Power Bartering: The ultimate way for anyone to prosper in this terrible recession.

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Bartering Your Way to Greater Profit, Freedom and Unlimited Opportunities -- In a Bad Economy
RE: Confessions of Three Barter Barons
Dear Seeker of Recessionary Business (and Income) Opportunities: If this sounds like some hyped-up promotion you’d be seeing in good times --- it’s not. This IS the “real deal.” It’s a rock-solid, profit-certain, recessionary income- generating strategy that can work “Prosperity Wonders” for anyone…business owners, employees, start-up, entrepreneurs, alike. What follows in this Special Situation Report I’ve included is merely a brief glimpse beneath the surface at the incredible profit opportunities available to anyone who learns to use barter intelligently. You can do it for your own business. You can do it for your employer. You can do it for other businesses. You can do it for yourself and family. You can do all four, your choice. Right now, I'll dispense with the basic commentary on how barter is done. Instead, I want to take you beneath the surface into the most fascinating -- and lucrative avenues of “Recessionary Bartering” transactions opportunities you can easily be doing yourself. Hopefully, I'll be able to teach you some ingenious methods you can personally put to use, starting tomorrow, to pick up huge chunks of money (or equivalent value) for yourself or business. What follows is a Special Situation Report I did for you all about the closely guarded secrets on barter and about my friends and mentors, Barter Baron’s David Wagenvoord and Spike Humer. I think this may be the most fascinating, captivating, stimulating and profit-provoking report you've read in a long time. Certainly, it should be the most important report you’ll read about recessionary barter income opportunities --- if you act on what I’m sharing, now. The report fully explains 15 very specific ways YOU can put barter to immediate use in your life, career or business, today! In case you've been too busy managing your business or working for a living, the business press has started to really get excited about barter. Why --- when cash and credit is tight --- people who know how to barter masterfully --- are king in business. In case you missed them, articles have been written in some of the most important business publications, putting more and more focus on bartering’s recessionary “profit power.” The Washington Post just ran a major article titled "Businesses Are Cashing In Big On Barter." Nation's Business ran three separate articles. Their titles were, "When Money Is No Object," "Can You Benefit from Barter?" and "Let's Make A Deal”. Inc. Magazine ran an article called, "How Swap Deals Pay Off."

It’s to prepare you to use bartering’s mega money-making force.S. So right now. Jay Abraham P. And above all. If you get inspired and want to learn even more. "how-to-do-it" guide I've seen on understanding the subject. The irresistible teleconference details and invitation for you are at the end of the report. ran an article entitled "Barter Exchanges: Gateway to a Cashless Society?" Perhaps the greatest indication of barter's under-utilized recessionary value is Family Circle's article. It’s urgent you read the report now! It’s critical you act immediately.S.P. P. (Continue right now ---go to the Special Report that follows and prepare to prosper!) ." The enclosed urgent “Special Situation Report” helps explain why everyone's so excited about barter and (I think) it is the best short-course primer. P. together with me." Investor's Daily did a story titled "How Firms Trade Radios for Airline Tickets.P. I'm certain you'll find it abundantly rewarding. starting right after New Year’s Day.Management Today ran a major article entitled "The Billion Dollar Swap Shop. right now. enjoy the process . to share a lifetime of their secrets through a special series of teleconference call-based barter training I’m doing in just one week (because the need is so timely…and acute) for people like you.P.S The Report is only 21 pages.and this stimulating education. Particularly focus on the examples in the report for provocative money-making strategies YOU can easily apply in your own specific situation. Then re-read it again. I have persuaded both David Wagenvoord and Spike. Omni. "Don't Pay for It Trade for It. and prepare for a tour-de-force journey through one of the most little-understood areas of massive recessionary wealth-building I’ve ever discovered. right now. sit back. Warmly. this time with pen and paper and a focus on how you can directly apply what you’re learning." Forbes ran an article titled "Barter Meister. I strongly urge you to read it attentively." And even futuristic Magazine. J.

or any serious seeker of business opportunity .and Seven. Plus the actual story of how one company used this secret to help sell their business for $400. I'll show you more ''profit-certain'' ways to have fun and start turning your business /job (or any other person’s business you desire to work with) into the 24-hour a-day money-making machine you always wanted it to be. the actual methods and strategies they have privately used to personally make more money for themselves. Served as a board member of the International Reciprocal Trade Association. unlimited new customers and more positive cash flow in your pocket or treasury than you ever thought possible.000 (that's four hundred million dollars)!!! ALSO.using zero cash. entrepreneurs. and the greatest trade master.the master virtuoso of them all.or outside of it (during this recession). Actually.you'll laugh when I explain them to you. luxury cars. Spike Humer has: • • • Engineered and presided over the successful turnaround of the largest publicly traded barter exchange in North America Worked as an executive consultant for the United States franchise of the largest international barter exchange in the world. whatsoever! The owner of this company became a billionaire through THIS ingenious process.so simple --. Spike Humer. their partners and an "insider" group of business owners. . electronics . Starting Just a Few Days from Today! You can start with absolutely no capital whatsoever. without any risk and without sacrificing a penny of your existing cash sales or job security. precisely because of the recessionary climate the business world is facing. Even Eight Figure Profits Inside Your Business .actual homes and condominiums. and even entire businesses. Most importantly. David Wagenvoord.000. Plus. All this is possible.how to create a constant flow of windfall sales.000. investors and prosperous opportunity seekers they’ve assisted in some of the most unlikely places in America. a bit of ambition and an understanding of the vast opportunities that a highly distressed economy creates-.with an open mind. the exact tactics a famous cruise line used to create a $100.. capital goods and equipment. (He's been listed in the Forbes 500 richest people.you name it and Dave has most likely traded for it. in a year than most of us make in a lifetime. Dave is a man who has personally bartered over $450 million worth of goods and services that include exotic travel. The Ultimate Business and Money-Making Strategy You’ll Learn How To Barter Your Way to "Monster" Six. I won't be teaching you this by myself.) Fifteen actual (highly detailed) multi-million dollar success stories are documented below.. to reveal to you for the first time in both their prosperous lives.000 advertising success --...The Most Jealously Guarded "Profit Secret of the 21st Century” Revealed by three remarkable men who have personally used it to produce nearly $500 million worth of profits for themselves. or their public company. I can teach anyone (irrespective of the business you're in the company you work for or the situation you’re struggling with in your life) . I persuaded two of the greatest barter experts in the world . I can help make you "bushels" of money from outside deals --. their clients.

but when and if you ultimately do "payoff' on your end of the deal. and airline flights • Television. or your own or someone else's personal needs --. convention facilities. (in behalf of clients). brokered. (and credit is immediate and no person’s guarantees required). facilitated. He has: Traded. too! Whenever you want (or need) to buy ANY product or service for your business. Spike has used barter as a tool to negotiate debt-reduction and create legal settlements. Spike was the CEO of the largest publicly traded barter exchange in the world. and even used barter as a component in business acquisitions. Without being facetious -you can produce (or generate) buying power at will. How to Cut Many of Your Bills in Half Then Pay Them Off Using No Cash Whatsoever! Not only can you get more time to pay for any purchase you make this way . cruises. or managed mammoth-sized transactions for: • Office space. I was so impressed with his knowledge. he used the above items and more.and believe me. YOU can create your own “currency”. for someone else’s business.you can merely produce a "trade" credit that is redeemable by the recipient for future purchases of your (or any other company's or people's) goods or services at full “market value” list price. consulting. time shares. vacation properties. and mergers. the same great man who taught me everything I know has agreed to teach you everything he knows . I've personally traded. and storage facilities • Professional services. internet advertising. for your employer’s business. he knows a lot! Let me ask YOU this question: How would YOU like to pay almost all of your business (and personal) bills with "soft. reorganizing. outdoor. just like the printing presses of our Government. large or small In doing business turnarounds in a recessionary economy. developed. landscaping.. . office furniture and high-end computer equipment • And just about anything else you could ever need or use in any business. printing. hotel room nights. public relations and investor relations activities • Real Estate. and turning around the financial performance of business clients for more than fifteen years. used barter credits as collateral. probably $100 million worth of transactions over the last 30 years so I understand just how powerful and profitable barter can be. Now. Designed. building supplies. using the full retail value on your goods or services. He’s ingeniously structured barter transactions to achieve dramatic and impressive results for businesses around the world. Now.• • Utilized barter as a major component in restructuring.. print. and registered a franchise model of a nationwide barter network throughout the U.S. David Is My Own Personal Mentor By the way. company cars. Sound interesting? Read on. ability and amazing skill including Super Trading ---I hired him as a consultant and I asked him to run OUR company. you end up doing so. hired specialized consultants. Think about how they bail out Wall Street and the banks.up to two years totally interest-free. David Wagenvoord is the mentor I turned to back in 1977 when I knew absolutely nothing about barter." "cashless" dollars you create out of thin air? By that I mean you can actually create your own paper credits (literally print your own negotiable “currency”) at will.

).to accept barter for their goods or services. grow your customer/client base and solidly expand any business in a time of economic turmoil and flux. you can do things with (and through) barter (in this bad economy) that you can't do otherwise.but barter multiplies and extends your purchasing power beyond belief. Amazing and wonderfully miraculous things you couldn't normally accomplish --. you create purchasing power. it's probably the only active way many of them can generate any increased business today. when you barter. when you deal in cash. Why are they so happy to trade? Because they've probably got a surplus of goods and services. You can buy goods and services at far better discounts and at far more advantageous terms than you ever could (or ever can. I know that’s hard to fathom.. . expand your wealth. write your own credit line (or barter checks) to unlimited and dizzying levels. You still have to pay taxes --. And they need or want what you've got..this means you can cut many of your bills in half or more and not use ANY cash (out of pocket) to pay for them! In a tight money economy (or outright recession) like we're in today. or to provide all the nice things you or your business wants or needs.(Plus. the exact opposite is true.or merely as an occasional "money hobby" . literally 20 percent of the people you trade with never even redeem all their credits with you. for that matter) do with cash (it’s even better in a recession). The Treasury Department probably hopes you won't discover how to create your own “currency” and purchasing power at will just like it does) and legally beat them at their own game. or more! Simplified . or acquire desperately needed goods and services..or if you don't have unlimited capital or buying power. Right Now! It's also probably the most stimulating. And here's the best part of all.for fun and "monster" profits. but I’ll prove it to you below. the longer you wait to pay. Plus .. too! Also.. That means you actually get to discount any bill you settle (by bartering) by a rate equal to your gross profit margins.. lucrative and rewarding separate business activity (or business opportunity) to go into full or part-time in a recessionary . WHY? Because.and a shortage of cash.if you don't own any business.if you don't have a super successful business. bartering is now your secret prosperity weapon. With barter. They’re getting less cash sales.if you're short on cash (or have no job). Barter is probably the easiest way to increase your sales. Bankers pray you don't learn these facts and secrets because barter is a banker's worst nightmare come true. or excess capacity . The longer you want to take to pay . the more it ends up costing you (interest. it’s weird). Barter is the Most Enjoyable Business or Money-Making Opportunity (Or Financial Strategy) You Can Get Into. service charges. Create More Purchasing Power…at Will! In essence. quite literally... so their own bank account and capital supply is tight.the less it ends up costing you! (It’s like being charged negative interest). now. As you know. almost at will! You can. etc. Barter is an appealing alternative to them.you have much more time to pay.more and more business people are willing actually eager in many cases .

Billions of dollars in profit have been made over the bad years by people (much like you) who learned to harness the power of barter. As often as you need it. In essence.) If you use it for personal gain. ..you should. once you learn how to masterfully trade and barter. you no longer need to be dependent on cash borrowing --ever again.at will. So your downside risk is low --.since all your barter purchases are automatically “approved” (never denied) and totally interest-free. because in today's tight-credit. (Consult your accountant for more specifics.this is one of the most provocative aspects of barter . and it's 100 percent legal and oftentimes tax deductible. borrowing power and 24-karat solid-gold business credit --. So you are only limited by your aggressiveness.Never Borrow or Pay Interest Again! (And you’re purchasing power gets better and better. there's a better-than-even chance that .IF executed properly . the worse the economic picture) You see.whenever you want to. Whenever you need it.. you can put bundles of cash in your company bank account (or own pocketbook) so quickly. if you use barter.Buy Without Money. Spend Without Cash .that can finally take you to stratospheric income heights (ironically.Whenever You Want! And . Barter offers you the profit --. In fact. either.or wants. cash-short recessionary and volatile economy.a barter program instituted in your business (or for your employer) could produce the biggest (or only) profit you make for the year. You no longer even need to have a dime in your bank account to ethically acquire a virtually limitless amount of goods or services. as long as the resulting use is for a business-related purpose and you document the transaction properly. . you will no longer need to incur onerous credit approvals.You're able to create unlimited purchasing power. Unlimited Purchasing Power …. processing fees. You Can Put Bundles of Windfall Cash Into Your Bank Account . interest expenses. Getting Excited? If you are starting to get excited . You'll never have a ceiling put on your purchasing levels. The sky is REALLY the limit --. barter still allows you to accomplish Herculean financial achievements with the most minimal of cost or tax consequences of any other wealth-generating or financial acquisition strategy you could use. etc. it'll almost scare you. creativity.and money-making "vehicle" --. barter offers you possibly the greatest profit potential your business (or you personally) could possibly take advantage of. you can create your very own “currency”.if you follow my lead here…. too. As much as you need it. Once you start using barter to transact your business or personal financial dealings.or nil! No one will question you about your credit or your ability to pay. you’ll do it during bad times). energy and ambition to achieve or prosper. Barter provides ALL the purchasing power you'll ever need. No one will ever ask to see your financial statement or make you pledge assets or personally guarantee any barter transaction you engage in. Now it's time for YOU to get your fair share. You no longer need to wait for your bank account to be full to purchase ANY product or service you or your business needs .

Let me share with you a mere "few" of the incredible things we were able to help our clients accomplish: • • • • • One client got over a million dollars in advertising that cost them -. as it would lessen their personal or business profit advantage. the extent of your current market penetration. Even though you're dealing in trade . you’ll see why.absolutely nothing! Another got a 50-person telemarketing firm to work for them for free . situation and your level of focus.in exchange for services. On the other hand. and it's in the tens of millions. Another's a car company. Secrets Only About 500 People in the World Probably Know Right Now! You probably won't make seven figures. Many clients received free rent. I'm in a position to know the level of monster-sized profit that barter has added to THEIR bottom lines. However. One's a television network. time invested and commitment. I'll explain "how" a little later in this report. Large Corporations Use Barter as an Edge/Hedge Against the Competition I have in my possession confidential reports on seven well-known corporations that employ barter as their major business “edge/hedge” over the competition. but you certainly could . One's an electronics conglomerate and the last one's a (seemingly) low-key bottling giant. the more profit opportunities you'll create .Or as a personal Money Hobby. I pride myself on being a no-nonsense. So I became proficient at understanding and transacting every facet of barter negotiation and execution that paid off big dividends. One man I know of averaged $4-5 million a year off of barter activities. One is a hotel chain. After all.you can end up with massive "cash" profits of seven figures and higher. Certainly it could dwarf any salary you currently earn. Another is an airline.000-a-quarter profit off their internal barter profit center. and your ability to understand and master a relative handful of surprisingly simple principles and transactional barter concepts. The more inventive or agile-minded you are. It all depends on your effort.the more money you'll rake in. bottom-line oriented businessman who expects my efforts and activities to pay off handsomely . Another paid for ALL his business travel through barter . . orchestrating barter deals for others could make you more money than anything else you ever do.with the techniques and secrets I will reveal. those who do know are so tight-lipped about it they'll never tell anyone. How much of a profit could barter add to your bank account? A lot but it depends on what kind of products or services your business or employer sells (or the companies you could work with offers).and the strategies I'll help teach to you – right now! Secrets that arguably only 500 people in the entire world probably understand right now. a six-figure net cash profit or more IS very reasonable. One of my clients averaged an extra $150. Soon.just like you should! And years ago I learned just how much of a difference barter could make to our own sales and profit figures and the profits of ALL my clients. And it's easier than you can possibly imagine.which was a significant amount. there is NO limit to what you can do. You probably won't do that well. And believe me. there is absolutely no reason why you couldn't do even better.

Say there is something your company or employer (or you. you can probably get a higher percent trade --up to 100 percent You could even trade a lesser dollar value of your more desirable goods or services for a larger dollar value of computer --. but the strategy does work when funds are low or gone. 4.• Another acquired all of his company cars through barter. and luxurious furniture – all from my consults. This means that the cost of producing barter instead of 100 percent dollars lets you increase your gross sales at a fraction of what doing it with cash expenditures would be.." Let Me Know Share 15 Specific Barter Strategies Let me share a few of the actual barter strategies you can use/do-. item.even payroll. I’ve gotten a Porsche convertible. where the cost is based on the cost of supplying the goods and services and where you take delivery now but pay for it much. 6. let alone individuals. Ideally 25 percent to 50 percent or 100%. Increase your total sales (or the total sales of any business you help) Since many businesses focus their attention on the "total gross".but there are no less than 40 different ways you or your company or employer can profit substantially using barter. profit-boosting opportunity I want to reveal to you..for raking in huge fees or for massive shares of the barter "spoils. Check with your accountant. while allowing you to pay it off later. I'll make a statement that should arouse and stimulate your avaricious side: Few business people.with soft dollars That means that you could be low on (or even out of) cash and still continue to operate . you agree to the price if the seller will take a portion (or all of the transaction) of that negotiated price in your product or services.000 credit to a printer. interest free. You pay with your barter script or credits that give the printer one-to-two years to use his credit with you. Barter lets you pay operating expenditures . What's that accomplish? It just lowered the true cost to you of that computer by one-third to eighty percent.but it would fill 100 pages . If you become really good at trading. Using your own ‘currency”.you can afford to acquire the needed.and your cash savings could be 70 percent or more.. and I'm sure you get the idea. deal-maker or matchmaker. much later . He gives you $5. consequently.. for example.000 worth of printing and delivers it -. Land Rover Supercharger. right now! You can do it for – (and through) . Save cash on capital expenditures Say you're buying a computer. know this .. You can do it outside any business as a middleman. After you've negotiated the lowest price you can get. Car dealers trade cars for many times more value in advertising. I could tell you a lot more and have your eyes jump out.e. Instead. travel. Automatically get terms.immediately. personally) really needs or wants to acquire but you can't afford it on a cash-paying basis. mammoth diamond rings. "scrip" which is usable only at your place of business While only your imagination can limit the advantages that having your own legal tender can do to benefit your business. Until the . i. You can do it for any business -. credit and discounts far more easily than you ever could by paying cash You issue a $5. 5. 2. You can print your own “currency”. And gave YOU dating on the barter portion of the purchase. your bartered sales could be many times more profitable.so you can start to see and appreciate the lucrative money making. barter accentuates your gross while continuing to minimize your overhead. 3.any business you own or control. here's just one to think about.and prosper and continue to employ critically needed people using barter as your means of commerce. 1.

000 by itself. It was spread out over twelve months. At the end of twelve months an audit revealed that only $35. The rest expired unused. and the television network received from the sale more than $1.000 worth of the barter script had been redeemed within the time limit period.000 cost to fulfill on the $35.000 hard dollars. Right up front the hotel got $125.000 worth of rooms was only $5.000 for the hotel. The stations subsequently were sold for $400.without using any cash. A certain percentage of all barter credits issued. The employees were overjoyed because the most the dealer would discount them was I 5 percent.000 profit less $5. as opposed to all at once.000 in advertising for 5. but if people don’t take advantage. They became a runaway success before any other Spanish station ever penetrated the San Francisco market. you haven't paid out a thing. Create a Barter Profit Center Some sales people who are not effective in "cash" selling are extremely successful in bartering. In essence they got $125. its cost will be easily handled a little at a time. All $35. thus would have produced zero revenue unless it was traded).000 worth of advertising up front and got paid to do so. Chrysler Corporation traded a Spanish television network 92 cars a few years back. merchandise or services you acquire (in addition to paying bills with) can be sold or "converted" to cash at a fee well above the cost of acquiring them.printer actually uses those credits. The hotel had leveraged up $125. Meaning that the hotel got to pay the $5.000 worth of rooms). a prominent travel magazine traded airline credit for full pages of advertising in their magazine. This was advertising they had been paying $125. will not be used. So you might have a "sleeper employee" whose sales will sky-rocket and will give you huge "bonus" margins on the products or services you sell if you trade for products and services at full rate then turn right around and sell the merchandise you acquire to the open market at a slight discount under the going price for that merchandise.000. The seven-station chain sold the cars to their employees at a 30 percent discount over what the cars normally "stickered" for.000 worth of radio and TV time and issued barter script in that amount with a one-year expiration date. For example.000. The ability to trade for this equipment set the time table to get the San Francisco station on the air ahead by more than one full year and enabled the station to operate in the beginning without draining all their cash.500 in "cash" food.000 in room trade produces $17. 9.920. The hotel actually got paid $3. 7. However. A major New Orleans hotel traded $125.000 in advertising at regular cash rates.000 net after all costs to enter into the trade ($8.000. You always stand ready to fulfill.000 over twelve months totally interest free. your discount on the transaction increases.000 for in real cash. And since he probably will only use a smaller portion of his credit with you at a time. The average value of each car was $10.000. Cash Conversions Many barter items. • Statistically. that doesn't take into consideration two overlooked (but extremely significant) other factors.000 in real cash for unsold air time that cost them nothing (time that probably would have gone unused and. if they have an expiration date (which we recommend). A .000 worth of rooms were not used at one time. beverage and miscellaneous sales with a gross profit in excess of $8. Forty-five of the cars were traded to a television transmitter manufacturer by the radio station in exchange for a half million dollars' worth of transmitter equipment that permitted the station to open up a new "full-power" UHF station in San Francisco .000 (that's four hundred million) and that same San Francisco station today is worth in excess of $50. • • 8. The cash cost of the hotel delivering $35. Breakage Breakage represents the barter certificates you issue when you trade with someone that are never used. $35.

A conservative estimate of the amount of sales generated was $100. And it all started with 1.000 a year for the courier service. Annualized. The actual "hard-cost" of the page of advertising to the magazine is a mere $750 or one twentieth the rate they are charging. started with one ship and insufficient operating capital. The owner traded 1. Only new accounts (no existing ones could purchase or use the credits so no existing "cash" revenues were ever displaced) were allowed to use these credits.without any interest charge. which it cash converted over the next two and one-half years.000 of revenue. Within 60 days the small station was in the black and the "seller on the air" concept was further tested on the local cable television channel. As a barter "profit center".400 electric can openers with the hardware store and "cash converted" them over the air and the company was saved. The Home Shopping Network. They used this technique to become the largest cruise line in the world and continuously advertised in 100 cities for more than ten years without spending a penny of hard cash. investors backed the concept into a satellite up-link and went national.000. When this also proved successful. Finance rapid growth without cash Carnival Cruise Lines. And many of the cash conversion barter sales (some were Fortune 400 companies) have continued to use the air courier on a full-cash-paying basis long after their barter credits were used up. Vastly expand your available advertising budget without using any cash An international air courier company in competition with Federal Express hired a barter firm to pay for its upcoming television schedule.000 so they receive $15.400 can openers and trade. And it all started with one 30-year-old ship and heavy barter advertising. they stayed on and paid full cash after the barter credits were used up. The cost of an empty cabin once the ship sails is minimal. The line traded empty cabins for radio. The magazine has a barter liquidation department that takes the airline credits and immediately resells the tickets for 80 cents on the dollar (20 cents less than anyone could buy the tickets for directly from the airline itself).000 worth of first-class tickets every time they run an ad. The company's sales now exceed more than one billion dollars a year.000. was actually conceived and started by the owner of a small radio station in Florida who was having difficulty making payroll. television and newspaper advertising in 100 cities over a ten-year period. The barter company made a profit in the cash conversion. Plus the passengers may spend considerable cash in the bar. the magazine takes ad pages that cost them $750 and turns them into $12. people who were originally not customers of the air courier service developed such a habit of doing business with them through barter usage. which is now a billion dollar business. In other words. Here's the payoff to the cruise line. The barter company put up the cash . The courier had two and one-half years to pay for the advertising time .and took credits with the air courier service as payment. thus the net cost to the cruise line to fill an empty cabin was literally less than zero. they made a massive profit off the bartered cabin being occupied instead of going out empty. The owner of the cruise line is now a billionaire and in the top ten on the Forbes richest list. casino. gift shop and shore excursions. in the eight years since the original trade was done. a Florida-based cruise line which is now the largest cruise line in the world. . He then began trading and auctioning goods and services he traded for over the radio to the listening audience. the income a barter profit center can produce dwarfs any other division your company may operate.ran the television . 10. 11. nearly $24 million dollars worth of resulting "cash continuation" business has occurred as a lucrative "by product" of the initial one-time barter transaction. Stated differently. The stock run-up was bigger than Xerox. So far. We estimate that the cash business which continues exceeds $3.page sells for $15. Does this give you any imaginative ideas of ways you could profit from operating a barter profit center of your own inside or outside your business? You can net profits of double or quadruple your costs in a few weeks.000.

25 More Ways You Can Benefit From Barter. quick and remarkably easy ways YOU can use these same methods to make money for yourself by engineering all kinds of wonderful trade deals for other companies.before they got paid. In order for the media (radio stations.000 a year in cash is saved through this process by the hotel corporation. Stockholder benefits Many companies issue employee and stockholder benefits in barter.12. TV. too. i. An estimated $10. Also Equally as Doable There are easily 25 additional barter profit strategies any business owner or individual can use to make. customer inducements . thus getting their full market price in value for undesirable items. The entire multi-million dollar budget was 100 percent recycled back into the hands and bank accounts of Palm Springs merchants. The tourist bureau didn't care if a magazine bought a car in Palm Springs. or magazines) to be paid for the advertising they had run. The old goods. The bottom line . a major Japanese auto manufacturer had 1.000. booked travel through a Palm Springs travel agent or ordered furniture from a furniture store so long as they did it with a Palm Springs merchant.all without using cash.but the cash loss too! And they were able to take an item and benefit from it at full price while also saving millions of dollars in cash.500 hotels around the world. brought full wholesale as an advertising trade. In a different twist. In essence.000 per year. which probably would have only brought in ten cents on the dollar as a "close-out" item.e. or outdoor advertising company on a trade basis because of the popularity and desirability of their hotels which have developed over the years. just to get your mind thinking.000. Turn excess inventory into cash without losing regular business A major international hotel corporation issues its own barter certificates in the amount of $7. The cars were bartered through radio and TV stations in selected markets at full retail. Barter techniques can provide you with the ultimate edge against not only your local competition but foreign competition who don't understand or use it. 15. The company was saved not only the book loss . either for the company itself . sales bonuses. The advertising was used to advertise a new line. . "window sticker. I've only "touched the outer surface" of the enriching possibilities barter offers in a recessionary economy.000 cars that were in the US that they had been unable to sell at any price. thus the chief financial officer did not have to "write down" the product. TV networks.or for other barter they have acquired. Many shopping centers have also adopted this technique to recycle their advertising dollars back to their center merchants. Ability to instantly and continuously generate a steady stream of profits at far above close-out prices A cosmetic company traded a deodorant that was no longer being manufactured for advertising credits at their full wholesale price. 14. Recycle dollars right back to your own pockets The City of Palm Springs ordered advertising for its tourist bureau. the media had to spend an equal number of dollars in Palm Springs and show proof of purchase . They give Christmas presents. 13. the Palm Springs tourist bureau required that the media had to travel to Palm Springs and spend money in the city itself. save or preserve cash…or generate serious income. The hotel corporation is able to trade for advertising on nearly any radio. There are simple. The certificates over the years have become extremely popular in the advertising community since they are used at more than 1." The advertising was used to introduce a new sports car that became a runaway success but which the company couldn't afford to previously run advertising for. stayed at a hotel.the cars were sold at full retail and millions of dollars were saved on the advertising schedule and the introduction of the new sports car became the basis of a blockbuster success for the car company because they advertised it constantly with the advertising they acquired solely on trade.

You can do it for all of the above. right away! Sure. a classic Mustang. . own or control (by the way.and on and on. don't want you to learn their secrets. You can do it by the hour. I'll probably make a little money doing it.but it actually thrives and works better. Or you can buy and sell barter credits as an arbitrageur. You can do it playing off all kinds of other peoples' businesses.to master the "simple" techniques necessary to pull off these powerful and lucrative financial transactions for yourself. Lots of real estate can be traded/for. your company. There is only one problem though . electronics and virtually any desirable goods or services imaginable strictly on a cash-free. I know one man who bought an exclusive beach-front home in Malibu with all the furnishings included. Want to drive a luxury automobile? We'll show you how to trade for it.make if you learn to do it right! Triangulation Deals! Still another way to profit through barter is to arrange very unique and highly lucrative "triangulation" barter deals when you act as a combination "middle man/principal" and receive commission and "bonus" barter credits to keep for yourself from three or more parties in one blockbuster super-trade deal. operating off your own business. stocks.You can use barter.and for you not to. more successfully. sporting events.(call it "the rub”) The people who are raking in the fortunes right now and doing all the business and "racking up" all the trades and converting all these barter deals into cash upon cash. too! It's Better Than Being On "Let's Make A Deal"! Same goes for TVs. But it will dwarfed by the money you could --.and profit potential is monumental. a Rolls Royce and a luxury leased car. newspaper and magazine advertising. You can learn to do it. He traded for a Ferrari Roadster. You owe it to your skills as a business person or seeker of recession-based opportunity --. Why? Because it's a tremendous competitive edge for them to know it --. radio and television advertising time. direct mail . But Call me the “Equalizer” I want YOU to gain all this knowledge. all with an ingenious barter approach he developed. You can do it for a share of the wealth or the trade credits. Hundreds of people take luxury vacations. movies. furniture. jewelry. And that's just for starters! The possibilities --. art. Barter is not only recession-proof . your employer or any other company you want to help and profit from. in a money tight economy. barter basis. You can do it full-time or part-time. airplane tickets. The Opportunities Are Nearly Limitless! And frankly. in an unraveling economy like this. the operative word here is "control") expensive cars. And I want to help train you in all the best methods and most workable strategies you need to know to become a barter maven. You can do it as a consultant. tickets to theaters. the opportunities to profit through barter transactions are nearly limitless. David traded for 900 Chrysler Imperials in one year.

" He expects to source dozens of great barter opportunities that he can get directly involved in from the people he trains on these calls.Our Generous Offer -. the finder of humongous overlooked opportunity. . moderator. psychological basis barter works on . This is priceless money-making information that has never before been told. the maestro .the absolute master of all the barter experts I've ever dealt with. conceptually challenging and. the supreme negotiator. hidden assets. I asked both barter mavens to share more scenarios. dear friend and advisor. and secret wealth. Spike is a business colleague.5 million cash. lucrative teleconference-based of learning experience of your life. That may sound brash. by helping my clients make (or save) many millions for themselves through the intelligent use of barter. If you to do 1/4th that number at conventional commission and transaction fees --. It’s expert training that can move your recessionary income prospects from mediocrity to earning. The man’s in a class all by himself. or if you personally would like to learn how that caliber of money can be realistically made. plus as much as five million more in barter credit. Spike expects to find dozens of people to do barter deals for and with OUR company. are probably the most agile-minded.you’d personally net a cool $2. read on. Probably the least skilled of the three.I've persuaded Dave and Spike to do it for you. please. along with me serving as the host. I expect to learn even more from my two barter heroes. David Wagenvoord. teleconference-based. with me.Learn to Barter Risk Free Learn to barter risk free in one of the most stimulating. but facts are facts. They taught me to clearly and cleverly understand the simple. They Taught Me Everything I Know About Barter These two geniuses are the men who taught me everything profitable I personally know about how to make a fortune in barter. Spike Humer. act and transact like the barter maven I am now. Spike is the big strategic thinker.000 to $2. 90-minutes per session. They taught me the mindset of how to think. Really. David is the seminal thinker. They know a good business deal when they see it. But I’ve still helped engineer upwards of 100 million dollars in barter deals over my career. above all. Why? What is Dave and Spike’s Motivation for Sharing Their Secrets? Dave is a good friend .They showed me the best ways to use its leverage points to maximum profit advantage. it’s that powerful! The Barons of Barter David Wagenvoord (pronounced wagon-vord). David likes to refer to the concept of opportunity "costs" and "rewards. If your business could use an extra $100. You see. maybe millions. I've showed David and Spike how they can make money now. well.5 million profit advantage. Me. Spike Humer and I want to teach you everything you need to know to barter your way to monster profits and life-changing prosperity. and (immodestly) me. and tens of millions later. too.and my mentor. Now . They’re also very good businessmen. fast-track tutorial course in Super Bartering. They walked me through all kinds of actual deals which made me millions of dollars and my clients tens of millions more! They ultimately changed my entire business mindset about what IS actually possible. thanks to them. to detail and document more of their most successful barter transactions than either ever shared in life. advocate general for you. truly inventive and downright brilliant barter conceptualists and business strategists you’ll ever meet in your life. fascinating. I’m me. I got Dave and Spike to agree to conduct a four-session.

He traded 350 Mazda's for advertising credits.but only if they told you everything! It made good business sense to David and Spike. They’ve arranged. Mayer. developed or brokered trade transactions for these well-known companies: o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Best Western Hotels Sheraton Hotels Outrigger Hotels Beverly Wilshire Hotel L'Ermitage Hotel Beverly Hills Carnival Cruise Lines Aero Mexico KLM Continental Airlines RCA Citizen Watch Turner Broadcasting NBC Radio Budget Rent-A-Car Avis Rents Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Oil Costa Cruise Line o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Conrad Cruise Line Peal Cruise Line Royal Caribbean Mexican Airlines Air France Curtis Publishing Lufthansa TWA Samsung Carl's Jr.I demonstrated to each of these Barter Mavens that the four sessions they'd both invest their time in revealing their secrets. To appreciate the opportunity to be taught live by two virtual grand-masters of David and Spike's level. December 17. including their own business partners. And regrettably. wackiest and most profitable "little" barter deals of all time. you need to learn just a few of their combined amazing personal barter feats: • • • • • • • • David traded 900 Chrysler Imperials in six weeks.000 radio and TV stations in America! • • • .000. would probably pay each one an "opportunity reward" in the seven. December 22 at 2pm PST. Friday. He bought $1 million worth of network air time from a bankruptcy court in one of the wildest. December 15. He traded $5. So they agreed to do it with me and for you ." This was originally built as the home of Louis B.000 worth of DHL Air Courier credits for television in a matter of months. Wednesday. the conference calls are scheduled on Monday. live. No one. the founder of Metro Golden Mayer. Mutual Broadcasting Levitz Furniture General Rent-A-Car Coty Perfume Aeroflot And over 5. David traded for most of the house and much of the contents. He traded 16. long-term . and is the place they actually created the concept of the Academy Awards. He traded for advertising on hundreds of radio stations for ten years for Carnival Cruise lines. with me. This is probably the only opportunity of its kind you will ever be offered in your personal business lifetime. David and originally only agreed to do one session. He's a personal friend of the founder of the Home Shopping Network. He owned the Peter Lawford home on the beach in Santa Monica that was used by President Kennedy as the "Western White House. has ever pinned both men down on as many specific barter issues and answers as I will in these four sessions. and maybe eight figures.000 worth of radio advertising. Lowell "Bud" Paxton . He recently purchased a radio station in Northern California and paid 60 percent of the down payment in furniture trade credits. December 19 and Monday. Specifically. This is NOT intended to be the first in a series of repeat programs we’ll do. He built Channel 26 TV in New Orleans which is now owned by the Chicago Tribune. I'm not trying to be theatrical or dramatic.but only this one time. the only time I could get all three of our schedules to work was the week of December 15th. Only 1100 were manufactured that year.000 guitars for Yamaha for more than $2.000. Only honest.

Dave’s been doing it . so I need to make it worth both their whiles to “spill the beans. you'd be just short of crazy to say "no.and by pricing the series so embarrassingly low that you'd be foolish not to learn this moneymaking skill even if you. . • How to conduct a three-sided (or more) transaction where everyone benefits . But that's only Part One. avidly arranging and brokering high-seven figures barter transactions for 30 years . Here's just a sample of what David and Spike are willing to reveal on these teleconference calls: • How to trade your goods and services and always make a profit." But. how to harvest the profit potential you’re sitting upon.Spike's "Trading and Training" program is even far more exciting. How can I pull off such a feat at the last minute of this year -. assisting YOU with any important individual barter situations. how to do them. • Advice. The second part -. A powerhouse CPA who specializes in barter helped David answer some critically important questions. using barter as a technique. Also --. opportunities and questions that may you want to pose to him. • How to get things you only dreamed of. In other words. develop it and formulate your entire business barter strategy. Then. problems. • How to keep exact barter records so you'll never screw up.and is probably the shrewdest and quickest-witted business person you will ever rub shoulders with. recommendations and tons of real-life case study examples you can easily learn from. Spike has agreed to personally work by telephone with as many participants as possible on Call #4. I know the right questions to ask him and the right topics to get him to thoroughly explore. lose control of the inventory or get taken advantage of • How to deftly handle the tax consequences of barter and stay straight with the IRS. using barter as a leverage. The Promise I Had To Make Neither David or Spike will let me offer the four teleconference series to you unless I deliver the goods. unless I induce at least 500 of you to enroll risk-free.when you see the enormous collection of wildly profitable bonuses I'm throwing in with the offer.with only a week before the actual calls begin? Simple . David will actually spend considerable attention discussing direct applications barter has on your business or your personal income generating potential.” if you will.actively trading. He co-wrote some of the actual barter club law that the IRS uses as its guidelines. He’ll work very hard with me to help you identify your single best barter opportunity and to show you how to conceive. • How to lower your cost of overhead in operating your company. the deal's probably off! I’m paying a per enrollment royalty to each of them.and everyone makes tons of money.And this is only a small part of the deals they’ve facilitated. • How to set barter goals and achieve them.by "shamelessly bribing" you with more money-making information than you've ever learned in your life .as a pretty formidable expert in my own right. • Specific what-to-do's. Plus . more on the extraordinary barter bonuses and the unprecedented risk reversal later. your business or employer are low on funds. • How to issue and control your own “currency”. answers and what not to do to avoid screwing up.

methods. It will stretch your mind . If you need Spike’s individualized help to pull it off. long-term. advisor. If you only learn a fraction of what David and Spike have both taught me ." It explains bartering and all its exciting possibilities and opportunities from over 100 different perspectives.and everything I know. liquidate. triangulate or formulate virtually any barter transaction you want to do. Nothing remotely this timely.and I wanted to present their ideas. . Finance. But only if you're committed to using barter at a high profitable level. because David knows an accountant that specializes in barter and can help you with dramatically reduce your tax bill -. I also wanted to share these advanced barter strategies with you. do or use to make my clients immense amounts of money through barter was taught to me by David Wagenvoord or Spike Humer.legally. I invested a small fortune and put together an approximately 200-paged. You get an extraordinary understanding when you read this manual . But facts are facts . coaching or training program that YOU have ever received. So. broker.after first listening carefully to all four of the Wagenvoord barter tapes. lucrative and uniquely rewarding has been available to capitalize on the recession. frankly. middle person or principal --. I wanted to learn this newest strategies for myself. Barter is the key to the kingdom – once you learn the right methods to follow. low-profile field where tremendous amounts of money are being quietly made by a few knowledgeable individuals. Triangulate or Formulate Any Deal David can help show you how to finance.I wanted to know what every other barter expert knew . secrets and strategies right alongside David's.and your bank account.or financier. particularly given the state of the world economy. but YOU get the general idea. the deal's got to make sense to David or Spike for them to even consider it. massive lifetime reference work I call "Confessions of a Barter Baron. actually. so your barter education could be complete. Why? Because the barter industry is a highly discreet. You see. on Session #4. Selfishly. Orchestrate. But the four-session training is only one fraction of the powerful package I'm offering. when I persuaded Dave Wagenvoord and Spike Humer to share everything they both knew about barter . I’m Including a Massive Reference Work So. But that's OK. orchestrate. he's available to help as many people possible personally by phone. I can go on. That is just the training portion of the program.you'll stand to make so much darn money this recession that your accountant won't understand what happened. This four-session program and super three expert-based teleconference training process is different from any other business or money-making seminar. Of course.Plus. It's. But. The written part could. Liquidate. But if it does. they'll both consider any profitable deals you may want to do with Dave or Spike as a participant. the most enriching (and inexpensive) and enjoyable business opportunity I've ever presented. they’re willing to look at getting personally involved in all sorts of ways to make a deal happen and pay off gangbusters for you both. be even more valuable. It’s rare that I bring two other experts in to do it with me.

It's finally time to reveal. Like allowing me to record every word of every conversation they and I shared for all four sessions. Bartering for Professional Services Barter and Taxes How to Become a Professional Trader The Sultan of Swap and Other Big-League Traders A Life in Barter How to Become a Horse trader. It's sort of like being taught basics of basketball from Phil Jackson and then getting all the players from the Lakers to teach you the specifics. The Advantages of Barter How to Determine Your Exact Barter Leverage Position Where to Start The Wild Possibilities How to Become a Middleman and Barter Deal Maker Triangulation. Plus. 13. 12. 7. 26. 20. 25. is Spike. Dave told me if he conducted a "one-on-one" advisory session with a large company his fee might be upwards of $50. and he's turned down dozens of requests for interviews by some very important people in the media. 14. I am both of their barter protégé. we're down to the final stretch. 18. 11. too. advise and program you for four continuous sessions by teleconference. explanations. David is my mentor.000 a day. These are all different extensions and expansions on the basic lessons Dave Wagenvoord and Spike will reveal in the four-session teleconferce-based program. 23. All right. He won't go to them. 2. 4. the Hidden Key to Even Greater Riches Where to Find Hidden Profits Some Possible Variations Making Your First Trade Checklist for First Time Trader Understanding and valuing "Hard" Versus "Soft" Barter Goods Testing Your Barter Aptitude Ways to Build a Barter Inventory Items You Should Never Barter Hidden Barter Treasures Vacation Exchanges Through Barter Writing a Winning Barter Ad Creating Your Own Paper Money) 9. He strictly forbids it. 5. Well.Here are the subjects Confessions of a Barter Baron covers: 1. 24. Spike gets $25. they have to come to him. So.The Hidden Key to Ever Greater Barter Riches Personal Property Exchanges Barter's Role in Big Business Pitfalls to A void Trade Clubs and Barter Exchanges All twenty-eight sections are rich in ideas. 17. 21. 8. or the Fine Art of Negotiation Triangulation .000 a day when we go out and consult on barter.the cost! You probably wonder just how expensive it will possibly be to engage the two greatest barter experts in America I know to personally teach. 9. 10. 6. Nor will David ordinarily allow anyone to record his strategies and tactics. and so they were open to doing some very uncharacteristic things to create this four session training program for you. 27. examples and highly actionable illustrations. 15. 19. 28. 22. Yet. . 16. 3.

but demonstrably superior) than I promise here in this report.as long as you pose deal meaningful barter situations he can get professionally involved with. But again. I didn't feel that any of you could afford the minimum $37. little understood. through a few well-placed e-mails.with you. money-making issues I’ll grill David and Spike on for 90 minutes each session. So I told David if could get 500 like-minded.I'm an amazingly persuasive and an emphatically value-oriented business man.and you probably wouldn't know or think to ask one-tenth of the critical questions I introduce for you on each session. I refuse to consider your purchase binding until after you've completed the first full. Again. You see. either.500 -.000 to experience privately. But . six rich and fast-paced hours with David and Spike. make $100. It has to be included free in the deal for this thing to really payoff since David only wants to offer it to people who have deals he can profit from and with. of this offer! Test Drive the entire first session before you decide -. If they gave you a deal because of their relationship with me and offered it at half price. personally could cost you as much as $75. and read all 22 sections of the confidential reference manual as possible (it’ll be up on a private resource on-line vault for your benefit and easy access). one-on-one. good barter deals you transact. 90-minute mentoring session with David.a fraction of a fraction of the amount you could possibly make off of just one. yet. stimulated.or commit.500 that it could end up being to privately pick David and Spike's combined minds as long and deeply as I will for you. If it's not better (not even equal to. But I still wanted you to jump at the price I offered this one-time-only program at. Four sessions of 1 ½ hours each. Spike and me. That's unprecedented risk reversal.That way. I thought a fair price for them to pay was just $495 --. since that's what Dave would charge you for the personal access if you retained him privately. Because. So it's essential to me that this training program includes all access to David absolutely free -. But. if you can’t make a live session. you could argue that alone. How do you really know you'll profit from this four-session. while everyone is bound to get excited with the ideas and concepts David reveals -learning how to effectively execute and transact requires "on-the-job training". No hard feelings on David’s. live barter training program? That's the best part.000 value in its own right. it’s got to make sense for him and for you but if the deal is solid. You quite possibly. Dave would love to have a crack at it. Nor would you have thought to discuss the lucrative. Spike’s or my part. No questions asked. . Again. it could still be $37. he agreed to do be there to consider deals with you for absolutely free as part of this program. only if you have profitable deals he’ll like doing -. you can ask for your entire payment returned to you on-the-spot. you can re-listen to the replay line we’ll have available on a security-protected private website.000 or multiples of that figure in your first year alone in barter transactions. seriously committed business men and women (or seekers of recessionary opportunity) together. or two. Private Access to David Absolutely Free If You Have Any Big Barter Opportunities He Can Get Involved In David asked me how much more we should ask for his personal access and I think I almost gave him a heart attack when I told him "nothing". is a $25.

you must agree not to use ANY of the techniques learned in the course. this transcript bonus could easily be worth $495 additional. It's yours free as a bonus. etc. The same goes for radio. But You Can Buy Like a Pro at an Average Discount of 40 Percent Off or Higher You can buy any credit you want he has available for personal use or for resale as long as you do so discretely and you can buy at the full wholesale rate of up to 40 percent off. you could buy for $3. At any given time. etc. etc. but those deals are available to you if you enroll in this session. you could buy for $12. David owns four radio stations that are perfect to test ads or infomercials on. Full-page ads that everyone else pays $20.000 (at retail rate) to be used any time by you (or your assignee) for up to six months after the series.” too! David reserves the . He normally sells these as a profit center for 25 percent off retail. Again.If you ask for a refund. “Script” and other barter instruments. Bonus 2 Buy any advertising barter credits from David's inventory at wholesale distributor price.000 for. Dave controls or has access to millions of dollars in barter credits all over the world. expiration dates. we’ve added these bonuses to the program: Bonus 1 You'll receive a complete set of transcripts of all four separate sessions David and Spike will conduct with me. subject only to scheduling availability warranted by the station.. Bonus 4 Discount radio time to be used by you or your clients on Dave's personally-owned radio stations. to make the proposition totally un-refusable. He'll give you a huge discount on radio credit up to $2. Irresistible and Invaluable Additional Bonuses Finally. television and magazine advertising credits as well. It all depends on Dave’s inventory availability at the time. He has a network of five wholesalers he sells these for much more percent off. But I think that the probability of not getting value from what you'll learn here is exceedingly low.. there’s nothing remotely close that can help you prosper in this recession. Details and buying instructions will be explained on the last session. Bonus 3 Templates to model for creating your own “Due Bills”.000. As you will soon see. Time on major national TV that others pay $5. product/service specifics.000 a minute for.000. sign off on each instrument. and you could immediately start trading these future credits for valuable items you want the day they arrive. You can try out radio “infomercials. All you need to do is fill in the detailed amount. This allows you to re-review each idea as much as you like. You can test any new commercial you're thinking of running or trying out a lead-generating or mail order concept you may want to take national.

000.for 25 cents on the dollar! Having a halfhour infomercial interview on a prestigious major market radio station that you tape and send out to customers or prospects can be immeasurably valuable. turn you into a celebrity in your field." Bonus 5 26-minute-long radio infomercial interview for 25 cents on the dollar. This alone can give you or your business associates a million dollar advantage.but is too big or too complex or too expensive for you to transact on your own . (You can make copies and give them to prospects. market. your business. advising or financing the deal for you and sharing the profits generously.David will agree to consider joint venturing. He always will reserve participation to those deals he finds acceptable. Guaranteed 26-minute. business contacts and corporate heads around the country. But. Bonus 6 Spike Humer's personal "special" barter resource guide. you stand a much better chance of doing barter and discount advertising deals with all kinds of media sources you ordinarily wouldn't get through to. demonstrate your expertise. the complete recording to use as you like. This bonus can be used by you or assigned to anyone you choose.right to buy time for you at "steep" discounts in other markets -. Spike knows just about everybody worth knowing in the barter and trade industry. Dave will have his staff do it with you for a few hundred dollars. How YOU benefit from your 26-minute professional "infomercial" interview is up to you.000. By having powerful sample letters you can use to get or your foot in the door in places you otherwise might not get accepted. city.000 worth of just one product in one year’s time. etc. which is basically his hard cost. He'll give you a modified mini-listing you can use by your phone that he put together over the years. employer or client – a fortune in advertising. facilitating. Bonus 8 Transactional help to finance or joint venture any "qualified" big brother deals you want to do or discuss. a high possibility these letters could save you. countless business trips and incredible goodwill to earn this knowledge. If you uncover a deal that's "oozing" “monster-sized” profitability . It took Spike 10 years and probably $50 0. Bonus 7 Letters of introduction examples for you to use and model to send to radio station managers. (Exact cost will depend on where you live and whether they do the production by phone or you come to the station). He's giving you an abbreviated copy of his special resource guide absolutely free. informational interviews on one of David's talk radio station .) Ordinarily.IF this test on his station proves successful enough to "roll-out.and free taping of the interview for you to use to promote your own business --. it costs thousands of dollars to create a radio infomercial. He'll share with you key resources you should know about -depending on the kinds of deals you're transacting. I personally used a tape interview to sell $18. Plus. But he's open and willing to consider some very broad or unusual deals you want to bring him for serious consideration. It can credentialize you. No guarantee it’ll get you the fat discount you’re after.000 worth of transactions. . barter prospects.

But they love getting involved in good (high payoff) deal opportunities." I want to put David and Spike in touch with real "take-action" people they can end up doing a lot of richly rewarding barter deals with --. first call “Try Out” basis). Yes! Yes! Yes! On all counts. I'm only interested in having the very best. However.in this unprecedented teleconference-based session) even though your first session is without risk. I’ll probably profit handsomely too. No fixed commitment on their part.enormous bonus collection AND money-making experience will hold for you – IF YOU CAN MOVE FAST.in the future. (Because the calls are slated for next week!) See details – below. I'm quite confident I'll more than sell out the 500 participants David and Spike both insisted I promise. when this happens from deals Spike gets involved with. should sell through the roof! So. The value of their perspective and brilliant mindset influencing your thinking and decisions (on deals they can justify getting involved in) is incalculable.when all else you’ve tried may have failed you? Is it worth changing your schedule to be on the calls next week --.or at least to sit down at night and listen to the download. on your part.000. I'm certain it helped make ME an extra $6. Do You Qualify? Is barter teleconference series right for you? Can you REALLY profit from it? Will it provide key answers and financial opportunities you've been searching for right now --. At $495 total price (on a totally risk-free.000.Bonus 9 Two brilliant new friends and mentors for life -. . “replay” session? I believe the answer is an unequivocal. stimulate your imagination and regenerate your profit-generating enthusiasm. while teaching you to have more fun and make more money (in this recession) than you ever thought possible in your life. Spike will “rock your boat” with the number of little-known barter opportunities he opens up for you. this live training program. also. participating --. by changing my sense of what's possible – and teaching me to make creative deals happen! It's got to be priceless to you. as a courtesy. Remember. I think it's reasonable to check out this basic criteria I’ve come up with --. they'll turn into two of your closest mentors (like they’ve both been to me).to make certain you really DO qualify (and can benefit financially) for purchasing. most-qualified business people (or seriously committed opportunity seekers) for "David Wagenvoord and Spike Humer’s Barter Training Program. You see. in order to get them to sit down four times and agree to be interviewed-unhedgingly – on their most closely guarded barter secrets. That's what this four-session teleconference series and lifelong reference manual…. particularly now in today’s recessionary economy.in David Wagenvoord and Spike Humer! Once I prove to them both the worth of having done this teleconference program. combined with the lucrative bonus offer attached to it. Bonus 10 Dave will stretch your mind.

please don't enroll in this "tell-all” super barter trading program.” (There are taxes due whenever you make money. control or have access to a business that produces a product.if we don't fill 500 orders. until you realize I have 250. The offer is subject to possible cancellation . and for you! So. honorably AND ETHICALLY . So. purchasing and transactional ability could be of significant value to you. “money amassing” information.000 people (so only one in 500 people reading this now can possibly even get in on the series). You have dozens of business friends or professionals who'd love to have you engineer barter deals for them. It's a lot like small "cap" stocks. I'm more worried about "overselling" the 500 places David and Spike say I can sell. right now.) A few unscrupulous people trying to avoid paying taxes on “huge” barter profits could kill the whole opportunity for us all. You want to add greater flexibility. unless David and Spike let me offer more spots.I suspect YOU are the caliber of person I'm looking for. Too many people knowing and trading can kill the profit opportunity – for them. by teleconference. You advertise a lot (or want to) and could really save money buying credits or advertising directly from Dave --. So understandably. But. You could make a lot of money if you had two barter wizards like David Wagenvoord and Spike Humer personally teaching and guiding you for six solid hours live. You are interested in learning a key (yet little understood) facet of business that could provide your company (or financial prospects) with an edge over the competition.at wholesale prices. service or has access to raw materials. You’re a seeker of fresh. However. screaming “sleeper” opportunities and you act on what you learn. if you 're unwilling to pay a modest tax bill on some very substantial barter windfall and monster-sized rewards you’ll make . . Once we fill up all 500 spots. (They both DON’T want this information put into too many people's hands. I'm only authorized to enroll and sell 500 participants. profitability and challenge to your personal life. equipment or items that other companies or people would be eager to trade for.once you are taught this powerful. we'll put you on a waiting list and notify you if someone cancels.and NOT avoid paying tax on all your barter “winnings. I don't know for certain.and increasing your buying power. new. here are the qualifications you should possess to expect to truly profit from this four series barter program: • • • • • • • • • You own. So. Cash flow is tight . you should seriously consider enrolling for this four session barter program. This sounds like a lot. confirmation is based on how quickly you contact us (see enrollment form below).000 a month to your own personal --or your company's bottom line. Barter "WINNINGS" are no different. Frankly . You'd like (or need) a way to add an extra $1. career or business in a tougher recessionary economy. if you can answer "Yes" to one or more of these qualifying questions. But.000 to $100. we expect you to use and apply it properly.

and me! To you and your business prosperity. increase people's prosperity. (and possibly the only) opportunity you may ever have to personally learn them directly from David Wagenvoord and Spike Humer and. J. 100 percent of the performance risk is on all three of OUR shoulders . save companies from ruin . of course --. I've seen barter make people fortunes. I wrote a very fascinating and provocative little short course primer on barter to "whet" people's palates.or not.or listen to the downloads. but I'm enclosing a copy as my gift when you enroll in the program.from me. How many ways will barter help YOU profit during this terrible recession? You'll find out on the four teleconference call series with David Wagenvoord and Spike Humer --.with zero downside on your part -. A few years ago.add lucrative new profit centers. The phone number is 310. Don’t let this “once-in-a-recession” mega-opportunity pass YOU by. My wish is for YOU is to enjoy and profit-handsomely.265. Spike. It’ll motivate your interest even more until next week.and stretch people's minds to incredible levels of possibility. Dave and I only want to attract participants who are going to do something with this powerful money-making knowledge. Please be patient if the lines are busy or you are “respectfully” put on hold.nearly limitless capital opportunities never before available .you have a full “First Session Risk-Free Tryout” protecting your modest commitment on this series. your business. employer and family. It may be important. right now . It's "sophomoric" compared to the powerful things David and Spike will be teaching and showing you in this teleconference series.and then participate in all four teleconference session -. call your confirmation in by phone weekdays between 9 – 4 PST.Or for more certain availability. little known. I strongly encourage you to sign up. So.before every set is gone! Complete the reservation form below . open up tremendous --. Remember . . highly profit way out for you.none is on you. Jay Abraham Post Script: One final thing.1840.lifestyles. I hope you “Go-For-It” and…get in before all the spots are taken. This IS the first. In this terrible recession.it’s a “No Brainer” participation decision. other than your commitment to attentively listen and read all materials --. For a mere $495 --.No one (of this combined expert caliber) has ever offered to reveal secrets this powerful and profitable about bartering in a recession. barter offers a lucrative. too! If barter represents a potent source of recessionary profit and “Prosperity Opportunity” for you and/or your business or employer. charging the modest $495 fee to your credit card. from barter whether you enroll in this barter teleconference training program --. creativity and achievement.

December 16. On this better-than-risk-free basis. Therefore. I understand that you. if I can’t participate live. Spike and you have mastered to transact more than $500 million in lucrative barter and trade deals.I am welcome to email your office (return@abraham. you’ll give me the confidential download information to use instead. December 17th and December 19th. if I have not received tremendous value (above and beyond my own very high expectations) -.or all the calls --. and I’ll receive access to all the amazing bonus additions you’re so generously including. which is at 2pm on Tuesday. I understand that I will receive all of the bonuses you described above in addition to the five full hours of tightly focused. No questions will be asked by your office – there’ll be no hard feelings on your part. I want to learn all the secrets. The live calls are schedule to be held December 15th. visit www.without further obligation. please accept my modest. unprecedented money-making “Super Barter” information that you three will be revealing. The special interactive call is December 22nd at 2:00pm PST as well. Spike Humer and your four teleconference series on “Super Barter Training” series. if I DO receive the "education of a lifetime. please reserve a place for me on Dave Wagenvoord's. If I stay in the program after the first session.com) the next day to ask for my entire payment back -.I’ll have a chance at posing specific questions on the fourth session call. I want to be taught how to adapt and apply those same techniques to MY business or for my personal use in this terrible recession. But if I can’t participate live on any --." you will keep my modest $495 one-time payment and let me participate on the additional three sessions (or listen to them on replay). all at 2:00pm PST. either. one-time credit card payment of just $495 and immediately sign me up for the entire four session series. On the other hand. To sign up.RESERVATION FORM Yes. Dave and Spike will NOT consider my $495 payment binding and committed on my part until 24 hours after the first full 90 minute training session is over.com/barterbaron or fill out the form below and fax it to 310-541-3192.abraham. techniques and powerful methods that Dave. .they’ll be available within 36 hours of each call for me to download and listen to. Also --. concepts brilliantly ingenious transactions. Again.

com).com/barterbaron. and order page. I must notify you by email (return@abraham. you’ll be placed on the “Waiting List” and notified immediately if a spot becomes open.) I read. not later than 24 hours after the first call (Tuesday. 16. Charge the credit card I have indicated below. If you respond too late. Include information about how to process payment—fax. But. Signature ○ .abraham. I’ll be participating live. e-mail form. understand. State and Zip Day Phone Cell Phone Payment Method My payment of $495 is enclosed. 2008 at 2pm PT).Barter Baron Registration Page You may fax this form in to our office at 310-541-3192 or sign up online at www. I AM obligated to the terms of this agreement. Visa Account Number CCS/Verification Code Expiration Date MasterCard American Express (Please Note: Your enrollment will be immediately confirmed as long as spots are still available. Dec. and agree to the terms laid out in the program description. As long as I do this. I cannot attend in person but want to be able to listen by replay to the entire four part sessions. your credit card will not be charged. I am free to cancel and receive a complete refund of all I have paid you. you’ll be alerted to that fact. too. Name Company Name Mailing Address City. I also understand that if I choose to cancel. so reserve a telephone line exclusively for the number below. If I do not notify you within the risk reversal period.