 30 seconds, the water consumption is max. 30 lt/colour.

The new blanket washing system

Reduces considerably water consumption. Two brushes, one for each tank, work with variable speed to optimise the blanket cleaning. Four rubber squeegees (the last one also adjustable) clean and dry perfectly the blanket. The two brushes are equipped with inverter that allows the reduction of the torque and the adjustment of the brushes rotation speed according to the printing speed.

y for high profitability

UNICA Rotary Printing Machine

Closed bearing printing heads

High precision and accuracy Self-aligning screen holders Evenness in the screen tension Perfect driving of the screen No risk of damaging the screens, no mechanical wearing Totally sealed and long-life lubricated (no maintenance required) Easy screen installation (with one operator only) Optimum control/access to the printing, even with big repeats, thanks to the large distance between the printing heads

Multi-repeat printing heads

640 668 688 725 801 819 914 1018

From 640 to 1018 mm, totally pneumatic and electronically controlled, no need of tools to change the repeat. The operator is setting the repeat value in the main touch screen, all the printing heads raise up and the screens can be easily installed on the machine without any extra mechanical parts but with a great save of time.

Technology and innova

Uniflux linear magnetic system

Perfect evenness and uniformity also with wide width fabrics No centre-right, centre-left effect High flexibility Digital printing pressure step-less adjustment, from ultra-low to very high pressure High efficiency and very low energy consumption No pole to pole overpressure (typical in multi-beam magnet systems)

Screen Fabric Magnet

Individual screen drive

With one brush-less servomotor

With two brush-less servomotors

ation for the best quality

UNICA Rotary Printing Machine

Easy and friendly machine operations high efficiency and low consumption
All the electronic components are the most updated and performing available on the market: the standard of Siemens (PLC, motion controls, inverters), as well as of Proface (control panels and touch screens). The interfaces are simple and of immediate understanding: One touch screen at the entry and exit of the machine; One touch screen on each printing unit (on both sides on demand); One main control board with a 15 TFT touch screen; One touch screen at the exit of the dryer.

Printing and design parameters can be easily adjusted, memorized and automatically reproduced.

High reliability and very low energy consumption are the results of REGGIANIs continuous efforts and investments in R & D.

Nowadays energy consumption is becoming more and more important in an industrial budget. Reggiani, who is always concerned about environmental issues, has equipped his rotary printing machine 'Unica' with inverters on the dust and lint removal device, on the blanket washing, on the dryer fans, on the dryer exhaustion to guarantee a 25% saving on the energy consumption. Moreover Reggiani applies the regenerating devices Sinamics (by Siemens) that allow to recover the braking energy.

Easy and friendly wi

Washing-on-line system (WOL: optional)

The washing on line system patented by Reggiani (patent N.1.271.128) is more and more appreciated by Customers worldwide. No operator required, in 10-12 minutes, IT IS POSSIBLE TO WASH AND DRY all the screens, the pumps, the color pipes, the blanket ON THE MACHINE. The length and the numbers of the washing and drying cycles can be decided by the operator (and then memorized and automatically reproduced). After the washing/drying cycles, the machine is ready to re-start printing without any extra time to register the screens. Conceived mainly for the colourways, the WOL system is washing so fast and well that it is normally used also when a new design has to be printed.

During printing

During washing

th low consumption

UNICA Rotary Printing Machine

Technical data
models: number of colors: speed: printing heads: multi-repeat printing heads: screen drive: printing width: squeegee system: operating and color side: gluing system: blanket washing system: interfaces: 180, 200, 240, 280, 320 cm up to 24 up to 90 mt/minute closed bearing, self-aligning, long-life lubricated from 640 to 1018 mm, step-less adjustment electronically controlled with one or two brush-less motors step-less adjustment with Uniflux linear magnetic system right or left with pneumatic squeegee 2 variable speed brushes, 4 rubber squeegees (the last one adjustable) touch screens on each printing unit, touch screens at the entry/exit of the machine, one control board with a 15 TFT touch screen electrical cabinet: teleassistance: conditioned built-in modem for troubleshooting and telediagnosis

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