Day: Monday Date: 6th March 2009 Class: Year 3A and 3B Number of students: 3A (28 students), 3B (24 students) Time: 3A (7.30 – 8.00), 3B (8.30 -9.

00) Subject: ICT (Webcam)
Teacher Action i. Set Induction (5 minutes) Pupils’ Action / Pupils’ Learning Pupils will be instructed to gather in front of the interactive Whiteboard (IWB) where a video will be projected on. After the video, students are given opportunity to give their own comments and ideas during oral questioning Exploration: Knows the functions of webcam 1. Step-by-step procedure

Teacher ii. Lesson’s Introduction 1: Introduction Step 1 (5 minutes) Step 1: Teacher will open the Powerpoint presentation which includes its definition, functions, example of some webcam available on market and the positive uses. Step 2: Teacher will start a movie clip on iChat. The video give explanation on how to use iChat in MacBook. Teacher will explain a bit while the video is played to give more information and provide better understanding if they need anything to ask.

Pupils Step 1: Student will sit properly and listen to teacher’s presentation. They are allowed to give opinions during the slideshow presentation. Step 2: Students can gather around and watch the movie clip.


Lesson Development 2: Step 2 (5 minutes)


Lesson Development 3: Step 3 (10 minutes)

Step 3: Teacher will pair them during the iChat activity. Some group might need to share with another two peers (1 pc shared by 3 pupils), because the school has 10 macbooks which can be used by students. Therefore they need to take turn. Teacher will assist if they have difficulties to use the webcam or need more information and guidelines.

Step 3: Students go to each workstation where they have to share (2-to-1 computer setting). This is supposed to be a group work activity where they can discuss, comments and explore the functions of webcam. They need to take turn to be fair. They are asked to write in complete sentences if they wish to do texting.


Conclusion: Student’s Feedback ( 3 minutes)

Teacher will ask them on what they have learnt and inform that they might need to use the pictures which were taken by webcam. Next lesson, they will need to combine pictures which will be edited by

Student should be able to give their own opinions on the functions of webcam and how it can be used. Students can save their work in their own pendrive.

using Paint or Microsoft Publisher to make a card. Another 5 minutes is reserve for morning greeting, reciting ‘Doa’ and any other delaying.


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