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Ro oaming Agre eemen nt Neg gotiatio on

C Commerci al Outline e
To offer roam T ming services s both compe etitively and p profitably, an operator needs to maxim mize its roam ming fo ootprint by co oncluding roaming agree ements with s suitable roam ming partners s on reasonable terms. This c be a challenge both for can f new opera ators, and in ncreasingly for f operators s who lack the leverage of o la arge parent groups. g Additionally, making A m conta act with pote ential partner rs a persuading them to fi and it you into the eir testing s schedule, can n make conc cluding roaming agreeme ents la aborious and d protracted! Thus, valuable roaming re evenues may be left on the t table sim mply because e the a administrative e overhead of o expanding g an operator rs c coverage, competes for time with the day to day b business of providing p and d supporting the roaming s service. EDCHs Roamin ng Negotiatio on team will send periodi ic upd dates on the status of all open negotia ations by email.

Cli ient Suppo ort

EDCHs Roamin ng Negotiatio on team can be contacte ed via roaming@ed dur ring normal business b hou urs for more details on pe ending negot tiations, or to o ans swer any que eries related to the servic ce.

Re elated Serv vices

PRA A Settlement: By outsourcing the Pre eferred Roa aming Agree ement settlem ment process s to EDCH, ope erators can save s significa ant time and resources, as a EDCH will hand dle the time-c consuming PRA P maintenance on n their behalf f, allowing th hem to focus on their t core bu usiness as we ell as having g revenue ass surance. Tra aining: EDCH Hs training co ourses provid de an exc cellent overvi iew of GSM r roaming, for both new wcomers and d seasoned p professionals s.

R Roaming A Agreemen nt Negotiat tion

EDCH will co E ontact candidate roaming partners on b behalf of the client and wi ill attempt to negotiate a ro oaming agre eement based d on the clients deviation ns fr rom the standard roaming agreement t. Following s successful ne egotiations, EDCH E will ex xchange the re elated docum ments between the two operators o for s signature. Fin nally, EDCH will exchang ge test SIM c cards betwee en the operat tors so that they can begin te esting and la aunch roamin ng services. T workflow The w: 1. The operator o sends to EDCH its info pack k and a priority list of networks or countries. . 2. Leveraging its rich experience e and broad netwo ork of contac cts, EDCH will w contact a suitab ble operator and negotiate the agree ement with th hem. 3. EDCH drafts AA.12 & AA.13 documents d f for signa ature by both h operators. 4. EDCH then excha anges those documents betwe een the oper rators, ensur ring that the signe ed agreemen nt matches th he terms agre eed during the negotia ation process s. 5. Follow wing countersignature of f the agreem ment, EDCH exchanges s the test SIM M cards betwe een both ope erators.

Co onclusion
EDCH has 14 years y of expe erience in roa aming agr reement nego otiation, leve eraging strong rela ationships with key conta acts in many operators around the worl ld. From our offices in the e United Arab Em mirates, we ha ave excellent internationa al shipment con nnectivity for quick excha ange of SIM cards c and doc cuments. We e offer a low c cost and con nvenient solu ution which frees f operato ors from the administrativ a ve has ssle of growin ng their roam ming busines ss. All that is left for the client t to do, is pe erform the ne ecessary test ts and d launch the roaming serv vice. Please contact your Accoun nt Manager or o marketing@edc for m more informat tion.

S Service Sheet Roaming Agr reement Negoti iation

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