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INSTRUCTIONS: Answer each question below. Write a letter only. 1. ____ allow you to switch between two different states. A: Insertion points B: Toggle keys C: Arrow keys D: Numeric keypads 2. A mouse that uses devices that emit and sense light to detect the mouse's movement is a(n) ____. A: mechanical mouse B: optical mouse C: wheel mouse D: wireless mouse 3. A ____ is a small digital image that when held in front of a PC camera displays an associated Web page on the computer screen. A: video telephone call B: PC video camera C: digital watermark D: video decoder 4. A(n) ____ indicates where on the screen the next character you type will display. A: insertion point B: numeric keypad C: toggle key D: arrow key 5. A(n) ____ mouse has a rubber or metal ball on its underside. A: mechanical mouse B: optical mouse C: cordless mouse D: wireless mouse

6. A ____ is a type of video camera whose output displays on a Web page. A: Web cam B: digital watermark C: PC video camera D: video digitizer 7. A(n) ____, powered by batteries, transmits data using wireless technology. A: QWERTY keyboard B: enhanced keyboard C: cordless keyboard D: ergonomic keyboard 8. ____ is the computer's capability of distinguishing spoken words. A: Speech input B: Speech recognition C: Continuous speech D: Audio input 9. A ____ allows a home user to record, edit, and capture video and still images. A: PC camera B: digital watermark C: Web cam D: streaming cam 10 The design of ____ reduces the chance of repetitive strain injuries. . A: portable keyboards B: enhanced keyboards C: cordless keyboards D: ergonomic keyboards 11 ____ software packages have built-in sets of word patterns. . A: Speaker-dependent B: Discrete speech C: Speaker-independent D: Continuous speech

12 A(n) ____ is a light-sensing input device that reads printed text and graphics . and then translates the results into a form the computer can use. A: fax machine B: optical scanner C: bar code scanner D: MICR reader 13 A(n) ____ is a full-sized keyboard you can attach and remove from a . handheld computer. A: portable keyboard B: enhanced keyboard C: ergonomic keyboard D: QWERTY keyboard 14 With ____ software, the computer makes a profile of your voice, which . means you have to train the computer to recognize your voice. A: speaker-dependent B: speaker-independent C: discrete D: continuous 15 ____ is a technology that involves reading typewritten, computer-printed, or . handwritten characters from ordinary documents and translating the images into a form that the computer understands. A: OMR B: OCR C: MICR D: BCR 16 Another name for a standard computer keyboards is ____. . A: enhanced keyboard B: QWERTY keyboard C: portable keyboard D: cordless keyboard 17 ____ require(s) that you speak slowly and separate each word with a short . pause. A: Sudio input B: Continuous speech C: Discrete speech D: Waveforms

18 ____ involves capturing, storing, analyzing, displaying, printing, and . manipulating images. A: OCR B: Imaging C: Scanning D: Coding 19 You control a pointer on the screen using an input device called a(n) ____. . A: keyboard B: pointing device C: I-beam D: ergonomic device 20 Many current voice recognition products allow ____, which means you speak . in a flowing conversational tone. A: discrete speech B: continuous speech C: audio input D: waveforms