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You have probably seen the advertisements and video claims saying that you can make $10,000 per month in collecting court judgments, just buy our course and we will show you how. You can’t write the check fast enough. Count me in! So you start reading this course, page by page. You are so excited with all the information; you get out your yellow highlighter and start marking up the pages. Finally, you finished the reading and look down on your kitchen table to find yellow highlighter marks even on the wooden table. You are proud of yourself. You have finished reading the Judgment Recovery Course and have become a master note taker, committed reader and a Judgment Recovery Professional with a lighter wallet. So, now what? You dig deeper into your wallet to start your first marketing campaign. You are ready and eager to tell everyone about your new business. The phone rings, you jump and talk to the Judgment Creditor with confidence and ease. Armed with a calculator nearby, you are computing your percentage of the take before ever getting the paperwork signed. A week goes by after mailing the paperwork to the Judgment Creditor to sign. Nervously, you drive down to pick up your mail and find a large envelope containing the signed documents from the Judgment Creditor. Congratulations! You are now the owner of the newly assigned judgment. You put your new reading skills to work and discover that you need to dig into your pocket again and spend some of your own money to file documents with the court, run data searches on the Judgment Debtor, more money to the court, have to pay the Sheriff too and then you get 2 more judgments assigned to you and reach for your wallet to start the process over again on 2 more files. How many judgments can I afford to work? When will I see some money? What if I spend this money and don’t collect a dime from the debtor’s bank account?

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Can I really make over $100,000 per year?
YES, you can. The key is building your business to work without it being dependent on you or your money. In this special report, you will finally learn how to do this without ever collecting a court judgment.


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The death of self owned & operated business
With today’s economy and distressing lack of job security, many people are searching for a way to work for themselves. We all have read that owning and controlling one's own business offers numerous benefits: enormous tax advantages, personal satisfaction, freedom and control are just to name a few. After all, working for yourself is the best way to ensure personal satisfaction and economic security. The Judgment Recovery Business is not a “get rich quick” scheme, it does works if you build it correctly and work smart. Notice, I did not say, “work hard”; I said, “work smart”. Regardless of what business you own, if your business revolves around you working it then it is true to say that if you do not work the business, you will make no money. Plain and simple – the business only works when you work it. You are the business.

So exactly what are you building?
What type of residual income will you be leaving to your spouse or family? None. When you die, your business will die with you. Sounds grim but it is the truth. What if you could make a substantial income with your Judgment Recovery Business that is not dependent on you. Better yet, what if I told you, you can do this without ever collecting a court judgment.

“So exactly what are you building?”

What the written courses don’t teach you
The basic foundation and process of this business has been well written about in over a dozen different written courses on the Judgment Recovery business. Like many “how to” books on the market, it requires more than reading the book. If success magically happened by simply reading a book, I would be a multi millionaire from buying Real Estate with no money down, lost 30 pounds in 2 weeks and raised my FICO credit score by 200 points in 48 hours. Instead what I learned is that to buy property with no money down does not work for everyone and does not make you a multi-millionaire over night. No sane person can lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks without being 2 steps from the nearest hospital and any FICO score that changes this rapidly is only heard about in the books you are reading from. So, let’s take another look at that Judgment Recovery course sitting on your kitchen table. First, your kitchen table is the wrong place for your new business. Most written courses leave you with an overwhelming feeling, too much information to digest and too many questions unanswered. Most written courses provide you the roadmap, the foundation, the general concept but fail to provide you the skills needed to locate assets, the tools, tricks and secrets of really making money in the Judgment Recovery Business.

They don’t teach you how to learn to work smart, not hard…

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Most new businesses fail due to:  Under financing  Under trained  Inexperienced This does not have to happen to you and your new Judgment Recovery Business. With the proper training, the correct tools and an experienced team working for you.

Learn to work smart, not hard

Having the ability to market your business nationwide and being affiliated with an agency that has a network of attorneys in every single state will provide you an incredible opportunity to process hundreds, perhaps thousands of judgments without having to spend much of your own time or own money to do this.

In-house Local Office

Your Judgment Recovery Business

Sent to Agency

PROS: • 50% assigned to Assignee but more upfront costs & time invested per file. • Better investigative growth potential for the JRP since you are working the file.

CONS: • Limited files due to financing of file • Limited area of marketing • Liability issues to watch for since you own the judgment.

PROS: • No out of pocket costs to conduct investigative research & enforce file. • Unlimited files can be worked creating larger inventory to be processed. • Limited liability since assignment is made to agency instead of your company. • Usually less than 1 hour of time invested per file. • Unlimited marketing options. CONS: • Smaller interest in recovery % but limited time invested still = big profit.

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SPECIAL REPORT Show me some numbers...

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“We can easily bring in more judgments than our pocketbook can afford to finance and work.”

Only you know how many judgments you can afford to work. Since we finance these files (meaning we use our own money to conduct the preliminary investigation, credit report, court costs, process service fees, etc. we are limited to how much inventory we can process. Normally, we can easily bring in more judgments than our pocketbook can afford to finance and work. For this example, let’s do a simple comparison using a $5,000 (face value) judgment with a 50/50 split. In this case, we will not consider interest and work with the face value as many times we use the interest as a tool to get the judgment settled in a timely fashion. Now, let’s break this down and show how the numbers might look working this judgment from your local office (in-house) in comparison to outsourcing the file to your affiliated agency. Local Office (In-house) $ 100 7 hours $ 100 reimbursement of costs to Assignee of Record. $ 2450 to JC $ 2450 to Assignee $ 350 per hour $100 costs + 7 hrs. time Outsourced (to Agency) $2 1 hour $ 1000 to Attorney (20%) $ 725 reimbursement of costs to Agency. $ 1637.50 to JC $ 818.75 to Assignee $ 818.75 to you (Consultant). $ 818.75 $ 2 costs + 1 hr. time

1. Estimated costs on file 2. Estimated time on file 3. Distribution of Funds

4. Your per hr. rate 5. Potential loss risk

1. Costs can vary; this amount was used to simply demonstrate this breakdown. Out of pocket costs might include any public records searches, credit reports, court filing fees, process service fees, etc. 2. The time you spend on working a file will vary based on your experience in locating assets and the method of enforcement. Again, this was simply an estimate to be used to complete this demonstration. 3. Distribution was computed with a face value rate only. Collection of Interest would bring a higher payout under the Local Office figures. Many agencies will retain 100% of any interest collected but many times will use this as a tool to promptly settle the judgment, creating a faster rate of collection. 4. Distribution of Funds to Assignee (or Consultant) divided by time spent on file. 5. Not all judgments are collectable, you always have to be willing to accept the loss but strive for success recovery of the judgment. Keeping your costs down and not allowing yourself to overwork a file will help to minimize a potential loss situation.

Remember we are not restricted to the number of files since we are not paying a fee to place these files. Most agencies will charge a placement fee to cover the initial administrative costs involved in accepting the file and importing all the data into their computerized database and running some preliminary investigative searches. As a student of JRIAL and a qualified affiliate of the agency, all placement fees have been waived. There are absolutely no costs for you to submit files. Normally, you may find that your local office will retain 20% of your inventory and the remaining 80% will be submitted to the agency. For this example, let’s assume you submit 80% thru the agency.

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The bigger picture… Inventory

Average Judgment Amount Estimated Total of In house Inventory Estimated Time per file Out of pocket investigative costs per file

= = = = =

80 Judgments $ 5,000 $ 400,000 1 hour $ 2 per file

Now, the costs of pulling the credit report and finding assets are on the burden of the agency. Remember, they are the Assignee of Record so they are taking the burden of the costs of investigative costs as well as the costs to enforce the judgment along with you do not have to worry about any possible violations of the FDCPA, FCRA, GLB, UPL or anything else that moves funny inside your belly. Nice…….. no aspirin, perhaps a nice glass of wine and time to read a good book. So, lets crunch some numbers here….. To work this inventory we would be looking at approximately 80 hours of work (based on 1 hour per file). Our out of pocket investigative costs would total $ 160 (which may not be recoverable). And we have a 50/50 assignment on all of these. Now, remember we have 4 hands in the pot, (The Attorney, The Assignee of Record/The Agency, The Original Judgment Creditor and you/the Consultant) so the distribution is divided between 4 hands in this case. Let’s stick with the estimates outlined on the chart on page 4 and break down this bigger inventory of judgments and show how your hand would look in this pot: @ 20% recovery rate = $400,000 x 20% Approx. 20% of Attorneys Approx. $ 725 in costs per. Est. payouts to JC’s Est. payout to You/Consultant SUMMARY: = = = = = $ 80,000 $ 16,000 $ 11,600 $ 26,200 $ 13,100

$ 13,100 divided by total hours worked (80) = $163.75 per hour (not bad..)

Now, let’s kick it up a notch, still working with the same estimated payout figures………… @ 40% recovery rate = $400,000 x 40% Approx. 20% to Attorneys Approx. $ 725 in costs per Est. payouts to JC’s Est. payout to You/Consultant SUMMARY: = $160,000 = $ 32,000 = $ 23,200 = $ 52,400 = $ 26,200

$ 26,200 divided by total hours worked (80) = $ 327.50 per hour (even better..)

“Their expertise and experience will usually result in a higher recovery rate than what you can master at this time on your own.”

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In house vs. agency
Some may look at the numbers and say that they could have made more money by working all the files in-house. Of course you could but only if you have the: • funds to finance the entire inventory • skills to locate the assets of the Judgment Debtor • the additional time required to work 80 files at 7 hours each instead of 1 hour Honestly, you simply are working too hard. If you are fortunate enough to have the team, you need to use them. Their expertise and experience will usually result in a higher recovery rate than what you can master at this time on your own. Their wallet is a bit fatter than yours and this is the perfect time to push as much paper through the pipeline as possible and the extra time to go out and buy a new wallet for yourself.

Understanding the value of time
Probably one of the hardest lessons to learn is to know when to quit. It is very easy for us to overwork a file and spend too much time trying to find money to collect from a Judgment Debtor who simply does not have any money to take. Understanding that not all judgments are collectable is very important. Keeping your out of pocket costs down to absorb the losses on the files you will not be able to collect is just as important as acknowledging the value of your time. Set up some internal office rules. Ask yourself how long are going to allocate to work a file? Be sure to not overwork the file. Remember, your time is valuable. If your goal is to make $100 per hour and you are working a $3,000 judgment with a 50/50 split. You have 15 hours to make it happen. Use it wisely. Work smart, not hard. “The only difference between a RICH person and a POOR person is how they use their time”

-Robert T. Kiyosaki, Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur and Author of the #1 New Your Times Bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Lending a hand & the recipe of success
Hopefully, now you have discovered that you do not need to know all the answers to make money in this business. “Lending a hand makes all the difference” Recognizing your strong skills and the weaker ones will help you in preparing a blueprint for success. Being introduced to all the tools you need and understanding how to use them will allow you to make good decisions ensuring you manage your time in the most productive and profitable manner. Embracing every day to push yourself a little more to learn something new. Challenging yourself to become better organized, a more knowledgeable Judgment Recovery Professional and ensuring you are working smart, not hard. Lending a hand makes all the difference and knowing you are never alone in your Judgment Recovery journey can add up to the recipe for success.

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Our goal, Our promise, Our MISSION….
The Judgment Recovery Institute of Advanced Learning
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Our goal is to provide our students with an opportunity to get their
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Our promise is to staff only knowledgeable, qualified coaching
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Our mission is to help people succeed in today’s ever changing
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