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PREFACE The theory about world cycles was long debated among the scholars of the subject. Its basic meaning is world is undergoing cycles. In each cycle the man stars himself as a primitive and then escalates himself to be a technically advanced creature. Then the cycle finishes with a catastrophe like a natural disaster or human made devastation. This notion is clear according to the Buddhist theory of the universe as well. If somebody reads the Anagathawansa it is clear that this world cycle finishes paving way to the next cycle. In that cycle Lord Maithriya Buddha will be born. This concept was not much recognized in Judo-Christian school of thought in which we in Sri Lanka have got our higher education. But now the skeptics in the west have come up with some theories to describe the Bible incidents as close encounters. According to their theory, God was none other than a man who possessed technical advancements of a previous world age and acted as he saw fit with the primitives who lived in the desert, namely the Jews. This statement is justified by them quoting Gods word in the Bible such as Exodus 20:5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. If he were the one and only omnipotent God, why should he envy at other Gods? According to these counter theorists argument, there was more than one God! These were the people who retained the advanced technology from the previous world age. This is rather clear by quoting some other statements from the bible.

Exodus 23:13-32 : Make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth. (v.13)Thou shalt not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works: but thou shalt utterly overthrow them, and quite break down their images. (v.24) Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods. (v.32),Exodus 12:12: And against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment, Numbers 33:4:Upon their gods also the LORD executed judgments, 1 Samuel 28:13: And the king said unto her, Be not afraid: for what sawest thou? And the woman said unto Saul, I saw gods ascending out of the earth. So may be these quotes described this privileged group. If one just has a look on, he may read the following : It is not far-fetched how the people of Earth could divide itself into two races; a simple one and a complex one. If a nuclear war happened today, the survivors would continue in tribal communities. After generations, they would forget what technology was. But, the few who knew of the coming nuclear devastation and even caused it...would have protected themselves and be the few who still possess advanced knowledge. These 'gods' could deal with the numerous primitives as they saw fit. This concept is ancient history. The Genesis story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is not a mystery when you plug in the idea of a modern technology. How do two cities, realistically, get wiped off the face of the Earth? The inhabitants of

Hiroshima and Nagasaki may know the answer. Two, human angels came into town and warned people of the coming destruction:

19/17: '...Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed.' 19/24: 'Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven.' 19/26: 'But his wife looked back from behind, and she became a pillar of salt.' 19/28: '...the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace.' 19/30: '...he (Lot) feared to dwell in Zoar: and he dwelt in a cave, he and his two daughters.'

The angels directed Lot and his family to save their lives by running to the mountain. A land mass can protect one from a nuclear blast. The cities were 'consumed' with 'brimstone and fire.' This is a perfect description of a nuking. A mushroom cloud moving vertically could be the meaning of 'went up as the smoke of a furnace.' Lot's wife did not make it; not because she looked back, but because she trailed 'behind' the rest of her family. A primitive seeing an atomic explosion would be more than stunned; they would tend to stop in their tracks. Not looking back is good advice to those running for their lives. The 'pillar of salt' could have come from finding her body later and discovering the effects of radiation.

Finally, hiding in a 'cave' because of the fall-out until the land was ready for habitation is very logical. Before the Red Sea parted, there were two UFOs leading the people out of Egypt. Exodus 13/21: 'And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them away; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night.' These objects in the sky could very well be spacecraft when you consider: clouds (or smoke) by day and fire by night. Rocket thrusters could create billowing smoke in sunlight. But, at night, the flames from the propulsion systems would be what was mainly visible. These chariots in the air could have held back the waters of the Red Sea with forcefields. Exodus 14/22: 'And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon dry ground: and the waters were a wall (on either side).' With a flick of a switch. turning off the forcefield at the appropriate time, the 'waters returned, and covered the chariots' of the Egyptians. All through Exodus, this Lord God demands that 'I am the Lord' and 'I will be to you a God: and ye shall know that I am the Lord, your God.' In 15/3, there is a strange reference: 'The Lord is a man of war.' This is curious because it says God is a 'man' and not a very nice one. It is more like God is a big bully; having power over people; pushing his weight around only because he has the ability to do so.


There is a warning in 19/12 to 'go not up into the mount, or touch the border of it: whosoever toucheth the mount shall be surely put to death.' This Biblical God was not God. 19/18: 'And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire...and the whole mount quaked greatly.' In Exodus, Moses was given instructions on building the Ark of the Covenant. The inventive genius, Nikola Tesla, wrote in 'The Wall of Light' that Moses had to have been a skilled electrical engineer. The Ark, Tesla concluded, was a very powerful 'condenser.' It created intense vibrations that could smash solid stone. The Israelites carted the device into battle and won wars with it; not unlike the vibration weapons the Fremen used in the film 'Dune.' I Samuel 14/5: 'And when the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord came into the camp, all Israel shouted with a great shout...' 4/8: '...who shall deliver us out of the hand of these mighty Gods? these are the Gods that smote the Egyptians...' In II Samuel 6/6-7...a simple man named Uzzah, disregarded warnings, touched the Ark improperly and was electrocuted! '...Uzzah put forth his hand to the ark of God, and took hold of it; for the oxen shook it. And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Uzzah; and God smote him there for his error; and there he died by the ark of God.' The man attempted to place it back on the ox-drawn cart and died. They had no concept of highv

voltage. 6/9: 'And David was afraid of the Lord that day.' Now, as it is clear that there are arguments for this rather peculiar concept of two groups of humans, let us examine how it applies to our scenario of Yakshas and Aryans. There are so many myths and legends about the Yaksha tribe who lived in Sri Lanka. Sinhala word Yaksha means a person who preys upon humans. People used to believe that they were the group who inhabited Sri Lanka before the first set of Aryans with the leadership of Vijaya the prince from North India set foot here. The main source if there is any to get information about this tribe is Mahawamsa. It describes them as a man eating tribe but never describes any incident as that regard. Instead, it describes the glory of the Lankapura and superhuman capabilities of this group. What I understood is that these are the people of an ancient civilization who had fallen due to some catastrophe. What was the catastrophe that caused them to fall is quite unclear. It should be noted that how the Atlantis fell is also a mystery up to this date. However, the superhuman capabilities the Yakshas are said to have possessed like air planes cannot be described without this notion. No mantra can build an airplane. Then how could Ravana fly in a one? Then the problem is why they are not recorded as it was in our history books. It is very clear. There were two groups of humans. All the records of the privileged group are destroyed. What are left are the descriptions

written by the primitives. How does a primitive describe a nuclear explosion, or an air plane? Try to locate yourself in a savage world and think. These all are magic to them, so they described them that way. As such, we should be happy as Sri Lankans who have inherited a great past from our ancestors. It was our ancestors who ruled the world in the past. But if we exclude this history, what is left is just an Aryan legacy which is same as the history of any other race. We should be proud that our ancestors were the gods whom the other primitives worshipped and feared while most of the other nations histories are just their close encounters with such gods. But the Yakshas never had their place in history. These great men were buried in the sands of the time. No proper archeological investigation was ever carried out to find this lost civilization. It is as same as we ourselves have exiled our great ancestors from this land as well as from our history. Finally, I should admit that this book is just a literary work and it should not be considered as a testimony to prove the ideas so far described. This book is based on The Mahawamsa to set the framework of the story while the balance is all my imaginations. Three cheers to the Yakshas, who were our great ancestors that ruled earth!



mong other things, Lankans were proud of their great ancestry. It was for sure, something to be proud of in a time of catastrophe. The glorious days of their age old civilization was now a distant memory to most of them. Their legend would be very soon to become a fairly tale for the children of surrounding barbarians to admire. Barbarians! Yes, they were great in numbers. That was the blossoming of another human civilization, apart from their own. One day they will also grow into large civilizations, excel and fade off, as that happened to the Lankans. It was the law of nature and nothing could avoid that. However, the development of the Lankans civilization was lesser materialistic and was concentric about the mental and crystal powers. The power of crystals and their relative importance to a civilization were no secret to them. But their most important tool was mind, yes mind itself. The spiritual development of mind had escalated their civilization to the new heights of human achievements that the world had ever witnessed, at least in their world age. Magicians lived on the earth from the very beginning of the human civilizations. These people actually had some or other mental power to do something that other humans cannot do under normal circumstances. Walking on the face of the water was one example. But the Lankans super natural achievements were far beyond the magic. Anybody capable of the pacification of mind could achieve the spiritual development following a well

defined methodology. But that did not mean that these paraphysical sciences were available for free to anybody. They were taught to a chosen group of Lankans who were believed to have an ancestral purity. They were called Yakshas. So it was the Yakshas who built the civilization of Lankapura, a tiny island south to the Indian subcontinent surrounded by the ocean. Yakshas inhabited the Lankapura from north to south and east to west. Theirs was neither a religion nor a belief they inherited from their ancestors. It was the pure form of science if the word is correct in context of the day. They did not believe in gods nor did they worship devils. Their strength was mental science and crystal technology in hand to hand that had given them super natural powers to appear as gods themselves to the surrounding barbarians. The world had undergone many cycles. Many intellectuals throughout the uncountable years of history knew this phenomenon. From cycle to cycle, civilizations emerged and disappeared on the face of the earth. Every world age saw its end in one or other catastrophe, be it natural disaster, flood or war. So the Yakshas represented the previous world age, which had reached its pinnacle in power and ended up with massive destruction. It was not only the Yakshas who had attained the mental powers. Why? Where did the Egyptians get man power to build Giza, and other pyramids? Where did the Incas get the man power to build similar wonders? Mental power, achieved to fulfill greedy needs of the mankind has involved the man into

several wars by which the man fell back to bottom of the ladder of civilization, resulting two distinct groups of humans, one with super natural powers inherited from the previous world age and others primitive who toiled to find their daily food. How could this be possible, one might raise a question. Well, the most reliable theory for this is that who escaped from the catastrophe running into uninhabited parts of the world, in a sequence of generations turned into these primitives, while who did not but were saved with technology tried to retain it, in vain. It was not only the wars that destructed the previous world age, but also the resulting climatic changes that lead to floods which created mass destruction and the draughts and epidemics that followed in a series. Yet there flashed in secluded locations on the face of earth the civilization in its basic form. Yes, humans who flew away from the catastrophes, within few generations fell to the primitive form of civilization like hunters. Again, in some of the places the inheritance of the power of the previous world age still prevailed among some of the privileged groups. Yakshas were no exception. They were trying to rise from the ashes of their bygone civilization. This was not an easy task at all. Many who had mental powers superior to others were dead by war. It was difficult to find or invent matching crystals to work their machines. So once a glorious civilization which peered the others of same age in different continents was at the verge of the extinction. It was the same situation throughout the globe. The privileged

groups lived in several parts of the world attempting in vain to restore their civilizations, while the primitives spent whole of their life to find their daily food. There was a huge difference between these two groups in any part of the world. For the primitives, the whole world was a mystery. Sun, moon, fire, ocean and so many other natural things were either gods or devils. They believed of dark spirits, divine creations and involvements of gods to human affairs. As for the privileged group who lived on the mountains, these things were just myths as to you and me. So it is in such a world our story opens in a pleasant evening when the sun was going to set in the horizon. Long shadows created by the dying sun were attempting to cover the huge building which hosted the Yakshas senate in the city of Lankapura. The building was made of stone cubes orderly arranged to form a wall. Then these stone cubes were painted in various colours which were inherent to the Yakshas civilization. This was once the symbol of the Yakshas dominance over the island nation, which consisted not only the Yakshas but also Nagas and Devas as well. The building had a large door made up of wood as its main entrance. Thousands of crystals were embedded in the wooden ceiling. The crystal mechanism which absorbed the light and heat from the sun at day still worked fine to light the building though one part of the great building was ruined as a result of the war. Few senators were pacing slowly towards the senate. The wrinkles in their face exhibited not only their old age but all the miserable things that

they had encountered in one single life time. They were wearing golden colour clothes while their torsos were almost naked but for the various jewels they wore. They were not in a hurry but paced as they had all the eternity to reach their destination. Punctuality! It was not a concept well known to the Yakshas. You need punctuality when you are competing with someone. What is the meaning of the punctuality when you are the boss and others are waiting for hours to get your orders? The Yakshas who entered sat down in a round conference room made to the cascade style. The conference room was of oval shape. There were no greetings when somebody entered but their smile said them all. After all, the Yakshas were not much famous for physical gestures. The senate meeting started with a meditation session. This paved the way to let the Yakshas unify their minds so as to easily understand others minds. The Yakshas liked to boast of a time that the senate meeting ended only with the meditation session. At that time their ancestors mental power had been so great to read the others mind that verbal communication was not necessary at all. But at this time the meditation session was just a tradition which was followed by the verbal communication to clear the ideas the all of them held. Nevertheless, there had never been any arguments in this senate. Arguments and disputes are a result of misunderstandings. If all knew everything, there shall be no room for arguments. On this particular day it was Vasu, the great scholar of the age and the head of the senate who spoke at first.

My dear brethren he spoke with a deep voice. You know with how much bitterness I have to address this gathering toady. Our ever beloved brother and colleague Sikhi has found his destination among the souls of our great fathers and grand fathers. This is the law of nature and we humans, regardless of our omnipotence over the materialistic world have failed to overcome our greatest enemy, the death. Sikhi was not only a mere member of our clan; it was he who knew the secret of the crystals of air transportation. The bottom line of his death means that we will be no longer at a capacity to travel by air as our fathers and fore fathers did throughout the span of time he looked at the audience with a grim smile, showing as this was the fate of the sons of the ruined civilization. We Lankans, ruled by the great civilization of Yakshas flew in the sky with materialistic machines our ancestors invented in the beginning of the history. As you are well aware, the theory behind these machines is the crystals. You have to find the appropriate crystal, carve it and use it in our air-machines the Dandumonara. But Sikhis death demarcates the end of an era in our civilization. We were greater to the nearby barbarians because we were able to fly in the sky. We were greater to them because we could read the minds. Unfortunately, no Yaksha will fly in the sky henceforth And disturbed another senator, just to annoy an angry Vasu. He was not used for any disturbance from the audience. Nobody interrupted another ones speech in Yakshas senate. Because they read each others mind

pacified by the meditation. But now the situation was different. I know what you mean continued Vasu, with an angry tone. It is clear to me with your disturbance itself. What you were going to tell was that we will soon lose our capability to read the minds as well. We have, at least into some extent lost this capability as well. It is why you wanted to disturb me. You could not read my mind my dear young fellow, and you wanted an explanation With this remark, the young senator Rudra was anxious. His mind was not pacified. He was thinking about his new fiance all the time the others engaged in meditation. He did not read anything apart from the oral communication that was taking place in the senate. Pardon me great scholar said Rudra. He was a handsome young man. But now his face had turned ugly due to the impeachment he heard. But the very fault of the fall our civilization is in our hands. Now Sikhi has passed away. He did not give the secret to the others because he did not have a son or a successor. But if he taught the secret to some other, it will be the Yakshas who will be benefitted What? Do you mean that these precious secrets should be available to everybody for free? Will it be a secret if everybody knew it? Vasu roared. What is the point of keeping something secret if it is beneficial to the whole Yakshas? Now Sikhi has passed away and the secret of crystals of air travel too. Now neither Sikhi nor any Yaksha will be benefited from his secret

Stop it, you young man! roared Vasu in an angry tone. We are teaching these secrets to the Yakshas with ancestral purity so they will not use them for the bad of the humans. Should these secrets to be taught to every man as you say, what will happen if they go to wrong hands? The whole civilization will be at stake But, great scholar Rudra was not going to give up. You have the prejudice that these secrets were always at the hands of the good. Then how there came a war with the Himalayans backed barbarians which almost destructed our great cities and we were made captives on our own soil? How had the traitors like Vibhishana who took the Himalayans side been treated as heroes? Rudras young blood was boiling. He was full with the young ages enthusiasm. He wanted to preserve their civilization. But the ideas of old who did not want to share the precious secrets the nation invented prevented his idea being converted to action. It was the fault of Ravana my son said Rudra, his anger passed and in a quite a calm voice. Himalayans were always our enemies. They cheat the barbarians but we do not. They are trying to play god in the primitive minds of the barbarians and enjoy being worshiped as gods. They involve with the barbarians matters, take sides and create chaos. But we are living peacefully in this island without involving in any of the barbarians matters. But what did Ravana do? He and his sister flew to the Bharath with the flying machine. His sister wanted to have physical entertainment with a barbarian, just to be punished by him. Then Ravana kidnapped Ramas wife and kept in hide. These all are

mistakes. He should not have involved in any of these barbarians matters Vasu was silent with these remarks. He did not want to recall the most unfortunate incident of his land, few generations back. And what happened was continued Soma, another old scholar of the Yaksha. Our enemies the Himalayans saw this as a great opportunity to revenge from us. They had the power of weapons but did not have man power. They gave these precious weapons to the barbarians who in turn used them against us. Ravana was defeated and killed. Vibhishana betrayed us to the Himalayans power and went to live with them playing god to the barbarians. It was how we fell. It was how our civilization was destructed. That was how we became refugees in our own land Somas face was becoming darker and darker. It was seen as he spoke tearfully. From that day onwards our fall started. The fate did not play fair to us. All our weapons were destructed and our flying chariots plundered. Himalayans use them today to play god to the helpless barbarians. We were able to hide some of the flying chariots in hideouts which we used until today. Himalayans not only stole our flying chariotss but our crystal technology as well. But thankfully, they also do not have the secret of inventing crystals. So once their crystals are finished, no Himalayan will fly in the sky too But great scholar... again disturbed Rudra. Neither we have that secret in our hands. So when our crystals are finished, we will lose that capacity as well

We have already lost that capacity my son said Vasu, with tears in his eyes. I dont know what to call Sikhi, a great scholar or a traitor. He has destroyed all the crystals in his possession. He was stubborn, yes terribly stubborn. I tried my best to communicate through my mind in his death bed to persuade him that he should give me the secret of crystals for the betterment of the Yaksha. But he was in opinion that it is better to die with the secret rather than allowing it to fall into wrong hands He was a selfish man said Rudra. It will be Yakshas who will take benefit in case that secret was revealed. But now our enemies the Himalayans use them and we who invent them are helpless But my son said Soma, Himalayans also dont use them now quite often. May be they also finished the crystals few generations back All these are just speculations o great scholar said Rudra. The worst is that the Himalayans have spread the rumor that we are man eaters, a tradition practiced by some of the barbarian tribes in Bharath But there is a good side of it as well said Vasu. Now the human civilization in Bharath is not only barbarians. They have kings, ministers and an organized religious cult who worship to the Himalayans as gods. No barbarian is bold enough to set foot here in this island because of these rumors. That is good for us. But Vasu was mistaken. Yes, terribly mistaken.

CHAPTER 2: A STRANGER FROM SEA eing a prince, Vijaya never knew the meaning of starvation in his life time so far. But now he was simply starved to death. His dynamic personality had faded and he was just a skeleton of his previous figure. His was a naked torso and a loin cloth which was wet and stuck to the body with last days storm. Neither his companions were there in a better state. But the yesterdays storm had done them good in this vicious ocean. It had given them water. Yes water, the basic need of mankind. Their primitive ship was in no means capable of this kind of a long voyage. It was almost ruined with the terrific storm of yesterday. Now they looked in their greedy eyes to see the greeneries in a land. Ah the serenity of greeneries that could make a man live his life to the fullest! The coziness under its divine shelter! He missed all the comforts of the land in this mysterious sea. Well, the sea was supposed to be full of mysteries. Why? There were mermaids to begin with; who with their magnificent beauty and elegant voice spell bound the young men. Then there were dragons having several heads with which they could emit fire at all directions to destroy the ships in whole. To make the things worse, there were giant serpents as well, who solemnly and patiently waited for their prey for sometimes hundreds or thousands years. Vijaya knew it was his fault that he was strayed in this wide ocean. Was not it he who had the ambition of

exploration of Lankapura, the glorious city of Yakshas? Many even feared to death with the idea. It was only fools who did not know that this island was inhabited by man eating monsters. At least that was what they were taught by the Brahmins, the religious cult of their country. But Vijaya had heard different stories from some of the merchants who had visited Lankapura. The Yakshas actually had some trade relationships with some of selected merchants. What they bought and how they paid were secrets and Vijaya did not have the least idea of it. But one thing was sure in his barbaric and dynamic heart. They cannot be man eaters logically. Were they to be man eaters, how can they find humans enough to feed a whole population of this island? Do they breed humans like cattle in the Bharath, his homeland? Superstitions were his heritage. The whole world was a closed book to the people he associated with, even to the Brahmins who acted as they knew everything to the core. There were some brave men who travelled across the countries from one edge of the world to the other edge by foot. Yes, there were edges of the world because it was flat of course. Vijaya had heard so many dreadful stories these men had described when they had the proper audience. They had fought with dragons, devils and various maneating monsters on their way and escaped due to their wisdom or magical spells. Nobody disbelieved these men of wise. But now Vijaya was in a total frustration of his once bright idea to explore this island. His father the king was rather pessimistic about his young ages bravery too. The

King thought that that exploration was the most foolish idea he ever heard on the face of earth. But his sympathy was extended to provide his son the best military vessel he possessed, to accomplish that task. He was a perfect father who encouraged his children for boldness and he did not want his son to give up this idea, eventhough how much foolish that in his opinion, establishing him in his sons heart as a coward. Once the Kings blessing was obtained it was a matter of collecting few hundreds of brave men for this journey which Vijaya accomplished without much trouble. He had an energetic and dynamic crew who were most loyal to his leadership. He had the blessing of fair weather in the early days. But, despite the fact that it was the best military vessel in the sea at that time, still it was a most primitive ship that could not resist a moderate storm. Now they had run out of food and water for few days. Last days storm gave them a new life with water. Noble prince said Upathissa, Vijayas best friend. It seems we are in a very big danger if we could not reach a land within another day. All our men are exhausted. Their courage has disappeared. Just in case we have to have a fight with the Yakshas, nobody will be able to raise a spear I am afraid you are correct my friend said Vijaya, in a gloomy look. But remember we did not come for a fight. We extend the friendship to the Yakshas. We are not here for any militaristic purpose but to have a relationship with them

Listen to me the noble prince started Upathissa again. There is no slightest clue about the nature of this Yakshas. Some say they are just souls who are not visible to the human eye. Some say they are man eaters. Some say they are a barbaric tribe with wonderful customs. The Brahmins say we have to hate them because they are a danger to the world peace. It is they who always disturb the peace of earth and heaven by some or other tactic Now Upathissa said the prince, neglecting his hunger and thirsty but developing an authentic tone. If we were to day dream as old women, then we could stay at our houses luxuriously. But we are here to explore the island and find out the truth. I have never seen a god nor a devil. Many Irshis have walked to the Himalayas and met the gods. We have eye witnesses to prove that gods exist and they existed from the beginning of the time. Brahmins say they created the earth. Whether they created it or not, they really exist. Many people from time to time throughout the history cannot be lying. But I have not heard any reliable account about these Yakshas the devils. So it is why I wanted to explore this island myself he could not finish the sentence but was disturbed by a mans shouting. Noble prince, noble prince shouted the man. What is the trouble Kosala? asked the prince. We saw the greeneries. We are saved, thanks to gods the men were dancing in happiness.


A blotted spot of greenish vegetation was becoming visible in the farther horizon. Everybody stared at this precious scene impatiently. It took some time to clear that it was not an illusion but a real land. They were seeing a land after months of insecure ocean voyage. Vijaya had a sigh of relief. At least his death would be in a land and not in the ocean. Gigantic waves of the ocean still fought to stop its prey being escaped from its lap. But the vessel bravely sailed towards the land. Yes, it was not an illusion. It was a real island that had coconut trees grown in the beach. Hour by hour, their expectation of their lives restored. All started working as they got a new life after months of frustrating sea voyage. Their connections with the mainland were few or no at all. Many of the crew was without relations who joined Vijaya to explore the unseen. The giant vessel with its few hundred sailors reached the island slowly and proudly. The beach was soothed with the beauty of the tropical sunlight that created shadows of the tall trees that bowed to the sea. There was no sign of life, except for the little insects that were searching for prey on the beach and the surroundings. The sailors jumped to the beach in ecstasy and waited for their prince to arrive. Vijaya came to the beach slowly with a vigilant eye. So he had reached his destination the Lankapura, around which so many rumors had spread. He half thought whether the spirits of the Yakshas were looking at them. But there was no sign of life. His crew was hungry and thirsty. Few hundred coconuts helped them to recover from starvation.

So brethren Vijaya addressed the gathering. I hope finally we have made Lankapura, because we have never heard any other island south to our country. We can be wrong. But the chance is we are right. We dont know who are inhabited in this island and whether they would take us as friends or foes. We came for peace. But if they are desirous of war, they will find we are a matching team to them War, war, war against the Yakshas cried the team. No brethren, no! warned the prince. We are not here for war. We are here to explore this island and to develop friendship with the inhabitants. We go to war at the last occasion when none other tactic is possible. After all, we are unaware who is inhabited here, whether they are human or devils! The first work of the team was to find more food for them for the dinner. Some were desirous of hunting but no permission was given to enter the thick jungle. They did not see any clue of a human other than various birds and giggling monkeys in the tree branches. The darkness came without delay. It was a moonless night and once the darkness fell, the bravery of their hearts began to evade. Some were talking about cannibals in whispers and some were keeping some religious symbols on their naked chests to safeguard their bodies from the dark spirits of the island. The dark night was illuminated only with the dim light of the uncountable number of stars in the sky. The warriors were sleeping on the beach with a touching distance to each other. Few were on guard. A

fire was lit in the jungle side of the beach to scare away the wild predators. Vijaya was in a deep thought. He wanted to explore the island and he was optimistic that the humans lived here. There was a hoot of a lonely owl in a far distance. The ocean breeze was cold and calm. Noble prince Upathissa raised the voice. He was feeling the coldness of the dark night with the ocean breeze touching his almost naked body except for the wet loin cloth. Yes Upathissa said the prince. Dont you hear a sound of a flute in the darkness? Very plainly I hear it Upathissa said the prince. What can it be? asked Upathissa. Well Upathissa said the prince. We know very little about this island. It can be a flute played by a human a devil or a spirit. Whatever it is, I dont see how we can find it in this middle of night What I am afraid of is, noble prince said Upathisa. Whether we will get a sudden attack from the Yakshas at night? I am not afraid of what I see a human or a devil. But my capability of an unknown enemy is rather limited I dont believe in invisible Yakshas said the prince. If they are invisible, they can live anywhere. Why do they restrain themselves to this island? They can live in Bharath so there is enough prey to them the humans. No Upathissa, they cannot be devils or invisible. What I hold is we have landed in a jungle where no human live. Definitely there should be a human settlement somewhere nearer. Many settlements are there in the

coast in any country. We will find these settlements in few hours march said that the prince fell to sleep but Upathissa was awake for a long time in deep thoughts. Upathissa would see that the prince was correct if he had the patience to wait for another day.


CHAPTER 3: TOWARDS KUWENIS NEST oble prince, noble prince Vijaya was deep asleep in the morning when he suddenly heard someone calling him. He woke up and sat on the sand of the beach, directing an investigating eye towards the shouter. What is the trouble Anuradha? prince wanted to know. Some of our men are missing! This exclamation made the prince to run a wave of fear in his spine. All were sleeping together in touching distance and few were on guard in shift basis. There was no chance for anybody to be lost. Where has he reached at the end? Was he entrapped in a devils snare? Did you check it alright? the prince asked, disbelieving the mans observation. Yes the noble prince. I counted us alright. There were seven hundred of us and now almost fifty are missing What! Fifty? the number was too high for the prince to lose. Yes noble prince, the number is fifty if my arithmetic is correct said Anuradha. Pardon me the noble prince interrupted Upathissa. It seems to me that dark spirits have taken them away from us, playing a black magic on all of us to fall asleep Nonsense. I dont believe in superstitions said Vijaya. May be they have gone to the jungle to answer the call of nature. Wait for some time. May be they will return soon

However, Vijaya did not count on his friends arithmetic. Seven hundred was a big number that could be easily miscounted. So he asked them to arrange in rows of 10. That was accomplished with the help of the gang leaders. This was fairly a bright idea Vijaya had in the Bharath. Counting to seven hundred from one was always a tiresome work so the gang was arranged to small groups of tens. Five of such groups formed a big gang who had a leader. So the soldiers came to him by tens. For each of the ten, he drew a line in the beach. Every time such ten groups arrived, he stroke the ten lines counting to be hundred. This proved that Anuradhas arithmetic was correct. But many relieved when they got to know that it was fifty who were missing and not fifty in addition. Why, if there were another fifty among them, who knows? May be the Yakshas could have already penetrated into their gang. Finally they decided wait for the missing men. But their waiting for few hours was in vain. Nobody returned back. Vijaya thought the best idea was to investigate the jungle. The jungle was so thick that it was very difficult for them to make a path through it. The prince proposed that they enter the jungle in few teams towards several directions to find their companions. This seemed to the team as a good idea so the possibility of finding the strayed would be high. So the remaining six hundred fifty soldiers were divided into thirteen gangs with a leader to each of them. Vijayas team took the lead.

Farther and farther to the jungle there was no clue about their missing brothers, nor there was any sign of a human settlement. It was only the thicker jungle, various birds and giggling monkeys everywhere with an occasion hissing of a snake. Snakes were not new to these men who admired the elegance and the insolence of these crawlers. Time to time they heard the growling of predators who were the masters of this unknown demonic jungle. Some of the soldiers suddenly had the idea that they were observed by the hidden eyes. But nobody dared to speak anything about it. Devils, according to these soldiers opinion lived everywhere in the world. They were invisible to the human eye and could take any form they wished. The religious leaders of their society the Brahmins had several ways to avoid the influence of these man-eating monsters. One tactic was to paint sacred ash in the foreheads. Another tactic was to wear a thrishul, a religious symbol around ones neck. They had had no sacred ashes for the time being. But the Thrishul was a simple symbol to wear. Unfortunately, one could not avoid all the influences of devils by these means. May be their sacredness breached. May be the man wearing these sacred items could have done some unholy thing so the power of them could have vanished. These soldiers, many of them in their perfect young age were not afraid of worldly dangers like war, predators etc. But their fear on the dark spirits was immense. The argument in their semi barbaric brave hearts was simple as that regard. You can fight with worldly things and destroy them. But

how can you fight with the unseen unholy things, without knowing their weapons? But the young ages bravery had stimulated them in their hearts to explore the unseen. Many of them in their perfect manhood sought for adventure. Life was not precious as far as the boldness is concerned or at least that was what they were taught throughout their life time. The war against the dark forces and the salvation with the Himalayan gods were the prime aim of their lives. So it was a dynamic and energetic gang of warriors who marched through the unknown jungle in the middle of the day. After few hours of tiresome walk through the jungle, they reached an opening. The sun was at the middle of the sky with its burning tropical sunlight. The soldiers could hunt some deer for their lunch. Streams were everywhere which they could use to drink water. It seemed as there was nothing in this country except the jungle, yes, only till they saw a bitch in the opening looking at them suspiciously. Noble prince said Upathissa. Do you see a bitch there staring at us? Yes I do Upathissa replied the prince. Have you ever seen dogs this much tamed, in a middle of the jungle? No, noble prince replied Upathissa. So, what do you understand by this? asked the prince. Tamed dogs live with humans. So there should be a human settlement nearby That is what I believe too Upathissa said the prince.

Pardon me noble prince interrupted Jyothi, a young Brahmin who joined Vijayas team because of his unending desire of exploration. But even the devils have dogs. They sometimes take the form of a dog, a pig or wind etc. May be it is not a bitch but a she-devil looking at us. See the furious eyes of the bitch. Any tamed dog either barks at unknown strangers or runs away from strangers as cowards. See that she is staring at us as to observe us. This is rather extraordinary Well, if it is a devil it could eat us anyway. What I suggest is that few of us should follow the bitch so we can reach a human settlement said the prince. Upathissa and few others took the lead from the gang of fifty soldiers to follow the bitch. The bitch was not in a hurry. Seeing that the gang was going to follow her, she seemed much interested. So she wagged her tail and started running through the opening in a slow pace allowing the gang to follow her at much ease. It was a gang thrilled with the desire for quest that followed the bitch, not knowing whom they would meet and what would be their fate. The presence of a tamed bitch was an undoubted clue for a human settlement nearby. Dogs always lived with human for their prey and safety. On the other hand the security provided by the dogs to the humans was immense. In Bharath also there were dogs in villages. Some were trained by their masters to do the hunting.


Vijaya and the others were resting under the shelter of a giant tree. They were much tired after the long ocean journey and todays tiresome march through the thick jungle. Vijaya was falling asleep when he heard a faintish sound of a flute far away in the jungle. He felt his head falls in sleepiness. This was quite strange. If a soldier fell asleep everywhere he went, then his days would be numbered. But the magical sound of the flutes voice took him away to the land of dreams. He heard the faintish sounds of leaves which danced to the rhythm of the slow wind, music of the birds that flew over them, the murmur of the bees that danced around magnificent flowers. That was all. He was dark asleep in a matter of seconds. Few hours might have passed when Vijaya suddenly woke up to find out that he was all alone in the thick jungle. His companions had left him without clue. He suddenly wanted to know whether it was a nightmare. No. it was not a nightmare. He was alive and alone. What happened to his companions and what happened to the gang which followed the bitch was a total puzzle. He rubbed his eyes. No. This is impossible. Can his gang leave him without waking him up? He was a soldier after all and any little sound they should make cannot be escaped from his properly trained ears unnoticed. Vijaya rose to the feet and looked around. Sun was going to set and dark shadows were emerging. The delicate musical sound of a flute was echoing in his ears. It was a magical sound, appealing him to follow it. He closed his ears with the both hands to get rid of it. No, the flutes music

was not in his ears but in his mind. He was hypnotized. He could not resist it. He understood that the flutes music directs him somewhere. He did not know where, may be to his fate. Vijaya walked slowly to the direction of the flutes music. He had given up the idea of disobedience. He very well knew that the music of the flute was black magic and he could not resist it at any rate. It was a foot path through the opening, back to the jungle in opposite direction where he came. There were no signs of a human settlement, nor there any presence of a demonic force, until he reached a lake filled with red lotus. The water was dark blue as well as the evening sky. Vijaya felt as he was all alone in a paradise, with no soul to share his agony. He half thought that he had fallen asleep again to experience the luxuries of the heaven, which his Brahmins described always. It was a dark skinned woman wearing a white dress to cover herself fully, who welcomed Vijaya to her nest. Vijayas race was rather fair coloured compared to this incredible creature of a woman. She was in same size as any of his own clan. He thought she smiled but he could not see any motion of her lips. Vijaya saw one woman at first, then two, three and then there were dozens of them, same dark coloured, same facial expressions, same shape. Vijaya thought he was going mad. The women were appealing him to enter their den. But there was no word spoken, no facial expression changed. Inside his mind he was getting irresistible orders from these

authentic women to throw his bow and arrows, to which he did not hesitate to obey knowing very well that that act could lead him to his extinction. It was not to the orders of those women he obeyed, conveyed not through the voice, but to the order of his own senses he obeyed governed by them at this very moment. Suddenly his visional illusion evaded. There were no dozens of women but only one. There was no music of a flute inside his head. He was all alone in a paradise with the most beautiful woman he had met in his life, despite her dark coloured skin. Suddenly the woman spoke in the princes language. Welcome to the city of Girishavasthu, prince Vijaya said the gorgeous. Who are you? How do you know my name? Where are the other women I saw? Was it you who kidnapped my men? Vijaya had thousands of things to get cleared from her. Ill answer all of your questions my dear prince. But, you are tired, hungry and thirsty. Please use my lake to have a bath and then we shall have a pleasant super. Later Ill answer all your questions saying that the dark coloured beauty disappeared into her nest. Vijaya thought it was a good idea to have a bath too, for he had not had one for some time. Water was dead cold and pleasant. So it was an enthusiastic prince who bathed in the bluish waters of the lake, a short time later. What will happen if there is a demon hiding in the lake to prey upon him? But can such a beautiful woman lead him to such malicious fate after all?

Kuweni, the niece of the senator in the city of Girishvasthu was much happy about her finding. Finally the barbarians had set foot here, in the Yaksha lands. Earlier they came here backed by the Himalayans, their enemies. But now it was only the barbarians themselves who have arrived, without the help of the Himalayans. The Himalayans presence was now more than not a doubt for the Yakshas. They flew back to the Himalaya Mountains few generations back when the Ravana was defeated and killed. After that, there was no reported incident of Himalyans intervention in Yakshas affairs. Although the Himalayans won the war with the help of the barbarians man power, the war incurred a great loss to the Himalayans as well. They lost some of their best weapons. They lost some of their great men. It was a gigantic calamity to a dying civilization of the previous world age. Even though the Himalayans supremacy was convinced, they learnt a good lesson to not to interfere with the Yakshas or the barbarians. Kuweni did not like war nor did she like the weapons of mass destruction. But her elders had some of them in their possession. According to Kuwenis opinion the war among the tiny colonies of people who inherited the technology of previous world age was just a waste of limited resources. If only they could get together to make the world a better place, as it had been many thousand years ago? But that was not going to happen. Many generations have passed after losing the communication between these groups so a harmony among them was

what somebody least could expect. Then, this could be another plot by the Himalayans. First they might have sent the barbarians to examine the situation. Later they will arrive with their weapons to invade the Yakshas country. So it was Kuwenis duty to find out the real objective of these barbarians visit. She had adequate mental power to influence them and get the truth out of them. But if she only knew the womans lust could do such a harm to her dying civilization?



t was a tan coloured almost naked giant of a Vijaya who rose from the lotus lake after a long time of a delicate bath. The music of the flute again started playing inside his head for which he did not try to resist this time, thinking of the gorgeous magical girl who welcomed him to the city of Girishavasthu. Pleasant thoughts created in his young semi barbaric heart appealed for love, neglecting the fear that she was really a she devil, a man eater and might be an illusion at all, like the music of the flute itself. He paced slowly to the den of the girl, directed automatically by the unsaid command of the flutes music. It was a circular opening to a tunnel illuminated by diamonds. He had seen diamonds throughout his life time. There were many in his fathers possession. But he could not understand how they generated light here because none of them did the same at his own country other than the mere reflection of a light. With the illuminations of the diamonds, he saw a path paved with smoothly cut stone tablets. They were such well ordered he could not understand whether it was a mans work or mere magical creation. The stone paved path led him to the interior of Kuwenis nest, where he was received by same dark coloured girls. All of them were perfect examples of girlhood. They had had no facial expressions; no they tried to smile with the prince at any rate. All of them were alike in faces, white coloured dress they wore and jewelries that decorated their ears and necks. The prince had a sudden feeling that all of them were mere illusions until they gathered

around him to remove his jewelry, his precious sura and his wet loin cloth. So it was a naked prince who walked to a room filled with the illumination of diamonds at the centre of which there was a stone table. He first thought the room was empty but the stone table was there at the time of a wink. Sudden fear ran through his spine. This was his destination. The she devil was going to eat him! Without ordering the naked prince was lying on the stone table, which he felt cold and comfortable to sleep. He was getting a sudden drowsiness which he attempted to resist in vain. Nothing worked and the prince was sleeping on the stone table within few seconds. It was then the niece of the senator, Kuweni entered the room. She had a dim smile on her face. Her mental power has been successful so far to bring the barbarian here from the coast and to take him to her den. She did not hate barbarians as other Yakshas did but always suspected that they come like spies of the Himalayans, their greatest enemies. Mental power! Yes it was the only divinity now the Yakshas possessed from their bygone civilization. But even the mental power was not a privilege they received for nothing. They had to work hard to achieve it and they had to work harder to maintain it. Hypnotizing a barbarian who did not have any pacification in his mind was not a big thing. Her ultimate goal was to sink into his inside mentally when he was in this hypnosis and examine the real objective of this visit. As a woman she had her own desires. Eventhough she possessed the mental power, they were not perfect to get

rid of the worldly attachments. So it was a helpless man thing that lay in her stone table. If he were ugly, or not a young man, her thoughts would be different. But she understood that it was impossible for her to maintain the pacification of her mind with the nude perfect manhood of the prince in front of her. She trembled for a while. It was with much toil she had obtained these powers. Was she to lose all of them just because of this barbarian? No. No. She could not let that happen. She closed her eyes thoroughly and got closed to the naked figure of the barbarian. Then she tried to mentally scan his thoughts. She failed once, twice and thrice. It was a closed door for her. But what she saw in her mind was the perfection of the manhood in the figure of Vijaya, the strong aromatic smell of his manhood which appealed the women. The mental waves she sent to him were filled with romance, lust and desire for physical entertainment. She was sweating like hell. She could not control herself. She was appealing for love. Yes, how much she coveted the warmth of a mans body, this much perfect and irresistible? She put a trembling hand on his naked chest, which made the situation worse. Her hand without her intention started caressing the perfect chest of the man which was decorated with curly hair. She was burning in romance and lust! The lack of concentration in Kuwenis mind failed her drastically in her attempt to control Vijaya, resulting him to come back to the consciousness and wondering what was happening. It was a young gorgeous who was with him near his naked body. He felt the warmth of her

breath, he saw her appealing eyes and the perfection of womanhood in this alien woman. He was a man with warm blood running in his veins. He was a master in the art of how to handle a woman on bed! So the invitation accepted and the duo was making violent romance within a matter of few seconds. It was the greatest physical entertainment Kuweni had had in her life time. She had not exposed herself to romance before. A physical attachment means a mental attachment as well in many of the occasions. Traditionally the barbarian had now become her husband and master. She would sacrifice any worldly thing in sake of his love. It was not only the physical pleasure she got attached to this unknown barbarian, but it was the affection he exhibited and the respect he had towards her in making love. She had heard the mental pacification would result in enlightenment of mind, but with this physical pleasure she had a clue of that pleasure. On the other hand Vijaya had had physical relationship with many women in his country. But this experience was different. All women with whom he had sex respected him as the son of the king. But this dark coloured gorgeous was much in a higher state compared to him. Was not it she who hypnotized him to her nest with magic powers? Was not it she who created all the luxuries he entertained? This was marvelous. This meant real love to him. By any means it was not a couple of a daughter of a lost civilization and a barbarian who slept on the stone table clinging to each other at that night, nor was it a prince

and a magical she devil. It was a man and a woman who tasted the fruits of love in the darkness amidst the magical light of crystals. The fair temperature not too high or not too low was a blessing to the matching couple, yes until they really slept. It was Vijaya who woke to find himself all alone on a stone table naked and cold. Was it an illusion he experienced? Or was it a dream? He attempted to clear his mind. Yes, he bathed in the lotus lake. Then what happened? How did he come here? How did he lose his dresses? What happened to the she devil? If he had any speculation about the matter at all, it was cleared with the sudden scene of Kuweni, the she devil. She was smiling. Yes, at this time it was not mere illusion but a real woman with a beautiful dress in her hand. She gave it to the prince with a wink at her eye. She was beautiful. Yes, really beautiful, Vijaya could admit that without doubt. Who are you? he asked the woman, softly this time. Her smile did not evade, but did not answer at once. With one stern look she murmured something as to expect someone. Frustration came to her face with the failure and then she spoke loud. Gone, everything gone. Maruthi, bring us fruits with this order a young girl appeared with a basket of fruits in her hand, which she offered to the prince. What have gone? asked the prince.

Prince, my lord, Ill explain you everything. I am Kuweni, the niece of the senator of Girishvasthu. You have set foot here in the Yaksha lands, for which reason I simply dont know. First wear this dress and eat some fruits, so youll be back yourself again. What I said gone was my mental powers. I did not want to call anybody but I could mentally direct them to do what I wished. I breached my pacification of mind; I have lost all my powers. I wont get them till I practice meditation again Vijaya did not understand most of the things she said. He wore the beautiful dress she brought, a silk cloth with a belt to tighten in his hip. It was a nice and a sophisticated dress compared to the loin cloth he wore. Now are you going to eat me? Vijaya asked with a small doubt in his mind. He did not think Kuweni would eat him. But he wanted to make sure. We Yakshas have never become cannibals, even in the hardest time we had undergone. It is the Himalayan backed religious cult of your country who creates our image as man-eaters said Kuweni. What do you mean by Himalayans? Vijaya inquired. Your set of deities, you worship everyday Kuweni frankly answered, which Vijaya did not understand at all. Vijaya got to know many things in that night. These people were called Yakshas, a super natural group of people with a great history. Himalayans or the deities Vijaya and his tribe worshiped were their greatest enemies. Yakshas had supremacy in many sciences but their civilization had been in the verge of extinction due

to various catastrophes of nature and wars with Himalayans, his deities. Information was too big for Vijaya to remember. Where are my men? Have you destroyed them? No my lord. I have hypnotized them and caged in this tunnel. I can release them to you at once. But I will be executed after Yakshas know it. So I am under your sympathy now. I have fallen in love with you. So please take me wherever you go it was a womans appeal to her lover for which Vijaya could not resist. Did not he love that pretty woman in depth of his heart? I should not have let this happen said Kuweni, in a confessing tone. I betrayed my nation to you, a mere barbarian having sex with you. No Yaksha woman has ever had sex with anybody other than our nationality in our history. Now they will curse me. But I am not worried. Our tradition is we women have the freedom to select our husbands. So I entertained my right. Oh prince, be my husband and save me Vijaya was in deep thoughts for a while. This is the women with whom he had sex few hours back. She is appealing him to save her. So it was his duty to protect her. But by whom, he wanted to know. Whom you are afraid of princess? he asked. Oh, I am afraid of my relations, the great Yaksha leaders of our society. The traitors get the punishment of death here. It is also not a natural death. You never know! said Kuweni.

Leaders? Dont you have a king then? asked the prince. No. We dont have a king. Ours is a republic where the control is done by a senate, where my uncle is a member What do you mean by a White death? Vijaya inquired. Oh prince, what do you know about the world? We Yakshas have superior powers to that of you humans. White death means you are not really dead physically, but they persuade to your mind that you are dead. So all your physical systems get that message and eventually you are really dead without shedding a single drop of blood or poisoning These words were very much strange to the prince. He felt like he has set foot on an alien world. But isnt it an illusion? You know its an illusion. Why cant you avoid your mind being penetrated by others? Vijaya asked. Were you able to get rid of the hypnosis I played on you? You very well knew the music of the flute was an illusion. But you followed all the orders conveyed to you over the mind Vijaya tried to understand what he was told. It seemed like all magic to him. But one thing he was really happy. That was to get to know that by any means, these people were not man eaters. But he would not feel this much relieved if he really understood all the powers that this race possessed in the means of mental power.



he world had been never the same after the great catastrophe which shattered the very foundation of the same. Nobody knew how the world before the catastrophe was. Many among the privileged groups had speculations but the reality was foggy for them after so many generations after the catastrophe. As for the Yakshas the greatest calamity after the great catastrophe was the war they fought with the Himalayans, several generations back. It further catalyzed the downfall of the Yakshas civilization to the ground. The Yaksha senator of the city of Girishavasthu, Mahakala sat on his comfortable seat of Padmasana to perform the meditation at the end of the day. It was with a clear mind all of Yakshas were supposed to sleep, to avoid nightmares and other hassles. They did not believe in ghosts, dark spirits or unholy psyches, nor did they worship any gods or holy spirits. The meditation started with few sacred stanzas as a tradition. Yakshas knew these stanzas served no purpose at all but merely a custom of their history which spanned to uncountable number of years. Mahakala came to the mental pacification with much ease. He was a genius in this art. Then he spent few minutes enjoying the pacification itself. Slowly and slowly he expanded the firmament of his mind towards the island with thought of charity and compassion. He was happy for a while, until he got a clue of treachery by one of their members. Yes, it was Kuweni, his favorite niece.

With a much anxious mind, Mahakala tried to penetrate into Kuwenis mind, while she attempted her best to avoid it in vain. He saw that she has lost her mental pacification and her mind was an open door for anybody who wished to enter. Yes, Kuweni had been stubborn, without letting him to penetrate into her mind, but failed sympathetically. Kuweni, my daughter addressed Mahakala in mental waves. Do you hear me? but Kuweni did not answer. It was as same as calling to an animals mind or to a barbarians mind. Kuweni did not hear him at all and even if she heard, she was not able to generate the necessary mental waves to answer him. Mahakala was worried. His niece had perfected this art. She could express herself very fluently in this method. Kuweni might tell him hundred things in a minute, for which a normal verbal communication might take an hour. What has happened to her? Mahakala strengthened the power of mental waves. She could not resist this time. He got to know everything in her mind. He saw as in a mirror, how she sent a hypnotized bitch to explore Vijaya and the gang and how she hypnotized them, caged in her nest and finally had sex with the barbarian. He saw, with tearful eyes that Kuwrni had revealed many of their secrets to this barbarian, despite the fact that he understood a little all what he heard. Well, this is treachery in its pure form. There were many Yakshas who betrayed their race to the

Himalayans in the history. But this time it was to a barbarian the race had been betrayed. It was also by his very niece. With an angry roar, Mahakala raised from his bed. He lost his pacification at once. He was trembling in anger. His very niece! The little girl who played on his lap, the best student of mental powers, and a girl whom he thought as a rare ruby to the crown of Yaksha civilization has betrayed it to a barbarian for the mere purpose of physical entertainment. He calmed down to clear his mind. What should he do now? He could not punish her at once; it was not the custom of the Yakshas. Someone who did a wrong to the race is questioned in front of the Yakshs senate and was given a fair chance to safeguard himself. But it was Mahakalas duty to inform the senate. In tearful eyes, he started meditating again. His mental pacification came with some attempt at the end. He tried to unify in mind with the senators. With some he could and with some he could not. All were unified in thought that Kuweni should be interrogated in front of the senate. But the senate was at Lankapura. Mahakala remembered that a function was going to be taken place in Girishavasthu next day, a wedding of a Yaksha whose bride was coming from Lankapura. All the senators will arrive to Girishavasthu by tomorrow night. So Mahakala thought that he should fetch Kuweni there.


All in a sudden Mahakala received weak mental signals from Kuweni. It was not uniform and Mahakala was able to understand her thoughts with much difficulty. Pardon me my uncle Kuweni was trying to say. It was my fault. I know I am a traitor to my race. I tried to do good to our dying race, by examining the hidden thoughts of the barbarian. But a womans feelings! I know you dont know them. But try to understand. All our capabilities are worldly things. But the bond between a man and a woman is spiritual. I know I was weak and my behavior does not suit a Yaksha woman. But I was a victim of the worldly attachments. Our mental capabilities are merely worldly achievements and they need to be purified by a spiritual teaching. Forgive me great Mahakala, my uncle Calm down my daughter replied Mahakala in an authentic mood. I am not to judge you by any means. Tomorrow the senate will be assembled at the wedding. You are liable to answer your behavior there. Do not release the barbarians until you get permission from the senate with this, Mahakala turned his mind away from Kuweni. He did not want to listen to all her appeals and excuses. She was a traitor! She deserved the punishment for her offence. Kuweni was weeping on her bed after the mental conversation with her uncle, great Mahakala. He was not sympathetic at all. There was no sympathy for traitors in the Yakshas history. All they were made victims of the White death. Kuweni understood that she would really

die next day, all in vain. All her capabilities would be forgotten. She would be no more in the minds of the Yakshas and they would behave as she never existed. What would happen to her husband? Her husband! She wondered. Can she consider him as her husband? What did she expect from a husband? Affection, caring, love and protection? He was the best she could expect. Kuweni was in deep thoughts until an affectionate hand was kept on her forehead. The hand was warm and strong so she felt much protection in it. She looked at the person and saw it was Vijaya, a tan coloured Adonis in front of her. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life. She took his hand and kept it on her breasts, expecting the protection from him. Vijaya sat on the bed near to her with a distant that she felt the warmth of his perfect manly body. Why are you weeping princess? asked Vijaya. Kuweni felt as that man was the most innocent man in the world. He did not know anything that happened. Her love towards the man was blooming. She did not fear death. But can she let this innocent man die as well just because he was bold enough to love her? There was no crime he had committed in this land. How inhuman was Yakshas law to kill them all by means of White death? They have got to know everything prince. Ill get the punishment I deserve, the White death by tomorrow What?... Vijaya was astonished. How do they know? We got to know each other within few hours. Even the night is not over yet. How can they find what happened and sentence you to death. Are you

lying? Kuweni smiled with agony for this innocent astonishment. Oh poor fellow, when he will understand the powers of the Yakshas? Oh darling prince, there are lot of things you dont know in this country. It is the mental power they use. They can penetrate into anybodys mind. That was actually what I was going to do with you. My uncle, great Mahakala, the senator of this city inquired me with the mental waves what happened. There will be a wedding tomorrow in which the whole senate will be assembled. Our fate will be decided there. No sympathy in Yakshas mind for the traitors. It will be White death we will all get at the end No way to escape? Vijaya asked hopefully. Then he suddenly took Kuwenis hand. Dont worry; Ill kill all you senators with my sword. Please give back my sword Kuweni looked at her new guardian. He was going to save her from the White death, one which is the most painful on the earth. He was going to save her! Her husband, yes her husband was going to protect her in the hour of need. Kuweni smiled one of her sweetest smile. It is not that easy my dear prince she said. They dont have weapons. But their greatest weapon is mental power. They will hypnotize you the first time you raise a sword to kill one Well, why dont you cast a spell to make them unable to do so? Vijaya asked. Kuweni smiled again. She was not a witch to do so and they did not believe in black arts like casting a spell. But Vijaya had a point. If Kuweni

could avoid them from exercising mental power, it would be an easy task for Vijaya to kill them all. I got your point my dear prince. Ill definitely cast a spell. But theres one condition she said. And whats that? Vijaya was eager to know. I am going to sacrifice my race for you. It is true its because of my egoist need to survive. But it is also because I want you. I want to be your wife and mother of your children. Please pledge me in the name of all the holy things that you never breach my confidence In name of all the gods, I pledge you that I would take you as my wife and pledge that I will never breach the confidence you have put on me said Vijaya, his honesty reflecting in his eyes Good my dear prince. I trust in you. Ill release all your men tomorrow night. They are well looked after by my colleagues. So dont worry about them. Now have a good nights sleep, because you want the strength to do what you expect saying that, Kuweni departed looking at her husband affectionately. She had little time to do everything. First thing was to restore her mental power. She needed to engage in meditation for that. She had the plan in her mind and was really excited with it. She was going to sacrifice everything, yes everything in sake of her life and love.


CHAPTER 5: THE GENOCIDE he traitors lived throughout the history in any nation. Even though there is a famous saying that only the warriors survive in the hearts of the people through the pages of history books and the traitors find their destination in the eternal graves of the hell, that was not always true. Even the traitors lived in peoples hearts, being cursed by the masses every day. Sometimes it was the traitors who wrote the history. Vasu very well knew this fact. The Yaksha civilization in Lankapura fell due to the treachery of Vibhishana, who betrayed his race to the Himalayans. Unless for Vibhishanas favours, Himalayans would have never been able to conquer the city. A traitor to one race can be a hero to another. So the barbarians who took the side of Himalayans praised Vibhishana implying him as a god. Who were gods after all? The existence of a divine force which controls the whole universe was a much debated topic in the Yakshas saga. Many did not believe it, but the debate was also as old as their existence of this island. The materialistic and spiritual development of the Yakshas finally saw the end of this debate resulting the conclusion that it was the law of nature and humans are capable of altering it if they wished. But the thinking pattern of their counterparts in many secluded location of the world was different. The men of previous civilization who fled with technology to find refuges in great mountains considered them as superior to the primitives in the jungle. Generation by generation they tried to establish their hegemony over the primitives who

considered these privileged groups as gods. With the time the privileged group fell into a self hypnosis that they were gods themselves. Their life span was long due to the advanced medicines and medical technology they used. They had inherited the technology of the previous world age so they could intervene in primitives local struggles to take sides and help a chosen group. The primitives saw them as their masters and sang praises. The advancement of these civilizations was limited because they had had no man power and the knowledge was treated sacred and hidden from the masses. Once they lost the knowledge and once they ran out of machines of previous world age, their frequent appearance to the primitives restricted. But they existed in primitives hearts from generation to generation their divinity unchallenged and their supremacy never doubted. The Yakshas were a different group who did not intervene in primitives matters. They lived in this secluded island for generations trying to restore their lost civilization. But they could not reverse the wheel of fate and they were nothing but a living symbol of the advancement of the humans in the previous world age. Well, did not Vasu know that they have lost the technology of crystals for their flying machines with the death of Sikhi? Were not they attempting with difficulty to maintain the crystal technology to get light at night? Their civilization was dying, yes really dying with unknown deceases which they had no cure. Their medical technology was dead few generations back and

their only means of treatment was mental power and few herbal plants they found in the forests. But these treatment methods were not sufficient to cure all the deceases the Yakshas had. It was normal for the deceased to spread after war. Any simple decease can be a plague in case proper medicines are not invented. And there was a new threat to their dying civilization, the landing of a gang of barbarians from the continent and one of their women was helping them with hospitality. Vasu feared any type of barbarian intervention in their territory. Barbarians bred themselves as hares and within few generations the Yakshas would be out numbered in their own land. The mixing of barbarians blood with that of Yakshas would only accelerate their annihilation from the face of earth. Why this girl could not understand this? Was the physical pleasure that much important in a womans mind? Before meeting, all the senators who could unify in mind had the same opinion of the traitor. She should die! They did not use swords and they feared blood. The easiest method of killing was White death, where they hypnotized the victim and persuaded to her mind she was dead. Then what about the barbarians? They could not trust in hypnotizing them. May be they would be successful and may be they would not. Were they able to hypnotize a fish or a snake? There needed a certain amount of brain development for the hypnotization. They could hypnotize a mammal easily rather than a

primitive human whose mind was perverted with worldly attachments. Best tactic was to use illusion to fear them off. They could show the barbarians fires everywhere which did not really exist. They could show risk in this country every inch they visited. Vasu was much relieved with these thoughts. He had to wait till the night to assemble the senate and perform these things. Meanwhile Kuweni rose from her seat of Padamasana with the full restoration of her mental powers after yesterdays untiring meditation. She had the arrogance of her supremacy again. It was Kuweni, yes the best student of Mahakala who boldly stepped in her nest, towards the prince in the morning. Oh prince, see my glory. I am myself again she said beaming with pride. Vijaya looked at her proudly. So you became the witch again? he asked. Witch or no witch, I have the mental power back. Now listen to me carefully. All alone you cant do anything against the Yakshas. They are so powerful. Ill fetch you there to the assembly. Use your swords and kill them all, specially the senators. They have the mental power so dont get hypnotized by them. Forget everything, because there may be strange sounds, illusionary visions etc. they all are illusions that means they really do not exist. Ill control all of you through my mental power, a difficult task though it seems. Be careful to not to look at their eyes directly so my mental power would be superseded by that of theirs Vijaya touched the Kuwenis hand and pulled her to his body. Dont touch me screamed Kuweni.

Wait till we finish the task. It was with much difficulty I restored my mental pacification. If I lose it again, time will be not enough to restore it back so it was an innocent Vijaya who took his hand away from Kuweni against his will. He was simply enchanted with this young gorgeous. The day was spent Vijaya not seeing Kuweni till the evening. He was lead to the part of the nest where his companions were detained, by the beautiful girls who served Kuweni. Oh noble prince they cried in happiness. Were you hurt my boys? asked Vijaya. No noble prince. We were treated nicely. We were given the best fresh fruits to eat and cold water to drink. But our much coveted food, the meat was not given Are all of you here? Anyone missing? Vijaya wanted to know. No, noble prince. All of us are here safely answered the gang. So the time spent describing their adventures of coming to the Kuwenis nest. It was the same story that they all had to say with few additions and deductions. They had heard the music of the flute and they had followed it, or they were hypnotized to follow the music of the flute, until they found themselves detained in the Kuwenis nest. They were treated nicely. They were provided with good food and water. All had given up their loin clothes to wear the sophisticated dresses which tightened to their hips by the belt. So life had not been difficult for any of them. Oh noble prince started Upathissa.

Now we are caged in this nest for that she devils food. We have rumours that everyday one of us will be taken for her super. How can we escape? Vijaya laughed a horse laugh for this. These people see the most beautiful girl in this world as a she devil. She is not a she devil my boys. She is as much as human as you or me. And its she who would save us from the Yakshas How? many wanted to know at once. So Vijaya revealed the whole conspiracy he had with Kuweni to conquer this island. The seven hundred men listened eagerly to his story. Vijaya said everything, omitting the part that he would be her husband. A marriage between a man and a she devil was too much for these people to believe. Many had regretted about their ambition to come here just because they were detained in this cage. But Vijayas persuasion gave them a new life and hopes to live. Was not Vijaya the hero in their mind? Did not they give up everything to fulfill the ambitions of the prince? Their loyalty was not shattered despite all the miserable things they had undergone in this strange country. It was dark when they were called for their duty. But no one knew when or by whom. It was the music of the flute that was played in their heads. They obeyed the unsaid orders of that delicate music. The gate of their detention was open slowly without any human intervention. They marched peacefully to a destination unknown to them. It was a stone paved wide foot path they saw at the beginning. It was as long as it led to the

infinity. First there was only the jungle and then they saw a miraculous vision. It was a set of houses or palaces they would rather say, comparing their homes in their country. All were stone made and had beautiful curtains to cover the openings. The roofs were covered with clay tablets. They wondered how a human hand could make such a miraculous set of houses. Then they saw the crystals illuminating to light the darkness of the night. It was a smooth light that came from the carved faces of those crystals. The music of a function was coming in a distance but they were enchanted with the music of the flute. They saw the solemn faces of Yakshas looking at them as they were looking a herd of cattle. Kill them or not? Thought many, touching their swords in the hips. No! a sudden order came from their heads. It was not the time for that. Mahakala was in the assembly of senators. All had performed the meditation and were expecting him to speak. Meantime he tried to penetrate into Kuwenis mind to get her newest plan. No! It was impossible. The resistance from Kuwenis mind was so strong the poor old fellow started trembling. He accepted for the first time that his student had been more proficient in this sacred art. Let her come! He thought secondly. Her mental power, despite how strong it was would be nothing compared to the unified mental power of the whole senate. Kuweni was arriving to the senate with her stubbornness unchallenged. She faced the senators with a rigid face that did not show any feelings. The seven hundred

barbarians were outside the stone built building waiting for her orders. Nobody spoke, nobody greeted. It was a time the fate of a whole civilizations fate was on verge. Then it was Vasu who called her, not by mouth but by mental waves. What have you done my child? Whats the meaning of this? Why do you want to betray our race to the barbarians? He was too old enough to understand a womans feelings. A woman would do anything in sake of her husband, whether it would destroy her race or not. Kuweni did not answer, orally or mentally. The unified mental power started to press her down. But it did not work. Kuweni did not pay any attention to the gigantic mental power that was coming to curb her. It was Kuweni who lead the team. It was all in a sudden that Vijaya and the gang came with swords in their hands. Yakshas could not understand what was going to happen. Kill them all! the unspoken order came from Kuwenis mind, to which all the barbarians obeyed in rage. Then it was a pond of blood and a series of beheadings. The senators were amazed at the scene of barbarians beheading their colleagues. They had not been used to shedding of blood this much brutally and unsympathetically at least for few generations. So there did not come any immediate reaction from the Yakshas rather than looking at this barbaric exercise terrified and helpless. Then some understood their pathetic situation. They were unarmed and the barbarians were with swords. Their best colleague was at the barbarians side with her strong mental power.

Flee! the unified mental power ordered the Yakshas. Then it was a real fuss that took place in the city of Girishavasthu. All the Yakshas including that at the wedding started fleeing in the direction of Lankapura, their strongest castle, their children strayed and infants dropped to the floor. Barbarians captured them and beheaded ruthlessly. Vijaya and the gang were pretty skilled in war. Did all the Yakshas get their orders from the unified mental power? No. But those who had the order fled at once, implying others to follow them, which they accepted without questioning. Vijaya and the gang started setting fire to the city. It was the stone built houses they set fire at first. Then the gardens, conference halls, yes everything. Which of the citys glory was exempted? A dying civilization whose glory had been wide spread throughout the world saw the end of their legacy in that moon lit night, betrayed by one of their own members. It was not only the Yakshas who were beheaded, but it was the glory of this tiny island which was destroyed. The fate of the Yakshas was to be hidden in the sand of the time, forgotten and humiliated. Nobody in the future will want to know about them or study about their glory. But what would be the end result? If one peeped into the nest of the traitor, he could have seen a naked couple, a dark coloured woman and a fair coloured man having physical entertainment, forgetting the genocide of the ancestors of this land, which was happening outside. It was one womans lust that nailed the coffin of a great

civilization that could fly in the sky. It was one womans desire that caused the genocide of a great race that built marvels to peer with their counterparts in the various parts of the world. It was the end of a story which would not become a legacy in the pages of any history book. Kuweni was saved by her husband from the White death which she deserved for the treachery. But if she only knew on that night that her fate would be more painful than the White death?


CHAPTER 6 FALL OF LANKAPURA t was dawn when the remaining Yakshas after the genocide of Girishavasthu reached the Lankapura, the last castle of their civilization. They were tired, hungry and thirsty. But the Yakshas in Lankapura were not in a state to welcome these refugees. They had known what happened through the mental power of few Yakshas who were not senators but scholars. So it was fear that ran in every Yakshas vein, despite how advanced was their civilization before the fall. Rudra was the only one to escape from the senate, for he believed in common sense rather than the mental power. He saw the barbarians with swords and understood something tricky was going to happen. Other senators also saw that but depended on the unified mental power of the senate. So those helpless senators found themselves being beheaded while attempting in vain to concentrate their mind, while Rudra fled through a secret tunnel in the building which hosted the wedding. So it was only Rudra, the youngest senator who had survived from the ordeal at city of Girishavasthu. Rudra did not have mental power and did not believe it in. He was respectful to the old senators and did not question them at all. But in his mind he had plans to advance his civilization materialistically, rather than spiritually. So it was a frightened gang of Yakshas who assembled in the city of Lankapura to listen o their only leader, Rudra who was not more than a lad of his twenties. Brethen! he addressed the gathering.

Now it is clear that our fall has been completed. The barbarians have set foot here in this island and one of our women supports them. So our senate was assassinated yesterday by swords. Have you ever heard a man being slain using a sharp weapon and shedding his blood? That was what happened. The great Mahakala, the great Vasu, the great Ruchira, all are gone! Now we are the most unfortunate race in the world without a senate to rule us. Are we going to be the barbarians slaves or are we going to fight against them? We cannot fight o Rudra said one Yaksha woman. She was called Keshi, who was from a generation of great scholars. She was the last one of that great generation without a successor to give her knowledge. How can we fight without an army? Our last struggle was with Himalayans around twenty five generations back. At that time we had great weapons, we had great flying chariots, and we had a great leader Ravana with his senate of educated and mentally powerful men. Yet, we failed pathetically, not because ours was a lesser advanced civilization compared to theirs. It was because we did not have enough man power and our enemy the Himalayans had it with the help of barbarians. At that time also our main focus was on mental power which did not work. Could anyone avoid the calamity done by a hypnotized set of monkeys to this very Lankapura? Could anyone foresee the treachery of Vibhishana? Now, could anyone foresee the treachery of Kuweni? No. Mental power is important, but you cant rely on an imperfect mental power without an army to fight in sake of you. If you are to fight, just think what is the chance

we have? We are not proficient in any of the martial arts while it is their life for the barbarians. Who are we today? In which side we are better than the barbarians? We have lost the mental power, we have lost our great men, and we have lost our great weapons and machines. So we are in such a pathetic situation we cant fight with them at all. The best option is to flee to the jungle and live peacefully Her eyes were filled with tears seeing the bitter truth. Rudra sighed heavily. Oh great mother he said. Dont you see any other plan we should follow No my son said Keshi. It is better to flee to the jungle rather than being slaves of the barbarians. Now you see that seven hundred barbarians had come here. All are men. But only Vijaya is going to have a woman. Very soon the remaining soldiers will want women for themselves. That means our girls are in danger. Later once they establish here, they will want slaves to work in their farms. That means our boys are also in danger. So it is possible for us, the sons and daughters of a great civilization to become slaves in our own territory for a set of barbarians with disgusting customs to worship and praise our enemies the Himalayans? We are not going to flee Lankapura o Rudra said Manusha an old Yaksha of the city. It is the city which our civilization bloomed. It is the city of our great fathers, great forefathers and our great ancestors who ruled the earth from north to south, east to

west and top to bottom. Are we to be such cowards to flee our sacred city in fear of the barbarians? No Rudra, Manusha is not going to flee Lankapura. He will die here happily even if the barbarians conquer it They will not attempt to conquer it this much early. There are only seven hundred of them, though how much skilled they are in their brutality. They will wait few years until they get more man power from Bharath said Keshi. So why do you want us to flee the city mother? asked Rudra. My dear son Rudra Keshi spoke. There is lot of things that we have to think and we have to fulfill our duty as real sons and daughters of a great civilization. I not only ask you to flee this city but also to destroy all the signs of our civilization. Because Ill call him mad, if anyone here thinks to restore our civilization. We have come so down the ladder that reversing is not possible at all. But still we have great books which hide our secrets from the world. We still have great machines and weapons that could cause mass destruction with proper knowledge. It is true that now we dont have that knowledge. But if these secrets go to a wrong hand, what would happen to the world? Let us not try to revenge from the world. It was our fault we fell. It was our fault we could not restore our civilization. Now we are in the bottom of the ladder standing peer to peer with the humans we used to call primitives or barbarians. Within two three generations, our grand children will be no different to the grand children of barbarians. All will

have same worldly desires and greediness of the common man. Our grand children will be no better than theirs in culture, education or ethics. So do you want to see bloodshed either from our grand children or theirs? It will be to wrong hands our technology will fall either it is us or them Keshi is true said Rudra. It is our historical duty to destroy the sign of our civilization. I was tearful seeing the glory of our civilization in the past and its great fall in the present. I tried my best to restore it materialistically and spiritually. But I understood you cant reverse the wheel of the worlds progression. When you are to fall, you have to fall and nothing could avoid it. Keshi was true in saying that our civilization could do harm to the future world if our technology goes to the wrong hands. Now we are near barbarians with machines and without operators, with great books and without interpreters, with knowledge of path to mental power and without any capable man to perform it. Yes, it is very much dangerous to the whole world So it was thus decided to destroy the knowledge of the Yakshas civilization. They set fire to their great buildings, their great machines, great weapons and above all their great books which hid their great knowledge. May be it was seen by the Aryans in Girishavasthu that Lankapura was on fire. It was not only a city that was on fire that day, but also the history of a great nation who once had the supremacy in the land, ocean and sky. Their

secrets were buried with their city, never to remember or to admire in the future. It was few thousand refugees from the city of Lankapura who found their way from the city to the nearby jungle next day, with their wives and children. Few rather wished to stay at Lankapura itself, making the great city with a legacy of millenniums, a tiny village of few desperate families of the Yakshas, who had now become primitives to find their daily food. The fleers did not know where they should go. It would be difficult for them to start a new life as hunters. But their city had fallen, their civilization destroyed. So any fate would be better than being slaves to the Aryans in Girishavasthu. So it was sons and daughters of once the masters of land, ocean and sky that fled to the unending jungle to save their lives. Their only inheritance from their lost civilization, the stories of great men who flew in the sky in flying chariots, great medicines that cured the deceases they had and great technology that stored water in means of giant tanks to use for paddy cultivation would soon become to be fairly tales for their children to enjoy before going to sleep. Their children will never know what it meant by the civilization or that word will have a different interpretation in their minds. While the civilization meant large cities with sophisticated facilities to them, it would be pockets of human inhabitation amidst the forest for their children. While mental power meant an important skill in their time, it would be a magic for their children. Yakshas had fallen yes, not to rise again forever.

But it was only the Yakshas that fell, not the civilization they bred in this tiny island.


CHAPTER 7: TREACHARY OF A BARBARIAN HEART nd life was not the same for the Aryans who established a colony in the Yakshas land. They had to start everything from the beginning. There was no enough food for them as the Yakshas who fled to the interior of the country had set fire to all the cultivations they had grown, in order to starve and ride them away. But Vijayas tireless efforts saved them from starvation. He encouraged his men to cultivate the rich land and the hunting was sport for the young men. The military ship was sent to his fathers country for his support. His father, being happy of his sons victory, sent him dried food and other necessities to establish the colony in this strange land. Among the things these men got from the ship on her return were women, yes the most wanted item in this land. Vijaya did not promote his men to have any relationship with the Yaksha people in the country. Kuweni had persuaded him that they were bad and could any time come to avenge him. But once the colony was near starvation, she understood that mere sexual pleasures did not mean everything. So she wanted to plan everything. The world was pregnant of a new human civilization on this land and Kuweni was going to be the driving force of it. She did not admire the barbarians primitive methods of cultivation and hunting for a living. She wanted crops, the food of the elite group and not only the meat, the food of the poor to survive. So it was her

intention to build an advanced irrigational civilization on this rich land. For this, she wanted not only the man power but a creative planner. Everything was not lost in Yakshas collapse. There were few men who still had the secrets of last world age who could extend a helping hand to Kuwenis efforts. So it was Deegha who was selected by Kuweni after a deep consideration. He was a Yaksha and a cousin brother of Kuweni. So Deegha was welcomed warmly to the city of Girishawasthu, although the city was not more than a tiny village of Bharath shape after the Yakshas fall. Deegha loved her cousin sister dearly and was happy to see that she was pregnant. Be it a child of a barbarian, but still it was his sisters child. Deeghas wife Madra was a good company for Kuweni. Deegha knew lot of secrets about water retention, which soil to use in which locations and how to select a proper place to build a water tank etc. Their resources were limited. Deegha did not have sophisticated materials to use as he was used to. But he had to fulfill the needy with the primitive materials and set of primitive men who could not understand the simplest instruction. But as far as their strength was concerned, Deegha was quite happy. You can do wonders if your crew is not a lethargic set of culprits. So it was not a big tank they built in the beginning, but was sufficient to retain water for the small cultivation they had started. With this, they were able to produce the required amount of crop, rice for the whole colony to survive one year. So they did not want to

depend on the food quota they got from Bharath time to time and the hunting. Although Vijaya wanted to see the technical advancement being injected to his new colony, at first he opposed any kind of Yaksha intervention here in fear of sabotage. But Kuweni with his child in her womb was going to intervene. She was not going to let Deegha sabotage the new colony. She was going to get his support. Therefore, there was no reason for a loving husband to oppose. He trusted his wife and her genuine plans. He was happy his wife was an educated woman who could take the leadership when necessary. The concept of a Queen, in place of a King was far beyond the mental bounds of his tribe for the time. Yet he sincerely believed that one day Kuweni would get a none second place in his hegemony over this island. She was, after all a wonderful woman. Few years passed the colony being developed to tie up with that of various human settlements in the continent. Deegha was only proficient in irrigational technology so it was the only heritage they got from the Yakshas lost civilization. Kuweni had two loving children, Jeewahathth and Disala from Vijaya. The Aryans were also well established with women and children. Marriages with Yakshas were prohibited and they were not to be seen near the Aryan settlements. The Aryans established several tiny villages in the country, all in short distances to each other. Then once the peace and harmony was established and they were sure that Yakshas were not planning for a reprisal, they wanted a

King, not a prince to rule them. It was their custom to be ruled by a king and not by a prince at any rate. The demand for Vijaya to accept the kingship had several problems. It was a traditional post with many customs involved. So the first was that he should marry a princess of the same caste. The caste system was so prevalent in their country they could not think of any other woman sharing their kings bed. Vijaya postponed the idea for several years but then came a situation that he could not further resist it. Was he to give up the hardly earned kingship of this country or Kuwenis love? Now dont be backward oh noble prince said Upathissa. We know what a nice family life you had. It was princess Kuweni who was the driving force of your rule. But still, the men want a proper king to rule them. So you will have to rethink about it But Upathissa said the prince. She is a marvelous woman. It is she who saved us from the dreadful death by Yakshas, it was she who saved us from starvation in early years. Can I be so ungrateful to ride her away? Then what would happen to my children? No noble prince. They dont ask you to ride her away. You can keep that woman as well. But their demand is that you should properly marry a princess of the same caste to rule this country and we want a royal descendent to do the same, after you Vijaya was silent for a long time and finally he said.

I had lot of women. But I had only one wife that is Kuweni Vijaya very knew that he would definitely have to bow his head to the Aryans demand. They wanted a king and he had to accept that invitation. But did not he promise her that he would protect her for life? Was not she who was the guiding star for his life? Above all, what about his children? Will Kuweni agree to be with him being second to another woman who shared his bed? Multiple marriages were common among Aryans. But for Yakshas, they were ridiculous. So it was a bewildered prince who stepped to Kuwenis room. The palace was an old house of a Yaksha, made of stone. They could not reconstruct it to the past elegance. But still it was a good palace compared to their counter parts in Bharath. Kuweni was facing the window. Vijaya hesitated to speak with her. He felt ashamed. How can he tell that innocent woman he was going to marry again? Kuweni saw him and a beautiful smile spread in her lips. He felt she was still beautiful after delivering two children. Kuweni neared him and touched his arm, to which Vijaya reacted by taking it away. Any problem my lord? Kuweni asked. Vijaya was always in a happy mood regardless of numerous problems in this country. Kuweni felt strange. Vijaya did not speak but sat on the comfortable bed and Kuweni followed, looking at her husbands eyes. My lord, what has happened?

Nothing said Vijaya. He was making his mind to tell the bad news to Kuweni. Did she know it already? He was doubtful. No. she had lost her mental power few years back. Darling started Vijaya, looking away from her eyes. Sometimes people have to take difficult decisions. They have to take them regardless of how much pain they create in their hearts. We lived in love and we had children, yes we were a nice family, but Kuweni looked straight at his eyes, for which Vijaya trembled. He was beginning to fear this woman. Her smile evaded and a mournful look came to her face. But what were you going to say my lord? Kuweni asked, looking down this time. Darling, please dont misunderstand me. It is not I who want it. But its my men that demand it. Now we have established ourselves in this country. They want a proper rule and that means they want a king. They ask me to accept the kingship in this country So what is the trouble with it?... Kuweni wondered. After all it was you who ruled this country king or no king Yes my dear Vijaya started again, looking outside the window. But a king does not mean a person at all. It is a post and it is involved with so many customs. It includes some symbols like a sword, ring and, and Vijaya hesitated. And, what my lord? Kuweni asked. Vijaya tried to raise his courage. There was no turning back. He had to say it all.

I am afraid Ill have to marry a princess of Kshasthriya origin from Bharath Does that mean I have to leave you my lord? asked Kuweni, looking at the floor. No. No. Can I ask you to leave me? You are the only woman in my heart and mother of my children. I dont want to have another woman as my wife. But she will come. She will share my bed just because they want a descendent from me to become the king. But she will not share my heart. Please try to understand me Kuweni was tearful hearing all the things Vijaya said. That was her nightmare. She knew one day this could happen, and that was the day she feared unto death. The White Death was much easier compared to this departure. My lord Kuweni spoke, her voice trembling and her eyes tearful. Can you be so shameless to expect me to stay with you and your new bride and to be second to her in every endeavor under this roof? As a father, can you chase away your childrens mother like a bitch? Have you forgotten the sacrifices I did in sake of you? Darling, oh darling, please forgive me Vijaya was saying. It is not I who want it that way. It is my men who want it. They will not accept me as the king unless I marry a princess of my own caste. Let her come. Ill marry her, but Ill not look at her. Ill never let her share my bed with you. Its you whom I loved. Its you who gave me children. I am not going to forget you Kuweni was

crying. She was a human woman who had feelings as any other woman on earth. But the barbarians were considering her as a she devil, a man eater and a witch. That will never happen my lord Kuweni said. I will not let another woman suffer this ordeal. How selfish are you men? Do you think we women are toys in your hand? You bring a princess and dont sleep with her. Then what will be her feelings? If you didnt sleep with her, then will these barbarians get a descendent to the throne? Nonsense! I am fed up of your speech she stressed the word barbarians for the first time in her life. She treated them nicely. But now she understood that a barbarian was a barbarian and you cannot expect humanity in his heart. I sacrificed my race, my civilization and everything in sake of you. But when it comes the time of testing for a small worldly thing like kingship of this barbarian race, you can easily chase me away. Is this the person I loved? Is this the person to whom I sacrificed my womanhood? I am simply ashamed of you my lord! Vijaya felt much anxious. Was it the best decision he took? If he could take back all what he said? I loved you, oh my lord, I loved you Kuweni was weeping. When are you trying to understand a womans feelings and their depth? A husband is a womans whole world, her salvation and her refuge. You are going to make me lose everything I possessed. My dreams, my ambitions and my dignity. Is that fair? Is that fair? Please speak. Why are you silent? but Viaya was silent as a rock.

In name of our love and in name of our children, will you grant me one permission my lord? Kuweni finally asked, with a dim face. And whats that darling? Vijaya asked. Do you remember the first day we met? Do you remember how we slept on the stone table? Do you remember I laughed when you asked me whether I was going to eat you? tears were running on her cheeks. I havent forgotten anything darling Vijaya said slowly. Will you let me sleep with you one night the same way we slept on our first day? That is my last request. Ill not create troubles for you thereafter her eyes were appealing and Vijaya could not resist. You are granted it said Vijaya. With that Kuweni departed. She ran to the forest and cried as anything. She had lost her world, the husband whom she loved and the dreams she had in her heart. Her love towards Vijaya was evading and the feelings of revenge emerging. She wished she had mental power to bring him back. But now she did not have that power. It was not practiced for years so she was not in a state to restore it within one day. But was it worth? Should she use her mental power even if she had, to bring a man to her footstep who did not love her further more? She hit the trees with her head until she saw an herbal plant near her foot. Did her ancestors from the other world help her? No. Her race did not believe in reincarnation. It was just a

plant. The medical technology was so poor in her civilization at the time she was born and it was limited to some mental practices and few herbal plants. She understood at first glance the herbal plant suited her need. It was seen that Kuweni cut the plant and was disappeared to one of the secret caves in the forest. The moon lit night resembled the night that Vijaya and Kuweni met for the first time. But the location was different. It was in the princes place Kuweni was waiting for her husband. She was dressed in red. She did not seem sad but self satisfaction reflected in her face. Vijaya entered her room. Kuweni was beautiful, yes really beautiful after all these years. Her beauty reflected in her red dress. Vijaya knew this was the last night they were going to stay together. Amidst the dim light of the lamps in the room, Vijaya removed his cloth in the hip. So it was a naked prince whom Kuweni welcomed to her bed. Let everything happen as she wished. After all it was her last request. Let everything happen as their first day. Kuweni looked at Vijaya in tearful eyes. This was the man whom she loved, hero in her dreams. She clang the naked body of the prince, removing her dress. Vijaya did not need further invitation and within few seconds, he was on top of Kuweni. Love making was natural and satisfactory for the duo, as usual.


Kuweni looked at the naked prince who was sleeping near her? Should she do that? Really should she do that? Can she be so cruel to the man whom she loved? But her Yaksha blood gave the answer. Yes, she had to do it. Can she let a barbarian chase her like a damn bitch? She slowly moved away from Vijaya and put her hand down the bed. She found the thing she searched. It was a coconut shell filled with black coloured oil. She took a handful of it and started rubbing that oil in the sexual organ of the prince. He either did not notice or thought it as a part of their nights enjoyment. Within few minutes Kuweni rose from the bed, ensuring the prince was deep asleep. She promptly went to her childrens bedroom. Why mother? they woke up with reluctance. Come darling, we have a long way to go Kuweni took the small one to her hip and took the hand of the elder. A watcher in the palace saw them escaping to the jungle. He could not disturb them. She was still the princes wife. Henceforth Kuweni nor her Children were never seen by the Aryan colonists.


CHAPTER 9: DESTINY OF A TRAITOR uweni ran for miles in the jungle. She knew nothing would happen to her even if she was caught. Because she was still the princes wife and no Aryan was bold enough to do her any harm. Other thing was that they feared about the black arts she believed to have. She had none. But, what about the fierce animals on the jungle? Due to the frustration she had, she feared none. Her only hope was to escape from the Aryans vicinity and to save her children. She was after all worthless in Vijayas estimation. He was inviting him to be one woman in his zenana. It will be one princess in the beginning and when he established himself as the unique king of the country, he would want more. She knew about his colleagues who had several women with them. It was the barbarians tradition and nobody saw any wrong in it. The oneness of the husband wife relationship was quite strange to them in their customs. Was Vijaya different? He had been a play boy in his country that had relationships with so many women. Why did not he go to any women in this country? It was because he feared Kuweni in all his heart. He feared about the power of black magic which he believed she had. Mental power was not black magic at all. But it was so in these primitives minds. Kuweni had reached the bounds of Lankapura, a tiny village near the forest when the morning dawned. This was the only refuge she could think. Now all the senators and powerful men of the Yakshas were either dead or had fled the city. Lankapura was a tiny village with

small houses roofed in cadjans. The boundary was marked with a cadjan fence. It was dogs who welcomed Kuweni and her children at this fence. It was very early in the morning and nobody had woken up yet. So Kuweni sat on the earth and grasped, her children crying in hunger. Why are we here, mother? asked Jeewahatha, her elder son. He was ten years old and a smart kid for his age. His skin was darker than the Aryans but lighter to that of Kuweni. His loin cloth was fabricated with the best cotton that could be manufactured with the Yakshas technology. His sister was sleeping in her mothers hip. We have to flee children. Your father doesnt want us anymore said Kuweni, tears running continuously in her cheeks. Why is that? Yesterday he told that he would fetch me for the deer hunt today. Are you lying mother? asked Jeewahaththa. I am not lying my dear. Now listen carefully. Ill keep you here with your sister. You will have to wait here with him until I return. Ill be not late. But please keep your hand on my head and promise me that in case I dont return, you look after your sister Why is this mother? Jeewahaththa could not understand. Dont you return? I dont know my son. Simply I dont know. But lets hope everything goes well. I love you with that Kuweni departed to the still dark cadjan fence of the village.

The footpaths were lonely and only the dogs were there barking at this stranger. She was tearful again, this time not because of her fate but seeing the destruction that had befallen on the city. Lankapura was the capital of the island with beautiful sceneries, large houses and palaces of the senators. All of them had ruined. Now the city was only a skeleton of its past glory. The jungle had invaded the city with branches of large trees and weeds everywhere. This sad scene reminded her of a raped virgin. Then she felt her fate was similar to that of Lankapura. Manusha woke up early in the morning with the noise of the dogs. He was fearful of any Aryan attack and his fear did not cease even after more than a decade of peace between them. The Yakshas had lost everything and it was only their dear life they wanted to protect. Manusha was now old, partly due to his age and partly due to all the miserable things that he had to encounter in this life. He woke up with a murmur and stepped out of his hut. There stood a dark figure in front of his house. It was a woman, almost naked but for the small piece of cloth she wore to cover her essentials. It was also worn and torn seemingly due to a long journey through the jungle. She was trying her best to chase away the fierce dogs. Manusha thought that this sound would wake up the whole village in no time. Who are you? he asked the woman in a trembling voice.

Pardon me uncle Manusha, pardon me Kuweni wept, kissing his feet. Who are you my child? Manusha asked again rubbing her head. And what is the matter with you? Uncle I am Kuweni said she and this made the whole picture different. The old Yaksha kicked her feebly in dismay. Get out of my sight you whore he cried. Why on earth are you back? You betrayed us to the barbarians. Now are you coming back to spy on us? Shame on you, bitch. Let us live in peace. We dont try to disturb you. We know you are giving our secrets to the barbarians with the help of your cousin brother Deegha. Get out I said the sound of his voice was feeble but the tone was strong. I did not come to spy on you my uncle said Kuweni. I was cheated. That barbarian chased me away from his castle. I am all alone in this world without a relation. Please let me live here in peace with my two children What bitch, to let you live in peace here with us? Did you remember we were your relations when you betrayed us to the barbarians and you were happy seeing their bloodshed? You accomplished what Vibhishana could not. You are the greatest traitor in our history. You know the punishment for the traitors. It will be White Death you deserve. But be careful. There is no written law among us now. I am not surprised if a young Yaksha torture you to death Oh uncle Manusha said Kuweni.

I know I am a traitor. I am ready to get the punishment I deserve. But just think about my children. They are infants who do not know anything about their mothers treachery. Now they have lost their father. If they lose their mother as well, what would be their fate? Yakshas never do injustice to children Go to hell with your justice said Manusha in a firm voice. Did you do justice to the Yakshas to expect justice from them? If you came to the senate on that day and confessed, you would be saved. We Yakshas disgust the sin, not the sinner. But what did you do? You destroyed a whole civilization merely for the physical pleasure with that barbarian. Was it necessary? You could live with him if you needed. You know the freedom of women in our culture. We hate multiple marriages but its the custom of barbarians. We knew this would happen to you one day. You deserve it traitor with that Manusha turned back. He called some of his young men to take Kuweni to custody. Kuweni wondered seeing the behavior of Yakshas new generation. Only the women punished the women before the fall. No man touched a woman who was not his. But now everything had changed. After all these years Yakshas were not more than a mere mirror image of their barbarian counterparts in the coast. They tied up Kuwenis hands and she was detained in a cadjan roofed hut. Every member of the Yakshas village came to see her and hit her. She was hit with stones, roots and anything they could find. She remembered the

golden laws existed before the fall safeguarding a convict from any torturing. With this, Kuweni understood the extent of destruction she had done to her relations. It was not only a physical destruction but a spiritual destruction as well after the fall. Meanwhile Manusha crawled outside the village. He wanted to find Kuwenis children. It was true they were children of a traitor and a barbarian. But Yakshas were always merciful with the children. After all Manusha had lived the major part of his life before the fall. So the feelings like sympathy, love, care and affection were not strange to him. He felt cozy in his heart for these helpless children whose mother was going to be lost. Kuwenis two children were looking at the direction Kuweni went, crying and weeping. It was not their mother but an old man who took their hands finally. He rubbed the two small heads of the children. Jeewahaththa and Disala, without knowing what to do, clang to this old mans body. He was going to go a long journey with them, his destination still unknown. Finally the day passed without Kuweni getting any food to eat or water to drink. Her dresses were removed so she was naked, lying on the floor helplessly. The night dawned and mosquitoes started biting her. She remembered the past glory of Lankapura where no pest survived. Then it was a gang of thugs who visited her. They kicked her mercilessly while grabbing her to a stage made of wood.

Look everybody! cried one of them. There was a large gathering of Yakshas surrounding her, centering the stage. She hardly recognized some familiar faces. How dreadful was to see those fashionable people in the suits of barbarians? This is the traitor of our race. And we are going to burn her alive. This is the punishment the traitors deserve Kuweni felt like shivering in fear. She was fearing of White Death. The White Death was fairly human compared to this torturing. She was tied to a pillar in the centre of the stage and the stage was set on fire. Blazing fire surrounded her, not allowing her to breath. It was the smoke that blocked her lungs at first. Then she felt the heat of the ravaging fire around her. The destiny of a traitor was so decided cheered by the near barbarians, sons and daughters of a lost advanced civilization in this tiny island, on that day.


CHAPTER 9: THE PUNISHMENT ijaya was in deep thought when Upathissa came to him. The ship from Bharath had arrived and the city was decorated for a celebration. Vijaya the King was expecting the procession from the port. He was no more the prince who set foot here with a loin cloth as his only asset. He was wearing a beautiful red cloth in his hip to cover from his hip to the toes. His torso was uncovered but had a golden necklace around his neck covering half of his chest. His arms were covered with Suras and there was a small crown on his head. That was not the crown dedicated for the kingship of this island. That crown was still being fabricated by Bharath goldsmiths sent by his father to use in the Kings coronation. Any problem your majesty? asked Upathissa. He had been the best friend of the prince and was given the most important post of the palace, Kings Purohitha, one who advised the king in all matters. I am not well, after hearing the news that the ship had reached Mahathiththa. To marry a kshasthiya bride? My heart is painful with the treachery I did to Kuweni, the only woman I loved and the mother of my children. She had break loosed with my children. I wonder whether Ill ever see them again O the great king said Upathissa. These Yakshas are not human as you or me. May be she got children from you. But one day we could see that she had eaten you and your children. So it was a good thing

that you chased her away. Our people were scared to death hearing that you were sharing you bed with a she devil. But once you see this princess, you will see the difference between a she devil and a human woman She is not a she devil Upathisssa said the King. I have been with her for more than ten years. She is as much as human as you or me. It was only the rumors that Lankans were cannibals. No. They are not cannibals. If they were, why didnt they come and kidnap us to eat? May be you are correct your majesty said Upathissa eventhough he did not agree with the king in his mind. May be you know it correct and I do trust you. But it is very difficult to convince our people that she is not a she devil. So it is better she disappeared What do you think Upathissa? Where can she go? asked the king this time. We dont have reliable information as that regards oh your majesty said Upathissa secretly happy that there was no news about Kuwenis whereabouts. Only one watcher has seen her escaping to the forest with your children. Thereafter, nobody has seen her. Most probably she might have sought refuge with her relations in Lankapura It is no more a city, isnt it? asked the king. No, your majesty. The Yakshas themselves destroyed that city when Girishavasthu fell, for which the reason is unknown so far. Now it is not a city but a small village. Some of our men had neared that village and were brutally killed by the Yakshas spears. After that nobody wishes to intervene with them. After all they are not human. They have black magic and may be they are

invisible. You know that one day one of our men had seen a Yaksha on a white horse in the jungle, and it had flown in the sky when he reached to that horse. So our people are sacred of the Yakshas. Nobody wishes to cross their path Mere illusions they are said the King. There are no flying horses on the earth. Our man either was hypnotized to see it or it was a secret flying chariot of the Yakshas. Kuweni had told me lot of things about their race. They have something called flying chariots. They are some kind of machines that can fly in the sky. They had manufactured them in different shapes. It can be a peacock, a horse, a vulture etc. But it is a machine flying by the forces developed by the crystals Vjaya the king was continuing. Upathissa could not understand lot of things he heard. And there were no sufficient words in their vocabulary to describe lot of things. Upathissa doubted whether the king was out of his mind. However, their plot was working fine. It was only ten years that had passed since their colonization of the island. They were able to develop few villages in the interior of the country. Upathissa, Anuradha, Udeni, Uruwela and Vijithapura were these villages. After all, the Aryans were penetrating into the country limiting the Yakshas authority to the jungles. Yakshas were harmless at all. They did not come to create any problems with the Aryans. Deegha was helping them enormously. He had given up all his Yaksha heritage and become an Aryan. There was no doubt about his loyalty. The only problem was Kuweni, who wished to transfer

the reins of the island to her children after Vijaya. If it were to happen that meant the Yakshas still had a say in Aryans affairs, as their children were half Yakshas. So the kings ministers wanted to avoid that happening. It was why they wanted to exile Kuweni by forcing the King to marry a Kshastriya princess from Bharath.So the Pandawa King accepted the proposal made by King Vijayas ministers and sent his daughter to be the queen of Vijaya. Their procession was coming from Mahathiththa, where the Aryans had constructed a primitive port to harbor the ships. The Pandawa princess was welcomed by the Aryan women in the kingdom and was treated nicely. Upathissa arranged the function of Kings coronation. Some educated Brahmins from Bharath had visited the island for this ceremony. The King arrived in his beautiful red coloured cloth covering from hip to toes, his naked torso adorned with gold. A sacred fire was blazing in front of the Brahmin and he was chanting some Sanskrit stanzas. Then it was the Pandawa princess arrived with all her jewels and pride. She was a really beautiful woman in her twenties. She was brought up with all the good manners of Aryans and was proud about her ancestry. She did not want to marry a prince from a far away island. But there was no chance for a womans desire in the Aryans dynasty. Her fair coloured skin noted a lifelong continuous treatment day and night and her long hair told the same story. She looked at the prince who was going to marry her for the first time. He was a

symbol of the perfect manhood with the sword he wore in his hip. She fell in love with him at the first sight. The Brahmin stopped chanting the stanzas and called Vijaya. Then the King came and knelt in front of the Brahmin. I coronate you today as the King and the God of this island. Yours is a great ancestry whose roots go back to the children of Sun God. It is from Sun you are descending. So treat your people with the Suns fairness, righteousness and the strength. Be a father to your people and give them a descendent to rule them after you. I wish you blessings of all the gods of the Bharath with that, the Brahmin coroneted the king with the newly made gold crown. The thumbs of the King and the Pandawa princes were tied together and sacred water poured on them. The King was happy with his bride, soft as a lotus flower she was. So the great ceremony started outside the palace where the Aryans celebrated the coronation and the wedding of their first King. The King and his queen were chatting for a long time in the kings assembly while the ministers chose this opportunity to show their loyalty to the King and the new queen. Valuable presents were offered to the duo while they accepted them with thanks. The night dawned and the Pandawa princess was quite nervous. She was bathed by the women in the palace and there was a special tradition. She was covered with a

blanket and then made bath with the smoke of sandalwood. This gave a sweet fragrance to the princesss body to attract the king on the bed. Then she was sent to the kings bedroom which was empty when she entered. The bed was decorated with red coloured blossoms and she sat on it, closing her face thoroughly with the red transparent cloth. The king was still to arrive. She prayed gods he would not be aggressive. She was a virgin and Aryans treated the virginity as a sacred thing. She knew this first experience could be painful. But it was her unique opportunity to attract the king. The King arrived after a long time and she looked at the floor. It was not good to look at the husband straightly at eyes. Are you fine darling? asked the king. Yes my lord she murmured. Vijaya sat near her and she felt the warmth of his body. He caressed the princesss hair and she understood that an unknown feeling was running in her body. Then she was enchanted with it and she wanted to be with him every day. He kissed her at face and she felt his warm breathes. Then she understood that her red transparent cloth was being removed. She wanted to resist but was too sacred for that. The king removed his dress as well and she felt so much shy so she looked at another direction. This was her first night with a man. After a while the king was on top of her, and she felt the pain of her maturity. But she liked the sensation that caused her to demand it for more.

Vijaya found a strange pain in his manly parts and at first he did not think much of it. Then the pain was increasing heavily and he lost the concentration. It was a failed man who fell back to the bed in front of his wife. He bit his lip until it bled to endure the pain. But it was no use and he was sweating like hell. Are you alright my lord? asked the princess scared to death. The King did not answer but tried to stop a scream going out of his mouth. The pain did not last for long and the king had his orgasm with a stream of blood. The bed was reddened with it and the princess could not help screaming. She knew she was bleeding too but had never heard a man bleeding in his first night. Oh my lord, what happened to you? the princess asked fearfully. That she-devil, it is better if she killed me rather than doing this! said the king in a rage. The princess looked at him doubtfully and worried. Whom did he mention calling a she-devil. Then she saw something that she never expected to see in her life. The king was weeping like a child in the bed!


CHAPTER 10: GAMINIS ADVENTURE he freedom for the historians is limited in many of the occasions. They have to describe every single piece of detail which happened in the history. I am fortunate in that aspect because I am no historian and I need not elaborate each and every thing the history witnessed. I need not to describe what Vijaya did after finding out his infertility, nor have I to elaborate on the agony of the Pandawa princess. I can fetch my readers to a point at which our story began again. That is half a century to the future after all what had happened in the previous chapters. Now we are standing in front of the palace of the new king of the island. He was not born here. Vijaya died without giving a descendent and there was no king in the country. Minister Upathissa took the reins and he called for another king from King Vijayas family. It was Panduwasadeva who accepted the offer and was coroneted as the King of the island. He had children, among which the youngest one was a beautiful daughter whose future was predicted by Brahmins as a troublesome one to her brothers. To put the things straight, their prediction was in case this princess got a boy, he would become the King of the country by killing all his uncles. This prediction was not for the good of the princesss fate. The consequence was the princess was detained in a tall tower which had no doors but for the only door from the Kings bedroom. The kings sons did their best to avoid her being conceived by a man. So our

story reopens in one fine morning that the grandson of Deegha, Gamini seeing the beautiful princess Chithra from the opening of the tower. They fell in love at first sight. But there was no way for them to meet. The princess was caged on the tower and it was not possible to reach her by any means. So their love was limited to exchange of glances and smiles. But true love finds its way through any obstacle that is what really happened later. Deeghas were a loyal Yaksha family who lived with Aryans. The first Deegha was invited to the kingdom by none other than Kuweni. So it was Deeghas who helped the Aryans, near barbarians as per the Yakshas estimation to plan and build an organized kingdom in place of the ruined Yaksha civilization. It was Deeghas who brained the irrigational network of the country. It was Deeghas who brained the building technology. Their loyalty never shattered even after the exile of Kuweni and they served the king faithfully. Vijaya was fond of this family and he had issued a royal charter that Deeghas should always serve the King as ministers and should not be harassed or humiliated by any Aryan. This order was never questioned of by any Aryan. After all, Vijaya was the founder of the kingdom and his word was the law. No Yaksha was allowed in the Aryan kingdom but for the Deeghas. However, the Deeghas retained one right from the kings sympathy. That was they should have freedom to marry Yakshas if they so wished. This right was granted without questioning.

So it was Gaminis father who worked in Kings assembly as a minister. Young Gamini was being trained to become a minister in the future. Gamini understood that there was a wrong in the world he was born. He was dark coloured while his friends in the young age were fair coloured. He was taught two languages in the childhood, among which one was never used but for the home affairs. First he thought it was the custom. One language for home use and other for societal use! When he was matured enough to understand the things, he wondered why only his family did this terrible mistake. All of his friends knew only one language which they used for everything. His doubt was not cleared until he met with a wonderful incident in his life. That was the time Hunting Festival was taking place. Young sons of all the ministers went to the jungle in search of animals. It was a grand festival where the princes ran on horses and hunted deer. Gamini was an enthusiastic member of the gang. No two princes hunted together. The custom was to enter the jungle and follow the way one thinks suitable. The victory was for the person who could hunt deer as many as possible. Young Gamini, enthusiastic with the thrill of the game, followed a trace of deer which he knew from the early childhood. But it was not possible for him to find a single deer on that day. Farther and farther to the jungle, Gamini went on searching an animal. But it was in vain. It seemed like an unfortunate day for him. His horse grasped heavily and he felt hungry too. Gamini

understood that he had lost his way finally to make him feel miserable. There was a river flowing in the middle of the jungle. At this juncture he was sure he was strayed in the jungle. The sun was going to set and he understood trying to find the way back was useless. His horse was tired to the hell. Gamini dropped down from the horse and tied the horse in a nearby tree, in order to let it drink some water. He drank some water too, and sprinkled some water to his naked torso, as to get released from the heat. Then what he saw was the last thing one expected to see in a jungle, a smoke at the other side of the river. He was bewildered as to what to do, but his young energetic heart never knew what it meant by fear. Gamini looked at the river. It was not very deep. So he again took the horse and started crossing the river. It was not a difficult thing for him to cross the river by the help of the horse. He remembered all the stories he had heard about this river. Aryans were prohibited to cross this river. On the other side of the river dark spirits roamed. But Gamini wanted to check who or which caused the smoke. It was not a jungle fire, he was sure. So it was a brave hearted prince who set his foot on the prohibited land after few minutes of horse ride. What Gamini saw was a cadjan roofed small house similar to that of any Aryan village. There was no body to be seen. Gamini dropped down from the horse and walked to the house. There was a pot on the stove and

the smell was perfect. Should be meat of the deer he whispered. Then it was a hungry prince who sat on a small bench and helped himself with big portions of meat. It was tasty or at least he thought so because he had not had any food after his breakfast. But he understood the spices used were different in this curry. The young man was expecting no risk when his neck was suddenly tightened by a rope. He was dragged out without letting him touch his sword. His cloth at the hip released giving way and he was only with his loin cloth when he was finally out of the small house. Few hands involved in tightening the knots and within few minutes, the son of the glorious minister Deegha, Gamini was a helpless prisoner in the hands of an unknown gang. Release me, you idiots! he shouted. Do you know who I am? I am the son of a minister of this country. You will not be escaped when this news goes to my father Shut up you, damn barbarian! said an old tribesman. Gamini felt he spoke the language with some difficulty. He was not a native speaker of that language. We are not afraid of your father, nor are we afraid of the King, if you like to call him that way he continued. You barbarians can only kill by sword. But we know thousands of ways to kill a man. Very nearly you will enjoy one of those methods Who are you? asked the prince this time. Did you come here without knowing who we are, you damn barbarian? Very quickly you will know! with

that, the old tribesman turned back. Gamini was blindfolded with his own cloth and lifted by four men on their shoulders. He was carried farther to the jungle, Gamini without knowing his fate. Gamini wondered about these tribesmen. Can he call them tribesmen? He wondered again. The dress code of the common man among Aryans was the loin cloth. But these tribesmen were wearing beautiful clothes from their hips to toes. No man wanted to make a minister his enemy but these tribesmen did not care anything about it. If it was not Gamini but another person, he could have taken them as dark spirits. But Gamini did not believe much about the things he did not see. After few minutes the gang started talking. To the surprise of the young prince, it was in his mother tongue. Our senators will be happy to see this Aryan prisoner. We have to give him a punishment as to not to cross this river and disturb the Yaksha lands said one. But do you see his skin colour? It is more similar to us Yakshas, rather than Aryan barbarians said the other. I also wondered about that said the old man who was seemed to be the leader of this gang. I have never seen an Aryan this much dark in my life time he continued. Then it should be a proper suggestion I hope said the earlier one. After all you are living more than hundred years on this earth!

Now let us hurry you youngsters! ordered the old man. Gamini felt something odd here. They were speaking in his mother tongue. It was the only time he heard his mother tongue being spoken outside his home. He was encouraged to use Aryan language everywhere and only his grandma wished to see him speaking his mother tongue. He remembered the fairly tales he heard from his grandma, men in flying chariots, crystals that illuminated the night, various machines that weaved dresses, wide roads and giant buildings made of stones, and above all men who could say what the other had in mind. His grandma told his mother tongue was the language of those glorious men. Gamini did not care much about them. After all, were not they fairly tales his grandma told him to send him to sleep? In reality what he saw was men with loin clothes, dusty narrow roads, cadjan roofed houses and bullock carts. But once he heard these tribesmen speaking in his mother tongue, he was again doubtful. Are these the people his grandma elaborated? They were just tribesmen. None of them came by flying chariots. There were no giant stone built buildings. They were just a gang who lived by the forest. Night fell and the prince felt he was carried farther interior to the jungle. He was blindfolded and could not see the change of the surrounding. If he saw, he would notice that it was a small village in the middle of the jungle. Then he would see the stone built small houses among which somewhat a large building stood proudly. The building was illuminated with torches and lanterns. Then he heard people speaking more like whispers.

Suddenly Gamini doubted whether he was carried to the land of the dark spirits. But they were not ghosts but human. He could feel the touch of their flesh and he could smell their sweat. After a time Gamini felt like hours, he was kept down and his blindfold removed, to witness the most fantastic thing in his life.



amini wiped his eyes, unable to believe what he saw in the building. There was no torch or a lantern but the building was illuminated as day light. He looked around to see the source of light. To his surprise, it was only a set of crystals that were being hung in the ceiling above. They were illuminating! Gamini never knew how one could get light without a fire at night. Then it was a marble paved hall and there were few old men in the centre. They were not Aryans nor were they seem like tribesmen. They were dark coloured and Gamini saw that they resembled him his relatives. Sit down my son said the one who seemed the leader. It was the perfect tone of his mother tongue. Who are you? asked Gamini this time, in the same language. But the elder did not try to answer his question and asked a question himself instead. Arent you the son of Deegha, the Yaksha minister at Aryan kings assembly? Yaksha minister? Are you joking? He is not a Yaksha or a devil. He is a man. I am his son. What do you mean by Aryan king? There are no other kings in this country but ours, his majesty the King Panduwasadeva Gamini said. A horse laugh spread among the men who were sitting. You have forgotten your origins. Do you think you are also an Aryan my son? asked the leader. Now look said Gamini impatiently.

What is the meaning of all this? You have kidnapped me from our kingdom. You play black magic here by illuminating crystals. If you are going to eat me, eat me at once, without talking nonsense. I am simply fed up of this Who gave the idea that we are going to eat you or we are demons? It is what the Aryans teach everybody. Now Ill tell you. We are human too. Deegha is our relation with this the elder told him the whole story of his origins. He told Gamini how the Yakshas fell in Lankapura with Vijayas invasion. How Kuweni betrayed their race and they destroyed the whole civilization in fear of scared knowledge being exposed to Aryan barbarians. It was the same story the elder said which Gamini had heard thousand times in childhood from his grandma. At the childhood they were just fairly tales for him. But now he saw his sacred origin is hidden in the ashes of past. He felt happy he was not an Aryan, but a Yaksha the heirs of this land. His mother tongue was a joke for him but now a sacred thing. He understood within a matter of few hours that he was also a descendent of a glorious civilization that had the dominance of land, ocean and sky. He got to know with much humiliation that it was their greatest enemies the Himalayans whom he consider as gods and make offerings. The elder told him that he suspects the Himalayans is also an extinct legacy now because they have never been visible to anybody here in Lankapura after the great war between them.

It was the surprise and distrust that Gamini had at the beginning but later it turned into confidence and proudness. He was happy he was a Yaksha and proud about his great ancestry. He was ashamed that his family was helping Aryans betraying their great civilization. I am really ashamed uncle. I apologize for the things my parents do Nothing to worry my son. They are not traitors like Vibhishana or Kuweni. Neither you are. So dont think much about it? How come they are not traitors? Our family is the secret between Aryans advancement in irrigational technology. If we did not help them, their cultivation will be lost without water and they will die in starvation That is not what we want my son said the elder. Then what else? asked the prince. Now we Yakshas are very few in number. We lost the greatest part of our civilization after the Great War. Himalayans exploded all our cities, they killed thousands of our citizens. They spread the rumours that we were demons while they were gods. All are untrue. But the barbarians took them as true. So even if Vijaya came or not, invasion of our land by barbarians was inevitable. But their hegemony was not as bad as we expected. It is true they invaded us. But their principal was to not to disturb the Yakshas. We lived in the jungle in peace for nearly a generation. There is a royal charter from the King Vijaya that no Aryan should harass a Yaksha unless he tried to harm an Aryan. We know we fell. But we lived happily in the jungle under Aryan control. We

dont take your family as traitors because you have not done any treachery against us. You only helped them to build their civilization with technical advancement to do their cultivation. You have not helped them to be strengthened to attack us. Now we have given up hostility against the Aryans. We have come to the conclusion that together we can go a long way So why dont you come to meet the king? He is a nice person after all. You can give your technology and they can provide the man power. We together can build the advanced civilization we lost due to Himalayans said Gamini. Do you call him a nice man if he cages his own daughter in a tall tower in fear of his own sons? What is the wrong that innocent girl did? asked the elder. Suddenly Gamini felt sad in his heart. It was about the girl whom he loved they talked. So he was speechless. Yeah, you love her, arent you? asked the elder. Pardon me uncle. But will you tell me how do you know all these things? Do you have spies in the kingdom? Again the whole assembly laughed for this question. No my son. We dont have spies. It is only the mental power we have. That is also not into a great extent. There we still have some scholars who can entertain this power. It doesnt mean we can hypnotize a man and get him to do what we want. It was our past glory. But still we can hypnotize an animal. So some of us can see what the others think. So what do you expect to do? asked Gamini without knowing the Yakshas intention.

Now you listen to me carefully. We have a secret plan. There is only one way that we Yakshas and they Aryans can get together at that time the elders voice was more like a whisper. And what is that uncle? asked Gamini. The Yakshas should take the lead. That means a Yasksha should be the King But you said you are always having a senate in place of a king. The other thing is if a Yaksha becomes the King, will the Aryans accept it? Two questions, my dear son. Yes. We have a senate. But Aryans are not matured enough to accept a senate. So it should be a king. Second one: yes they would not accept a Yaksha king nor our men will accept an Aryan king. So the best option is that the king should have roots in Aryans and Yakshas It is good if possible. Only thing is that you consider them as barbarians. Nobody of you would wish to marry an Aryan. On the other hand, Aryans consider you as not humans but dark spirits. So they will also not like to marry one of you. So how can we have a prince that has origins in Yakshas and Aryans? asked Gamini. Well, this is where we want your help. You are a Yaksha and you are the only Yaksha in history who fell in love with an Aryan except Kuweni. Kuweni betrayed our race and we want you to correct it But how? asked the prince. By giving birth to a prince from an Aryan womans womb

Gamini loved Chithra and this was a golden chance for him. But he hesitated. I love Chithra said Gamini slowly. But it is a true love. It is not a business he continued. We are not asking you to do a business with your sacred love my boysaid the elder. Dont you like to marry her and taste the fruits of love? She will get children as a result. It is not a business. What we suggest is that if you get a boy, his origin is Aryan as well as Yaksha. So he will be a king that everybody can accept. That is all. We dont ask you to breed a child and sell him to us or sort of thing said the elder. That was after all not a bad idea. If they help him to marry Chithra, it was a good thing. Who knows whether they would get children or not? Even if they had, how can he become the king while there are ten successors to the throne? Gamini was wondering. We have answers for all your questions my son said another elder. But how with that point Gamini stopped. All the questions were in his head and he did not put them out. How these people know them. The first elder smiled at Gaminis astonishment. He is Vajra, the great scholar of the Yakshas said he. He can read minds into some extent, although he has not mastered in that art, he is quite alright with it Gamini understood that these people, his relations were not lying. They had the powers they elaborated. But they were a dying race who was losing all their capabilities one by one after generations. They were expecting a son

from him to coronate in this country. They were going to help him to marry Chithra! That was not a bad idea after all. OK. Im rather happy if you could help me to take her hand. But I dont understand how. She is caged in the tower and nobody is allowed to see her except the King and the queen said Gamini. For this, the elder did not say anything but called a servant and asked him to bring something. The servant came with a small instrument that can carry in the hand. Take this my son said the elder. This is called the Karkataka machine. This is like a crab. You can use this to climb any wall. What you have to do is to keep two legs in the ground first. Then keep the other two legs in the wall. Then you climb into this small plate. Later, release the first two legs from the ground and keep it above the other two legs. The two legs earlier kept at the wall will keep you without falling. You can climb any height with this machine in any rough wall. But make sure two legs are thoroughly attached to the wall before releasing the other two legs. Dont try to climb to the tower in daylight that is nothing to mention. Try at night. Understood? asked the elder. Yes uncle. I dont know how I can thank you for this. I consider it as a help from gods considering my true love he could not finish his sentence but the elder disrupted. Dont be silly. It is not your gods who helped you. We know them very well. Those greedy Himalayans never help anybody unless they have a good reason for their benefit in it. Remember it is Yakshas your relations who

helped you. One day your son will rule us as well as the Aryan barbarians. Then both our races can join together to build the advanced civilization we lost on this land. That is how you can thank us Gamini was given a different cloth to wear. His dress was worn and torn after using as a blindfold. He wondered seeing the quality of this garment. It was suitable for a royalist compared to the dresses they wore. He was again happy about his great ancestry. The gang of Yakshas who brought him here fetched him to the river and helped him to cross it. We are forbidden to cross this river, oh noble prince they said. But dont worry. Dont think much about your trace. Your horse will know it. Just hold the reins and it will carry you to the city Gamini knew it was their mental power. They had hypnotized the horse and were leading the horse to the city through the jungle by distant instructions. It was a different prince who reached the city following day morning. He had been lost in the jungle and unable to do any hunting. But it was a proud prince, yes proud about his great ancestry and the task he has to fulfill who reached his fathers palace in the morning.


CHAPTER 11: AT CHITHRAS PRISON hithra was the most miserable princess in the kingdom. She was brought up with a strict set of laws in the palace. The freedom for the Aryan women were limited compared to that of Yakshas but in Chithras case it was extraordinary. She was the youngest child of the king and she had ten brothers. A Brahmins prophecy that one day her child would become the king of the country had given her this ill fate. So she was caged in a tall tower and the access for this tower was through the king and queens bed room. It was only her servant and her friend Bhadra, she saw every day. Time to time the king or the queen visited her. But no other stranger was allowed to her room. This tall tower was beyond the capacity of Aryans and Deesha had helped them building this with the geometric knowledge he possessed from his ancestors. It was he who instructed them to create the structure in a near vertical shape. Later the strong men of Aryan race built the tower with clay bricks. It was a fine building once it was finished. Chithra was sent there when her childhood was just finishing. She was used to look down from the only window in her room. Nobody was interested about her or at least nobody was bold enough to pay any attention about her, in fear of her brothers hatred. But later one day she saw a dark coloured young man was looking at her on a horse. Even with the far distance, she could see the perfection of manhood in this young mans body. She

knew she was beautiful. She had her ears full of praises from her servant about her beauty. She looked down. There was no mistake. The man was looking at her and smiling. Should she take trouble to smile back? She was a royal princess. Should she smile with an ordinary man? But ordinary men did not travel by horse. So he should be a prince. After all she was a woman with all the womanly feelings hidden in her heart. Can a woman resist a smile of man who is a heavens gift to anybody? Immediate reaction was she found herself smiling with this unknown stranger of a man. Day by day the smiles were exchanged but no improvement was there in their relationship. So Chithra wanted to ask her servant about this stranger, Bhadra, do you know who is there on that horse? Why not? It is the prince Gamini of minister Deegha. But, why? Dont you see him smiling with me every day? I have seen him several times looking at my window. Thats why I asked said Chithra. Please dont smile with him my lady. Dont invite trouble in vain. He cant marry you. This will create problems to him as well as to you. What will happen if your brothers get to know this? I am simply running out of my skin in fear said Bhadra, caressing her head. She loved her mistress and did not want to see her falling in trouble. Is it fair they cage me in this tower without my consent? A foolish prophecy by a Brahmin has caused me this ill fate. Am I not a woman? Who has the right to

stop me marrying a man? My brothers are mere cowards. They are afraid that they would lose the throne since my unborn child Chithra started to weep. I am also a woman. Why dont they understand it? Dont be sad my lady said Bhadra, anxious about the princesss fate. At least your elder brother Prince Abhaya is quite mercy upon you. Just think about him. He will not let the others harm you He is my only hope said the princess. At least he treats me as to a sister, not as to a foe like others do There was a bell ringing in the tower and it was a sign for Bhadra. She stepped down from the princesss room and entered the queens bedroom. There was another servant girl with a basket of rice, curries and fruits. Once she took the basket, the door was closed and locked under the queens supervision. Then Bhadra came back to the princesss room with the food. Take away this rubbish. I dont want to eat groaned the princess. Oh my lady. Dont refuse your food. See, the queen has sent you the mango curry, your favorite too. If you refuse foods, you will die. I dont want to see my mistress dying. Please be mercy upon this poor Bhadra and eat something appealed the servant. No. I will not eat today. You eat if you wish said the princess. Every humble attempt by Bhadra to make the princess eat failed. Instead, Chithra lay on the bed and closed her eyes thoroughly. She was not hungry; her

mind was focused on the dark figure who smiled with him. She dreamed of a royal wedding in which her parents bless her and she becomes his wife. She dreamed serving him with all her body and soul. She dreamed of the children they would get, as a result of their love. Meanwhile Bhadra looked at the basket of foods. It was special rice for royalists. She found her parcel beneath the princesss food. It was a normal rice parcel she got every day. She was not allowed to taste royal foods. If I said the princess did not eat, the offence will be mine. The best thing is to finish everything she thought. So she sat on her bench and took her plate. She poured the royal rice to her plate and she was fascinated with the good smell of it. Then she had some mango curry too. It was her favourite curry. Then it was a yam curry and meat of peacock, a salad of herbal plants and coconuts etc. So Bhadra started eating. She was a heavy eater and all the food was finished within few minutes. Then she took her own parcel. It was a parcel with smelly rice and a yam curry. Damn these royalists she murmured. They think we are animals to eat these things then she mixed the rice with the yam curry and threw it back to another basket. If they ask why I did not eat, I would say I did not have an appetite thought Bhadra. After all, she was the most loyal servant girl in the whole palace and nobody questioned her in doubt. One day night, Chithra ate something from her dinner and gave the remaining food to Bhadra. She was very happy with this and ate them after her usual meal. Then after doing praying to the gods they went to sleep. There

were two rooms in this tower. One for Chithra and one for her servant. The servant is supposed to use her room only for sleeping. With a heavy diet, Bhadra fell asleep quickly. But it was another frustrating day for Chithra when she went to sleep. She could not sleep. She was always thinking about her lover. He came near the tower everyday and smiled. But today he was going to tell something by sign language which Chithra could not understand. So she smiled an innocent smile. The night was starry and Chithra slowly opened the window. She liked to look at thousands of stars illuminating at night. She wondered who fueled these lamps to light every day. She had learned that there was a god for every star. So it should be that god who fuels the star to shine. The cold breeze was delicate and she liked the tickling feeling it caused in her ears. She felt something strange suddenly and she looked down. It was with difficulty she stopped a scream running out of her mouth. A dark figure was climbing the tower to reach her window. She shivered with fear. It should be a ghost! But ghosts could fly. They need not to climb a wall with difficulty. However, no man could climb that straight vertical face of the tower in such a skill. She then saw eight legs in that creature, making her think that it should be a big insect. Should she scream? If she screamed, the whole palace will be awake. Chithra was doubtful what to do. Why did she want to cry? Was there any worth in her life? If that was a big insect, it should be coming to suck her blood. It would give her an easy end. Chithra liked the idea.

The dark figure was coming nearer. A man! Chithra whispered. Yes, it was a man with a wonderful instrument. He was sitting on a small plate and released two legs down the instrument. Upper legs were still hanging to the wall. Then he rotated a lever and bottom legs went up, raising the man. Then he stopped again and released the bottom legs. He did this exercise for quite a time and the man was being raised inch by inch to the window. Chithra looked down again. It was a young man in his twenties. Was he a thief? But no thief was bold enough to enter the Kings palace. She suddenly shivered with the idea it was Gamini. Yes, it should be. No man would take such a risk to enter this prison. Chithra was tearful. Finally she had got a true lover who could put his life in bargain in sake of love. So it was Chithra who extended her hand to the man to enter her room near the window. Werent you afraid to climb such a tall wall? Chithra asked, as she was addressing her husband coming after the days work. No. I was afraid you would scream and put my every effort in vain. Werent you afraid? asked Gamini smiling. He was sweating like hell. No. I knew it should be you with that no words were necessary for them to exchange their feelings. Then it was glances that spoke. Gamini touched the princesss hand she felt like she was being carried to the heaven alive. She smelled the aromatic smell of his sweat. It was without force she approached to his body. It was hot and

hairy. This was life, yes this was life. The princess cling the prince and wept like anything, hiding her face in his great masculine chest. Why are you crying darling? asked Gamini. Chithra told him all her agony. Gamini knew that story better than Chithra. We can never marry my lord cried Chithra. I am the most unfortunate woman in this country. My brothers never let me marry. If they know this and catch you, they will kill you as well. So never come to visit me again. I am not so lucky to be your wife. You will find a more beautiful princess than me. Please leave me alone but in her heart she cried thousand times appealing for his love. Now look here darling said Gamini. I came here risking my life because I love you. You are the only girl in my heart. I cant think of any other girl except you with this he kissed her forehead. We are no prophets to predict the future. Let us live in present and the future will be decided as it likes Gamini kissed Chithra in her face and she felt the warmth of his breath. This was the person she loved or at least this was the only person who loved her. She cling his great masculine body and he made her bathe with kisses. So nobody knew when it started but they were making love on Chithras bed naked, after a while. The pleasure Chithra had was beyond her imaginations. She understood the uselessness of her life in the tower. She wanted to be his wife and mother of his children. So

it was early morning and sun was to rise when the naked couple got up from their bed. Flee my lord, flee! Now Bhadra will arrive at any time. If she sees us this way, she will sneak to my father the King said Chithra. But in her heart, she wanted to sleep with him throughout the eternity. Now listen, my darling said Gamini. I cant live without you. You are the angel of my forehead, North Star of my fate. I will try to visit you whenever I can. But we want to keep this a secret. Otherwise, the King will kill us both. Try to get the assistance of Bhadra. Then maybe we will be able to flee one day Ill try my best my lord. After all she is my friend with this, Gamini hurried back to the ground with his Karkataka machine which he got as a present from his Yaksha relatives. The sun was rising. But the young prince was on the ground before the first ray of the sun touched the ground. Then he jumped to the horse back and rode to his fathers palace in the speed of a wind.



hithra was tired and felt lazy to get up. She hoped if she could sleep clinging to the naked body of the prince forever. It was the first time she had a touch of a man and that man was a perfect symbol of manhood. Was not she beautiful? Everybody talked of her beautifulness in the city. So she thought they were a fine match in the kingdom. You have not yet woken up blamed Bhadra entering the room with the princesss breakfast and a pot of milk. Wake up my lady. Dont say you are not going to eat your breakfast today I am going to eat my breakfast today said Chithra in joy. How many things can love change? So Chithra sat by her table. What is for breakfast? asked Chithra. Its Pittu and curd said Bhadra. Chithra liked pittu. It was a food made with rice flour and coconut. Chithra had two pieces of pittu and a spoonful of curd. Then she was helping herself with the food without enforcement. Bhadra looked at the happy princess in surprise. You are very happy today my lady? Did you see a good dream yesterday? asked Bhadra. Yes Bhadra. I saw a prince came and released me from this prison said Chithra. Then it is a good dream my lady. You will get released very soon said Bhadra. She was honestly happy that her mistress was in a good mood.


While Chithra was taking her breakfast, Bhadra started preparing the room. She changed the curtains, filled the jug with fresh water and swept the room. Then she went to the bed to change the bed sheet. She could not believe her eyes. There was a dark patch in the white bed sheet. She had a closer look. It was unmistakably blood. But, how could that happen? My lady, my lady cried Bhadra. Why Bhadra? asked the princess. There is patch of blood in your bed sheet. How could that happen? I dont know said Chithra without showing a change. Poor princess, she had never heard of these things in her life. Bhadra came to feet of Chithra and sat down. Then she kissed the princesss feet and wept. Oh my lady, please tell me the truth. How could that happen? You cant bleed because of a dream. Did a demon come to suck your blood? Or did a snake bite you? Please tell me. If you dont tell, the king will kill me It was not a dream Bhadra. A prince came to my room yesterday Chithra was going to tell her the truth. But that was all Bhadra could endure. Within few seconds she fainted and fell to the floor. Bhadra, Bhadra, what happened to you? shouted the princess. Then she poured some water to Bhadras face. Oh my gods!... cried Bhadra. Let me die! Bhadra, what is this nonsense? Get up said Chithra, angrily this time.

No my lady. It cannot be a prince. There is only one access to this room. That is from the kings bedroom. No prince can come to this room. It should be a ghost or a demon that came and slept with you. I should tell the king just now Bhadra was sweating like hell in fear. What nonsense? It was a human who climbed to my room. He is none other than prince Gamini, son of minister Deegha Gods! Dont let anybody hear that my lady. He is a very brave prince in this kingdom. If somebody hears that, the king will kill the prince. He is a human. He cant fly to your window. It should be a devil. It is only devils who can fly. Why didnt you call me? I have a magical spell to chase any devil. Now you became his victim. He will come every day until he finishes sucking last drop of your blood. Now there is nothing I can do. I should report this to the king so he will fetch a Brahmin and chase the unholy spirit away Stop it, you idiot! shouted Chithra. Then she took Bhadra by hair. Now listen to me carefully. It is no devil but Gamini, my lover who is coming at night. If you are going to sneak about it, Ill throw you down from this window. He is not flying either. He is coming by using a machine called Karkataka machine. But it is risky. So he will bring a rope next day. You have to tie one edge of the rope to a strong column of this building, so he can climb the wall easily. Understood? My lady, my lady, does that mean you slept with this prince? asked the servant.

Yes was Chithras answer. Bhadra did not speak for a while. Chithra was more like a sister to her than her mistress. This was the only pleasure she was getting. OK. If the king kills me, let him kill me. I wont betray you. Ill help you because you treated me nice. You treated me as to your own sister while for others I am just a servant girl who works for a wage Thank you Bhadra said Chithra, kissing her forehead. So Gamini came to Chithras room for few weeks without interference from anybody. Chithra was fascinated with the love he exhibited and caring he had regarding the princess. Bhadra was scared to death seeing their affair but did not go to sneak. You know Chithra, I am a Yaksha. Do you still love me? asked Gamini one day. Dont joke. I know you are a human. Not a Yaksha (demon) said Chithra, playing with his small finger. No Chithra. I am not lying. Yaksha does not mean a demon. They are the heirs of this country. You Aryans are invaders with this, Gamini revealed her the story he had heard from his relations. It was difficult for Chithra to believe at first. But she reasoned out slowly that theirs was a primitive civilization and technology was injected to it by Gaminis family. A Yaksha or an Aryan, my love does not change my lord said Chithra. It was you who understood my heart. I owe you for life. I pray gods that one day my father will understand me. Now I want to flee with you and be your wife Very soon we shall leave Chithra said Gamini.

Our time will dawn soon Gamini planned to flee with Chithra next day. Was she bold enough to come down by rope? He was not sure. He was going to flee with her and escape to Lankapura, where his relatives lived. His fathers post and wealth were just nothing for him in front of Chithras love. With this intention he came to the tower one night. To his dismay, the tower was guarded by four royal guards. He felt suspicious. Why did they guard the tower all in a sudden? He came there and stopped the horse. Guards, recognizing the prince greeted him. Long live the noble prince they said. Why are you guarding there my men? asked Gamini. It is Kings order noble prince. We dont know why it was the only information he could get from them. These common men knew nothing but did what they were ordered. So it was a frustrated prince who took his way back to the palace. He released the horse to the staple and had a wash. Then he entered the palace and was leading to his room when he heard his parents discussing something. He hid behind a curtain and listened. Nobody knows how. But the princess is pregnant... said his father Deegha. But how? She was caged from the childhood. Nobody can enter her room said his mother. Aryans suspect that she was conceived by a demon, poor fellows laughed his father. These Aryans have so many myths sometimes I cant help laughing. Can a demon conceive a woman? It

should be a man. Somebody has entered the princesss room in secrecy But who is bold enough to enter that room my lord? As I have heard, there is only one access to that room through the kings bedroom. Who dares to pass the kings bedroom to enter that room? his mother was not sure. Darling, dont fall to the Aryans shoes and say nonsense. If the princess is pregnant, that means somebody has entered her room. Women dont get conceived by wind but a man My lord. I dont understand what you say. If the only access is through the kings bed room and if the king denies that, then how can a man enter there? asked Deeghas wife. There are few methods said Deegha, after a long silence. But these Aryans are not capable of doing these things. So it should be Yaksha. You know, someone can enter there using a flying chariot. But if the man entered using a flying chariot, then someone can see that and it is dangerous. So I dont think he used a flying chariot. Then there is one option left What is that my lord? asked the wife. Gamini focused his ears to listen clearly to what his father was going to say. Karkataka machine! A shiver ran through Gaminis spine. Was his father suspecting something? But do you think that any Yaksha dares to enter the capital and do such a thing? Cant be it that one Aryan

had this machine from a Yaksha and did this thing? counter argued Deeghas wife. Karkataka machines are not for sale observed Deegha. Yakshas never give away the simplest machine they have to any Aryan. I am pretty sure it was a Yaksha. And I am pretty sure one other thing too What is that my lord? asked his wife. I am pretty sure the convict is our son! Gamini stoned hearing these words. He could cheat the whole Aryan dynasty, but not his single Yaksha father. My lord, my lord, are you out of your mind? What are you telling? If this goes to kings ears, he will slay our son as a fly wept Deeghas wife. I dont think so. King Panduwasadeva is an educated man and he can understand the things. But I should make sure whether it was Gamini first. Gamini, dont try to hide behind the curtain there. Come here, I want to speak with you Gamini came outside shyly. How did his father know that he was hiding behind the curtains? I am sorry father, I, I Gamini did not know what to say. If you had practiced the first few lessons of mind reading, it is not difficult to say who is around my son said Deegha, with a smile. Now tell me where did you get that Karkataka machine and why did you want to interfere with Aryans affairs by entering the prison of the Kings daughter? Dont try to lie. I know whether you are lying or not

Gamini understood there was no point of lying. His father was also a mind reader. So he revealed about his love towards the princess. Then he disclosed his adventure in the jungle and how he got the Karkataka machine. He further described the Yakshas plan to have an Aryan-Yaksha king in the future. Deegha listened carefully and finally slapped his son at the back. Well done my son. I am proud of you. I will discuss with the king to settle this matter. You have done an offence by entering a womans room. But the King is sympathetic and he wants my help. I am sure everything will be alright


CHAPTER 13: GAMINI & CHITHRA ew white horses came running to the shelter of a large tree near the lake. It was a fine evening and the darkness was going to conquer the world. The heat of the day was evading and a cold wind was blowing. It was a gang of princes who came on the horses. The common men on the road jumped away from the road giving way to this elite group. The princes stopped their horses and tied them in nearby trees. If somebody saw them, they would recognize that these were the ten brothers of Chithra and sons of King Panduwasadeva. They sat in a circle and started discussing the current situation. What our sister is pregnant? But how come? asked Chithras second brother. Nobody knows how said the third one. Brothers, that is what I said in her birth. A Brahmins prophecy never goes wrong. They have connections with the gods of earth and sky. It is the gods who disclose these prophecies to their ears. So she will get a son and he will kill us all. Best thing is we have to kill her at once concluded the second brother. Abhaya was their eldest. It is due to Abhayas sympathy the princesss life was saved so far. So he again came to interfere. Brothers, listen to me he said. The prophecy says if she gets a boy, he will kill us all. But just think if it is a girl? A woman cant become the Queen. So if we get to know it was a girl in her womb after killing her, it will be the blood of innocence in our hands. So I suggest this way. Let us wait till our sister

delivers the baby. If it is a boy, we shall kill the boy, not our sister. If it is a girl, then there is nothing we have to fear Elder brother seems correct others agreed. But it was a Yaksha who had conceived our sister disrupted the second brother. So it will be a Yaksha who will be born girl or boy. We have to punish her for having sleeping with a Yaksha in secrecy Now stop that interrupted Abhaya. What else do you expect? We have caged her since her childhood. She was not given the chance to be with Aryan men. So she fell in love with the first man she saw. Thank gods it was Gamini. They are the most loyal Yaksha family in our kingdom. His fathers and forefathers were the secret behind our achievements in this country. Unless for the Deeghas, we could have died in starvation few years back. So the best thing is to let them marry. Do you want our royal family to become a joke saying that our sister became pregnant in secrecy? We want Deeghas help in the future also. Our father the King will never agree to kill them under any circumstances So it was concluded that they should wait for the delivery of the princess. The ten princes jumped back to their horses and lead to the royal palace. At the entrance, they were surprised that a messenger from king was coming to find them. An urgent message, noble princes said the messenger, kneeling down and offering the Palmyra

leave to the princes. It was a message from the king that he wanted to see them at once. So it was a bewildered group of princes who entered the interior of the royal palace towards the hall where the Kings Assembly was held. This place was not allowed to any of them except Abhaya the count prince before. So they thought that it should be some urgent thing that their father was going to discuss. The king was sitting on his royal seat, his proudness unchallenged. He was a fair coloured fat man in his fifties. In front of him it was Deegha who was sitting in a small bench looking at the floor. Prince Abhaya sat near the King in his seat and others were standing looking at the floor. Nobody had the courage to look at the kings face directly. Oh my sons said the King. Minister Deegha has come to me to apologize for the offence his son has committed. I listened to him carefully. But I want you to hear what he has to tell. Deegha, it is your turn to speak Your majesty and noble princes here, what I have to say is that I agree it was an offence committed by my son. He did two wrongs. He stole my Karkataka machine from my treasury. It was inherited to me from my ancestors. Then he entered the princesss room using that and slept with the princess. I know my son is wrong. But I appeal the kings sympathy considering that we are the most loyal Yaksha family in this country. It was we who gave our technology and knowledge to build an advanced irrigational civilization. If your majesty exiles

us, we cant return to the Lankapura even if it exists. Because, the Yakshas would consider us as traitors. So I pray his majesty to consider this matter on sympathetic grounds and to do the justice Deegha lied about the Karkataka machine. He did not want the King to know that his son was having connections with his Yaksha relations. Do you have anything to say Abhaya? asked the King. The King only considered Abhayas opinions. He did not even bother to hear what other children had to say. Oh father, your majesty said the count prince. Minister Deegha is a loyal Yaksha in our assembly. We cant forget the service he had done to our kingdom. Eventhough he was a Yaksha in origin, his loyalty never shattered. His forefathers had been obedient servants of our Kings. What I feel is that we should not let this news being leaked to the citizens. It will bring shame upon us the royal family, as well as for the Deeghas. Therefore the best option is to let Gamini marry our sister. Then this will be a secret forever Then it is concluded said the King, standing from his seat. Deegha, tell your son I accept him as my son in law. It will be a great honour for a Yaksha. I do this honour considering the great service your family had done and is still doing to this kingdom. But this is not the best way the things could happen. He could come to me like a man and a soldier and request for my daughters hand. Then I could have accepted him as my son in law with pleasure. But now this has become a secret affair and he has gone to the extent to make my daughter pregnant.

Okay. I will forget everything and treat my loyal Yakshas nicely. It is my duty to protect them as the king of this country with this king stood and went away. Deegha stood too, in accordance. He was the only minister who could stand when the king stood. Others were supposed to kneel when the king stood in this assembly. So Gamini was presented to the king on the other day. The king looked at him from head to toe. Yes, he was a Yaksha and a perfect example of the extent that the manhood could bloom. The king smiled to himself. How could his little daughter resist in front of such an elegance of manhood in a young mans body? Gamini king called him in throat. I am happy to announce that I accept you as my son in law. But that is under one condition Gamini was silent. He was not happy with barbaric customs of the Aryans. One wrong word from his mouth could change the kings mentality and lead the king to kill him without assigning any reason. So the best thing was to be silent and let the king speak. Do you want to know what that is? asked the king, nervous about Gaminis silence. Yes your majesty answered Gamini, looking at the floor. My daughter will get a child because of you. If it is a daughter, there will be no problem. But if it is a son king hesitated. Yes, if he is a son, Ill order to kill him Gamini was trembling in anger. How cruel was this barbarian? He

was planning to kill an unborn baby, so much innocent. But he could not show his anger in front of the king. It will only worsen the situation. I want my son Abhaya to be the next king of this country. So the Brahmins prophecy is that if my daughter gets a son, he would kill all his uncles and become the king here. I dont want that to happen. It should be an Aryan that should bear the throne of this country. Not a Yaksha at any rate. Understood? Yes your majesty said Gamini, his disgust plainly reflecting in his voice. The other condition is continued the king. You are not permitted to fetch my daughter away from my castle. You are to live here I this palace with us. So we can see whom my daughter will deliver. Understood? Yes your majesty answered the prince. So the days that followed saw a royal feast that celebrated the royal wedding of the princess Chithra and prince Gamini. Brahmins prayed to uncountable number of gods while the two fingers of the prince and princess were tied with a sacred string and sacred water poured unto it. Chithra time to time looked at Gamini and smiled. But Gamini was nervous and silent. What he thought was how to save his unborn child if it is a boy from these wicked barbarians. Chithra did not seem to notice his change. She was undergoing the difficulties of early pregnancy and suffering from a headache. But she was happy. Her fear was that her brothers would catch Gamini and kill him

first. Then she thought they would kill her as well. Why, did not she do the most notorious thing in the history by becoming pregnant in secrecy? After all the man was not an Aryan himself. She was quite happy it was not an Aryan. If it were, then her fate could be different. Aryans respected the Yakshas in secrecy but never showed it. They knew that the Yakshas were the root of their civilization. It was at the night they had the liberty to speak freely. Chithra was sleeping on her royal bed prepared for their wedding night. She was tired to hell. She was having a severe headache. She refused to eat anything. Then entered Gamini, his elegance unchanged but with a frowned look in his face. My lord? Are you not well? asked Chithra. Oh nothing said Gamini. Chithra looked at his face. Was that the handsome face she loved? Was that the handsome and kind man who stole her heart? She was worried. Has she fed up of her this much early in their life as husband and wife? Pardon me my lord said Chithra. I did not do it intentionally. I know I should be waiting for you on the bed today. But I am pregnant and having a headache. That is why I slept I did not bother about it said Gamini smiling. I am a Yaksha, not an Aryan. In our culture women are at liberty to do whatever they like as far as it does not harm the good name of their husbands. Darling, I wont impose any restrictions on you as any other Aryan would do. But what I am worried about is our child

But what do you have to worry about our child?... asked Chithra, smiling with difficulty. Then she took his hand and kept on her belly. Brother Abhaya assured me she would be safe Who gave the idea it is a she? asked Gamini nervously. Everything will be alright if it is a she. But if it is a he? then Chithra looked at his face nervously. Will they kill our child my lord? Not until I am alive said Gamini disgustingly. Now Chithra, dont worry. He or she, our baby will be safe. I have a secret plan for that Then Gamini revealed Chithra his secret plan he had in his mind for their child. We will see whether it worked or not in preceding chapters.



amini looked around the jungle. There was nobody to be seen. He wanted to make sure that nobody was watching. He was confident enough that he was all alone and crossed the river by the horse. At this time there was no smoke from the house nor was there any tribesman to lead him to Lankapura. He wondered whether he could reach that place in the middle of the jungle finding the correct path. But his necessity led him to take any risk. Once he crossed the river, he saw that something strange was happening to the horse. Its eyes shone and half closed. Then it leapt at once. Gamini wondered what was happening. The horse ran in quick leaps and Gamini understood that the horse was following a distant instruction. Then he was smiling, feeling proud of his ancestors. It should be Yakshas that had hypnotized the horse and the horse was fetching Gamini to the Lankapura! It was the elder who welcomed the prince to the senate building of Lankapura. Welcome again my son said the elder. We have seen a great achievement in your part. And we are ready to help for your plan too The elder was beaming with happiness. Oh uncle smiled Gamini. Your way of speaking makes me go mad. Cant you speak naturally? It looks like I am speaking with a god

who knows everything and it makes me very uncomfortable Oops..! I am sorry dear son. But it is our Yakshas way. We speak a little and mostly we can understand what the others have in their mind. Unfortunately we are not masters of this art as our ancestors were. However, we know you married Chithra under the blessings of the Aryan King and now she is pregnant. We know you want to protect your child. Am I correct to that extent? asked the elder, smiling. Yes uncle. But now what I am worried is that whether it is a boy or a girl in my wifes womb. I am impatient to know that because if it is a boy, I have to create a plan to save his life said Gamini. Everything is planned my boy so you need not worry. We are also hoping it should be a boy. If it is a girl, you need not our help. But we have to wait few weeks and see What do you mean by few weeks? Her pregnancy is only three months. Well have to wait another six months to see that said Gamini with surprise. No my boy. We Yakshas need not wait that long. There is crystal ball method you can use to find out whether it is a boy or a girl. We will provide a Yaksha woman. You will have to employ her as Chithras servant. But remember she is a doctor of our race. She will decide what to do Gamini was astonished. His race was capable of determining the gender of an unborn child! So it was with Vethali the doctor of gynecology who accompanied Gamini in his way back to the palace. She

seemed to be an old woman in her seventies and she walked with difficulty showing one of her legs was crippled. Her face was as fair as that of an Aryan. But she covered her whole body with a white cloth and only the face was visible. Why are you covering your entire body mother? asked Gamini, when they were returning back to the kings castle. Do you want to see it noble prince? she asked. Her voice matched the age she showed. He teeth were dark coloured and face was wrinkled. If you dont mind mother he said. Then the woman removed her white cloth to let him see her breast. It was burned as she was burnt alive few years back. Gods! How could this kind of a terrible thing happen to you mother? asked Gamini, shocked by her appearance. Then he expected her to weep and tell what happened. But instead she laughed. Why are you laughing mother? asked Gamini, this time without understanding anything of it. Noble prince. Dont call me mother. I am younger than you. And these are not burnt marks but costumes she was still laughing. What do you mean? Gamini asked. Now noble prince, remember. I am going to be princess Chithras servant. So I should be an Aryan woman. They will not allow a Yaksha woman in the palace. So I turned the colour of my face to Aryan colour by several medicines. It will long last. Next thing is I am a pretty young girl. Aryans are barbarians and they dont respect women. So it is a better to be a burnt ugly old woman

rather than a beautiful young girl. So I used costumes to make myself an ugly burnt old woman. Nobody will be interested about me now Gamini was fascinated about the planning of the Yakshas. They plan everything to the last thing so nothing can go wrong. Are you also a mind reader? then asked Gamini, with an appreciation of the bravery of this young Yaksha girl, who intentionally try to enter the enemys den. Into some extent began Vethali. All Yakshas cant read mind. It is a special ability. You have to get that ability through life long mental exercises and meditation. It is not my subject. My specialty is on medicines, yes mostly on womens deceases Then why do you try to sacrifice your life for this? You know, if you are caught, you will be beheaded without delay said Gamini. Yes, I know that said Vethali. But what is the meaning of a life if you cant sacrifice it to your race when the need arises. You know we had a great history Enough Vethali said Gamini, smiling. This is the thousandth time I am going to hear it Vethali looked at him sadly. Was he really interested about escalating Yakshas situation in this country, or was he another fine husband who thought only about his family. Noble prince Vethali raised her voice after a long silence. Yes Vethali said Gamini, looking at her with a question in his face.

We Yakshas have a plan. More than half a century, we were thinking about it. We cant let our civilization to be sunk in the sand of time. We want to restore it. But we know we are very few in number. So we want the Aryans loyalty. That should be accomplished only through an Aryan-Yaksha prince. So we want your child to be saved more than you do I have no objection to it said Gamini As far as your plan does not harm my childs life Vethali laughed with this comment. Her young age was visible for the first time. Why are you laughing Vethali? What is so funny about it? asked Gamini, angrily. Noble prince, do you think you alone can save his life without Yakshas help? You always refer it as he. How do you know whether it is a he or a she? asked Gamini, ignoring her first question. That we dont know so far said Vethali, with a mournful look. But we can very quickly see that with that she was silent and Gamini felt most relieved. Her chatterbox was a nuisance for his trouble of mind about his child. So it was an ugly burnt woman Gamini fetched as Chithras servant in her pregnancy. Her brothers were happy Bhadra was removed. They knew Bhada was too loyal to Chithra and she never sneaked. So their thought was to bribe Vethali in Chithras delivery to get a dead baby out in case it is a boy. Once their plan was revealed to Vethali, she smiled showing her black teeth.

Fear for nothing my lords she said This Vethali does anything for money. If you pay me alright, Ill make sure it is a dead baby that comes out of your sisters womb. I know necessary herbal plants that will do it for me Chithra was then pregnant for nearly five months when Gamini called her one day at the middle of the night. My lord, what is the trouble? asked Chithra, afraid of darkness and sudden unexpected call from her husband. Dont shout darling said Gamini in a whisper. I called Vethali to do a magic on you. Then we will know whether it is a boy or a girl in your womb My lord, only the gods know that for sure. How does my servant woman know that? asked Chithra, bewildered. She is no servant woman. She is a doctor of gynecology from my race. I fetched her here to protect our child. Now please let her do what she wants. I assure nothing bad will happen to you Chithra was confident about her husband and she laid on the bed as she was ordered. Then it was Vethali who came with a very small arrow like instrument in her hand. My lady said Vethali. You might feel a little pain. But dont shout. It will be ok after a while. Believe in me and your husband. I will do no harm to you or your child with this Vethali removed the princesss dress from the hip and inserted the arrow-like instrument to her womb. It was a very thin arrow that Chithra felt a very little pain in her womb. Within few minutes, everything was finished and Vethali

took out the arrow with few drops of blood in the small sack of the arrow-like instrument. Then she took out a crystal ball in the darkness and put it on the table. First they saw nothing. But after a while they saw that crystal ball was beginning to emit a dim light. Gamini and Chithra looked at this magical vision while Vethali busy depositing the few drops of blood into a small cavity of the crystal ball. There was no change in the crystal ball for a while. But then it started emitting a light blue coloured ray. Second by second the bluishness of the ray got thicker and thicker. Finally the whole crystal ball was seen as a star that emitted blue light. It was a bright blue and Vethali smiled and had a sigh of relief. Noble prince, all of us are lucky. You are going to be the father of a boy. There is no doubt about it said Vethali. How did you say that? asked Gamini. You see this crystal ball. I took some blood from your child and inserted it to this crystal ball. The ingredients of male and female blood are different. So if it was a girl, the crystal ball would go pink. If it was a boy, the crystal ball would go blue. So in this case, it was bright blue, which means your child is a perfect man. I am pretty sure he will be our savior one day. Noble prince, now it is your turn to start the fight. Now you know your childs gender four months before the childs enemies. Go to the Yakshas at once. Our senators have arranged everything. They will tell you what to do next With that Vethali took her crystal ball and went to her room.

Gamini clang Chithra for a long time and finally kissed her forehead. Then he was seen going out of the Kings castle with his horse and was disappeared into the darkness.


CHAPTER 15: PANDUKABHAYA nd the prince Gamini was welcomed by the Yaksha senate as usual. Now the elder of the senate named Giri was silent for a moment when he heard the good news that princess Chithra was going to deliver a boy. Our ambitions are going to be fulfilled. So there will be a prince with Yaksha-Aryan origin. Vethali the doctor will do her best to protect the unborn child. But the most difficult part is to take the prince away from the castle once he is born. Now the kings sons are furious like wolves. We need to ensure that the prince is being taken away safely and grown up in a remote village to the capitol Oh noble Giri then spoke Vajra. I have two pupils under me who have mastered the mental science into some extent. I should admit that I am not a master in mental science so neither my pupils are. We have lost the knowledge of our forefathers due to the war and our own destructions after Aryan invasion. But they are the most educated two among my pupils. They know some magic, yes as Aryans call them, some magic too. I can provide these two to safeguard the prince Who are they Vajra? asked Giri. They are two young boys called Chithra Raja and Kaalawela answered Vajra. So fetch them here said Giri.


Chithra Raja and Kaalawela were two young men of their thirties. Giants they were in their physical dimensions. But Vajra knew they had soft hearts under their strong chests. They were dressed as any Yaksha with a cloth that covered from hip to toe. Their naked torsos were covered with jewelleries that suited their age. Welcome to the senate my boys said Giri. Has Vajra told you what you are supposed to do in the Aryan lands? Yes father said they. What are the capabilities you posses my sons? then asked Giri. Oh great father, our great Guru Vajra has taught us everything he knew about the mental science. We can hypnotize animals. We can create illusionary visions for humans. Also we are very confident of martial arts. Above all, our guru has taught us the Aryan language. So we have the proficiency of that language as any Aryan has Very good my sons said Giri. You will get your dresses from the treasury right now. You will have to remove your dresses and jewelleries and get the loin clothes worn by Aryans. Remember you are going to act as Aryans. Dont act to create any suspicion in any Aryans mind. We cant say what is happening in the future so you will have to act as wise as possible according to the situation. You may accompany with the prince They nodded and departed to get their dresses.

The other thing is said Giri. We have sent our spies to some of the Aryan villages to find pregnant women of Chithras time. When they went to jungle to find firewood, our men had captured them and brought here their eyes blindfolded. Now we have one of them with us. Our doctors have confirmed that she is having a girl in her womb. You have to take her to the castle and hand over to Vethali. She can set the same delivery date for both the women with power of her medicines. So you will have to make sure that two babies are interchanged and then send the prince to Doramadalawa where we have an Aryan village. The village leader will get a baby in such days and he will say he got twins. So the prince will grow up in peace But uncle interrupted Gamini. Why do you want to have an Aryan village leader in this conspiracy? May be he will betray us all No my son said Giri. This person was a disabled child. His parents put him in the jungle afraid of the shame they would get because of a disabled child. Yakshas found him in the jungle and our doctors treated him. We had to do several surgeries under very difficult situations. You know ours is a ruined civilization and we do not have materials we require to do the things. Finally he got well and he was brought up with our children. Later we told him his origins. He preferred an Aryan life rather than ours although he honoured ours. So he owes us his life. He pledged us any help. With the knowledge he had from us and the martial arts he learnt from us, he became the village leader of Doramadalawa village. I sent few educated Yakshas to

him for help once I got to know princess Chithra was pregnant. He is willing to help us. He was brought up among us and knows we are also advanced humans and not dark spirits. So he also believes in a Yaksha-Aryan relationship to build this country Then it is settled concluded Gamini. Oh uncle he again raised his voice after a short time. If you really know how much relieved I am after hearing your plan? Do you see the cruelty of Aryans? They plan to kill an unborn child just because of their greediness for power. So your recognition of them as barbarians is correct My dear son said Giri. Not only the Aryans but even the Yakshas are greedy for power. That is why our civilizations collapsed. All the civilizations in the previous world age were materialistic. Therefore they were sunk in the sand of time. Only a civilization with a spiritual development can last long Gamini departed from Lankapura with Chithra Raja, Kaalawela and the captured Aryan woman. She was told that she was captured and detained by dark spirits of the jungle and it was Gamini who went on hunting saved her life. All the myths in her semi-barbaric brain matched with this explanation and she agreed to do anything ordered by Gamini. So she was detained in her will at Chithras room in secrecy. Vethali was preparing the medicines to expedite the child birth in secrecy. That was important because the royal princes could employ

spies when the time for child birth neared. As usual, Aryans had so many myths about the child births. It was considered a miracle as they could not understand the biological process behind it. No man was allowed to enter the room where a woman is supposed to deliver a baby. Chithra and Vethali took this advantage that no man dared to enter their rooms. The Aryan woman Laksha was very happy about her situation. They were living a hand to mouth life in their houses. But the royal foods satisfied her hunger now. She was treated nicely by Chithra and Vethali. Laksha feared Vethali. According to Lakshas estimation, all the doctors had the power of black arts. So Vethali was no exception. Who dared to challenge such a witch doctor? So it was an obedient Laksha who helped Vethali in all her endeavors. Vethali did not take any chances so she again tested the gender of the Aryan womans womb using the crystal ball. It was bright pink and there was no mistake the child was going to be a girl. Laksha was persuaded over the time that after her child birth, her child will be brought up in the palace as a princess. Laksha was surprised with the luck her child was going to have. So it would be a deaf and dumb Laksha that will be going to the village after the child birth. She would only disclose about her detention by the dark spirits of the jungle and her child was robbed from her. But that was all. Nobody would ask her any more questions. Aryans had not developed the ability of reasoning in their evolution ladder.

Finally, everything was arranged for the child birth and Vethali took out her time counter. It was an oval shape crystal that had sixty small crystals embedded in its face. Yakshas had sixty hours for a day. For every hour, one small crystal changed its colour. One could accurately say the time of the day by looking at the number of crystals that had changed its colour and the intensity of the colour of the last crystal that was changing its colour. Vethali put it on the table and looked at the two women who were lying on two mats nearby. Now listen to me carefully started Vethali. I am going to apply some lotion on your bellies so you will not get a pain in your child birth. But only thing is I dont want any of the princes in the palace to sniff some odd here. So once both the child births are complete, the princess should scream. Ill hide the little prince and Laksha. Then the coming princes will see the princess Chithra and a little girl All agreed with this plan. Only Gamini was allowed to enter the room. He kissed Chithras forehead and went outside. Vethali applied her herbal lotion on both the bellies of the princess and Laksha and waited patiently till they start their delivery Child births were natural and without pain. First it was Laksha who delivered the baby. Then the little girl was taken to the interior of the room to avoid her sound going out. Chithra was somewhat late in her delivery. Vethali was encouraging her by all possible means. Finally Chithra felt a gradual push inside her body. She was painless but was quite new to that feeling. She hardly stopped a scream going out of her mouth in

wrong time. Vethali was busy helping the princess. Finally that golden moment dawned by Chithra delivering a perfect boy, with a mixed colour of Yakshas darkness and Aryans fairness. Vethali took the baby and washed him. Then it was taken to the interior of the room. Laksha was well at that time and she offered to look after the child. But Vethali had arranged everything and she did not want to take chances. So it was Chithra Raja and Kaalawela who took the baby out from the room in a well prepared basket, till Vethali took out the care of that again. Then Vethali came back to the princess. She was getting well and the little girl was kept near her. Now princess, scream in top of your voice it was more an order that came from Vethalis mouth. She was happy everything went well. Yes, at least till the baby was in safe hands outside the room. Chithra screamed and the little girl started crying, in fear of Chithras sound. Vethali took some time. She implied as she was bathing the baby. Then she wide opened the door of the room. Long live the noble prince she greeted Gamini who was waiting outside. There were few of Chithras brothers whispering to each other exchanging suspicious looks. But Vethali acted as she did not notice them. You have become the proud father of a little princess she said with a broad smile. All who were gathered except Gamini had a sigh of relief. It was the princesss mother and Gamini who stepped to the room at first.

They were welcomed by a happy princess Chithra smiling with difficulty, who was accompanied with a just born baby girl. She is very like our sister said one of the princes. Look. There is no evidence of a Yaksha blood in her skin colour. She is as fair as any of us he continued. Dont be silly laughed the other. All babies are fair in their birth. But they get their colour when they grow up Others will be very happy to hear it was a girl after all observed the first one and the other agreed. Now there was nothing to fear and they did not see any reason to be late there. So they departed, even without congratulating their sister who had just become a mother. Gamini took the child from the cod and kissed. It was a pure Aryan baby. He knew it was not his child, neither Chithras. But she was the savior of their most precious son, Pandukabhaya. It was the name which came to his mind at first for his son.



ll were happy discussing about Chithras baby girl when a secret conspiracy was taking place outside the palace. Vethali had just arranged for a long journey. She had sent away Laksha to Gaminis palace in secrecy. When she got well, she would be sent to her village. Meanwhile Vethali took the basket from the two Yakshas who had safeguarded it since the child birth. They were to accompany her to Doramadalawa in fear of any risk for the prince and Vethali. Count Prince Abhaya and his brothers were coming out of the jungle after hunting. They had been unlucky on that day and they could hunt only few rabbits. But they were happy, not about the hunt but about Chithras little girl. Thank gods, brothers said the second prince. Our sister had got a baby girl and the prophecy will be void now. How we feared if it could be a boy? Nonsense said the third prince. If it were a boy, he would not live Do you think it is that much easy? asked the second one. If the King interfered, then there would be nothing we can do But what I am worried is not about that thing said the third brother. Couldnt it be that Gamini and Chithra cheated us? The girl was as fair as any Aryan baby. Why did not it have any dark colour in its skin?

They cant cheat us interrupted the brothers who entered Chithras room. As soon as Vethali announced the child birth, we entered there accompanied by mother and Gamini. There was that little girl crying next to our sister. It was just born. There was no doubt about it So all were relieved that the baby was a girl. Yes, until they saw Vethali with a basket in the horizon. Do you see that, brothers? asked the third prince, with a frowned look. What? asked the others. That is Vethali coming with a basket. Where does she go in this evening? Let us go and examine said one of them. Vethali, Chithra Raja and Kaalawela were walking towards the jungle when they suddenly saw the princes who were coming from hunting. My lady addressed Chithra Raja. The barbarians are coming on our way. They might see you and examine Chithra Raja Vethali looked at his face with a solemn look. You know what to do Do you expect me to kill them all? asked Chithra Raja. If the need arises concluded Vethali. But Kaalawela was in a different opinion. If they killed all the royal princes, then definitely they will be at risk. The King would revenge from the whole Yaksha race violently. So it was his wisdom that came to suit the occasion. My lady he addressed Vethali.

I have a different plan. When they try to examine you, show them as you obey. We will be hiding. Ill try to attract their attention to some other thing. If all fails, then let us kill them It seemed like a good plan. So Vethali started walking in her path towards the jungle, as she did not notice the princes. Vethali shouted one of the princes. Where are you heading at this evening? Oh, noble princes said Vethali, emphasizing she was crippled and could not walk fast. Princess Chithra had a wonderful princess. I was there because I had the practice to help the pregnant women. Now my job is finished. Im returning back to my home. Prince Gamini paid me well. Let the gods protect his noble soul! she smiled showing her black teeth. At this evening? Count Prince Abhaya asked with suspicion. Oh, I also know some spells to chase the dark spirits away at night. I cant wait. Now my greatest desire is to go home and see my husbands old face What are you carrying in the basket? asked one prince. Vethali was shocked. If they examined the basket, then they would see the prince and kill him. Will she be able to protect the precious soul of her race? She hesitated. Oh. It is some of the royal oil cakes. Let the princess Chithra be blessed. It was she who gave me them Keep the basket down. We want to check it said one of the princes. Vethali lost her breath. If they saw it was a boy, definitely they would kill him and Vethali both. But the princes heard some noise and they looked in the

direction it came. They saw a herd of fat wild boars running in front of them. Wild boars! cried one prince and he started chasing them with his arrow. Others followed him in rage. They were ashamed of their poor hunt that evening. And the meat of wild boar was a delicacy to eat with toddy at evening. None of them suspected that it was their sisters baby who was carried in the basket. They just wanted to examine it for curiosity. Vethali looked at the running princes and smiled. She knew it was another magic of Kaalawela. She quickly walked towards the jungle and was swallowed into the dark shadows of the jungle. Suddenly Kaalawela and Chithra Raja joined her laughing. You are a real magician Kaalawela" appreciated Vethali. What a capability you possess to create illusionary visions. Even I saw the wild boars! It was not an illusion my lady said Kaalawela. They are real wild boars. Our princes will be able to enjoy a royal feast today evening What? exclaimed Vethali. Do you try to say you created them from nothing? I am not an Aryan barbarian to believe these fairly tales she laughed. Kaalawela is telling truth my lady said Chithra Raja. Do you see the instrument he has in his hand? It is a whistle. When he whistled, only the animals can hear it. Humans dont hear it. We use these instruments for hunting. It was exactly what Kaalawela did. He whistled

till this herd of wild boars heard it and came running. Thankfully, they came at the exact time How can this happen? Humans dont hear it but animals hear it. Impossible! doubted Vethali. As our Guru Vajra taught us, this instrument produces a sound that can be only heard by the animals. Do you see that dogs hear the sounds we humans dont hear. It is the same principal. When animals hear that sound they sniff a risk and flee. Somebody can wait in the opposite direction and hunt them. That was what happened. He whistled it here and the herd of wild boars heard it and fled, right under the noses of the princes However, they will not come back to catch us, I hope said Vethali. No my lady. They wont. It was you who made them examine you. Why did you say it was oil cakes? These Aryans are greedy of oil cakes. When you said you were carrying some oil cakes, they wanted to rob you and eat them. After all they are ill mannered gang of barbarians. If you said princess Chithra gave you some fine dresses, they would not even bother to peep into your basket laughed Kaalawela. Doramadalawa was hundreds of miles away from the capitol. It was a tiresome endeavor for Vethali to walk the whole distance by foot. Chithra Raja and Kaalawela helped her by carrying the basket. At nights they slept in a rock cave. Chithra Raja and Kaalawela were proficient in hunting and they could always have meat of the deer for their supper. Vethali always had a vigilant eye on three plants in the jungle. Once she saw them, she

collected them as much as possible. Time to time she ordered the other two to crush them and make a juice. It was the food for the little prince. This juice cant replace the breast milk she used to say. But if mixed in correct proportions, it is the second best thing for a child. We will have to feed the prince until we reach Doramadalawa If we had flying chariots as in the past said Kaalawela. Then we could reach there by a matter of one day May be in a shorter time said Chithra Raja. Now cant we manufacture them? asked Vethali. No. Sikhi has died with the secret. We dont know how to manufacture the necessary crystals and how we should arrange them said Kaalawela. But young men said Vethali, showing her few years elderness had given her importance. For the first time in the history, somebody had invented it. Before that nobody knew that. So why cant we try again to find the technology? In a jungle like Lankapura while living in dismay? laughed Chithra Raja. Oh my lady, there should be the stability of a republic for the people to come up with inventions. Now we are living in the jungles of our own country in fear of a barbarian race. Our people are no more than barbarians themselves. Only few educated people know about our great history. What most of our people know is why we should hate Aryans only. But hostility does not lead a nation for inventions. That is why our elders decided that

Aryans and Yakshas should get together to build up the civilization we lost. That is why we want an AryanYaksha king to unite our two nations and lead it It seems you are correct... said Vethali. I only hope I live at that time to see it then she bent and kissed the sleeping prince in the basket. They were welcomed in Doramadalawa by the village chief in secrecy. They had to enter his house at night. Doramadalawa was a village of shepherds. The village chief was ideal for the work as his wife was also pregnant. So Vethali examined her and got to know her delivery date was nearby. Her medicines helped her to set the delivery date as she wished. So final result was that the wife of the village chief could proudly announce that she had twins, two beautiful sons. Vethali left the village after her task. She had to serve her race there in Lankapura for so many years to come. Chithra Raja and Kaalawela stayed in the nearby mountain for any help. It was their duty to protect the prince till he grows up to become the king. So the Yakshas had an ambition to live on this soil once after their fall. Their race was ignored and humiliated for a long time. But now they had a flash of hope to live. It was to unite with Aryan barbarians as one race and bloom up their lost civilization. It was too early to say whether their ambitions would be fulfilled or not. It all depended on the life of the Aryan-Yaksha prince, Pandukabhaya.

CHAPTER 17: KING AND HIS DEMON ryans belief about dark spirits was immense. According to their belief dark spirits could influence the humans in many ways. They can come to your body and take up the control. Then it is the dark spirit inside your body who gives you the orders. You have to simply obey them. The worst thing is they can bring you deceases. Then you have to take the assistance of a witch doctor to get rid of them. The witch doctor might offer the dark spirit a rooster and beg him to leave from your body. Then the dark spirit may or may not consider that. No Aryan wished to have any problem with a dark spirit. They were coming from hell and their powers were limitless. There were so many Aryans who could swear that they had seen these dark spirits at night. These dark spirits had queer faces with long teeth in their mouths. But there was one reason the Aryans could be happy. There were always gods who protected the virtue and fought with these dark spirits. So once an attack from a dark spirit was near, what they had to do was to call a powerful god and beg for help. It was believed that these dark spirits feared the gods. But there were, if not too many, some stories about the situations that dark spirits overcame the power of gods. However it was the tradition that after a time, be it hundred or thousand years, the gods had the victory, defeating the power of the dark spirits. Gods, according to the Aryans belief were many in number. They were given so many responsibilities. As

an example, the rain and thunder had a god to control them, Sun and moon were gods. Fire was a god. Every single item had a god to control them. Except that, there were gods in trees, lakes, rivers etc. These gods always did not protect the virtue but promoted the vice. Some were fond about virgins. Some loved to live naked. Some could only satisfy with liquor. In short, the gods were a mere replication of the worldly habitation in the heavens. Dual civilizations in one world, one with technical advancement and other with primitivism had created these beliefs in the primitive minds of the inhabitants. But nobody suspected the influence of these dark spirits when the King Panduwasadeva fell ill shortly after Chithras delivery. The king was addressing the royal assembly and suddenly he felt nervous. He remembered he did not do the regular offering to the gods this year. He felt afraid and he said a short prayer in mind, apologizing from the gods for that. But his uneasiness did not evade. Instead, he felt a dark spirit coming to the top of his chest. Its weight was unbearable and it was trying to kill the king. Gods please protect me. Im dying shouted the king. The assembly got up at once. The kings ministers extended their helping hands to fetch the king to his bedroom. Fetch the witch doctor called one minister and he was fetched at once. The witch doctor was a man of his eighties. His wrinkled face and toothless mouth showed his age rather than any other feature in his old body. He

was a Brahmin in origin and his glory had widespread throughout the kingdom. He was the person who prophesized that Chithras son would kill all the princes and become the king. Agra the witch doctor was not quite happy about the situation. The king had fallen ill and he could not understand the root of it. How do you feel your majesty? asked the witch doctor. It is a devil sitting on my chest. I feel his weight. He is trying to kill me said the king. The King was grasping with difficulty. Oh I see said Agra, showing that he saw the devil. Then he whispered some spells and said in loud. You dirty Vikruthi, get out of the chest of our majesty. I order you in name of all the gods; get out of the chest of our majesty. If you dont obey, Ill take you from your feet and throw to the sky Alas! The king had a little relief from the pain. He was sweating like hell but could manage to say some words. It seems he departed. Oh Agra said the king, trying to breath. Agra smiled to himself. Who would suspect the old Agras abilities henceforth? His spells were the best in the kingdom. If his spells could not chase the devil away, then none will be able. But his relief remained for a short time; until the king started his complain again. Agra this time was not taking any chances. So he asked his servants to bring a plate with sacred smoke and he let the king breathe that smoke. The king could not breathe when the smoke went to his lungs. He coughed

sympathetically, while Agra was murmuring many spells he knew to protect the kings life in vain. Finally the king died. Agra was ashamed about his defeat. He knew everybody should die. But he was worried his magical spells did not work. He was not getting messages from gods at least for fifty years now. He remembered the glorious days when the gods directly talked with them. At that time Agra was used to talk with them quite often. But that was at Bharath. His father had taught him how he should talk with gods. First he has to concentrate his mind. He should meditate. Then he should call his gods in their names. Then he understands what the gods say. It was like their instructions were coming from the interior of his head. There was no source for them. Some witch doctors could not concentrate their minds. For such feeble witch doctors also there was a method. They had to take a betel leaf and apply some dark coloured oil. Then they had to light a lamp and focus their attention on the image of the flame in the face of oiled betel leaf. These methods worked fine for him in his young age. It was possible to communicate with gods when they wished. But when he was getting older, nothing worked. He did not get any vision from gods, nor did he hear any instruction from gods. It was as same as all the gods died all in a sudden, or as he was exiled from the gods chosen lot. But Agra did not want to lose his status as the witch doctor of the kingdom. So he tried to prophesize some of his own imaginations. They worked fine. The best thing in a primitive community was that once they

believed in you, their belief never shattered despite the fact that how many times you were mistaken. Agra sincerely believed it was a dark spirit who came to kill the king. It was true he did not see it. But the traditions said to his inner soul that it was a dark spirit. Many witch doctors had told him that they saw these dark spirits in solidified form. Agra had seen none of them. So he also lied saying that he saw them. Gamini went to Lankapura after the Kings death. He wanted to make sure that his son reached his destination without any problem. Now his vision for the Yakshas were so much normal that none of them paid any special attention to him. Giri welcomed him as usual in the burnt senate building. Few senators were there enjoying a feast of wild boar meat. Come and sit down my son they said, looking at the prince. We were expecting you for a long time now I thought to come bit early said Gamini. But the Kings sudden death had so many consequences. Now it is my cousin Abhaya who became the king Oh, we also got to know about the Kings death said Vajra. He had a heart failure had not he? he continued. A heart failure? What do you mean by it? Agra said it was a demon who killed the king. He had seen the demon also. There were so many prayers and offerings to the gods after the kings death to protect the new king from the demon for this, the whole assembly laughed.

Why are you laughing? asked Gamini, astonished. Oh Gamini, you are also like an Aryan, believing all the myths they have. Dont you know what do we mean by a heart failure? Sincerely I dont know said Gamini, feeling inferior in the presence of the elders of his race. Look here son started Vajra. There is a blood circulation inside the body which is controlled by the heart. Sometimes all in a sudden the heart stops functioning. That is what we call a heart failure. According to the news, it is what had happened to the king. It was no demon but a general decease. But what did these foolish Aryans do? They prayed gods and chanted spells. But they did not give any medicines to the king. If we were there, maybe we could protect the Kings life But Agra says that he saw the demon. He had ordered the demon to leave with his spells. First the demon was going to obey him so the king relieved a bit. Unfortunately the demon had been stubborn at the end and refused the demand said Gamini. My dear son, Gamini said Giri, hiding his laugh in difficulty. Was there any other person who saw that demon? What do you mean uncle? We laymen dont see demons. It is only the witch doctors who see the demons It is their fallacy my dear son explained Giri. These witch doctors among the Aryans are real thieves. Earlier they did all their magic by the help of the Himalayans. But now there is no news from the

Himalayans for few generations. We dont know what had happened to them. May be they were also destroyed like ourselves. So now what the witch doctors do is fraud. Aryans treat them as living gods. But their career is fraud and corruption But uncle interrupted Gamini. I have seen them curing deceases. It is not a fraud. Once they have finished chanting the spells the sickness is gone Gamini called Giri. There are two types of sicknesses, physical and mental. These witch doctors can cure most of the mental deceases by the help of hypnotization. But their ability to cure physical deceases is near zero. That is why Agra failed in curing the Kings heart failure Then Gamini was also invited for the feast. Gamini also liked meat of the wild boar and he ate while discussing about his childs condition in Doramadalawa. Everything is settled now, at least for the time being said Giri. Vethali did her job alright. She carried the prince to the village of Doramadalawa and he welcomed Vethali. Then she helped his wife to deliver his baby and they announced that the village chiefs wife had twins. Now they are living alright in the village In addition said Gamini, I gave Vethali some thousand gold coins for the betterment of my child, to be given to the village chief Well, it is a good thing you did commented Vajra

But there is little value for money in such a distant village. It is a self sufficient village. However, it is good to please the village chief anyway Did Chithra Raja and Kaalawela come back? asked Gamini. My dear son said Giri. Do you think we have taken this plot as that much simple? We have trained these two for the exclusive use of protecting the Yaksha-Aryan prince. Therefore they are living in the nearby jungle to protect the prince Now is his life at risk? asked Gamini, with a fearful look. Not so far observed Giri. But as the Yakshas, we are vigilant about his safety. We have utilized all our strength to protect him. We have planned this for half a century. So we value the prince as our savior thousand times you value him as your child Gamini Prince Gamini came back to the Kings castle with a bewildered mind. He feared about his childs safety and he was more feared to see the safety measures that the Yakshas have employed for the child. It showed him the momentum of the threat to his only childs life.


CHAPTER 18: ADVENTURE AT THE LAKE BOTTOM eing the son of a village chief did not have any privileges in an ancient Aryan village. It did not mean that you can lead a luxurious life while others do everything for you. Eventhough the post of village chief was inherited from father to son, it was under the condition that you have to become a good shepherd. Shepherds lived throughout the history before any written record of the history went to the books. They were very simple in their life style and had basic needs to fulfill. So it was always a self sufficient village that resulted in their life. Most of the people did not know any world beyond their village. Doramadalawa was no exception. It was at such a time prince Pandukabhaya was brought up in that village. Prince Pandukabhaya did not know he was a prince at the beginning. In all the games he had with his friends at the village, sons and daughters of the shepherds, he was not given any different place. He was fed up well by the village chief and his wife, who had an inherent parental affection towards the child. Pandukabhaya knew that he was not beaten for any offence and his father respected him much. When his twin Sumiththa was beaten by the village chief, Pandukabhaya went to protect him. At such a time, the village chief used to compensate his anger and stop beating his son in fear that his stick would touch the prince.

His childhood was no exception from the regular life of a son of a shepherd at that time. He had to go with Sumiththa to take the herd for the grass. Then they played with other village children till evening. When the sun was going to set, the herd knew it was the time to go home. Then they started walking back to the homes in their usual lethargic style and children followed them. The herd never mistook their path back. If there were girls at the house, they had to walk up in the morning to milk the cows and goats. In case there were no girls, boys had to do it as well. There were no holidays. But the children did everything they were ordered without any complain. There were no hard works to do. Their only duty was to take the herd for grass and bring them back. Meantime, they had enough time to play. But it was not very enjoyable experience if a tiger came. Then it was necessary that all boys get together and shout to ride it away. They threw stones to the face of the tiger. You cant chase a tiger away by throwing a stone if you cannot take the exact target. You have to throw the stone so as to hit the tigers nose, the most sensitive thing in its body. But there is a risk that the tiger would forget its prey and jump on you. So there should be a tree near and you should be able to climb it in the skill of a monkey. The tigers can also climb trees. So you are not safe if you could not climb to the top branches of the tree which could not bear the weight of the tiger. But tigers did not always come. They came in times where they could not find a prey from the jungle

and it was starved to death. No animal preferred to interfere with human affairs. There were few hobbies that these cowboys could afford. Bathing was one of them. When their heard had eaten up and laid under a shelter to chew the grass lazily, the time for bath arrived. They bathed in a nearby lake. It was a big natural lake and the cowboys preferred to play so many water games in it. Swimming, diving and jumps were the favourites. Pandukabhaya, at the age of seven was a master of diving and he could stay under the water for a long time until the other cowboys lost their breath in fear. The only dress these poor cowboys had was the loin cloth. It was treated a sacred thing as it was the only dress they possessed. Therefore they used to bath naked. The cloth used for their loin clothes were of poor quality and they could damage if they were put in water. It was another day that Pandukabhaya was showing his talents to the other cowboys in the lakes. He stayed there under the water until the most educated boy among the gang ran out of numbers in counting. Finally, he jumped up with a splash of water. What is the count? he asked. Oh Pandu said Sumiththa. Are you a fish to stay under water that much time? Our eldest one Gomara ran out of numbers for this Pandukabhaya laughed. Next time Ill stay furthermore said he. Then he took a deep breath and dived back. Pandukabhaya went to the bottom of the lake and stayed. He tried to count. One,

two three four Soon he ran out of numbers he knew. After all he did not know many numbers. Then he saw something strange in the bottom of the lake. It was not clear with the unclear muddy water at the bottom. But it was a big closed lid with a handle. Pandukabhaya had heard about the treasure hideouts. They were deposited by the Yakshas who had ruled this land long time ago. As he had heard, these Yakshas were man eating monsters who had magic powers. But his ancestors had destroyed them all. So the fleeing Yakshas had deposited their wealth in so many locations. Some had found them. So Pandukabhaya thought it was his lucky day to find the Yakshas wealth. He examined the big lid. It was of oval shape. He pulled the handle. Alas! The lid was opened at once and he was grabbed inside to a tunnel by the water flow. He was carried a long distance by that while he attempted in vain to swim back. The water current was so violent that a child of seven years could not resist it despite how much proficient he was in swimming and diving. Pandukabhaya did not cry. He knew life was short. The death could come at any time. It may be from an elephant attack, tiger attack or by poison of any snake. After a while the strength of the water stream ceased and it flew to an underground tunnel. Pandukabhya was floating and finally he was in a wide underground cavity where the underground river flew in a side. Pandukabhaya jumped to the shore, if he could call it that way. To his surprise, the area he had landed was

lighted as broad day light. He knew whatever underground should be dark if the sun rays could not enter it. There was no sun to be seen. Pandukabhaya looked around and finally found out of the source of the light. It was shining crystals in the ceiling of the room. He understood that he was entrapped in a wide room lighted with crystals. First he thought it should be dead and was born in heaven. But if this was heaven, there should be gods in it. Nobody except him was there to be seen. Yes, until he walked in the land few yards. Pandukabhaya stopped at once. He saw somebody moving in a column. He thought it should be a god. So he went near to the god. It was no god but a naked child of his age. Who are you? asked Pandukabhaya. He saw that the child was also telling something but he could not hear. He neared the column and the child also neared him. He said few other things. The childs lips also moved when he said something and stopped as soon as he stopped that. Pandukabhaya laughed and the child also laughed. Pandukbhaya was not a fool. He understood that something queer was happening. The child at the column was none other than himself. He thought it should be his soul in the heaven. But it was not good that heaven dwellers had not given his soul a dress to wear. As any other child Pandukabhaya lost the interest about his soul very soon. Then he walked farther interior to the room and finally stopped near a magic plate. Why he thought it was a magic plate was that he could see what his friends did in the lakeside through the plate.

Pandukabhaya was really happy. Other than being born in the heaven, now he could see what his friends did! He neared it. Suddenly he screamed and jumped back. When he was going nearer to the plate, his soul which was there in the column had peeped him back in the magic plate itself. He thought it was very difficult to understand the methods of heaven dwellers. If they wanted to show him his soul, they could show him that in the column. It was not funny to see his soul everywhere when he was going to examine something. But his vision about the heaven had its suspicions with it. If it was heaven, then why no god came to welcome him? Nobody offered him any food. He was feeling hungry after the long time bathing and he was thinking about his rotty parcel in the other world. He did not like to spend the whole eternity naked like this. After all he was all alone in this room and he hated the idea. The heaven was good if he could fetch his friends as well. But he knew only he was dead. Then he felt lonely, miserable and sad. With this idea in his mind, he walked farther, until he found the underground river becoming violent again in a distant. Pandukabhya wanted to jump into that. May be there would be gods in the other side. May be they were checking his bravery. He did not fear death now. After all, he was already dead to enter the heaven! So Pandukabhaya jumped to the river which was becoming violent and tried to swim down. It was not necessary. The violent current was carrying out him into

a destination unknown to him. To his dismay, he was there in the lake after a short while. Was he not dead? Actually what happened to him? But he understood that there was a short time left for him. So he jumped up to come to the top of water. Pandu, Pandu he heard his friends calling. What happened to you? then few of them jumped to the lake and swam to him. Pandukabhya was taken to the shore after a short time. Are you alright? asked Gomara, the eldest of the gang. Where were you? We thought you were dead said one other cowboy. I also thought so was Pandukabhayas answer. Then he smiled and asked What was the count? Are you crazy Pandu? asked Sumiththa, his twin. Gomara counted for few times. He ran out of his numbers in the each turn. Then we also grew nervous to find that you did not come back. We were going to run to the village and fetch our fathers to find you! I saw them all said Pandukabhaya. What? How did you see that? asked the boys. Do you see that tree? asked Pandukabhya. Yes answered the others. There is a void inside it. I found the path to enter there. Then if you want to do as I did, go to the bottom of the lake and find the path. Then you also can see what is happening he smiled with difficulty. Nonsense opposed Gomara.

If there is a void inside that tree, the tree would die. You are lying! Pandukabhya did not know why he wanted to lie. But he wanted to keep his precious secret for himself. May be he would be able to find the Yakshas treasure one day in that magic room. After all, his soul was also living there!


CHAPTER 19: FATE AND LUCK andukabhya was careful enough to not to disclose anything related to his adventure in the lake bottom. He was afraid that his precious secret would go to the others hands and the Yakshas wealth will be lost forever. If the poor boy knew that he was also half Yaksha in origin and there was no wealth Yakshas deposited in their flee? If he knew his duty as the savior of his race in many years to come? But one day he was exposed to the meaning of his existence in this world. That was when he lost his fathers favourite cow. Only Pandukabhaya was there in the fields that day and Sumiththa was sick at home. Pandukabhaya remembered how his twin was beaten by his father when he lost a cow. Cows were the wealth of a man and nobody wanted to lose them. So it was his fathers favourite cow that had lost. He was a shepherd and a man. He did not want to go home with a poor excuse to lose the animal. So he entered the jungle calling the cows name. The cow was not to be seen. His action was too bold for a child of his age. But he was not going to lose his image as a good shephered. Farther and farther to the jungle, there was no sign of the cow. The child feared the predators but he did not wish to turn back. Then all in a sudden, there came a sound of a man and the child felt happy. He had not seen any stranger other than his villagers. So it should be one of his villagers and he could seek help to find the cow. But it was not a villager. It was a dark coloured man who

came to him. Although he was smiling, his scene was not a pleasant one for the little prince. Long live the noble prince! said the man with a broad smile. Who are you? asked the child. Arent you Pandukabhaya? Son of the village chief? asked the man. Yes I am. Who are you? again asked the child. The man put a hand on the childs head and caressed it affectionately. I am your relation my dear son. Come. Lets talk together said the man. It was the best fairly tale that the child had heard from his childhood. In fairy tales, you dont have a role. The kings and princes fight to get a princess. They destroy the demons. But you are nowhere in those tales. However, according to this strangers fairly tale, the child had the main role. He was a prince and he was in exile because his uncles were trying to kill him. The stranger and one other stranger are there to protect his life. One day the prince has to kill all his uncles and become the king of the country. Finally little Pandukabhaya clapped. Tell me another story said the boy. It was a good one It is not a story said Kaalawela. It is true Are there really kings in this world?.. asked the boy. I thought they are there in the fairly tales only The Kings are real said Kaalawela.

Your Uncle, Abhaya is the king of this country Then cant I go to the palace and live there? Pandukabhaya quickly had a desire to live like a prince. No son. You will be killed if you go there. We are here to protect you. We will kill the spies that come here from the capitol. But remember one thing. Now your uncles had started suspecting that you live. At anytime they can come to kill you. Well do our best to protect you. If you get any problem, come to the jungle and call me in my name Kaalawela or my friends name Chithra Raja. Now go home, before it gets dark I cant go home without my cow. My father will beat me said the child. You cow has joined your herd. Go and look with this the stranger disappeared to the dark shadows of the jungle. Pandukabhya went back to the fields and found the cow. He understood that his relation had played a trick to meet him and talk with him all alone. Kaalawelas warning was not futile. The princes had begun to suspect about the Princess Chithras daughter. She was as fair as any Aryan. There was no sign of Yaksha blood in her body. Further, Chithra was always miserable after her delivery and weeping in secrecy. Gamini was disappearing to nowhere at least once a month. The princes had spies everywhere. So it was no wonder when they learnt that it was a boy Chithra delivered and he was brought up secretly in Doramadalawa village. The first reaction for this was anger. Then they did not hesitate to send some men to

kill all the children of age seven in that village. They could not identify Pandukabhaya from the other kids. Pandukabhya and others were bathing as usual. But Pandukabhya had a different idea. His soul in the interior room was naked. He would rather go naked than allowing his soul to be naked. So he thought to give his precious loin cloth to the soul. Therefore it was a dressed child that dived to the lake bottom that day. He easily found the entrance to the secret room and within seconds he was in the interior room. First thing he did was to peep to the column. Alas! His soul was dressed in a loin cloth. The child looked at his body. He was also dressed in a loin cloth. He thought to remove it and give it to the soul. But now the soul was dressed. Therefore it was not necessary to give his loin cloth. He thought he was getting smart. If you are dressed, your soul is also dressed! Then his attention was focused at the magic plate. He wanted to see the bewildered faces of his colleagues who were counting until they ran out of their numbers. But what magic plate showed was not what he expected. It was an armed gang who was beheading his friends like ants! What was happening? What was wrong? He rubbed his eyes again. There was no mistake. He saw his friends were beheaded by the gang and blood sprinkled everywhere. Pandukabhya sat on a stone tablet and wept for a long time. He was afraid to go out. But his bravery did not

change. He knew something was wrong. Finally he made up his mind to go out. He jumped to the flowing stream and entered the lake. Then he swam to the other side of the lake where the jungle was. He was miserable lonely and upset. He wanted to go home, hide his head in his mothers lap and cry. After all he was just a boy of seven years of age. But his inner soul told him to enter the jungle and to find the safety at the hands of Yakshas. Kaalawela, Chithra Raja shouted the prince. Then he looked at the top of the trees and he could see two dark shadows were coming to him. You are alright, arent you prince? they asked. Kaalawela, who killed my friends? asked the prince, sobbing. They are spies of your uncle, oh noble prince said Kaalawela. We were closely looking at them. We knew you were not there. So we did not intervene. We know you were hiding in the underground flying chariot room What do you mean by the underground flying chariot room? asked the prince. Oh. In the times of Yakshas, when we had flying chariots, we used that as an observation room there. But everything has changed. That room is abandoned as a result But I saw my soul in it, in a column said the prince. Your soul? laughed Chithra Raja It is your mirror image, my son. It is not a soul or a sort of a thing But it does what I do! protested the prince.

Havent you seen your image in clear water my son? asked Kalawela Yes I have answered the prince. It is same thing happening here too. It is a shiny smooth surface on which you can see your image And the shiny crystals? asked the prince. Yes. They are the greatest invention of the Yakshas. They absorb the suns heat at daylight and emit that at night. But in this room, it is a big crystal outside of the lake that absorbs heat at day which in turn conveys that energy to the small crystals to light up always. They are all manmade gadgets. Not magic. You are coming from such great ancestors my son Pandukabhya was beginning to believe the story the two Yakshas were telling. Who can create fairly tales this much nicely? So it should be truth they were telling. If you were closely looking at me, then why didnt you safeguard my friends? asked the prince, feeling sorry about his dead friends. Our duty is to protect you. It is not our business to protect the Aryans Who are the Aryans? asked the prince, without knowing anything about his friends politics. You are living with Aryans. They are the invaders of this country. Your father is a Yaksha while your mother is an Aryan. We want you to be the King one day. So always take care. We are closely observing you to avoid any accident. Today also we were looking at you. We knew you hid in the air chariot room and was looking from the mirror mechanism there to see what was

happening in the shore of the lake. So we did not want to interfere with the spies. Not that we could not kill them all. The best thing is now the princes assume you are dead. It is good for your health in the future. Now go to your home son. Dont be afraid for anything Pandukabhaya went home. The whole village was weeping about the tragedy that had taken place in the shore of the lake. Here comes Pandu cried one old villager. Pandu, what happened? hundreds of voices shouted to get an answer from him. Among the gang was his twin Sumiththa who was ill at home. They were very bad people said the prince. They came and started killing all the children one by one. So I jumped to the water and dived down. I waited there until I could wait no more. Then I came to shore of the lake from the other side. That is all I know Good thing you jumped to water with your dress my son said the village chief. They beheaded the boys and compared the number of heads with the number of loin cloths. Then they were satisfied they killed all and they went back. If you had kept your loin cloth, then they would not leave that easily The villagers were helpless to protest against this inhuman slaughter of their children. The divinity of the king was an accepted fact in their lives. So if the king wanted to kill them, it was their fate and nothing could avoid that. They were to have a sigh of relief that only

the children were killed but their cows were not killed and their houses not burnt.


CHAPTER 20: PANDULAS ACADEMY o the prince grew up as any other cowboy in the village. His uncles tried few times to kill the prince. But the safety provided by the two Yakshas, Kaalawela and Chithra Raja was too strong to harm the prince. The best advantage for the prince was that his uncles did not know him by face. So they always ordered a mass slaughter to kill the prince. Some of the spies who were sent for this purpose were killed by the two Yakshas in the jungle. But the two Yakshas felt that it was not so safe for the prince to stay at Doramadalawa village. So they informed his father prince Gamini that his son should be sent to some other village for his safety. At that time his father was not a popular character in the Kings assembly. Many feared that he would somehow bring his only son to the place of the king. Gamini was disappearing to nowhere quite often. Some suspected that he was having a secret plot with the Yakshas to attack the Aryan kingdom. So nobody was worried when they got to know that prince Gamini was dead by poisoning. There was no speculation about his killer. It should be one of the princes who were eagerly waiting to become the King after King Abhaya. So princess Chithra became helpless after the death of prince Gamini. She was not killed by her brothers not because they loved her. But they thought that she was a harmless creature in the palace. However, Chithra was

not that innocent as they thought. It was she who arranged the prince Pandukabhayas safety with the help of her cronies and the Yakshas. Her heartfelt love and affection towards Gamini and his son had established the neutrality in her mind for Aryans and Yakshas and she supported the idea of a common king who was acceptable to the Aryans as well as Yakshas. So if that King was to be her son, she was the luckiest mother in the world. Chithra wanted to make Pandukabhaya an educated prince who could rule a country. It was not only the military power that needed to become a good king. The king was the last court of justice. The king was the last person someone could go expecting the relief from discriminations. So the king should be educated and wise. In such a context, the proper education was a must for the prince. Chithra found a Brahmin whom she could rely on in a distant village. He was named Pandula. When a secret messenger came from Chithra informing the prince that he was required to meet the Brahmin called Pandula, Pandukabhaya felt happy. He was convinced by the two Yakshas that one day he would become the king of this country. At that time he was sixteen of age and he was filled with fresh ideas of the young age. The regular life style of the shepherds village was beginning to be monotonous and boring to the young prince. He was a blend of Aryan and Yaksha blood. He had the wisdom of the Yakshas and the militaristic talent of the Aryans. After all, he was a

perfect example of manhood in its pinnacle at the age of sixteen. Two Yakshas did not oppose to the decision to meet the Brahmin named Pandula. We have taught you almost everything we know throughout all these long years said Chithra Raja. It is a pity we could give you such a little portion of Yakshas knowledge. Ours is a ruined civilization and we know very little from which our ancestors knew. Some of our sacred secrets are buried in the sands of the time. Other thing is one person cant study everything. In our ancient civilization, the knowledge was segregated among scholars. One faculty knew one part only. As an example, a doctor knew only the biological things while a pilot of a flying chariot knew the technical part of that flying chariot. But now everything is gone. Our great Guru knew little portions of all the knowledge fields we had. He had learnt them from our forefathers, who in fear of total loss of knowledge had conveyed it to some selected Yakshas of our clan. Some of the knowledge fields are now outdated. We could teach you how to fly in a flying chariot but we have never seen one. Eventhough we know how to operate it, nobody knows how to manufacture it. Again, we could tell you the names of the medicines for various deceases, but nobody knows how to manufacture those medicines. That precious knowledge is gone forever. Therefore what you could take from us is finished. The best thing is you meet that Aryan Brahmin as arranged by your mother and study Aryan knowledge too Uncle, do you really believe that Aryans have anything important to learn? asked the prince in humiliation. He

was proud of his Yaksha heritage and thought Aryans as shepherds in his village. Yes son, we do answered Kaalawela, this time. It is not only the Yakshas who know everything. Aryans were trained by our greatest enemies the Himalayans to become an advanced civilization in the past. But the Aryans were so primitive in their nature they could not understand the real meaning of what Himalayans had in their mind. So they treated the Himalayans as gods and worshipped. Himalayans also promoted that practice. But there are few great sciences the Himalayans gave to the Aryans. One thing is astrology. They can predict some of the future incidents using this science. As Yakshas we never knew that science. We thought it as all fraud. But now we are understanding it is no fraud but a proper science. So that is one science you need to study. The other thing is Ayurveda. That is how they call their medical science. This practice gives the primitive man a chance to use what is in his surroundings as herbs and cure the deceases. When you get a decease, there is no point knowing the name of the medicine which you cant produce but it is worthwhile to know how to get cured by the herbal plants in your vicinity. But when it comes to stanzas that praise the gods, animals and dead men, all of them are nonsense. Study them as well but dont take them too serious. May be the Brahmin will tell you that is the most important part of your study. It is all rubbish. Forget them later. But dont hesitate to grab the Himalayans knowledge from the Aryan Brahmin which we could not teach you. That is how you can be armed

with two distinct streams of knowledge. Yes, that of Yakshas and that of Himalayans. You will be the only person on earth who had mastered it when you complete It was a loyal prince that went to meet the Brahmin Pandula in a distant village which had the same name Pandula. The Brahmin had got the message from the princess Chithra and she had sent him the princes horoscope as well. Pandula examined the horoscope and had a broad smile in his face. So it was a happy Brahmin that welcomed the prince to his academy. Pandukabhya entered the Brahmins house and worshiped him. Are you the prince Pandukabhaya? asked the Brahmin. Yes my lord! answered the prince. The first thing I have to say is the Brahmin looked at the giant masculine body of the prince with respect. The Brahmin knew a science called body feature science, by which he had made predictions about the future of men. You will become the King of this island one day and all the races Yaksha, Aryan, Naga and Deva will be united under your control. Then they will form one nation in this land. I am really happy to accept you as my student Pandukabhaya was happy about this remark. He did not really believe that the Brahmin had a capability to say this. But as any young man, he also liked appreciations. Im going to teach you under one condition continued the Brahmin, That is when you become the King; you have to employ my son Chandra as your main advisor

I do agree my lord said the prince, still his head bowed to the Brahmin. Then the Brahmin smiled again and showed him his room. He had convinced himself that the prince was to become the king in his body feature science, in addition to all the calculations he did in astrology. The first lesson in Pandulas academy was martial arts. There the prince learnt all the martial arts in a surprisingly short time. Most of the martial arts he studied were as same as that he studied from the Yakshas. Then at evenings they were taught so many stanzas that praised the gods, animals and dead men of the past. The students were supposed to by heart these stanzas. All the stanzas were in Sanskrit. They were taught that the Sanskrit was the mother language of all the languages. It was also taught that Sanskrit was the language of the gods and it was not a human language. Therefore in all of the studies, Sanskrit was given the dominance. The prince knew the Aryan language well. He had learned it as his mother tongue from the childhood. But he had to study the grammar of that language. The prince had studied the Yakshas language from the help of the two Yakshas who were his friends from the childhood. Chandra, the son of the Brahmin Pandula became the princes best friend there. They had the same room to sleep, while other students slept in a long hall. The Brahmin had ordered the luxury of a room for the prince not because he thought that he should respect the prince.

Such customs were too early to emerge in such blooming civilizations. But the Brahmin was worried about the safety of the prince. He knew that the prince had escaped from so many attempted murders in the childhood. So he did not want to take any chance about the safety of the princes life. Pandu one night Chandra called the prince at middle of the night. Yes Chandra prince woke up and sat on the mat to listen to his friend. Shall I ask you a question? Do ask Chandra. Ill answer if I know it Do you have any connections with dark spirits? Chandra seemed like he really wanted an answer for that question. No. Why? the prince was astonished by that sudden question. I have seen you are going to the jungle at evenings when it is our rest time. So today I followed you. I saw you were talking with two giant dark coloured men. I feared to death seeing them. So I ran back. Do you know any magical spells to attract them? The young prince laughed for a while. The full moon was shining on his naked oiled torso. Chandra envied at the princes body and hoped he too had a body like that. Why are you laughing Pandu? he then asked quite angrily. They are my guards. Those are the men who protected me throughout these long years answered the prince. But they are more similar to yaksha (devils) rather than humans opposed Chnadra.

Yes, they are Yakshas. But not man eating monsters like you believe Then the prince started to tell him the story of the Yakshas. It was dawn when he had finished it. At that time Chandra had learnt lot of the things about the bygone civilization of this island.


CHAPTER 21: SWARNAPALI he prince learnt what he was supposed to learn in quite a short time. His wisdom was incredible for Pandula to believe. He saw that when he was teaching some sacred things the prince seemed like not believing it. There is a mountain called Yugandara around the world... said Pandula one day teaching his students. That is the end of the world. This great mountain is very tall and very thick. There are some giant birds living there in that mountain. Nobody but Irshis have seen that mountain. If an Irshi could go beyond that mountain then we call it outer firmament Pandukabhaya was eagerly listening. Questioning was not a part of Aryan academic practice. The students were supposed to believe what their teacher taught irrespective of the fact that was how much different to their common sense. And the sun god comes in the morning with his horse cart. That horse cart has six horses in it. Pandukabhaya, do you have any questions? Yes my lord said the prince. And whats that? asked the Brahmin. What is there beyond the Yugandara mountain? There is nothing said the Brahmin promptly. We say there is a Shunya, a void or nothing beyond that A shunya murmured the prince. It was a new principal for him. If he really knew that what he

understood was a great finding at that age, his interest would be boosted. If it was to be called science, the prince studied the sciences well, as taught by the Brahmin. He was not a common student. He had a good background with the science he learnt from the Yakshas. Yakshas did know about the concept of Shunya or nullity and they had used it in deriving many of the concepts in their technology. The Brahmin stressed the concept of nullity but did not know the importance of it. Nullity means there is nothing described Chithra Raja when the prince met him at the jungle. Assume you have one Madatiya seed. You lose it. Then there is nothing. That is called the nullity But what is the importance of it? asked the prince. He was not allowed to ask questions in Pandulas academy. But the two Yakshas were friendly enough to get something clarified. It was an important aspect in flying chariots. You had to bring the speed to zero to bring it down. So if you didnt know what it meant by zero, how could one invent such a machine? But the Brahmin stressed about the nullity of the soul. Not about any mechanical operation said the prince. They are their concepts or that of the Himalayans rather answered Chithra Raja. There had been debates about the existence and nonexistence of something called the soul in Yakshas history. But there was no accepted theory. But what we feel is better if you could concentrate on the nullity of

mechanical operations. As an example wind is a result of the movement of air. When there is no wind, the speed of the air movement is zero. Another example is a bullock cart. When it moves, it has a speed. When it is not moving, its speed is zero described Chithra Raja. The nullity was not the only thing which created questions in the princes mind. As a person who had the Yakshas improper education, the belief of gods and dark spirits was far beyond the common sense of the prince. But it was the core of an Aryan academy. The prince had the chance to study astrology and astronomy. The Yakshas philosophy stood against the earth centric cosmology while that of Aryans supported it. It is not the Himalayans who have mistaken said Kaalawela regarding that matter. Himalayans also dont believe in an earth centric cosmology. But they supported it because it gave the dominance to them in Aryans mind as the creators and the destructors of the universe Then are there other worlds same to ours? May be or maybe not. We dont know said Kaalawela, smiling. It is not important, as far as our duty to make you king is considered It took long four years for the prince to complete his education in Pandulas academy. At that time he was a perfect young man who was not only strong but was academically sound as well. Finally the Brahmin Pandula blessed the young man.

Now my part is finished said the Brahmin. I have taught you sixty four sciences. You already know what they are. These are the necessary sciences that a king should know. Now it s your turn to defeat your uncles and become the king. For that, you need an army. I can provide you hundreds of young men who are as good as any soldier in the kings army. But they are not enough for you. You will have to organize a proper army to attack the capitol. There are thousands of young men in this country who are desirous of heroic activities. You have to win their hearts. Be the king and rule the country with good governance principals I have taught you. That is all I expect from you Pandukabhya said goodbye to his beloved teacher. He was not only a teacher to the poor prince but a symbol of the affection of his unseen father. The prince easily had hundreds of followers when he departed from the academy. After all he was a very popular character in the area. Now the Yakshas felt it was the proper time to disclose the princes identity and they advised the prince to do so. The citizens were not very happy about the autocratic rule of the same royal family for a generation and their need for a change was more than imminent. So it was a warm welcome the prince that received from the citizens as soon as he disclosed his identity. It paved the way for him to find more and more followers and finally to organize a small army that could more or less challenge the King. Pandukabhaya was a good teacher in martial arts and he was able to train his men non second to the kings army.

After all, he was armed with two distinct knowledge streams; one of Yakshas and the other of Himalayans. So when he reached an area controlled by one of his uncles Girikanda Siva, he was armed with thousand and two hundred loyal and obedient soldiers to follow his instructions. The prince Girikanda Siva had not had the least expectation to meet the prince Pandukabhaya alive. They were believing that the prince had been already dead by one or the other attempt to kill him. Did not Chithra have a big alms giving ceremony to celebrate her dead child? Was not she always in a mournful look at the palace? So Girikanda Siva was attending a ceremony at the paddy fields to celebrate the harvest of that year. Pandukabhya was waiting with his soldiers and the two Yakshas to attack the uncle. But it was not his uncle that came in the way. It was his daughter Swarna Pali that came in a procession with food for her father. She saw Pandukabhaya and his followers. There were no men in her procession. So it was her duty to question this stranger. May I know your name the blessed one? she asked. I am Pandukahaya said the prince. And yours? he posed a question. I am Swarna Pali said the princess. And I am the daughter of the prince here, Girikanda Siva The princes was unquestionably a gorgeous. She was wearing a colourful cloth from hip to toe and her breasts were also covered with a cloth of same colour. In

addition, she had another transparent cloth around her neck. She was wearing many gold jewelry that her face was shining with them. Pandukabhya was fascinated with the look of her eyes which resembled him that of a peacock. Her hair was silky and black. While he was observing the princess, the princess also looked at Pandukabhaya who was a feast for her eyes. So it did not take much time for them to fall in love at first time. Pandukabhaya disclosed her, his origins. She was happy to know that the prince was his cousin and a royal descendent. Finally their conversation went so far as to let the princess feel that she was getting late to the ceremony to provide her father his lunch. But Pandukabhya did not want to lose that heavens gift. So he invited the princess to be his wife. Swarna Pali had not had any intention to oppose his proposal. After all, he was her cousin. Lying was not a part of their life! So the princess invited all of them to have the lunch. The food was served by Swarna Palis servant girls. It was a massive quantity of food. The princes soldiers were heavy eaters. But even they could not finish all the food. For how many people are you taking food Pali? asked the prince surprisingly. Our chefs dont know their arithmetics my lord said the princess smiling. If the food is not adequate, they will get punishment from my father. So what they do is they cook such a massive quantity so there will be always a surplus of food. So they are safe. My father is also happy

What a waste observed the prince. Now you may order your servants to take the rest of the food to the ceremony. The food left is more than a half The prince took the princess into his horse. I believe you will be a good wife to me he said. I pledge to be so said Swarnapali, looking at the floor. She was happy it was Pandukabhaya, her cousin. She was a revolutionary character that she feared she would get a devil of a husband with an arranged marriage. The Brahmins were expanding their power circles to curb the Aryan women. So once equal partners of the society, the women were gradually being pushed to the houses and they were requested to do what their husbands wanted. The Aryan women at that time did not have her free will in the marriage. It was also a pre arranged marriage by her parents. The women had no say in family affairs. So Swarna Pali believed her free will would be much better than an unknown fate ordered by her father in the future. So it was a happy couple that rode the horse towards the direction of the capitol. Thousand soldiers followed them. They were happy about the princess and they thought Swarna Pali and Pandukabhaya was a rare match after all.



rince Girikanda Siva was really worried about the delay of his lunch. Swarna Pali was the youngest and the only daughter of his family. Unless for her, his anger would rise to higher dimensions that he would not be able to control himself. But finally he saw the procession of her daughter so he had a sigh of relief. It was true he was the prince of that country. But the fierce animals did not care much about it. The prince was concerned about the safety of his daughter as well. However, there was an old woman coming to him instead of his daughter. She was almost running. Then she tried to talk but no word came from her mouth. All in a sudden she remembered that she was supposed to kneel down before the prince. She did not kneel but felt to the floor. Then she called the prince. Noble prince. Oh our lady, our lady she was grasping. What happened to her? asked the prince, frowning. There came a prince who said whose name was Pandukabhaya. He kidnapped our lady and rode the horse to direction of Lewakada. Oh poor lady! How can she live with an unknown man? the old woman, who was a servant of Swarna Pali was almost crying. What? He said Pandukabhaya? the prince Girikanda Siva was surprised. His eyes went to the forehead. Was he daydreaming? How could a dead man come and kidnap his daughter?

Where did he go? then he asked. We dont know oh noble prince. Must be to Lewakada The prince Girikanda Siva was angry as anything. It was one thing that their greatest enemy Pandukabhaya was alive. It was another thing he challenged him taking his daughter away. So it was a greatly depressed prince that called his other sons. Come to me my sons! said the prince. All his young sons were collecting the harvest among the citizens. Their fathers order reached them with bewilderment. It was not his fathers tradition to speak with them in vain. Our greatest enemy, Pandukabhaya had kidnapped our Swarna Pali. So we have to battle against that culprit and save her it was a short order and the sons knew what they were supposed to do. They were sweating after burning under the tropical sun the whole morning. They had missed their lunch as well. But there was no excuse. Their fathers word was law. So it was not a very enthusiastic army that chased the prince Pandukabhya, ordered by the sons of prince Girikanda Siva. The army consisted not only armed soldiers but the laymen who had come to collect the harvest. Therefore, their defeat in Lewakada was inevitable. It was Chandra, the son of Brahmin Pandula who battled against the army of the prince Girikanda Siva. The final result was that the prince lost all his five sons in war, in addition to his kidnapped daughter.


The prince Pandukabhaya went to the Dumarakgala mountain after the battle. This was in the other side of the river which was considered as the Yakshas territory. There he established an organized camp. Chithra Raja and Kaalawela, the princes main advisors came to the prince one day. Noble prince said Kaalawela. Now the Aryans are planning to combat us here. So it is necessary that we organize properly We have a well trained army said the prince. The Yakshas are providing us all the weapons. So what else do we have to do? Our army is still not enough to attack the capital. Let them come. We will defeat them here Noble prince. The main thing in a war is to win the peoples hearts. You know the King Abhaya is a good person. Its your other uncles who attempted to kill you. So the best thing is to have a discussion with him. If he is ready to give up the thorn, then we can avoid a massive destruction that will be caused by the war explained Chithra Raja. Are you joking uncle? asked the prince laughing. Here there is a king who rules the country for twenty years without any interruption from the enemies. All in a sudden there comes a young man, a son of a Yaksha and asks him to leave the thorn. The King should be crazy if he agrees The mentality of a man is very difficult to understand. If you ask him that way then he has a chance. Otherwise the war is inevitable because he has no assurance from

you. Promise him something. May be some men like to avoid war Why do you want to avoid the war uncle? asked the prince. Dear prince. You have not suffered the consequences of a war. But we Yakshas have experienced it very well. It is why we fell. It is why we lost our great civilization. It is why we have to start everything from the zero so it was decided to send a letter to the king, requesting him to surrender. It was also promised that his life will be spared if he does so. But when this letter reached the king, many things had happened. Prince Girikanda Siva had fled to the capital seeking the kings help. King Abhaya had thereafter ordered his nine brothers to capture the prince. The two parties were having a bloody battle in Dumrakgala mountain. The news came to the capital from the war field were not good. The princes army was defeating. However it was also known that Pandukabhaya was not advancing with his victories. He was only protecting himself. So the King had an idea that Pandukabhayas army was not that strong to attack the capital. The King had no interest about the Yakshas territory so far. After all, they were dark spirits! It was true Deegha and Gamini were humans and they died as any other human. But who knows? May be they were the Yakshas who could take the form of a human. No Aryan was worried about the Yakshas affairs. Instead they feared the Yakshas. So the King did not see any problem of Pandukabhaya

controlling the other side of the river. After all, the kings power beyond the river was minimal in reality. The princes were defeated in the Dumrakgala mountain and fled back to the capital. So the King did not have any time to lose. It was why he sent a letter to the prince saying that he agrees to accept the prince as the King of the Yakshas territory beyond the river. Unfortunately this letter went to the hands of the nine princes who were defeated by Pandukabhaya in the Dumrakgala Mountain. So the princes immediate reaction was to pressurize the King to step down from the thorn. It was prince Thissa who took over the thorn after King Abhaya. There were so many battles afterwards to defeat the prince Pandukabhaya. But neither party could get a decisive victory until the prince got an intellectual support from the Yakshas. It was a fine evening. The prince Pandukabhaya was camping in Ritigala mountain. There he saw a Yaksha woman coming by a horse. The horse was white as snow. The Yakshas were allowed to the camp after the inspection by Chithra Raja and Kaalawela. So they recognized that was Chethiyaa, the daughter of Giri the senator. So she was given a warm welcome to the camp and was promptly fetched to meet the prince. Long live the noble prince! greeted Chethiyaa. I am Chethiya, daughter of Giri the senator Welcome to our camp said the prince. Is there any good news for us? I think so said Chethiyaa

Finally we were able to accomplish that What is that? asked the prince with a great curiosity. Noble Prince, we were deeply thinking about the advancement of our frontier to the capital. We are strong. But the kings army is also strong. So we understood that a decisive victory is impossible if we do not play some advanced tactics on them You are true said the prince. Our soldiers fight well. We have trained them well. But the king is having a well trained army as well. The advantage we have is our soldiers are volunteers while that of the kings are hired said the prince. There is no advantage in it observed Chethiyaa. That means at least they are paid while our men get nothing other than their daily food. But what my father suggests is we Yakshas have developed some few tactics to use in your favour. The Aryans will be frightened to death with them The prince smiled. The Yakshas had finally come to his rescue. He knew that no decisive victory meant that his men could get discouraged. Please explain me what you suggest said the prince. We give you three tactics. Number one is set of large convex lenses. They are made of glasses. When the Aryans are coming to battle from the bottom of the mountain, you have to target these lenses to them. Then there will be a fire in their camp A fire? How can that happen? asked the prince surprisingly.

It is no magic. What happens is the convex lens collects the sunrays and emits a concentrated ray. It is very powerful. This tactic is only possible in sunny days. The number two is we provide you few mirrors. You have to target them to the Aryans as same as the lens. There will be no fire but the Aryans will be unable to see anything due to the flash I know the mirror said the prince. I have seen one in your flying chariot control room. But I never thought that is useful in this way Yes said Chethiyaa smiling. And the final thing is a hypnotized horse What is the use of it asked the prince I dont see what a hypnotized horse can do in a battle The horses have their own language said Chethiya. It is not organized as a human language. But assume a tiger comes to a herd of horses in the jungle. There is a way that one horse informs that to the others. So what we do is we send our hypnotized horse to the Aryan camp and creates a fuss there by giving notion to their horses that a risk is nearby. With this, their whole battle will be lost It is needless to say that everything happened as arranged by Chethiya and the prince. It was the final battle the princes uncles had with the prince. Also it was the final battle they had in their lives. The Aryans were feared to death seeing that their camp was getting fire in several locations. It was a pure magic for them. When they were trying to battle, there came the reflection of sun in their eyes, making them blind for few minutes.

The princes army got that advantage. The Aryans final draw back was their horses were so much confused and they ran in different direction as they feared some unknown force. So it was persuaded to the kings army that the Yakshas, the evil spirits of this country supported the prince. It was enough for them to get discouraged at once. Eventhough they were brave men and did not hesitate to fight with men, they did not want to fight with dark spirits. Finally it was a victorious prince who entered the capital, killing all his uncles except Abhaya and Girikanda Siva. It was the start of a new era in this island.


CHAPTER 23: FATE OF THE YAKSHAS he Yakshas ambitions were fulfilled with the victory of prince Pandukabhaya. He was acceptable to the Aryans as well as the Yakshas. The coronation was held with the participation of Aryans, Yakshas and other two ethnic groups of the island who were not involved in any of these incidents, Nagas and Devas. Nagas were living in coastal areas of the country while Devas lived in the upcountry. These two groups accepted the Yakshas hegemony as their own for thousands of years. So now it was a Yaksha prince who had become the king in the island and they also wanted to join the kingdom. Earlier there were three Helayas in this island the King Pandukabjhaya addressed his royal assembly after the coronation. His assembly consisted not only the Aryans but Yakshas, Nagas and Devas in equal proportions. They were called Yaksha Helaya, Deva Helaya and Naga Helaya. Now we have Aryans also in our picture. I want all of us to get together in order to build up and flourish as one nation. So I issue a royal charter including Aryans also into a Helaya called Aryan Helaya. Now there are Siw (four) Helayas in this country. This country will not be called Three-Helaya as the Yakshas call it or Thambapanni as Aryans call it. It will be called Siwhelaya, the country of four ethnic groups. I dont want to you to be fair as my mother or dark as my father. I want you to be in a mixed colour as

myself one day. Then I can be happy that I fulfilled the ancient duty dedicated to me by my fate The King also wanted to have a new capital. He did not want to use Upathissagama or Lankapura as the capital. He believed that the capital should be something built by the combined efforts of all the ethnic groups of the country. So it was Anuradhagama which was selected. The Aryan Brahmins prepared a good auspicious time to declare it as the capital while Yakshas planned the buildings and lakes. The Aryans fear about the Yakshas as dark spirits was almost bygone now. They understood that the Yakshas were also humans with flesh and blood as themselves. The King promoted the interracial marriages to build up one nation from all the ethnic groups. According to the legends, King Pandukabhaya ruled this country for seventy years. Now our story is almost finished. But I want to fetch you to a place few hundred years to the future. It was a Buddhist temple and the head monk was chewing a betal vita and listening to a man sitting in front of him. The man was dark. He had a wrinkled face and he was tearful. My lord said the man. It is really necessary to write down our saga in a book. Otherwise that will be forgotten to everybody. It was Giri, the great senator of the Yakshas who wrote everything I have here. But the book is in Yakshas language and now nobody can understand that. As you

are aware, the Aryans and Yakshas languages have intermingled to form our language Sinhala. So I want you to translate everything into Sinhala. Then one day our future generation will know their roots Blessed one, as you say, you are the only Yaksha with an ancestral purity now. Because your family is descending from Manusha and you did not marry any Aryan in the history asked the monk, with a serious look in his face. Yes my lord. I do not have children. At the time my wife and I got married we were the only two who had pure Yaksha blood. All other were mixed with Aryans, Nagas or Devas. Unfortunately my wife did not have children. Now I am too old and going to die. Therefore please do this for me. I am asking this as the last Yaksha of this island Do not worry the blessed one said the monk. I will do that for you. I will take that book to a monk who is a great scholar of the age and ask him to include this in our history books The monk looked as the old and feeble Yaksha who was toddling away from him. The monk did as he promised and translated the saga of the Yakshas, the story you read so far into Sinhala language. Then he took it to another monk who was a scholar of the history. The first monk wanted to include this story in the Legend of the Nation the second monk was writing at that time. The second monk welcomed him and accepted the book. After few weeks the first monk went to meet the second monk.

I included everything said the second monk, beaming with pride. Listen to this. Then Vijaya came to the beach of the island and saw that the colour of the sand was copper colour. So he named it as the Thambapanni. Then Kuweni asked one of her servants to take the form of a bitch and to spy on them. All the men went after the bitch and Vijaya came alone seeking for them. Kuweni tried to kill him but Vijaya took the sword and said I will kill thee. Then Kuweni surrendered and said My lord, I will give you everything including my body. Please dont kill me. Then Kuweni created a bed and they had sex. Kuweni thought if the Yakshas know this they will kill me. So she asked Vijaya to kill them. Vijaya said how can I kill them because I dont see them. Kuweni said I will go there and make a sound near each Yaksha so you can kill them all second monk was happy about his work and reading his book with interest. Excuse me my lord said the first monk. It is more like a fairly tale. What happened is included in the Yakshas book. I did not change any letter of it. But you have destroyed everything. You have created a fairly tale of it. Invisible Yakshas, divine creations, what is this nonsense? The first monk was angry. The second one was none second to the first one. Do you expect me to include your rubbish tale in the sacred book of mine? The Yakshas were dark spirits! If someone says they were humans, I say he is out of his mind. Flying chariots, hypnotization, magic crystals, nonsense. You give your work to children. Then they will enjoy it the first monk left the temple of the second

monk angrily. He went to the cadjan roofed hut of the old Yaksha to say that he was unsuccessful. He was not able to include their saga in the Legend of the Nation. Unfortunately there was the corpus of the Yaksha who came to meet the monk. It was few days after his death and the dead body was not attended by anybody. There were thousand flies enjoying their feast. The monk came back to his temple in a sad mind. Then he included all what happened that day into the Yakshas saga and put the book in the library. It was a fine morning in the twenty first century when I visited Shylabimbaramaya a Buddhist temple few miles away from Kandy. I was collecting the data of the Yakshas civilization in this country for my Master degree in the University. All the information I collected were not enough for my thesis. It seemed as all the details were vanished from the earth about this lost civilization. It was from villagers I got to know that the head monk in this temple knows some details about the Yakshas. They were not dark spirits young gentleman said the head monk, spitting to the Padikkama. He was chewing a strong betal vita. I think you are an enthusiastic person in this subject. So I will give you an old Palmira leave book. That is the only evidence we have regarding the Yakshas lost civilization so he gave me this precious book, which I translated into English. I was really happy I could finish my thesis. I brought the Palmira book also to my

presentation. I did a nice presentation and showed my precious book to the panel. This is absurd said the head of the panel finally, after I finished the presentation. Even the students who read for their Bachelors do not do this kind of cheating. Do you expect us to believe that this book is not your creation? Anybody can make a Palmira book and write some nonsense. What are the other evidences you have regarding your great civilization except that book? Sir, I did not think any other evidence is necessary while I have such a precious I could not finish my sentence. Stop this nonsense you young man ordered a panel member. A thesis for a masters degree should be creative. But it does not mean you can include such kind of lies there. Think logically. If that was such an advanced civilization, then what happened to it after reunification under the King Pandukabhaya? Then they could restore their civilization Not necessary to explain him anything disturbed the panel head. We have to waste time explaining the things to a person who has done a genuine work. This is all fraud. You better resubmit your thesis proposal with a new topic I came home heartbroken. I had finished all the examinations and the thesis was the last thing I had to finish for my masters degree. I was lying on the bed when my wife called.

Now forget everything she said. After all, the masters degree is not your life. I read your book. It is a good one I am happy at least you call that a good book I said with a relief. Er, I did not mean it is good for a masters thesis she said. But it is good as a novel. Why dont you try to find a publisher for this? Damn it, she was also in the same boat as others!