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Qualities Chart of the Five Dhyani Buddhas

Dhyani Buddha Vairochana

Meaning of Name Direction/ Color/ Element Skandha He Who Is Like the Sun, The Radiating One center white ether consciousness

Akshobhya Ratnasambhava
Immovable, Unshakable east blue water form


Almighty Conqueror, He Who Unerringly Achieves His Goal north green air volition, mental phenomenon double vajra (vishvavajra) garuda All-Accomplishing Wisdom, Wisdom of Perfected Action

The Jewel-born One, Infinite Light Origin of Jewels south yellow earth feeling, sensation west rose(red) fire perception

Symbol Thronebearer

thunderbolt or wheel of the diamond Teaching, or Law scepter (dharmachakra) (vajra) lion All Pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya, Wisdom of the Dharmadatu ignorance elephant

jewel (ratna) or wish lotus fulfilling jewel (padma) (chintamani) horse peacock


Mirrorlike Wisdom

Wisdom of Equality

Discrimination Wisdom

Poison Antidoted by Wisdom

hatred and anger

the passions-all spiritual, intellectual cravings, and human pride covetousness, greed and lust meditation (dhyana) Hrih/ Om Amitabha Hrih Amitabha

envy and jealously


teaching, or turning the wheel earth-touching giving or charity of the Law (bhumisparsha) (varda) (dharmachakra) Om/ Om Vairochana Om Vairochana Hum/ Tram/ Om Akshobhya Om Ratnasambhava Hum Tram Akshobhya Ratnasambhava

fearlessness and protection (abhaya) Ah/ Om Amoghasiddhi Ah Amoghasiddhi

Bija/Mantra Dhyani Buddha

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